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  1. The answer to this is festivals all year round, icicles on our tents
  2. There probably won’t ever be a vaccine, treatment sure but a vaccine no. Coronavirus’s change a lot and I think it’s very rare to ever get a cure. Things have to get back to normal or we’ll have a lot more to worry about than covid-19. Once there’s treatment to help the people in intensive care we’re done and have to live with the virus in circulation, just need to get people out of this fear bubble that we seem to be producing.
  3. This, we need things to start re opening if we want the things we love back
  4. Was thinking about getting tickets for Bristol but thought the tickets would be cheaper so had a second thought as we said we wouldn’t buy any gig tickets until the future of the live scene became a bit clearer as we aren’t sure when it’s going to be back. Will pick a spare up closer to the time of everything’s back to normal though as I’ve never seen them.
  5. Not fussed about going to the pub when there are so many restrictions in place, I prefer a spontaneous pint when I walk past a pub and get a taste for it. We are going out to the local curry house though, want to support the local businesses as I have been throughout lockdown. I do think things need to start opening and the economy needs to get going. The taxes that will need to be paid after this, the jobs losses, peoples livelihoods and houses being taken away will create a lot of poverty and depression for years to come. A lot of deaths will come from this that aren’t related to the virus and the virus is not going to go away. I think life needs to carry on as it cannot continue how it is at the moment.
  6. Main Stage: Rage Against the Machine (2008) Honourable Mentions: Muse (2006), Arcade Fire (2007), Nine Inch Nails (2007), Bloc Party (2008), Metallica (2008), The Prodigy (2009), Weezer (2010), BMTH (2011), Biffy Clyro (2013), Vampire Weekend (2014), Yungblud (2019) NME/Radio 1: Jamie T (2009) Honourable Mentions: Limp Bizkit (2015), The Hives (2012), Crystal Castles (2011), Pulled Apart By Horses (2011), Tame Impala (2013) The Pit/Lock-Up: FIDLAR (2019) Honourable Mentions: New Found Glory (2015), Alexisonfire (2009), Emily’s Army (2014) Festival Republic/Carling Stage: The Maccabees (2006) Honourable Mentions: Feeder (2012), Drenge (2013), The 1975 (2013)
  7. foolee

    BBC Glastonbury

    Travis looks class
  8. Kendrick Lamar - 51 Dua Lipa - 19 (-10) Diana Ross - 72
  9. Kendrick Lamar - 65 Thom Yorke - 35 Dua Lipa - 35 (-10) Diana Ross - 95
  10. Kendrick Lamar - 115 Thom Yorke - 55 Dua Lipa - 50 (-10) Robyn - 55 Diana Ross - 105
  11. My point still stands that more people will die from poverty and depression if the economy doesn’t start picking up fast. I get your point we don’t have any information on indoor meetings but there are still plenty of people in close proximity touching the same things in shops, through deliveries and hospitals. I’ve also seen plenty of people on buses with no masks and probably a lot of people meeting in houses and not going along with the guidelines. Also, I haven’t seen any restaurants, pubs or cafes open outdoors only etc. so it’s not just the businesses with indoor offices that need this right now. I know of companies that have offices but have staff working from home so the staff can still do their job however these companies may rely on things like vets to be open however these are not at full capacity so redundancies may be needed. We need to get away from the fear mongering and start having some positives. Otherwise a lot of people are going to lose their jobs, houses and livelihoods which is already happening. Not to mention the amount of money we are all going to have to contribute to taxes in the future to payback the furlough scheme. We are all in for a really rough ride and the quicker things start moving in the right direction in a sensible manner the better.
  12. Kendrick Lamar - 75 Thom Yorke - 60 Dua Lipa - 100 (-10) Robyn - 115 Diana Ross - 120
  13. Obviously I’m not scientist but I don’t see many people observing the 2m distance anymore, VE Day happened, bank holiday beach days & protests however there is still no spike in infections therefore surely it is safe to go down to 1m? For me, if the economy doesn’t start moving and fast a lot more people are going to die from poverty and depression than the virus. It’s very worrying.
  14. Kendrick Lamar -105 Thom Yorke - 80 Dua Lipa - 120 (-10) Robyn - 125 Diana Ross - 90
  15. Kendrick Lamar - 105 Thom Yorke - 70 Dua Lipa - 120 (-10) Robyn - 110 The Avalanches - 70 Diana Ross - 75
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