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  1. Remarkable. Calm, no fuss and by and large the New Zealanders just get on with it in a very civilized way with good social conscience. Whereas we seem to have quite a large cohort of significance seeking individualists who refuse to make any kind of personal sacrifice. This could go on for some time.
  2. NZ has handled it brilliantly. Australia has done well except for Melbourne whose premier Dan Andrews employed dodgy security agencies to supervise quarantine hotels rather than the defence force personnel used by most of the other states. Some of the security staff shagged the people in quarantine and then switched to their other job -Uber drivers! As a result we have had a huge outbreak, it is ripping through the aged care homes and we are in 6 weeks of lockdown. They're dubbing it the "Dandemic"
  3. Hmmm, well here in Melbourne we're in stage 4 lockdown. The idea of travling between suburbs seems exotic. Glasto 2021 seems a total pipe dream. But alot can change in a few months.
  4. First I can remember Urge Overkill 1995 (But it might have been Morphine 1995)
  5. Just read this, great idea SirJonny and Kalfire. Let me know if you're going ahead. As SirJonny says, it might be ambitious at the moment with a second wave mounting. I'm certainly feeling the pain. Our group would be in Bath today, getting ready for the coach to the Festival. It better happen in 2021
  6. My thoughts in the 5 seconds it took to realizing this was for 2019: The fence is going up They're going to do a low tech festival as COVID eases Is it worth the 14 day quarantine period on arrival? Yes it is I'll go Fuck it's 2019
  7. Infinite Monkey Cage In Our Time Philosophize This Hardcore History And yes, I do feel ancient and out of touch.
  8. Thanks for the prompt SirJonny , I called Flight Centre and ended up taking the Cathay credit. I just hope international travel is available next year. Australia has done pretty well with infection rates and mortality. (Still under 100). But probably the last thing to happen will be eading of the borders.
  9. Current list: all top 8 in Top 20 albums ever KID A In Rainbows A Moon Shaped Pool King of Limbs OKC Amnesiac Hail to the Thief The Bends Pablo Honey
  10. Agree. For some reason The Numbers is my favourite song at the moment. A quiet protest song that seems very apt. The PT Anderson clip is so engaging and Johnnys beautiful effortless fretting with his head bowed over his guitar. They're just a bunch of geniuses (or whatever the plural should be). As jparx says, the best you can do is put down your 10 best for the moment, but as soon as you do that and you listen to something like Decks Dark and you think, God that's a perfect song.
  11. Agree. I sort of consider KoL Phil's album. Some brilliant hypnotic beats and time signatures. As (an admittedly very amateur ) drummer, I worship at the Shrine of Selway anyway. But what he does here is extraordinary. The Live in the Basement is great...in fact, I seem to have a free hour and the kids are driving me up the wall.....
  12. It is original but I'll give an upvote Andy. King of Limbs is underrated. Codex and Separator are amazing. No Reckoner though?
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