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  1. Now I pray that whoever is on the stage is more interesting than The National. They were so dull at BST this year.
  2. I'm really hoping for Kraftwerk and The Orb from this line up.
  3. Unless of course by some miracle, Macca gets announced as the last headliner.
  4. My partner will be glad it's only Pearl Jam we'll be forking out to see next year haha
  5. Also the continued lack of Thom Yorke at any other festivals is getting me incredibly hopeful he'll be at Primavera.
  6. Sad about Angel Olsen but this has given me the final push needed to go and see her in London.
  7. Really happy with the announcement today and ecstatic to hear about Kim Gordon and Massive Attack.
  8. I'm just happy Bikini Kill have been announced! Though I worry that will impact any chance of Hole making an appearance.
  9. Smashing Pumpkins are Hella risky. If it's the reunited (mostly) line up and they sort their setlists out then I can see it selling well with a decent grungy undercard. The reason the arena tour also failed to sell well was the fact it was like £80 a ticket. I doubt it'd sell out but I think with the right circumstance it could do well.
  10. I'm hoping that means Whitney will play. It'd be cool to see Tame Impala as well.
  11. It's the typical from a friend of a friend so I don't put much weighting on it. However they used to do a weekend of gigs so I doubt it would impact the residents too much
  12. I've heard a rumour that this might be extending to 3 days, don't know how true that is though.
  13. My guesses are... Lana Del Rey, Rage Against The Machine, MCR, Pulp, Aphex Twin (or someone similarly dancy), Another female headliner maybe or Arctic Monkeys.
  14. Thanks all, Might have to fly back on Tuesday now instead of Monday. Glad that I hadn't made any commitments yet.
  15. Sorry, I'm being thick but does the normal ticket cover Sunday entry? Hope it's in the evening as I wanted to take advantage of Barcelona having free attractions that day.
  16. How likely do we think Thom is? I held back on London tickets as I saw there was no Spanish dates but I'm worried I've messed up.
  17. This might be the dullest Slamdunk first announcement I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure half of the roster played in either '17 or '16? The only temptation so far is Motion City Soundtrack at a push. Also please tell me prices aren't going to be staying the same as they were this year with Don Broco headlining?
  18. How can I get these £5 tickets, wouldn't mind seeing him for that
  19. ^not exactly sure how the above happened. My predictions for next year... Joni Mitchell/Carole King (someone similar to fill the Barbara Streisland slot) If Fleetwood Mac play glasto I could see them playing BST as well too. The Kinks/Beach Boys co-headline - If that rumoured reunion ever happens. Eagles - I'm sure it's gonna happen at some point, if Fleetwood didn't happen it'd be a good shout for a Stevie Nicks support slot. Arctic Monkeys - It does seem weird how little touring the last album got and I think it'd be a safer bet to play a fest rather than a stadium show. Tina Turner/Madonna - I'm surprised neither have headlined BST already what with their target audience. Elton John - What with the alleged retirement at the end of next year of course he's going to want to play Hyde Park. If it doesn't get an extension I imagine this is nailed on. Rod Stewart - Another example of how has he not played yet.
  20. I think im going to stick to the non-tiered days from now on. Having a great time at Florence so far even though I don't know the bill that well and it was the same for The Cure last year. It would have to be a huge name to pull me back for tiered to the point bar Paul McCartney or Fleetwood Mac I can't think of anyone I'd do it for. I get they need the two big viewing platforms but put them way to the side. The left one in particular really irks me. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a negative view on Bob Dylan, I felt so rude leaving early in his presence and I'm not expecting a direct from vinyl performance as well but there's a line and he crossed it for me.
  21. Thoughts on the day: Sam Fender was absolutely great, nice way to start the festival and really get all the hype surrounding him now. Cat Power was eh. I feel part of it was she wasn't my thing but the atmosphere was non-existent and she was pretty dull. Laura Marling was incredible, I've liked her for years and she didn't disappoint. Bit sad she played nowt off alas I cannot swim but that didn't hinder my enjoyment and it was fab to see her. Neil Young was perfect. Haven't listened to too much of his stuff but he blew me out the window. Would love to see him again at some point. A perfect encore as well. Certainly the highlight of my day. Bob Dylan was a huge disappointment, I don't think I've ever been as let down. Was incredibly excited to see him but honestly he's totally lost his voice and it felt like watching a shadow of himself. Ended up leaving during Like A Rolling Stone as I couldn't take anymore. Very excited for Florence tomorrow!
  22. Honestly the yummy mummy picnic brigade at this fest is a nightmare. Only me thinking the gold circle for today's gig is empty at the moment as well.
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