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  1. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Weather 2017

    So I’d be at Glastonbury now in some capacity (still queuing/inside already) instead I’m in a business park in Bracknell *sigh
  2. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Weather 2017

    The weather looks pretty decent for the next 5 days, Warm today, cooler Thursday/Friday then warmer again Saturday Sunday but no rain about. I’d much rather it was a monsoon for the next 5 days as that will be two years running that this particular 5 days have been nice, what chance three years in a row?
  3. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    I have to say I’ve been listening to this album every day and it’s really growing on me. Initally I was listening to it in an attempt to like it, I really wanted to like it but I didn’t, but I kept going anyway. Now I’m listening to it because I actually like it, it definitely rewards perseverance. I think you need to listen to some of the tracks about 10 times to get the hang of them and enjoy them.
  4. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    I’ve had ‘You push the button and we’ll do the rest” stuck in my head a lot too. I’ve listened to it so much in an an attempt to like it that a lot of it has got stuck in my head, but unfortunately it’s not in a good way because it’s just ended up annoying me. I do however think a few of the songs will come off really well live though. After seeing TLSP at Glastonbury last year I liked the album 10 times more afterwards.
  5. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    The last few pages of this thread read like the album sounds.
  6. Maybe £200 was an exaggeration. Are you saying that if you were offered a guaranteed Glastonbury ticket for next year, but you had to pay travel and accommodation costs to get to the other side of the country from where you live to get the ticket that you wouldn’t do it then?
  7. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    One of the reviews I’ve read said Turner wrote all the songs on his piano in his apartment in New York. He then played them to the rest of the band and they said, yeah ok that’s good enough for an album. Edit: The mind plays tricks and I remembered what I’d read a little bit wrong. The review was in the NME and this was the quote: “Composed initially on a piano by Turner in his LA pad, these songs were given the go-ahead by guitarist Jamie Cook, who felt they were appropriate enough for the band to record.”
  8. If you come in here post T day, you’ll always see countless posts from people who missed out on tickets saying they’d welcome the chance to queue up in HMV like in the old days to buy a ticket. As I think Neil stated a few posts back, people will always favour the system that works best for them. Equally when the system doesn’t work for them they’ll favour the alternative. For what it’s worth I have no problem with the way Glastonbury tickets are sold, but when I inevitably fail in the main sale and the resale I’ll be wishing the system worked differently.
  9. I think this is a great idea and good on them for doing something different. If it was a normal sale and you’re a die hard NIN fan who sits at their computer at 9am and all the tickets sell out within 5 minutes before you get one, you’re going to be pissed off, moan and say the system is unfair If you really want to go then his system gives you an almost guaranteed way of getting tickets if you’re prepared to put the effort in. its better than paying a reseller over the odds because you failed in an internet sale. Personally when it comes to Glastonbury I’d always welcome a system that requires the most effort, as I’d be happy to do whatever it takes to get a ticket. Anybody can get up at 9am and tap keys on their computer. If it cost me a couple of hundred quid in travel expenses so be it.
  10. Deaf Nobby Burton

    NOS Alive 2018

    So AM’s new album then... hopefully there won’t be too many tracks from it in their set.
  11. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Being totally honest I’m not a massive fan so far. I’m working on my garden tomorrow so I’ll give it a few more listens across the day. It just seems massively over produced and self indulgent. The title track just sounds like a David Bowie spoof to me, and most of the album reminds me of the film Walk Hard. when Dewey Cox goes all self indulgent and has about 100 instruments on one track.
  12. Deaf Nobby Burton

    NOS Alive 2018

    Do people think there is any chance of Miles Kane being added before AM?
  13. Deaf Nobby Burton

    NOS Alive 2018

    We are a large group of 10+, what areas would people suggest looking to stay? Not too far from the festival but with some nightlife and obviously some accommodation options? One idea was to rent a big house or villa, but I don’t know how plausible that is?
  14. Deaf Nobby Burton

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Nos Alive! Its an absolutely stellar line up so far (for me at least) and my first proper overseas festival. It will be weird not obsessing about the weather for weeks before hand!
  15. Deaf Nobby Burton

    NOS Alive 2018

    At this stage I’d say buy the two day ticket and see if you can pick up a Saturday one along the way. It’s no more expensive and if you end getting your hands on three day one you can still sell the two day one. If a lot of tickets have been bought up by touts hopefully there will be an artificial demand so you might be able to pick one up easily nearer the time or once you are there.