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  1. Referring to the thingy, broadly speaking the first lineup poster has gradually got earlier over the past few years. Certainly last year was the earliest ever being 15th March, so hopefully it will be early March.
  2. Expectation - not my thing, will see it as an excellent opportunity to go and see something elsewhere. Reality - my closeted ‘you should never miss a headliner’ mate will insist we all watch her, so I’ll end up being there.
  3. Deaf Nobby Burton


    They could in theory headline the other on Saturday based on the comments that the other stage headliners are as bigger than normal. I hope they aren’t and that they’re in a nice afternoon slot. I absolutely loved them when I was a teenager, along with GnR, Crue, etc, but naturally grew out of them and haven’t given them much thought for about 15-20 years. This would be absolutely perfect and one of the acts I'd look forward to most.
  4. I can neither confirm or deny what you’ve said. One of them isn’t worth worrying about. The other one is definitely the best, wouldn't be out of place on a Sunday afternoon on the pyramid.
  5. Ok, one has graced the pyramid a few times but not in this form. One could grace the pyramid and it would go off.
  6. I know all the West Holts headliners, not going to say who they are as I wouldn’t want it coming back on the person who told me, one is a bit meh, the other two are bangers.
  7. Arriving Wednesday lunch time-ish, best place for a big tent anywhere on the south east side (by that I mean anywhere that is the the left of the pyramid as you look at it)?
  8. Heat heat heat all day long. Don’t get me wrong, this years heat was brutal at times, but I’d have it every single time over 2016. The mud is a 24 hour challenge, it takes so much effort getting around, finding somewhere to sit when you’re tired is a constant challenge. Everything takes so much longer and takes so much more effort. With the heat you have an unpleasant few hours with the benefit of being able to move around freely and sit wherever you want if need be, when the sun starts to go down you’ve them got all the benefits and none of the negatives. Heat is maybe more acute for lot less time, extreme mud is just a constant annoyance that effects almost everything you want to do.
  9. If I get my own way: Kendrick 98% Macca 40% Tay Tay 15% If I end up relenting as always and doing what my friends want Instead: Kendrick 2.7% Macca 100% Tay Tay 100%
  10. I always kind of hope for headliners I don’t want to see anyway. Obviously for the good of the festival I want them to be booking good acts, but I want an excuse to get away and see other things. Maybe one good one a year is perfect. That said its all irrelevant as some of my friends are absolute pyramid whores who wouldn’t miss a pyramid headliner regardless. I normally relent and end up staying with them which is annoying. That said I will happily miss Paul and Taylor, I don’t have any interest in either. Kendrick had kind of passed me by, but as he’d been suggested on here a few times I made the effort to listen to him and now I listen to him all the time. I’ll definitely be there for him.
  11. Not aiming at this at you specifically as plenty of people have said it, but I think people read too much into what Emily may or may not have said. I think I commented at the time when she said no headliner announcements until the new year it didn’t really mean anything. That’s not saying she’s a liar, but flip it round she'd never actually tell us a headliner announcement was imminent or due before Xmas anyway.
  12. Glastofeed just posted about TLC doing a one off date in the UK in June and begin really coy about Glastonbury. Can’t post the link for some reason.
  13. I’d never heard of if him until after this Glastonbury, then I kept getting targeted adds on Instagram showing part of his Glastonbury set. I got it for a few artists, but they all said the same thing - something like ‘Glastonbury was great, now for my tour...’ or something along those lines. Anyway, I remember having a little listen at the time and then forgot about him. This thread prompted me to listen to his new album and I’ve been listening to it all day.
  14. Yeah, I think it was more the fact that ordering a beer or beers with the right cash, or just a tap of your card actually takes a few seconds. But if the queue is 5 deep and a few people are ordering about 5 different cocktails it still takes a good 20 minutes to get served. Would have loved it if some of the bars had beer/cider only sections. Not that I don’t switch it up in the evening drink wise anyway, but during the 30 degree heat in the day nothing beat a nice cold pint, it’s just shame that in a lot of cases you had to endure 20 minutes in a sauna to get one.
  15. I ditched Facebook about a year ago, don’t miss it one bit, my life is honestly a whole lot better for it. Full of absolute idiots, groups like Glasto chat even more so. It’s just mental pollution.
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