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  1. Reckon we’ll get the stage splits tbh
  2. I know but I just can’t see IOW allowing it, especially as IOW need selling points these days considering you have to get a ferry. Anyway, Rage will be playing so it doesn’t matter.
  3. Considering they’re asking who people would like on socials I’d assume they’re gearing up for an announcement at the end of Jan or end of Feb tbh.
  4. Just had a look and Muse are a Festival exclusive for Isle of Wight this year so they’d have to be announced after June anyway so won’t be Muse if RATM needed a replacement. I think RATM will play anyway.
  5. Well considering there were US artists at Reading 2021 when things were more uncertain I’d expect even more at 2022.
  6. I think they’re more likely to book a rock act and a day of Sam Fender and Halsey isn’t going to make day tickets go any faster if RATM hasn’t sold yet. Think they’d probably go with Muse as long as IOW didn’t have any sort of exclusive. But I think RATM will do it, big pay day for only a couple of shows, only need to bring instruments over and very little risk of cancellation as it’ll only be 2-3 shows.
  7. Possibly but surely she’s too big for that slot? Would make more sense to headline. Maybe secret set with a view to headlining in 2023?
  8. Surprised about Neck Deep. I wasn’t expecting anymore headliners but I would’ve expected a bigger act as we’ve had Don Broco and All Time Low in the last few years who sell out a couple of Brixton dates. Surprised they’ve slept on Avril Lavigne this year with her new album being more pop punk leaning and Mod Sun being there.
  9. Agreed, the latest Angels and Airwaves album is very good. Would love to see them at R&L this year and I reckon it’s possible. I think due to the Mark situation once Tom has finished up with the current Angels and Airwaves run I think he’ll re join blink and headline R&L in 2023 or 2024. With Paramore coming back I can’t see them both headlining in the same year though so I’m inclined to think they’ll be back for 2024.
  10. The thing is I could still see R&L booking acts like Metallica as they’ve got a history with the festival, the same as BMTH and RATM. The only reason Metallica wouldn’t do it would be to get more money from their own show or playing Download instead. Just don’t think Tame Impala or Gorillaz would do it. Possible that it opens up for Tame Impala now with 6 headliners but I think they’d rather play Glastonbury, APE or Latitude when they’re touring, similar to Gorillaz really.
  11. Honestly can’t see Tame Impala or Gorillaz playing R&L, just acts that don’t really fit and I think R&L will more likely go for a Courteeners, Royal Blood or Paramore etc.
  12. Wouldn’t be for me and feels a little bit like something is missing but after this year I think it’ll be tough to follow unless they manage to bag some massive headliners. I think 2023 might be a bit too soon for Sam Fender, Tyler, TOP and Doja Cat as they all had albums last year or the year before so I think more likely headliners will be acts bringing out albums this year or next year as apart from RATM all the headliners have dropped albums in 2022 or will be dropping albums in 2023. I think Paramore and Muse are both pretty good shouts for 2023.
  13. Crazy to think some tours have been rescheduled to next month even though they’re essentially allowed to go ahead now. Will it actually be any better or easier for a band to tour in Feb without catching it?
  14. But then this 2 main stage thing has worked much better sales wise as they’ve sold out pretty much instantly for the last two years. Obviously Covid last year and AM this year are big factors as well but it’ll be interesting to see how it goes next year because maybe for the average R&L festival goer it’s about bigger acts and not having alternatives in other stages therefore reducing the need for loads of options.
  15. I’d prefer them to get rid of the alternative stage as I’ve never attended and make it an FR so that can be 3 days and then the Pit/Lock Up can be 3 days as well.
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