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  1. Your lineup is far too good for it to happen. Think Idles would suit more under Kendrick and Yungblud under MCR or Billie.
  2. Great to see Olivia Rodrigo and Yungblud getting plaudits for their performances at Glastonbury. Expecting both to get high slots next year and deservedly so!
  3. With his new album Kendrick has got to be high up on the list of 2023 headliners. I guess the only thing that could stop it is if he does his own tour or a BST date.
  4. foolee

    Olivia Rodrigo

    It seems that any band/artist doing slightly well atm is an industry plant, it’s laughable. Yungblud and Wet Leg get it as well. You still need to work hard and gain a fan base regardless of anything else.
  5. Think this sums it up. Obviously I didn’t go this year so I can’t comment too much but it’s above avoiding the bottlenecks as much as possible. In 2019 we went down to Williams Green on the Thursday and up to the park for the sunset on the Wednesday and both were far too busy so we left and checked other parts of the site out and really enjoyed our time/festival.
  6. Didn’t go to Glastonbury this year but since covid I’ve been to a lot of gigs and festivals and I feel it’s more of a reflection of post covid and people forgetting/not knowing how to act around people as I swear there seems to be more rude and generally disrespectful people around atm. Not sure what anyone else’s thoughts on this are?
  7. Oh fair enough, thought he was ill or playing the park.
  8. Green Day said they love England last night and you’ll see why in the next few days. Obviously could be another UK tour or a live album but very doubtful. Billie Joe and his wife were at the festival last year watching SWMRS and liked the vibe from posts online. Reckon they’ll be the JP act tomorrow.
  9. Agreed. When you look at the size of their crowd in comparison with Sam Fender you can tell who will be a future headliner.
  10. Yeah, I’m hoping they don’t. Would be gutting as I really want to see them but I’m not missing Frank Carter opening up the main stage.
  11. Anyone know who the secret sets at Williams Green and Strummerville yesterday? Not on site but just interested. I assume WG had two, one was Bastille so just wondered if they had another.
  12. Yeah, I didn’t go but obviously ASAP wasn’t there on time so they decided to come on early. Also people saying they finished early due to this which isn’t the case because they always play 1 hour and a half which I think is poor form when they’re charging as much as they do. I agree to an extent and people should know by know RHCP tend to skip Under The Bridge sometimes, I just think if you’ve got people paying their hard earned cash you should probably be playing your best songs. RHCP begrudgingly slog through a whole set so they may as well begrudgingly slog through under the bridge as well 😂
  13. I see that RHCP have been getting glowing reviews again. Not playing under the bridge and can’t stop last night, only playing 1 hour 30 mins for £100 gig and playing before the support act. Wasn’t sure where else to post this but R&L forum seemed fitting.
  14. It just sounds like they really couldn’t be arsed or couldn’t care less about the FR/Pit stages this year.
  15. Think the 3 headliners you have are the ones they’ll get but I’ve got Paramore, MGK and Kasabian as MSW 3. Foals and Kasabian are interchangeable but I think after the success of Knebworth and IOW R&L will try for Kasabian as a MSW headliner but it’s just if they accept it. As you’ve mentioned Paramore could opt for their own shows and I’m not sure they’d book MCR, Paramore & MGK as headliners the same year.
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