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  1. FR/Pit/Lock Up Acts I’d like to see in 2022: Fever 333, Renforshort, KennyHoopla, Lauran Hibberd, False Advertising, Gender Roles, Courting, Pigs x7, The Mysterines, The Reytons, Kid Kapichi, Anti Flag, Bob Vylan, Chubby & the Gang, Talk Show, Stone, Phoxjaw, Baby Dave, Higher Power, Kid Brunswick, Death Blooms, Jxdn, SeeYouSpaceCowboy…, Grandmas House, Death Tour, L’exquisite Douleur , Salem & Snake Eyes. I’d expect some of those could go on the main stage and a few are repeats but just a lot of smaller acts I’m really into atm, seen recently or been enjoying over the last year or so.
  2. Okay so just seen the thread, here’s a couple of replies to some messages; Best; Green Day 2012, NIN 2007, Biffy Clyro 2013, Weezer 2010, Arcade Fire 2007 & RATM 2008 Worst; RHCP 2007 & FOB 2013 Probably loads more but those are the ones from the top of my head.
  3. Keep forgetting about Royal Blood. I assume Royal Blood might do Truck and Glasto? As I think they’d be one of the 6 headliners at R&L I can’t think of where else they could play. Florence could be a shout but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her at a BST or Finsbury date.
  4. No that’s true, was just thinking of acts that could play the festival more than anything and he fits the bill but agreed that he’d headline. I thought he had already announced some festivals but just had a look and couldn’t see him on any yet so could be a shout but with Haim and Capaldi looking likely I doubt they’d have Sam Fender as well. I think Sam Fender is due to be at Truck and think he’ll also headline Victorious. Do we know if we’re expecting a Latitude announcement this year?
  5. I don’t think QOTSA will do it and if they do I can’t see them getting the MSE slot as surely they’d just put Dave on there as he will sell more tickets than QOTSA. I could see the Yungblud/MGK working, as they’re mates and they were going to alternate last year it makes sense. It’ll also make it look stronger with MGK alongside Yungblud. Going to get a bit silly if we get 6 headliners and start getting co headliners though. Because he subbed last year and he’s doing a lot of other festivals I can’t see Sam Fender being back, next time he plays he’ll headline. Are Glass Animals big enough to sub? I’ve seen a lot of suggestions regarding them playing high up the bill but I didn’t realise they were that big.
  6. I think the fact they play small 2k-5k capacity venues down south has probably cost them a headline slot to be honest. Yungblud sells twice as many tickets down south and he’s northern so I’d imagine he does pretty well up in Leeds too.
  7. MSE: Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa, Kings of Leon, Girl In Red, Bastille, Fontaine’s DC, The Vaccines MSW: Bring Me The Horizon, Dave, Yungblud, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Beabadoobee, Don Broco FR: The Mysterines, Pit/Lockup: Fever 333
  8. KennyHoopla has just been announced for Nova Rock in early June so got to be in with a shout of playing.
  9. Yeah I reckon Sum 41 will headline as Alexisonfire and Rancid aren’t main headliners
  10. Worse thing about it is Yungblud has just been announced for Rock En Seine making him more likely for R&L.
  11. This thread will now be in dire straits 😂
  12. Even though I’d be disappointed at no RATM when you look at KOL, AM, Dua Lipa and Dave they’re all massive arena/stadium acts which wouldn’t be cheap. Have a rapper and a female artist headlining. BMTH being a heavy rock act and Yungblud an upcoming artist with a massive dedicated fan base both of the back of big sold out tours. It’s also 4 new headliners being bumped up which R&L has to be applauded for if they are the 6.
  13. AM, Yungblud, Idles, Beabadoobee, Fontaine’s DC & Inhaler announced for Rock En Seine. Yungblud could be happening or would he sub again? Think we’ll probably get all of those except Inhaler.
  14. Also clinging to the hope of RATM as it doesn’t make sense to wait or R&L know these other festivals are announcing and they didn’t want to clash.
  15. Superbloom Festival in Munich, Germany, September 3-4. I’d say Anne-Marie, Glass Animals, Girl In Red, Beabadoobee are likely with outside chances of Joel Corry.
  16. It’s because they’re good mates so probably happy to do that and easier to sort out than for most acts.
  17. Must’ve been delayed for some reason.
  18. True, just don’t see why they’ve not done an announcement today in the end. Bit annoying.
  19. It was meant to be, that’s what was said on the podcast anyway so not sure what’s happened. Was expecting it around 5pm but who knows unless there’s been a delay for some reason or they didn’t want to announce the same day as APE.
  20. Wanted to see Tame Impala but I can’t justify the days off work and ticket price when I only want to see them
  21. Absolutely stacked, would be very happy if it’s even close to that
  22. I feel like it’d be more like RATM/RTJ/Idles/Limp Bizkit but I’d take it. If we got LB and RATM I’d be absolutely buzzing
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