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  1. The Chemical Brothers 284 (+10) The Prodigy 575 LCD Soundsystem 325
  2. Thought about for when they do the photo montage half way through the funeral. Perfect combination of warmth and wistful. Probably thought too much about it to be honest. We sent our Mum off to Whiter Shade of Pale and Ride a White Swan....she had good taste my Mum
  3. To quote another thread title: When will this shit end?
  4. Maybe let the blokes who have played more than 30 seconds for the whole game take the pens?
  5. Good change Mount off Grealish On Come on England
  6. Can't concede the front 60% of the pitch for an hour and expecr to stay ahead. Bring on Grealish
  7. I gave my top 5 As for different social groups observed? Are they after Mods vs Rockers vs Teddy Boys....wtf?
  8. The Chemical Brothers 460 (+10) The Prodigy 609 LCD Soundsystem 434
  9. Great call. We had the funeral song discussion the other day, and this song came up. Beth Hirsch has amazing fragile yet warm tones in her voice, and the lyrics are pure poetry.
  10. Too hard to answer but this one would be up there Watch "T. REX - Cosmic Dancer" on YouTube https://youtu.be/GMfjA4gyEcU
  11. One More Cup of Coffee (Still gives me goosebumps)
  12. Or maybe there are aliens
  13. Kalfire, how confident are you of the Australian government allowing you to travel by next June without draconian consequences? (I'm on about 50%)
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