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  1. The fact FKA is playing Porto but not Barca kinda sucks
  2. With any luck the new music will either lead to them extending their setlist or getting rid of a few of the weaker Danger Days tracks. Their reunion setlist was perfect however so I'm going to end up being upset whatever happens. Unless they do what Fall Out Boy did when they returned in '13 and only have the new single and possibly one more included in the set for the actual reunion tour and then properly tour the album next year?
  3. That Wednesday forum line up is looking gorgeous. Will it run like a normal gig, what time of day would be a good guess? It's my first time in Barcelona so I'm sightseeing as well
  4. So is this still a thing. I've never thought of community as hugely well selling and there's like no news at all 5 months away...
  5. I must admit I expected more. I'm not as disappointed as 10 minutes ago but it's gonna take a lot of time to get excited for this
  6. I'm gutted about Thom Yorke and that Saturday does nowt for me. Please be an old poster 😭😭😭
  7. It'd be great if Hildur were to play but I dont have high hopes. A collection of bits from Chernobyl would be a killer addition to the line up. One of the best soundtracks of modern times.
  8. Bikini Kill aren't really a reunion band? They've been back together for a while now. Could it be PULP with 25 years of Different Class?
  9. Can they not just release the line up sans final headliner. Surely its not healthy for sales leaving it this late?
  10. Has there been any more news about Sunday? Is it just a sort of British Summer Time-esque sort of deal with a big name as headliner? Sorry I've been in and out of the loop.
  11. Dang, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for some sort of UK show.
  12. Now time to sell my tickets for Lana in London. So excited!
  13. I think 20th February at 8:20pm. They're really pushing the 2020 thing and it seems odd to take tickets off sale for one day
  14. I'm just gonna dream they'd ever book Stevie Nicks 😭😭😭
  15. Surely Neil Young is the biggest ever headliner?
  16. Even if they do, by the sounds of things it'll deffo be early next year. Which sucks. Fingers crossed though!
  17. This sounds a bit more heavy than a 4 band announcement. Anyone else feeling this vibe or?
  18. Better get on buying my partner tickets to Angel's London show. It's a shame as I imagine her being perfect in the Primavera atmosphere
  19. I'm going with my partner, who'll insist on seeing him ???
  20. This is so harsh. I'm gonna spend the next two days terrified I'm gonna have to watch Damon Albarn. I can deal with snoop and Aphex would make my weekend. Damon however, no thanks.
  21. Has he toured as of recent ??? I'm honestly stumped. It can't be Aphex as he's been around way longer. Snoop Dogg?
  22. Is there any chance Alanis will be there, what with her touring Jagged Little Pill next year?
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