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  1. Who are we thinking that is in the running to be headliners next year as I can't think of too many. The Strokes, Liam Gallagher, BMTH, Blink-182, Travis Scott, Stormzy, Slipknot (Massive curveball and I can't see it but running out of options). I also think it could be pushing it with saying LG, Blink, BMTH & Travis are headliners.
  2. Nice, a long wait for potentially nothing then. Really hoping it’s at a weekend and it’s not the same date as the hellamegatour 🤞🏻
  3. So when’s this MCR announcement due so I can stop looking on here/twitter every 5 minutes?
  4. I like him, great live too but I guess it depends what you're into. Give Original Me, Doctor Doctor, California and Parents a listen and if you aren't into those he's probably not for you but his album and latest ep are both very good.
  5. Travis Scott, Blink-182 X BMTH, The Killers
  6. I feel like what I used to feel like when R&L used to drop the lineup announcement in March at like 7pm and tickets would go on sale at the same time and then sell out in like 30 minutes. For some reason I feel like they're waiting to announce this until 7pm too. Getting very hyped.
  7. Surely if they're back they've got to be headlining R&L, would be an insane booking.
  8. Thought your effort above was the real thing and was about to send it to my partner and say how good it was, haha. If it’s anything like the above I’ll definitely go. Feel like Vampire Weekend might do R&L instead though as they were over in the UK in June this summer. Jamie T would be a good shout if he’s releasing new stuff though, could even see Wombats headlining it as they seem to sell tickets and always get a big crowd at festivals if they’re still touring. If Foals don’t headline Glasto or R&L I could see them headlining.
  9. That would make sense but then where does that leave the heavier stages when there were 2 in the tent last year?
  10. Billy Talent aren’t pop punk though are they?
  11. NOFX will headline their stage and I think SUM 41 will headline the stage that bullet headlined last year, which one will be outside or a tent is anyone’s guess though.
  12. We don’t know actually how bad it sold though, it’s all hearsay. They may of sold 30k tickets and gave 10k out on the giveaways to make sure APE had a lot of people through the gates and more revenue through drinks etc. Which is still not amazing but if they’d sold as badly as some have said on here R&L wouldn’t bother booking them at all.
  13. BMTH have just been announced for Highfield festival in Germany in August the weekend before R&L so it's starting to look more and more likely they'll be at R&L as I'm not sure what other festival would book them.
  14. Yeah I don’t get it, why not just announce them with all of the acts on Wednesday? I assumed the earlier announcements were going to be stage headliners or subs... I did think it might be because they’ve got a new record out or due to them being female fronted and slam dunk have got abuse in the past for having fairly male dominated lineups.
  15. I was thinking due to them announcing these acts live on instagram and they are in the evening that the bands are announcing themselves and they are american acts which is why they are being announced in the evening due to the time difference. I also think they'll be the 2 biggest acts.
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