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  1. I assume, but for no particular reason: King Gizzard : seems right Jack White in some form or another Yungblud : seems due Foals to headline (Other probably) Thom Yorke ( Eavis favourite son) Those Giant Seagulls (that I find hysrerical)
  2. One of our group who came in 2016 found it very difficult. Not just the weather but the chaotic nature of the festival, especially when the Sun goes down. I think you have to have a good relationship with spontaneity and the unpredictable to enjoy the festival. 200,000 people with altered consciousness together for 5 days is a lot to take if you don't surrender to a post-rational perspective pretty easily.
  3. Jack Black and Jack White? Tenacious D meets Raconteurs could happen 2020.
  4. BlackZeppelin

    2020 headliners

    I can't believe this is even a debate. FM vs Led Zeppelin? Led Zeppelin would break all records. Fucking hell, does nobody care about the rules anymore??
  5. Very similar, we go to Glastonbury town the night or two before, go up the Tor for bit of a pilgrimage, then go to the festival. Usually bus back to Glasto, or Wells or Bath after the festival to sleep in a decent bed and have a huge bath. Then we go somewhere for a week (Lisbon this year), then home. (26 bloody hours), week of jetlag, which is worsening, and back to work to pay off the debts.
  6. we had 13 to get, and I was partly dreading the 1 person we might miss. In the end, 7 missed.
  7. so 5 groups of 6 and 1 person left over, could've been awkward..out of interest how was that decided who would be lucky last? last one to confirm availability?
  8. got 6 out of 12, sadly not my daughter's group. She's been in her room ever since I've got the Glastonbury equivalent of Survivor Guilt
  9. BlackZeppelin

    2020 headliners

    Foals - played but never headlined Radiohead - has headlined Elton John - never played never headlined
  10. BlackZeppelin

    Sold out

    2.4 million registered FFS!
  11. BlackZeppelin

    Good Luck ALL !

    we got 6 coach tix on Thursday, going for 5 today. If anyone needs 1 ticket, let me know, I'm feeling curiously confident this year.
  12. BlackZeppelin

    The Zone

    the Lord's prayer (seriously)
  13. Got 6 from Bath 6 to get on Sunday
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