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  1. I dont give a flying fart through a donut strange image. Bizarre image
  2. Yes, very much appreciated Brave Sir Robin. Thanks for your efforts.
  3. BlackZeppelin


    I would have thought that Foals headlining the Other on Friday night was their level. Perhaps headlining Pyramid is a step beyond (although many would be elated that they would replace The Killers) Maybe they will follow the same path as The Killers from (poorly kept) secret set on JP to headling 2020 Pyramid, once the full double album is released and well received.
  4. BlackZeppelin


    That first poster would look so much better with Foals on it. A secret set in the JP, while welcome, will be so absolutely rammed as to make a mockery of their absence from a headline slot on either Pyramid or Other.
  5. Must see : Tame Impala, The Cure Must Avoid: Mylie Cyrus Maybe: Two Door , Lauryn Hill Comedy Tent might get a workout this year
  6. Foals and Nick cave would turn it into a cracker. Janet Jackson and Miley Cyrus FFS!
  7. Foals Nick Cave Jack White Iggy Wolf Alice
  8. Coming over from Australia in 2016 and seeing the devastation of the Brexit vote , and then again the 2018 near destruction of Theresa May's majority I seem to recall Thom Yorke saying 'Ta Ta Theresa' I sort of take it for granted that this year we will see something equally dramatic against the backdrop of Glastonbury, perhaps an announcement of a new referendum? Surely not too late to avert disaster.
  9. BlackZeppelin


    Foals to Pyramid, and bump Killers to Other...do it Emily!
  10. Hmmm I'm afraid I still do. There's a line in the sand...
  11. That could be it. It (assuming it was real) happened after I knocked off after a shift in the Glastolatino area and someone handed me a little white pill...
  12. Loads of dreams both positive and anxiety (missing all the fun) dreams But, I've got memories of Glastonbury 2014 that I am not sure are from real experiences or dreams. Lost somewhere around the Carnival and Theatre area finding my way into clubs and bars Ive never seen before, bumping into people in masks. Is there a three storey bar somewhere at the festival? I definitely remember going up and down a spiral staircase.
  13. BlackZeppelin


    We're going on the Saturday before, just in case they don't play Glasto, but really think they would be brilliant headlining one of the stages, and would prefer them to the Killers on the Pyramid if Emily would give them the gig. I reckon they have a dozen really good songs and a couple of brilliant ones. If there are a few to add to that off the double album, they could easily hold down the Saturday night on the Pyramid. Would be a huge party atmosphere.
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