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  1. How often do the podcasts come out? Does that mean a possible announcement next week? Completely agree, I still listen and enjoy the first 3 albums. I can tolerate the 4th but it's nothing on the first 3 and the 4th came out and Sex On Fire was played everywhere. I think they just changed as people and a band. I don't even think they enjoy being in a band anymore, stage presence is non existent and it's like they're just there for a pay check these days. Not even worth watching at festivals because most of the crowd don't know the songs prior to the 4th album so people are chatting an
  2. That's fair enough. I just keep thinking if things go well and we're back in venues/fields after June 21st I'd rather have a festival/festivals booked. Imagine things get the okay and you can't go because they're all sold out? I also have lots that have rolled over and I've booked local gigs as I can go no matter what day of the week and get a refund if anything clashes when dates are rescheduled. Vulnerable and older is a lot of the solution though because we're aiming to reduce deaths and hospitalisations so as long as these are kept relatively low which the vaccine program should do t
  3. For me all my gigs and festivals are happening until the goalposts get moved. I'm hopeful and hoping that the vaccination process keeps progressing, we don't hit any bumps in the road (I'm thinking we should be okay due to vulnerable being vaccinated therefore keeping deaths and hospitalisations low and the vaccines working on any new strains) and social distancing is gone by 21st June.
  4. Such a shame as well because their first 3 albums are fantastic
  5. Primal Scream, Stereophonics and Richard Ashcroft could be in the running too I'd expect. Not sure if Primal Scream are big enough though and Stereophonics probably did it too recently.
  6. Another big fan of that Kid Kapichi album!
  7. The Travelling Band Was it horrific? No. Did it sound as I expected? I hadn't heard of them before so didn't know what to expect at all. Overall thoughts Thought it was quite good considering I've never heard of them. Gave me James and indie vibes with a bit of a twist. Would I watch them at a festival? Depending on my mood and if I was close to where they were playing I would. Would I listen to it again? Yes. Will I investigate them further? If I find time too I will. Score out of 5 3 Slowdive Was it horrific? No. Did it sound as
  8. That makes me feel old but makes sense. The Chop Suey moment was something to behold on this forum
  9. I take it you weren't around in 2013 when system of a down were announced as a sub headliner by Zane Lowe on Radio 1? That was pretty mental
  10. Would be nice to see All Time Low get a slot
  11. Agreed, Idles and Courteeners positions on the posters make me question it but nothing too out there to suggest it's a complete fake either. If it was real I'd expect an announcement soon. On another note I wouldn't mind watching Post Malone at Reading so hoping for no clashes with Fever 333 in the pit. If Posty does what he did last time I'd expect none of the small stages to be open when he's on anyway. Definitely down for Fever 333 clashing with Disclosure
  12. That's possible. Also possible R1 sponsor one of the main stages?
  13. Nah I reckon the bigger acts will close the night at both. Stormzy, Post Malone and Liam. I think the other 3 are gloried sub headliners/co-headliners at best. The only one that would make sense to go on after the headliners would be Disclosure because they're a dance act and might want to play in the dark but I think that'll only happen if Post Malone is okay with it. I think R&L have probably done the 6 headliner thing to get acts like Catfish and Queens, who see themselves as bigger than subs so possibly wouldn't accept a sub slot, to play the festival as acts like those should be
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