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  1. Tom Delonge put an instagram post up about Angels and airwaves touring everywhere in 2020, possible main stage slot?
  2. Bring Me? Y Not just tweeted something like some interesting 2020 headliners on the horizon, could be nothing but if Y Not share acts with Truck again it could be potential especially if the ticket sales for APE were as bad as was made out as no big festival will want to touch them.
  3. I don’t think it would, The Strokes co headlined the last time they played and I’d say Foos are a much bigger pull than The Strokes, Post Malone is a similar pull to travis and The 1975 are way bigger than Foals. I’d be happy with it but not sure it’d even sell out tbh. Think Travis Scott or Stormzy will headline 1 day for sure but can’t see them having Foals and The Strokes, I think it’d be one or the other.
  4. Tickets go up in price after this weekend so thinking another announcement could be on the horizon soon
  5. Are we thinking Creeper for this as it looks like they're making a comeback so assume an album will be coming.
  6. BMTH have been announced for a festival in Lisbon next summer so it shows they're still active next summer and as it doesn't look like they're playing download I think they'll play R&L.
  7. From Twitter: Don Broco headlining with 10 others - State Champs, The Wonder Years, Mayday Parade, Motion City Soundtrack, Four Year Strong, Knuckle Puck, Ice Nine Kills, Bayside, Issues and Hand Like Houses. Love Don Broco and know some of Four Year Strong, any other recommendations as don't really know the rest?
  8. Is that not just because slam dunk begins with an S?
  9. Cage The Elephant with SWMRS supporting in Feb - included a date at ally pally on Sat 22nd Feb
  10. I was thinking this, would seem strange for them to release an album and not do some festivals. California tour they toured Europe in June/July so thinking it'll be shows in August this time around. Think with no Tom that they may be a co-headliner with someone like BMTH.
  11. Think it’ll be System of a Down - Blink-182 - KISS
  12. I wouldn’t say their popularity has vanished, just sold out 2 stadiums in the UK and bellahouston park
  13. I think your options are a little more farfetched, like The Offspring might be too big but could probably do a headline slot. And Billy Talent are definately smaller than All Time Low so could sub or headline one of the heavier stages. Realistically Yungblud is probably the wrong demographic.
  14. Would be decent and it’s only a couple of weeks after so there definitely potential.
  15. I'd take Billy Talent, The Offspring and Yungblud from the RAR lineup.
  16. Green Day are superior in the sense that they are a good live band and the most recent output of revolution radio was a return to form, Chilis don’t have any decent newer stuff and are terrible live. Saying that, I don’t particularly think they’ll get booked but Billie was at Glasto this year. The 1975 - Fleetwood Mac - Green Day is a pretty good headliner trio imo
  17. I see what he’s saying though, bands like Bring Me and Slipknot definitely lose something in the seated arenas unless it’s cardiff which is fine because it’s a lot smaller than most and doesn’t have seating. I think he’s happy with the achievement of playing them but smaller venue shows are pretty much always better than arena gigs.
  18. Not sure, I think they can please both as Blinks stock has fallen due to Tom no longer being in the band and BMTH stock has also fallen so a co-headline could work and I think that’d make two fairly weak headliners into a strong final two acts. I just don’t see why they’d get Slipknot for R&L, really don’t see it as the demographic, not sure the heavy bands have a massive pull anymore as they don’t have the main stream appeal like Foos/Muse
  19. I have to agree, only recently got into them and how? They are epic so a chance to see an act I've never seen would be perfect, they'd smash it.
  20. Can't see Slipknot doing it if I'm honest, think that'll be it after the tour. Currently thinking it'll look something like this Liam Gallagher - Stormzy/Billie Eilish - Blink-182/BMTH
  21. This only relates to Reading. - Can't comment on the camping side of things as I didn't camp this year and only went on the Sunday however I felt the crowd were alot more friendly and tolerable than what they were like from around 2013-2015 as we ran into alot of dickheads. So this encouraged me to think about going in the future as this and the lineup were the reasons I became disinterested. - Thought the water queuing and toilets were much improved too. - Still a very young crowd and the food is still awful.
  22. She was miming I don’t care, she has done it at other festivals this summer, it’s her not even her song... Turned the stream off after a couple of minutes, poor.
  23. If anyone has day tickets for Reading today can you let me know how long it’s taking to get in, like queue, wristband & getting into the arena please?
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