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  1. Have Biffy been ruled out of this or are we thinking they’ll play their own shows?
  2. As much as I think it’s great that festival organisers are trying to do this I don’t think it’s applicable for every festival. I think bands/artists need to be booked on merit rather than on gender, they also need to suit the demographic of the festival and actually be on tour/available to be booked. The gender imbalance in music needs to start at schools and grassroots venues and the female artists/bands will form and be able to be booked in future. It shouldn’t have to be a 50/50 split because you could end up alienating bands based on gender and as long as festivals aren’t doing that I think there’s no problem with there not being a 50/50 split.
  3. The first one that comes to mind is Rage Against the Machine in 2008. However some honourable mentions go to... Green Day 2012 secret set Biffy Clyro 2013 NIN 2007 Weezer 2010
  4. Yeah I honestly think that’s career ending. You just can’t act like that and who would want to support someone who acts like that.
  5. Liam Gallagher / Rage Against the Machine
  6. They’re more likely to have similar fans than the band below though or why not have them sub Sam fender on the Friday?
  7. Jesus that’s bad. I was actually quite excited about getting a rage day ticket but not sure it can even be justified tbh. Bit shitty that Idles will probably overlap with Rage and Fontaine’s will be clashing with Gerry.
  8. That seems plausible, think those are the subs & tent headliners then.
  9. Didn’t Dan say something about LG, Stormzy and RATM with his other undercard he put out being correct and mentioned AJ Tracey as an Radio 1 headliner? Could mean we get Gerry Cinnamon subbing Stormzy, Courteeners subbing LG and Migos under RATM? I can’t remember who else he had on that undercard though.
  10. I am shocked that RATM are headlining. Dan said Stormzy, LG & Rage so that must be our trio. Maybe Biffy are subbing Rage...?
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