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  1. It really has been a perfect storm for making next year very difficult. Two years of amazing weather, so anyone who went for the first time will have loved it. A fallow year and the 50th anniversary. I’ve only been to four, but I’ve had people messaging me who’ve never even contemplated it asking how you get tickets. It’s going to be a bloodbath.
  2. Deaf Nobby Burton


    It was clearly quite a last minute thing, the fact that they cancelled their Arcadia show in London which was scheduled for May at relatively short notice, just shows they bit off a lot more than they could chew. That’s further highlighted by the fact that they’ve only just painted it and applied for planning after the festival. Given a whole year I’d be willing to bet they come up with something special for next year. That said I really liked the rotating part and the fact that you could see it from really far away. Despite it still just being a crane I was mesmerised by it when I got underneath it.
  3. Deaf Nobby Burton


    We sat under it for a bit during the heat on a Saturday, we got moved and it was cordoned off while a bloke climbed all the way along the boom part right to the end to check the lights etc were secure. He had a safety rope but he was only clipping it on every so often.
  4. I think there was some confusion with the info about PP, but KOL will not in one Bazzillion years be headlining the 50th.
  5. Oh FFS not already 😩
  6. It’s geography doesn’t help, it’s very flat without any horizon. The Park is automatically much nicer because it’s surrounded by beautiful scenery. I really think what ever you stick there in a wide open space will struggle to an extent. It makes it just like somewhere like Reading. Maybe the answer is to swap it with JP and put silver Hayes up against the wooded area so it has a bit of scenery.
  7. I’m pretty sure Rammstein get brought up and suggested by the same couple of people who just essentially want it for themselves so try and justify why they’d be a good booking. Unlike Jay Z and Metallica most of the general population have never ever heard of them, and once they did flick on bbc to have a look they’d be absolutely appalled and flick straight off again. Could they perform somewhere at Glastonbury? Yes possibly. Will they ever headline the pyramid? Absolutely not no. So just like every year it’s a pointless suggestion that will simply never happen just because you might personally want it to.
  8. In a perfect world it would run for two separate weekends so more people could go but it just wouldn’t work for so many practical reasons.
  9. Difficult one, personally I’d pay £1k+ but probably most of my friends wouldn’t, so I’d only pay it if they had tickets too.
  10. Deaf Nobby Burton


    That will look so cool with the lights
  11. Been cracking on with S3 of stranger things today, you look like the spit of Billy in those.
  12. A relatively well known but by no means huge DJ was a client at my old work. He charged between £50-£80k for a festival. Considering they reckon Glastonbury pay around £100k to a headliner then I’d imagine people like Eric Prydz will be waaaaay out of their price range.
  13. I though Billy Eillish was incredibly dull, but then I’m not her target market. The teenage girls seemed to love it so good luck to them. JJ was just awful, I was sitting way back on the pyramid and you could tell she was miming from there.
  14. I’m not confident, I’ve always managed to get them in one sale or another but feel this year my luck may run out.. but I’m working on the theory that my mates have never got tickets so by the law of averages one of them has to get through at some point. I’ll definitely be all guns blazing for the coach sale onwards though.
  15. Amen. I didn’t actually have my ‘proper’ mates with me this year due to the ticket gods, I was with a mate who is probably none of my best mates and a group that are more his mates. He’s brilliant on a one off night out but found out he’s not so good just us at a festival. We have diametric tastes and he wanted to go home by about 1am every day. I still had a great time and feel blessed to have been there, but I’m reality I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I could’ve.
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