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  1. I'd say all logo bands are on the main stage and the rest are TBA. Considering a Sunday day ticket as I'd watch Queens, Yungblud, Neck Deep, Liam Gallagher and Gerry Cinnamon. That'd be worth £60-80. The other two days are pretty shocking though
  2. I don't think all of those acts will be on the main stages though. I think it's just a way of splitting all acts on to each day. As you're never getting 17 acts in including 2 headliners in 11 hours 😆
  3. That's a shame. Hopefully they'll be over in some capacity next year doing a headline tour.
  4. Do you know why? Are they planning on their own tour over here or have they been booked by another festival?
  5. If we get a good enough track and trace system as well as a testing system that works in minutes that will mean life can continue while a vaccine is being rolled out. I think the plan is that they'll be one and a testing system by next spring so then we can get moving. I think that's why they've stated these new restrictions could be for as long as 6 months. Here's hoping anyway.
  6. That makes sense. I think it makes sense to get as many people as possible working and let a scheme continue for the jobs that really need it. Rather than certain businesses basically takings the piss out of the system when they earn a healthy profit every year and were still doing so through most of covid-19 with the exception of complete lockdown. I understand the entertainment industry need it as they can't really run businesses with social distancing or working from home so there should be a scheme for that. I just don't like that some businesses are using it to their advantage and a
  7. Surely it's an additional cost they don't need to be paying and paying people 80% for the next 6-12 months is going to cost the government more than people being on the dole. I know there are more costs involved but it's cheaper than 1-2k per month per person
  8. The government can't keep paying people to sit at home though, this will all need to be paid back at some point therefore trying to keep people in work if possible is the best option.
  9. foolee


    On the Louisiana website it states "***Please note this date is TBC based on government guidelines regarding safely putting on shows." so it'll be changed if it can't happen in April.
  10. It's absolutely madness to think that we could continue life socially distanced. So many businesses have already shut down and made staff redundant because they aren't making money. It's not sustainable for life to continue like that for the economy or for anyone's mental health. Absolutely agree with Fuzzy Afro. Isn't the biggest killer for men already suicide? Which would only increase with further restrictions and social distancing forever. I think these days mental health issues and mental health deaths will be above that of covid-19 death rates. Also, if we're loo
  11. The link states that the day splits are announced next week along with some "more surprises" so maybe another line up announced prior to day tickets going on sale too?
  12. Turnstile at Trinity on 10th March and Blossoms at Bath Forum on 12th March. So glad I went to both and now seem a lifetime ago.
  13. Does anyone know how much the tests will cost? Because lets say you're going to watch a band for £10-£20 if the test is quite expensive you aren't going to shell out for it to go but you possibly would for something like Glasto.
  14. I'm thinking something like this. MSE: Stormzy / Lewis Capaldi / Doja Cat / Mabel / KSI MSW: Catfish & the Bottlemen / Gerry Cinnamon / Sam Fender / Sea Girls / Jack Harlow MSE: Post Malone / Yungblud / Idles / Charli XCX / Sigrid MSW: Disclosure / Courteeners / DaBaby / Neck Deep / Beabadoobee MSE: Liam Gallagher / AJ Tracey / Fontaines DC / Slowthai / Sports Team MSW: Queens of the Stone Age / Two Door Cinema Club / All Time Low / Tom Grennan / The Subways
  15. They are but they're last on their stage and closing their stage and R&L have given them headliner status as 1 of 6 headliners. I know they are basically subbing or co-headlining anyway but I think to be billed as a headliner is something their agent has probably pushed as since Catfish started headlining the smaller festivals they've not done R&L even though they fit the crowd perfectly and are a band that I always see people wanting on twitter etc. I'm not so sure they'd accept a sub slot under anyone even Stormzy otherwise why weren't they booked in 2020 but we had Migos instead?
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