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  1. Fellow EH6 resident here. I 💚 Leith too.
  2. Gutted. RIP Denise
  3. I've not really been paying much attention (I live in Scotland) but somehow got it in my head that most pubs were operating a booking system with a 2 hour limit. Might well have dreamt it up though.
  4. Apologies for what may be a daft question. Are some of the pubs opening in England without the need to book a table and a 2 hour time limit?
  5. Scalping. Stumbled across them last year in Croissant Neuf late Sunday night. Thought they were brilliant but was a bit off ma chops. Would like to see them again slightly less inebriated.
  6. Gate A bus q is certainly ok for trainers
  7. Cheers. Never tried Kebabish (will do now) and Mother India is also my number 1.
  8. Out of curiosity what are your two?
  9. This was rivermead at 11am on the Monday of 2016 Not to bad compared with most of the other areas.
  10. Orbital! Just had a great night in Glasgow watching them. Shame they won't be making an appearance on the farm.
  11. First time doing the long slog from Edinburgh. Only ever went from London before. As Mez said above hopefully about 9 hours. Agree on the times tho, best they could be under the circumstances.
  12. Seetickets Edinburgh bus confirmed - 22:30 Tuesday, return 10:30 Monday.
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