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  1. Deaf Nobby Burton


    Totally agree, I’m not crew or related to the festival in anyway, I’m sure these crew bars are great and all, but I really don’t know why as a general punter you’d give trying to access these places a second thought. I think there is more than enough to keep you occupied, you’d think most people would be satisfied with the whole of Glastonbury at their disposal.
  2. I kind of get the spoiler thing, but at the same time you just wouldn’t come near efests full stop if you were that bothered, this is a place that picks over every minute detail of the festival and any small morsel of info is posted all over the place. You’d also have to completely stay off twitter, instagram etc as well.
  3. I think Pangea was probably sold as scrap and the people dismantling it are the scrap merchants, I think that would explain the unceremonious way it was toppled. They still would’ve made a loss on it, but I don’t think it would make sense to pay people to dismantle it then have to sell it as scrap, may as well offer it out to someone who will take it down themselves.
  4. Ok not completely fresh, but I can always shake off one day of excess relatively well the next day, but I’m either completely fucked by the Sunday and can’t get going until close to headliner time, or I have a dip in the middle somewhere once I’m into 2+ day of drinking etc.
  5. People always want to go back to the prime of their lives, not because things were better, but it’s whenever they felt best about themselves, which is generally when you’re young. They might think things were better but they’re just harking back to when they felt at their best. It’s why people often at some point get stuck listening to the same music from a certain era and wearing the same clothes.
  6. Another chuffed 40, it’s like being a millennial despite being born in the earliest possible year to be one.
  7. One of them definitely never went to a gym.
  8. On a similar note, I’ve worked with people before who schlepp into work every day with huge rucksacks seemingly filled with stuff. I always wondered what you could possibly need all that stuff for, spending 8 hours away from your home sat at a desk.
  9. The donation thing opened and closed a while back, but no doubt if the OP reached out to him he might accommodate it. When I say closed, it was only the first 100 donations of £40 that were guaranteed and there have been more since, but you can still donate and it might get done: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/charitybins2022
  10. I really used to hate the thought of carrying a bag around so we’d normally end up taking it in turns and trying to stuff everything in to one bag. Then I realised wearing a bag is actually fine and not the end of the world I thought it was.
  11. I know it sounds mad but if I had a gun to my head and had to choose of take Wed/Thur over Fri-Sun. Band/Music wise my best moments are never what I expect them to be, so I wouldn’t really know what I was missing anyway, plus I end up missing so much stuff I want to see as it is. Plus Wed/Thur you’re completely fresh as well. Obviously in reality I probably wouldn’t, but it kind of feels liked I’d want to.
  12. I’ve always been a bit of a casual Kenny fan, didn’t really listen to much before Damn. Just been listening to his earlier albums, well he’s good isn’t he?
  13. It’s raised a bit, but hasn’t moved for a while, or just moves at a snails pace
  14. AccuWeather has the full festival in view now. Perhaps the temps are a bit cool, but doable. Bit of rain but none on Wednesday crucially, so not too bad. Would take it personally. I know it’s all rubbish at this stage, but it ain’t that long before this thread becomes properly relevant and my excitement levels ratchet up a few levels: Edit: mind you that rain on Thursday is fairly biblical isn’t it?
  15. I don’t believe the demographics of the festival are getting older. I think Glastonbury naturally skews older because it’s so good and people want to keep going. In the main people go to festivals like reading when they’re young and then eventually lose interest and grow out of it, so the demographics are younger as a result and broadly stay the same.
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