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  1. This is great and all, but I think it’s more the idea than the actual reality. I don’t like spending too much time at the pyramid as it is, living in London it would be a right pita travel and cost wise, and things like getting buses back afterwards are a right buzzkill for me. So it would be fairly pointless all things considered for something that would represent maybe 5/10% of my normal Glastonbury. I’ve travelled for gigs and stayed in hotels locally which is fine, you can then also go out after the gig finishes, but this seems more hassle than it’s worth. Nice idea, just doesn’t make any real sense time personally.
  2. I like the look of the Negroni on there 5/5 rating and 21%, that would give you a nice kick in the little 5/6pm lul.
  3. Chuffed with that, glad I got a ticket now.
  4. I’ve had BBC news on this morning and they’ve reported on it twice. Twice they’ve made jokes about getting a ticket not guaranteeing good weather, they also showed some clips where it was sunny and then asked one of the presenters who is from the area to confirm ‘it’s not always like that’. Does anyone else find the whole Glastonbury weather schtick just incredibly grating/lazy/tiresome? Somerset isn’t some bizarre microclimate, it’s in the U.K. and subject to the same sort of weather the U.K. gets every festival season, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s average, it’s just bloody weather!
  5. That’s the thing I don’t get with a lot of my mates reluctance. With most/all of these festivals, it’s either roll over or money back. If it doesn’t happen you can’t lose... but if it does happen and you don’t have a ticket, we’ll then you’re screwed for another year of live music.
  6. I remember when I first went (2011) I think, in the years prior that it came on my radar it always seemed ‘cool’ (nothing could sound more uncool than describing it as cool, but hopefully you know what I mean) like a genuine alternative to Glastonbury, with a bit more laid back, hippy-ish clientele sort of thing. Then I think a couple of things happened, as you say other festivals popped up that did the same thing or better, but were far cheaper because of the lack of need for a ferry. I also think because festivals in general got so much more popular from around 2010 (the type of people who wouldn’t necessarily go to a festival in the noughties, started going in droves the following decade) none more so than dance festivals, and because Bestival always had such a good dance lineup it attracted these newer type festival goers that went to all these new dance festivals, but as a result it lost its edge and just became one of many.
  7. Oh I didn’t think you were being flippant at all, it’s just that it’s the nature of viruses, and vaccines, especially one like flu with an endless ability to mutate. I think it was someone else who mentioned using the Covid infrastructure for flu, but I don’t think it’s necessary, trying to vaccinate everyone below 50 (aside from people who are advised to have it) just wouldn’t be worth it and they already comfortably vaccinate anyone above that age that wants it.
  8. The flu vaccine isn’t rubbish, it’s only routinely given to over 50s and the uptake is about 75%. As we all know from Covid as we’re all experts on things like efficacy now, no vaccine is 100% effective which includes the flu vaccine. Even if 100% of over 50s were vaccinated some people would still die from it because the flu vaccine isn’t 100% effective. A maximum of 20,000 deaths a year in a population of 66m is tragic for those involved, but it is not a lot (for a virus that mutates endlessly) in the wider scheme of things, and like Covid a high majority of those deaths will be in particularly elderly and unwell people whose immune systems won’t take much to tip them over the edge, if it wasn’t flu it could be something else. The Covid vaccines aren’t rubbish but if we get deaths down to flu levels for it every year we’ll be doing well. Also from an infrastructure point of view, millions are vaccinated for flu every year and it’s already a very slick operation irrespective of Covid, but again even if you vaccinated the whole country against Flu you’d still get a few thousand deaths, just like we always will with Covid.
  9. Edit: I think it was actually 2011, whichever year it was it was great!
  10. I think one of my most enjoyable sets anywhere ever, was Boys Noize in the big top in 2012.
  11. Sorry just remembered it was their secret set, not their main one, so that was either Friday or Saturday Morning. Down in the crowd close enough to see them at the park was essentially unbearable and we lasted about 10 minutes.
  12. Yeah, whatever day Vampire weekend played the park in 2019 was as close to unbearable as I’ve ever experienced heat wise at a festival. It was so oppressive, we left VW and actually walked up the hill to the bar there, just to get some breeze (it seemed like a very, very bad idea while walking up the hill but was worth it when we got there m) and we ended up there four a couple of hours. I’ll normally take all the sun you can throw at me but that was touch and go. Nothing even close at the sunny Bestival I experienced, not even in the same ballpark.
  13. I did three Bestivals consecutively and one was 2012, I’m pretty sure. One was absolutely amazing weather in the day and then really chilly when the sun went down. The other two were a bit mixed, one definitely had more rain then one had an actual hurricane overnight on the Sunday/Monday.
  14. I think that’s the one episode that sticks out in my mind as being the funniest, or the one I remember the most. At one point does the cat get chucked into the ceiling and then falls back out again?
  15. The pandemic programme on TV the other day visually showed the prevalence of the new variant, and how it basically took off like mad from November, from virtually no cases and quickly became the completely dominant one to the point it was pretty much the only one circulating. Whilst your points are correct and valid, the variant was a very real thing and very much behind how quickly cases spread. At the time I thought it was very suspicious that it suddenly popped up, but the actual evidence shows it was real, and a real contributor to cases getting out of hand.
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