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  1. Absolutely tore it up, just to remind everyone watching, that he is a Rock God
  2. Just received one email and tent number, bit awaiting a second
  3. I'll have a listen. I liked the couple of songs my daughter sent me.
  4. Two Steps Twice And later that night: Block Rockin' Beats
  5. BlackZeppelin

    BBC2 9pm

    Awesome , thanks for heads up
  6. At the Pyramid listening to Guy Garvey tell us how beautiful we all look in the sunshine (about 10 times over)
  7. Surely the relative who suddenly bought themselves a flash car about 6 months after she passed on.
  8. My Aunt Judy from York used to run a pub where they would play. Got all 4 autographs on the same piece of paper. Gave it away to their next door neighbour when they moved (about 1975) Never quite forgiven her.
  9. We're doing the Liverpool Beatles bus tour tomorrow...I know it's a cliche, but the kids will love it.
  10. Watching now. I used to have this Mull of Kintyre clip taped on a VHS. Not sure I'll have dry eyes on Saturday night
  11. Would be amazing. I wonder if his mate Dave Gilmour might wander down ? Then I'd lose my mind.
  12. Thinking of an early exit from Foals to get a spot in Arcadia
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