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  1. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Being kicked out - avoidable or not??

    Of course it does, but then most people aren’t going to just stick to one device when they know everybody else will be using as many as possible. It’s a a self fulfilling prophecy, but as an individual if you just stick to one device you’ll still have all the problems of the extra traffic everyone else is creating and less chance yourself. I’m not techie at all, but all the payment issues confuse me. In my non techie mind the way I see the system working is that you’ve got literally millions of people trying to get through on the see tickets link, which is why people get white screens etc. Nothing can be done about this as this is the first line of the process. You've then got people refreshing the holding page (but nowhere near as many as are/were trying to access the see tickets link) And you can only get through to a booking page when one becomes free. What I don’t get is I would’ve thought that there would only ever be enough slots opened up that the system could actually cope with, these people would be let through to another server or system to process their payment, this should then be unaffected by all the traffic on the holding page and trying to access the see tickets link. I sort of think of it like having an angry mob knocking on my door, I only open the door and let in however many I can cope with at a time then shut it again, what happens in the house is not affected by the growing number of people outside banging on the door. But obviously it can’t be as straightforward as that?
  2. Deaf Nobby Burton


    Like the OP, I really look forward to the food and have great intentions to try loads of different places, unfortunately the reality is I normally miss breakfast, have a half decent lunch and then I'm generally so pissed later on quality doesn’t come into into it. So I essentially have maybe 4/5 good meals from decent places at most.
  3. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    Agreed. Probably 95% of casuals and bucket listers who haven’t been before and gave it a half hearted prod on Sunday won’t bother in the resale. But there seems to be more of these big groups of 30-60 etc that didn’t get all the tickets they wanted, so the entire group will be trying in the resale for the remainder who didn’t get them. No doubt there is always an element of that in every resale, but this year tickets have definitely disbursed across a wider cross section of people. Maybe it is something the festival has done behind the scenes, or more likely it’s just the sheer increase in demand having created much more of lottery effect even amongst the hyper organised.
  4. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Resale Club 2019

    7664 people have viewed this thread, I reckon about 10% of tickets go back in the pot, so a good 10k or more. So if the rest of the general population who don’t go on efests would just fuck off we’re all sorted guys.
  5. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    If you’ve been to Glastonbury 6 times in 10 years you’ve been far more often than you would’ve if it had been a ballot system. That doesn’t make the system fair, it just makes it fairer for you because it favours you. I don’t see how anybody can say a ballot wouldn’t be the fairest system, what’s fairer than random luck? Bit who actually wants that? We all want a system which we can slightly skew in our favour, which is the current system.
  6. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    Nobody seriously wants it. It only really gets brought up up twitter idiots who login at 9 and are tweeting by 5 past outraged at having a holding page. They think it’s all a big conspiracy and that a a ballot would be better for them because the current method doesn’t work for them. It also get brought up by people who have been for a number of years but have then maybe failed in the last couple of sales. The system no longer suits them, so they want it changed to a system that might suit them better. For most reasonable people a ballot is the last thing they want, but it gets brought up every year now because naturally so many people miss out, and it’s human nature to try and blame something for it. I didn’t get tickets by the way, I’ve got them the last four years so I had a relatively decent run. I made some mistakes in this sale and I’m pretty confident I’ll get them this year, but if not despite it seemingly getting harder I’m pretty confident I’ll beat the odds of a ballot over a long enough timeframe.
  7. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Resale Club 2019

    Four. Which is pretty crap because none of our two groups of 6 got tickets. I got tickets in the last resale but only needed three as one group of 6 had tickets and three of ours dropped out. If everyone is still in resale club come April there will be some broken hearts, assuming at least some are successful.
  8. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    Yeah I remember it was something like that that caused it to go on longer. It stands to reason that if more people are waiting at 9 to buy tickets than there are tickets available, the tickets will sell as quickly as the ticketing system can handle. If anything the sale could well last longer with more people trying as all those extra people will be putting extra strain on the system, creating errors and failed transactions etc. My theory, which is based on absolutely nothing but pure guesswork on my part, is that the quickest sale ever which was just over 20 minutes in I think 2014, was because that just happened to be the optimum amount of traffic the ticketing system was designed to handle. In subsequent years traffic has gone up, actually creating slightly longer sales. Demand could half and they’d still sell out n around the same time, but as you say you’d be able to tell if demand had halved by the amount of people on here who’d got tickets.
  9. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    This is off of the tip of my head, but I’ve got a vague memory of that being down to a server issue, I seem to remember loads of talk about people ending up at a dead sever or something like that, so it elongated the sale slightly.
  10. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    I reckon three to four years of consecutive monsoons, with the BBC showing clips of people popping to the log drops in a canoe on the 6 o’clock news might start to have a tiny impact on how easy it is to get a ticket. I think they could name Alan Titchmarsh, Kathy from Eastenders and Borris Johnson as headliners and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference.
  11. Deaf Nobby Burton

    T Day.... good for the festival?

    I really don’t think getting people to pay up front would make any real difference at all, if you can find £200 in April you can probably find £250 o October if you really want to. What it would do is heap a load of unfair and unwarranted publicity on the organisers though.
  12. Deaf Nobby Burton

    T Day.... good for the festival?

    I agree it’s not perfect, and I don’t want it anyway, but the festival would be more than capable of creating enough hype around it every year if they needed to. With regards to sell out times creating publicity, where do they go from here though? I think it was 2014 that it topped out at just over 20 minutes, ever since it’s been slightly longer. Before 2013 there was an almost exponential decrease until we’ve got to where we are now, roughly 30 minutes give or take. If they ever bring it down to below 20 minutes the vitriol on the socials will surely reach intolerable levels? A sub 20 minute sale could have genuine longer term repercussions to the festivals popularity because most people will just think it’s basically impossible, which it pretty much would be. So how much publicity will the festival selling out at around 30 minutes every single year for years to come continue to generate?
  13. Deaf Nobby Burton

    T Day.... good for the festival?

    I’m not advocating a ballot, it’s the last thing I’d want. But you could achieve the same publicity with a ballot. Instead of ticket day you’d just have ballot day, registration would open and close in the same way, but the ballot would open at 9am on Sunday for 1/2/10 hours (I don’t know how long) in that time you go into the site and enter your group of up to 6 registrations in the allotted time. No different to the main sale but every group of 6 has an identical chance to every other group entered. I don’t actually want this implemented by the way, just suggesting how it could generate the same or even more publicity than T day.
  14. Deaf Nobby Burton

    Record number of people trying .

    You are correct of course, and it’s exactly my answer too, but it would make life easier if I didn’t like it so much.
  15. Deaf Nobby Burton

    For Those Who Have Missed Out In The Past ...

    If I don’t go in 2019 I will be doing exactly this. I don’t even want to contemplate the day I have to watch it on TV and not be there.