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  1. It depends who you are really, if you’re relatively healthy and under 45 the chances are that it will be a lot less serious than a bad flu and in fact in many cases asymptomatic. If you’re older and have additional health conditions there is a greater chance it will be more serious or even deadly, but still not in the majority of cases. Describing it is flu is certainly too much of a broad brush description, they aren’t really comparable. But equally the outcomes in that video are still the exception rather than the norm. If you’re in an ICU bed or on a ventilator for any reason then you’ll likely need rehabilitation like that.
  2. Further to my above post, don’t take Spain’s zero deaths as truth: https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/spain-counts-no-new-deaths-71-more-infections/1861170 Edit: Reading the article the situation seems to be far more concerning and shambolic than here
  3. I think it’s to do with how they’re reporting figures, I have to admit when I was trying to understand it it was complicated, but their reporting was all over the shop. They’ve only just caught up and now they’re trying to correct the timeline, the other day they took 2000 deaths out of the figures and added them earlier in in the timeline. Basically either their timeline was always wrong and had just shifted further back in time, or their is a lag in their deaths but they are waiting until they have accurate data to assign them to the correct dates they actually happened.
  4. I can see how it will go with Cummings, nearer the next election Labour will try and use it and they’ll just say they did what they had to do in a pandemic, and try and turn it round in Labour.
  5. Absolute madness, can’t get my head round it. I can only assume they’ve got the same neurological make up as those people’s that hang off the top of skyscrapers with one hand.
  6. I find this utterly mind boggling, surely you don’t jump from that height unless you’ve proper experience of something similar? Say at the very least from 50ft or 100ft? Who makes a 200ft jump without really knowing what it’s like based purely on assumptions about what it might be like?
  7. I’ve thought this myself. I think it really depends on timing, and whether once the furloughing ends, will we see mass lay offs then anyway. Lots will depend on a second wave hitting in autumn winter or not and if we have another lock down, I suspect that would be catastrophic. One thought I had was that this is nobodies fault and the government to be fair to them, have helped huge numbers of individuals and businesses with the furlough payments. This isn’t like a normal recession when people don’t really bat an eye lid when companies make mass redundancies. This could be wishful thinking (in fact it almost certainly is) and obviously if it’s not financially viable then redundancies will happen, but there will be an awful lot of bad will against businesses who lay people off when financially they can avoid it, especially when they’ve had months of government support.
  8. I don’t know if anyone on here has ever gone to Ikea in Wembley but hell is far more preferable. You couldn’t pay me to go there now, let alone voluntarily join a four hour queue.
  9. It’s probably lovely once you’re in there... just not the four hour queue bit. Ive been to my local garden centre once, about a 20 minute queue to get in, but a significantly nicer experience once you’re in there.
  10. On the subject if neighbours I hope everyone will be more tolerant at this time, based on the fact that garden gatherings are naturally going to be more popular. I was fortunate that when I moved into my house the adjoined house was being renovated, and our neighbours the other side not joined have their bedroom at the front of the house so would never be disturbed, so we could essentially make as much noise as we liked. That said that was once in a blue moon anyway, certainly only ever in the weekend if ever. Then somebody moved into the adjoining house. All I’ve got is one of those Marshall Bluetooth speakers, they aren’t capable of making enough noise to disturb anyone. We put it on one Saturday night and within minutes the new bloke was banging on the door asking is to turn it down, this happened pretty much every time on the rare occasion we put it on. Now as long as it’s not every single night I welcome my neighbours making a bit of noise every now and then, a bit of tolerance from everyone helps no end and we can all have our moments every now and then when we want to make a bit of noise. Thankfully they moved out and the new neighbours out is a lot more chilled. Sorry, that’s a massive rambling pointless story that doesn’t help anyone with their Bluetooth connectivity issues. I just hate unreasonable intolerant neighbours!
  11. Thanks TD, insightful as always. I’m inclined to agree as far as being positive. We’re being bombarded with viewpoints about this and the papers and the media seem to revel in reporting on crowded beaches. I think this creates a sense of unease amongst people. As you say there will always be idiots and people who didn’t follow the rules, but in the main people are still adhering to them, and I like to think of it the other way and think about all the things that aren’t currently happening that would be normally and were before lockdown. All the empty offices, sporting events, festivals etc. The tap has still only been loosened slightly. I know you’ve not been following the U.K. but I think one major cause for concern for people is this idea that there are still 8000 infections a day: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/29/covid-19-spreading-too-fast-to-lift-uk-lockdown-sage-adviser However that’s based on projections and predictions on the actual data. Our actual last positive infection test figure was 1900 positive cases, which is in line with what you say about France, and I assume the numbers you quote for Ireland are based on actual tests, not projections so it’s all relative?
  12. I hope that’s true. So as we’ve seen with many other viruses, literally burning out eventually. I agree we all need to try and seek some balance, I personally need to avoid twitter as much as possible Would be interested to get forum legend @Toilet Duck’s opinion on it though. Could this be a possible reason why infections are remaining fairly flat and constant from one week to the next in England now, but deaths are still falling? Or am I just completely making that up?
  13. This is not a dig at you by any means, but I’ve seen this tweet everywhere and had it sent to me a few times. I think it’s grossly misleading and helping to fuel the unease and hysteria about easing lockdown. Firstly let’s look at Spain, only 2 new deaths? Well not exactly. Arguably one of the hardest hit countries their reporting was all all over the shop. They are now going back through their data and reattributing deaths to when they actually happened on the timeline, there is also a lag in reporting deaths so they aren’t reporting them now until they can add them accurately to the timeline: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/english.elpais.com/society/2020-05-27/coronavirus-death-toll-in-spain-rises-by-283-but-only-35-fatalities-recorded-last-week.html%3foutputType=amp you can see they recently reported a significant minus figure because they backloaded 2000 deaths to their actual dates: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/english.elpais.com/society/2020-05-27/coronavirus-death-toll-in-spain-rises-by-283-but-only-35-fatalities-recorded-last-week.html%3foutputType=amp Italy, on May 4th pretty much one month ago they eased their lockdown to allow the following: 4 million people went back to work with an uplift in public transport use of 30% that morning. Bars and restaurants could offer takeaway services, people could go and visit relatives and partners in their own regions: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/04/italy-exit-coronavirus-lockdown-restrictions Gyms, bars, restaurants and hairdressers are all now open in Italy, it will be at least a month or longer until that happens here. Both Spain and Italy looking to open up tourism in the next few weeks. So going back to May 4th how many deaths Did Italy have at that point, the point realistically we are at now but arguably they had relaxed more? Between 3-4th May they still added 200 deaths. I’m not saying we aren’t easing things to early and we shouldn’t still be cautious, but realistically we are doing nothing different and are in no different position to most comparable countries relatively speaking. I think there is so much noise around this, with scaring the shit out of us becoming the latest version of click bait that it’s important to try and maintain a sense of perspective and not panic yet.
  14. Well it kind of makes sense when it comes to Covid. There is still loads we don’t know about, but some of the differences and outcomes are evidence of something, we just don’t know what that something is yet.
  15. They don’t want people inside houses because it increases the risk. Realistically what are the millions of people who go to BBQs going to do when they get pissed and want a wee? The reality is some will follow the rules to the letter, some won’t. The government are fully aware of this when making these changes. As long as you’re careful then stay over, it will be happening all over the country and never be enforced or found out. If the law allowed you to stay over from tomorrow the risk would still be identical.
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