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  1. Actual age 47 Age I feel physically 55 Age I act at Glastonbury for 5 days 25 Age I feel on the Monday morning coach to Edinburgh 93
  2. About to set off for a wee wild camp in the Pentland Hills. Test out the new tent etc. Be good to get some walking miles in as well.
  3. Yup, we always camp in Rivermead. Like the space between tents and the quietness and we don't mind the trek back from the SE corner. Will be arriving 1st thing Wednesday so no problem getting a good spot. Just hope it doesn't get too rammed over the course of the Wed/Thurs.
  4. Groove Armada at the barrowlands last night. Ooft. Really surprised they're not coming to the farm.
  5. 2019 Edinburgh Seetickets Coach Depart 22.30 Tuesday. Return 10:30 Monday.
  6. Will certainly be helping. Plus our schools finished up 2 weeks ago.
  7. Donation made. Fantastic effort mate. Best of luck for the rest of the journey.
  8. Fellow EH6 resident here. I 💚 Leith too.
  9. Gutted. RIP Denise
  10. I've not really been paying much attention (I live in Scotland) but somehow got it in my head that most pubs were operating a booking system with a 2 hour limit. Might well have dreamt it up though.
  11. Apologies for what may be a daft question. Are some of the pubs opening in England without the need to book a table and a 2 hour time limit?
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