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  1. I can second this. I remember seeing them at Reading 2014 I think it was and they were awesome however watching them at Open’er and Southside in 2017 they were dull as dishwasher and I love the band but they seemed to have lost their mojo.
  2. Very happy about Bath, love that album. 100% going to be there. I wonder how it will sell
  3. foolee

    2020 headliners

    Think it'll be The 1975 / Fleetwood Mac / Paul McCartney however I'd like to see and be over the moon if they booked Green Day - Billie Joe was there over this weekend to watch his sons band SWMRS and spent the Saturday looking around the site.
  4. Billie Eilish and Lewis Capaldi will be back in much bigger slots. Can see Lewis Capaldi going to George Ezra levels. Gerry Cinnamons crowd was also huge.
  5. It worked well for the most part but I have to say up by gate A in the morning the queues were very long in the heat & sometimes the kiosks were not open so this obviously took alot longer. Due to the weather I would say they could have added a few more water points or at least make it more obvious where the taps were. Unless I missed a water point somewhere near gate A that is. This was my only gripe with the festival though.
  6. foolee

    2020 wishlists

    I second this! Hopefully he had a chat with Emily and liked the festival enough.
  7. foolee

    I left no trace

    Took the tent and all the accessories as I usually would. Used refillable bottles and made sure I took all our rubbish to the bins. If we weren't near a bin I'd put it in my bag until I found one. The more everyone does it the more it will open peoples eyes and encourage others
  8. foolee

    Billie Eilish

    Left Miley early to get a good spot and was really looking forward to it however we left after the 3rd song. Far too busy and not loud enough, we were more distracted from people around us so went to see our 2nd full Vampire Weekend set of the weekend which was great! If popularity keeps up I can see her headlining, biggest crowd I saw at the other stage all weekend.
  9. 1. The Killers 2. Bring Me The Horizon 3. George Ezra
  10. foolee

    coach baggage limit

    What time do people normally get to the coach departure stations prior to the coach departing? I know it says 15 mins prior on the ticket but just want to make sure if I'm there half an hour before that I'm not the last one on the coach. We're taking 2 large rucksacks, tent, 2 chairs, 2 sleeping bags, airbed & 2 carry on bags which is for the 2 of us.
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