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  1. With Royal Blood before XX creating a platform of energy and intensity for the other acts to work off. That combination was brilliant. We barely new an XX song, but thoroughly loved their set and the way it built into "the greatest band of all time's" show.
  2. Finally got to order the Larch T-shirt I've been hunting for ages.
  3. Hopefully on the Friday or Sunday night
  4. 1. 50, but apparently with the hips of a 60 year old (thanks Doc) 2. Thom Yorke, Nick Cave, Foals, Macca, PSB, King Gizz 3. Stone Roses, RATM, Floyd and Led Zeppelin
  5. End of the night in Strummerville is a great. I like the Stone Circle, listened to a great conversation between a poet and a botanist about the beautiful tree there this year. (apparently has a very rare "good" fungus growing at its base)
  6. Well, I've got some listening to do. Only have 1 of those top ten albums. I tried to open my mind and listen to the Kanye album, but I just can't stand it. No offence to those who rate him, it's obviously me, but I just don't get it. Started to have a listen to the National albums and have enjoyed them. Thanks for compiling the list Swedge.
  7. 88degrees F , shorts , barbie and a million beers. Would be nice if Santa could put out the bushfires. Merry Xmas from Down under!
  8. Beck and Thom Yorke on Sunday would be Perfick
  9. The fated Glastonbury Floyd reunion? I'm a believer. It just needs Dave to shrug and let it happen. Nothing, literally nothing, would make our group happier than this.
  10. Great idea Chrisp. I'd be up for that too. At this stage a gym session to Diana Ross and Taylor Swift would probably match my fitness levels, so hopefully we get some more announcements that will crank up the intensity.
  11. Bizarre choice for someone who has supposedly given up the guitar. Superb player. Would live to see them at the farm.
  12. No interest in Taylor Swift, but pleased for those that like her. Hopefully Foals, Nick Cave or Thom Yorke will take out the festival for our lot, on Sunday instead.
  13. BlackZeppelin

    2020 headliners

    Yes but most Americans knowledge of life outside their borders is rubbish. Have a look at the International News section of a US newspaper and it only concerns US interests overseas.
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