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  1. The tickets would be rolled over to 2022 For them and their tickets for 2021 snapped up in approximately 0.1 seconds in a resale.
  2. All good points, and to be honest I think it’s all moot anyway as it won’t come to this, but let’s just say for the festival to get insurance, one condition is that all attendees have to be vaccinated and it just so happens by the time the festival rolls around, let’s say under 25s or under 20s haven’t been vaccinated, so are blocked from attending. The festival can go ahead if it wants, but it shouldn’t in support of this group? So the festival itself, all the businesses associated with it (suppliers, food traders etc) all the acts, should suffer in solidarity for this one group of
  3. I meant in terms of the festival having to be cancelled if any younger people hadn’t had the vaccine couldn’t go. I was agreeing with you, I think?
  4. I’m not sure if it’s that black and white is it? What if that put the entire festivals future at risk? I’m certainly not young, but I wouldn’t want the festival to not go ahead simply because I happened to be in a group that had to be excluded.
  5. 40 just provided a nice cut off based on that article where below that the IFR is 0.1%. The reason I say 40/50 is that vaccinating everyone down to 40 could be a bit of a push by then, but in reality I have no idea, it could be perfectly feasible. But the main point was that once they vaccinate down to a certain age there will be a tipping point where everything gets thrown open and you go about life at your own risk. Then people can make personal choices about what they decide to do, but the rest of the country wont be forced to go along with it. FWIW I’m 39 😬
  6. The IFR below 40 is 0.1% or lower: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/207273/covid-19-deaths-infection-fatality-ratio-about/ All they need to do is be on the way to vaccinating, at most, everyone above 40/50 by March/April and there is no way they’ll be ‘protecting’ the rest of the population by continual social distancing and curtailment of normal life with a risk that low. I don’t mean that in a harsh way, but if you’ve not been vaccinated and are below 40/50, what you chose to do will just be at your own risk, if you want to go to Glastonbury that’s down to you. The same as it
  7. Thanks for this recommendation, watched this last night and wow.
  8. I think people underestimate how much the Government don’t want the current situation, despite what some lunatics on Facebook might say. Its only really ever been and will ever be about NHS capacity, the current lockdown is to prevent capacity being breached and nothing more. The rhetoric completely changed in the summer when the first lock down was eased, has everyone forgotten all the naff PR of MPs being photographed coming out of Pret? I don’t even think it really matters how successful the vaccine roll out is or isn’t, if it enables life to return to normal and the NHS can cope,
  9. I think the only thing that could make Glastonbury less likely than other festivals is actually it’s strength, as in despite what Michael says, they could probably just about manage if it didn’t happen again. It might be that the risk that they have to cancel and lose money is not worth just not making any money and just struggle on to 2022. Many other festivals have a much tougher choice, unless festivals are illegal next summer then many will have to try to make them work, by hook or by crock, through testing or whatever it may be, or they will simply cease to exist anymore. Its ki
  10. I agree I still think it’s unlikely, I just think the circumstances between this March and next March are likely to be very different. They more than likely knew it wouldn’t be going ahead when the poster dropped, but didn’t really have any choice but to pretend it was until such time it became completely unviable.
  11. That wasn’t really what happened, they cancelled because they had no choice irrespective of not being in lockdown at that point. The government withdrew emergency services support for large events and hence they became impossible to host by proxy. They would’ve had to have cancelled eventually anyway, but they cancelled at the point it was clear that it was going to be impossible to host it. The situation next March is likely to be entirely different to last March. Obviously the virus had been circulating for a couple of months before we even knew what was happening and lockdown ha
  12. There is that fact that we’re doing significantly more testing now than back in March/April, so even though cases are rising, relative to March/April they may not in reality be anywhere near as high. So the situation may seem worse but may actually be better so to speak, which means it will be better again in six months time.
  13. Completely agree, it’s up in the air for all of us including GFL until around March or April. I just wanted to also point out that our perspective on it happening or not, will also be based on the situation now, rather than the situation in March/April next year.
  14. I’m currently 65/35 against it happening, but we have to remember how the human mind works. Were incapable of imagining how we’ll feel in the future, if we do the weekly shop hungry we’ll buy food based on how we feel at the time, not what we’ll actually want to eat on the following Wednesday. Cases are rising and we’re heading into a bleak winter with things unlikely to get better for about 6 months, so that will naturally affect our thinking about the likelihood of it going ahead. The summer was fine, we had a number of mass outdoor events that created no issue, what is happeni
  15. The thing is equipment and things like stages won’t just dissapear. Sadly a lot of companies might go to the wall but people with deeper pockets will buy up the equipment. In some cases if the owners/directors are independently wealthy they may liquidate the companies start new ones up and be able to buy the equipment back. Unfortunately it generally means people lose their jobs but might be able to come back to them later on down the line. It’s is of course a shit situation, but the point being all the equipment needed to run Glastonbury will still exist either way.
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