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  1. Strange one for us, my son's girlfriend had her passport, phone and wallet stolen from Pennards. She was understandably gutted. Reported the theft with lost property and the police. Next day the passport turned up with empty purse, credit cards in tact but no cash. On the Tuesday afterwards my son gets a text from the thief, to say he will post the phone to wherever they want. My son gives the Australian address, and asks why he is doing this? The thief replies, that he could see from the photos on the phone that they were just youngsters and didn't want to destroy their whole holiday! A thief with a conscience?! I guess we had our faith partially restored.
  2. 1. Not getting up to see Kikagaku Moyo 2. Seeing Kendrick instead of Bicep - decided to stay with the group rather than see the artist I preferred. So in that sense I don't regret the trade off. Just can't get on Kendrick's wavelength.
  3. Macca followed by Radiohead then daylight to anyone else. (I missed the Stones)
  4. I like the formula that Luck = opportunity + preparation The more we prepare and get organised the luckier we get.
  5. Thursday Michael Eavis Band Bastille with Dirty Old Brasstards Elvana Ten Foot Wizard (Bimble) Friday English Teacher (JP) Wet Leg Confidence Man Wolf Alice IDLES Bonobo Foals Saturday Brass Against AJ Tracey Leon Bridges Caribou Paul McCartney Camelphat (Arcadia) Sunday Nightmares on Wax Caroline Polachek (park) Jack White Lorde Kendrick Kikagaku Moyo, the only "must see" I missed due to Impaired state of cognitive functioning.
  6. Currently in Porto, recovering slowly. Beautiful city
  7. That last part is the one that has got me going. Sort of end of an era vibe. What do we do when Macca, David Attenborough and the Queen pass on?
  8. Well I've caught something. Very tired today, headaches and jaw aching (although that may be self induced)
  9. To the bloke who everyday cleans up around the tree at the stone circle. (Not a registered volunteer), who pointed out the huge owl on the branch above us.
  10. I never start threads as I'm usually too shy. I'm really struggling this morning, and I'm sure it's part of the post festival blues, but I'm interested in other people's experiences. Paul McCartney did something to me on Saturday night, and I haven't been quite the same ever since. When he played that Wings classic Let Me Roll it To You, (my heart is like a wheel , let me roll it baby), something opened up in me after all this COVID period, and today I just keep feeling emotional , about the state of the world, about my kids, my family, and about Sir Paul himself. Anyway, sorry for the rant, thought it was easier to put in some words to you good folk on efest today than keep on pretending I have just got terrible case of hayfever and that's why my eyes are watering Anyone else got something like this happening?
  11. The first timers in my group said it was a peak experience. I warned them it will ruin them for all other festivals.
  12. I give it a 4/5 A few more food options as the lines were very long in the morning, The Belgian Waffle place was missed as was the view. But the toilets/ showers and the quiet over in block A was terrific. And also, the obvious inclusion of a camp store finally happened. We were set up with mattresses and sleeping bags within a few minutes
  13. Also , the start of the melee at IDLES in the wind and the rain
  14. Very Glastonbury moment when we wandered away from Elvana on Thursday night and popped into the Bimble Inn and watched 10 foot wizard , a band I'd never heard of, rip one of the best Heavy Stoner Rock sets of all time. Just as they were about to summit, some lad went down hard in a crowd surfing accident and they had to stop. Poor lead singer was absolutely gutted, they were on fire.
  15. 3rd Jack White - proving he is the reincarnation of Tesla and controls electricity 2nd IDLES - slayed the Balrog 1st Sir Paul an avatar of music
  16. Paul's solo guitar playing in the Hendrix Tribute was so good. Now goes down as the greatest set I've ever seen. Springsteen and Grohl looked sheepish up there with the great man I thought 1985 smoked and everything worked on the night, even the Johnny Depp / Natalie Portman thing. What a legend. Even his patter: " ...and Eric said, No, tune it yourself" Felt like he was talking to you in the corner of a pub.
  17. Absolutely tore it up, just to remind everyone watching, that he is a Rock God
  18. Just received one email and tent number, bit awaiting a second
  19. I'll have a listen. I liked the couple of songs my daughter sent me.
  20. Two Steps Twice And later that night: Block Rockin' Beats
  21. BlackZeppelin

    BBC2 9pm

    Awesome , thanks for heads up
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