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  1. I always try and do a top 10-20 and always find narrowing it down almost impossible. I'll look back at my list after 6-12 months and be like why is that in the top 10 😂
  2. Agreed, as not everyone every year is vaccinated for flu.
  3. Absolutely insane they’re going to relax restrictions after having a month long lockdown whilst knowing this will lead into another lockdown. Can we not just write this year off and try to kick on and get out of this ASAP next year? 🤦‍♂️
  4. The only time I've ever had it was at Nova Rock Festival. For the most part it worked quite well and I enjoyed it as it was easy however as mentioned above it is a way to get more money out of you and no easier than using a bank card or apple pay. The hardest part was actually trying to top up the wristband as the queues as you would imagine were huge on the first day of the festival and you had to do it this day otherwise you can't eat or drink in the arena. It also didn't eliminate queuing as I remember queuing numerous times for food and drinks. It was quite easy to get this back the day af
  5. Do you think everyone that votes has a qualified decision as to why they vote? Many peoples reasons to vote comes from where they've grown up and how their families vote as that can shape how people think. I think it's unfair to respond to mikegday like this as he's responding to someone who has basically stated everyone who voted leave is racist which is simply untrue. Just because someone doesn't hold the same opinion as you doesn't mean they do not have a good reason for it. It also doesn't mean that if someone isn't as well informed as someone else that they shouldn't vote or
  6. I'm not sure they ever really deserved the headline spot tbh as the reunion hype was gone. One of the smallest headliner crowds I've ever seen at R&L. Also, when they reunited they subbed Arcade Fire.
  7. Yeah I can't see how events won't be going ahead if we're rolling out a virus and all at risk groups have been vaccinated. Especially the outdoor events. Not sure the demand is there for the socially distanced more expensive gigs and if they even make enough money to make it a viable option for organisations.
  8. Just watched the 3 seasons of The Sinner which were brilliant. Now I’m halfway through Ratched. Any recommendations on the next season? I’ve got Black Mirror, The Alienist and Strange Things on my list currently.
  9. Agreed. I like the new Biffy album but I don't get the hype that they've got from this effort. It's just okay and won't make my top 10.
  10. For me Spanish Love Songs, Tame Impala, Sports Team, Idles, Machine Gun Kelly and BMTH are the albums of the year so far.
  11. This mindset is due to the news/social media and this is the mindset that a lot of people have and it is worrying. I think since March it has been reported that cancer deaths and/or patients have dropped dramatically but it hasn't gone away, think the government could do with having a campaign to remind people that cancer kills and to check for lumps because people just weren't/aren't doing so. Obviously covid is really bad and it is spreading still but covid is the thing that is surrounding us all right now as it's on tv, we need to think about if we're following the correct rules and we talk
  12. On the cancer situation - It's not just people that have had cancer diagnosed it's also the people that for example have a lump or have the early signs but are too afraid to attend the doctors due to covid/the news/scaremongering or think it's not important and can wait. So many people will have early stages of cancer that are treatable but because of covid it'll be too late.
  13. Not sure people are going to self isolate etc. (People that work in pubs/restaurants/shops aren't going to give up 2 weeks wages and risk getting sacked to spend 1 day with family in this time that is already a strain on jobs) If it's given the go ahead it will be a free for all and everyone will do as they please and have mass family gatherings. Besides it isn't just Christmas day is it? Lots of separated families. For instance me and my partner would usually have 2-4 Christmas days depending on which parents we spend Christmas day, boxing day and so on with.
  14. Also, just me and my partner having Christmas dinner together this year. If it's not safe to see my grandparents now why should it change for 1 day? You could be killing your own family by making this exception. For me it's all or nothing. If it's save enough that 1 day it's save enough for 365 days.
  15. Going to a gig/holiday/festival is what keeps me going but I can't do that right now. Doesn't make it right or okay just because it's someone's best day of the year.
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