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    day and stage

    Agreed, on one hand I want to see Tame Impala but on the other hand Interpol in the tent will be so much better
  2. My first Glasto so extremely excited for the poster drop, hope it’s a good one! Thing is I’ve got up early before work to do revision and I can’t see much getting done until 8...
  3. What terrible dates, hopefully they'll announce some extra shows at a weekend
  4. Agreed, hoping the pit will finish early
  5. I know they’re pretty much nailed on but out of the 3 festivals booked so far they aren’t announced for any I’m going too yet 😂
  6. What is the likelihood of getting 2 spares for the foos date?
  7. foolee

    Other Stage

    Surely if The Cure are saturday pyramid they'd have 3 hours which would easily cover other headliner and sub, no?
  8. To be honest the stage splits don’t make too much difference to knowing who will be clashing because of the 4 stages that don’t clash, although I would assume bullet will be clashing with ATL but no idea who will be clashing with ATL from the menzingers or plain white t’s. Can someone do a clashfinder mock up please?
  9. I’d hate to see who was on the lineup the year after!
  10. The Killers The Cure Liam Gallagher Vampire Weekend George Ezra Idles Interpol Greta Van Fleet Lily Allen Tame Impala The Chemical Brothers The Streets Blossoms Courteeners Cardi B Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes Cage The Elephant The Raconteurs Tom Grennan Slaves
  11. I think the heavy stage will be a main stage but they’ll be an extra stage this year as there are 10 more acts on the lineup which is why I have put the new found glory stage in.
  12. Quick mock up of stage splits, don't know all the bands so unsure of how big/small they are!
  13. I agree, think the heavy stage with Bullet could be an extra stage so could we potentially be seeing 3 outdoor stages this year, 1 for Bullet, 1 for ATL (where Good Charlotte played last year) and another with say Neck Deep/Simple Plan/New Found Glory as a headliner (same stage as JEW) which will create even more clashes annoyingly but I think that will be the case.
  14. As It Is also announced
  15. Also slam dunk liked a Boston Manor post so think they could be one of the acts to be announced tomorrow. Are we thinking 4am or 4pm for all the acts?
  16. Thinking they might pull something out of the bag, Slam dunk liked a Frank Carter post earlier but don’t think so cause of R&L. Alexisonfire are teasing something. Sum 41 haven’t announced a UK gig yet but are touring. Don Broco/Neck Deep/Issues just played a big gig so maybe an announcement to come - same for Good Charlottes support tomorrow night and Simple Creatures (Mark Hoppus & Alex ATL) have a song out or it could just be the last small bands. Those are my thoughts anyway!
  17. If Idles did do a WG set on the Thursday, what time would you need to get to the tent to guarantee entry?
  18. Do you think they’re likely to have Foals though as Truck for Foals is a very small show but they’re a local band so not sure they’ll do Y Not as well. Kendal and Tramlines are also Global festivals so could see acts like Chic and Doves, maybe even George Ezra as he played Global festivals last year. I think Courteeners will defo be one headliner
  19. Yeah just seen that, my bad!
  20. Very young but very up for it. You also see a lot of families, didn’t go to Truck last year but been in 2016 & 2017. Looking at that lineup I could see Idles on before Slaves on the Thursday.
  21. Does The Raconteurs at APE rule them out of Glasto?
  22. Think it’ll be Foals, Biffy and Two Door
  23. Twitter account has kinda just hinted at Foals and they’re local boys
  24. I actually really hope that doesn't rule out George Ezra as I thought his newest album was pretty good and was thoroughly looking forward to a Sunday afternoon set
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