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  1. Neutral venue thing is a sham. Who on earth is going to comgregate outside a ground? Apart from Dominic Cummings. People will be watching the football on TV. Once Liverpool win the league, there might be some that congregate outside Anfield. They could win it without even playing if City get beat off Anrsenal. I would hope the Scousers would not be stupid enough to congregate. Liverpool has been hit hard with the virus. The Althletico match being a contributor towards that. There is absolutely no need for any matches to be played at neutral grounds and it is a bit of a farce to be honest.
  2. Which one mate? There has been a few.
  3. So they can make a few more quid from fining people over the weekend.
  4. No I mean you know fuck all about anything to do with the entire case, nor do you know anything about city's financies. The amount of times I have had to correct your absolute nonsense is astounding. Yet for some reason you still blabber on. You just make stuff up and prattle on without having the foggiest idea what you're talking about. You said City admitted to breaching FFP regulations. I have shown you quite clearly that City have never admitted to breaking FFP regulations. You then suggest that City must have admitted it as they paid a fine. I asked you, does making a payment, make you guilty. I then highlighted the fact that Liverpool made a payment to City for an alleged criminal offence, which is a lot worse than City are alleged to have done. I asked again, does making a payment mean you are guilty, as by your measure then both City and Liverpool are guilty of the alleged offences. Therefore Liverpool should face criminal charges. You being a plastic Scouser means you don't like that and start saying whataboutery. It was a fair point on my part to make. You can't have both ways. Either making payments means you're guilty or it doesn't. Which one is it?
  5. At least we have established you know fuck all. Lets see what happens in June. You not gonna take that bet? £20 to charity that City don't get banned.
  6. Liverpool paid City for allegedly hacking into their systems and stealing information. Now lets be clear here, what Liverpool have allegedly done is illegal, what City have done is not. Should Liverpool be prosecuted in a court of law, seeing as they have oaid City money?
  7. Neil you're talking absolute bollocks and have no idea what on earth you are talking about. At least do some basic reasearch. City did not admit any wrong doing in relation to the alleged breach in 2010 or when ever it was. They said they complied and then UEFA actually changed the rules after City submitted their figures. If you are going to debate, at least have some idea of what you're talking about as you just come across as a know it all, know fuck all. Here is what City said when they were initially punished: The Club can confirm that it has been in discussions with UEFA over the last month - in relation to the application of Financial Fair Play regulations - as has been widely reported and communicated by UEFA. At the heart of those discussions is a fundamental disagreement between the Club’s and UEFA’s respective interpretations of the FFP regulations on players purchased before 2010. The Club believes it has complied with the FFP regulations on this and all other matters. Now here are the facts. You have absolutely no idea about Manchester Cits finances. You have no idea about any of the evidence in this case. You basically know absolutely fuck all. Yet you just post absolute twoddle. You did not even know what CAS did and whether City could continue in their legal process after CAS. You just argue blindly, for the point of arguing. Lets wait and see what happens in June. How are your boys getting on? They still posting record profits and then trying to fuck the British tax payer over?
  8. I have always maintained on here that FFP is a sham. It is there to protect a cartel of clubs at the top of the tree. It is protectionist and anti competitive. Even Arsene Wenger seems to have changed his tune and now agrees with what I have been saying all along. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/arsene-wenger-financial-fair-play-a4446401.html Now United have paid out 811 million pound in interest and finance fees since the Glazers took over. Ironically they are still around 500 million in debt. That 800 million has just disappeared out of football. City's owner has invested money into football and not taken a penny out. Yet for some ridiculous reason, City are seen as the bad boys. You could not make it up. In regards to your first point, I have never said that City have not broken any rules, I have always said that I have not got a clue and neither has anyone else. Neil has been judge, jury and executioner. He seems to think he knows all about City's financial dealings, when he has not got a clue. All he has seen is snippets from emails that were published in a German newspaper. Now City's leading figures are adamant they have done nothing wrong, not broken any rules and have a body of irrefutable evidence that will totally clear any accusation of wrong doing. Since the owners at City took over, they have come good on everything they have said and everything they have promised. Why would I not believe them this time? Now City have maintained that the email parts shown in Der Spiegel were taken out of context. If City were lying about this, do you not think Der Spiegel would have published the full email chain? Now if seems that UEFA don't even have the emails, all they have is the Der Spiegel articles. It seems City have refused to give UEFA the emails and have already made clear their distrust and impartially with the adjudicating bodies within UEFA. You will also see that the UEFA president has tried to distance UEFA from the adjudicating bodies and stated UEFA have no issues with City. City were then given another charge of failing to co-operate with the investigation. It seems City basically said fuck you, we don't trust you, we would rather present our evidence to an impartial body and let them adjudicate on it. The football authorities have a history of being bent and corrupt, Manchester City's ownership don't. Now as I have said all along, I have no idea if City have broken any rules and I am no financial expert. But why on earth would I believe UEFA when City are adamant they have done nothing wrong??
  9. Its all bent as fuck. All this is through United, Liverpool and Arsenal having their noses put out of joint and losing big sums of money. There is nothing fair about FFP and you know that yourself. The whole things a sham. Now FFP is being amended to support the football family due to the coronavirus. If FFP was fit for purpose then football clubs should be able to ride out the pandemic. Ironic that Liverpool and United are most at risk at present and they are the biggest advocates of FFP. Its a cartel and an absolute sham.
  10. Lets wait and see what happens. We having a bet City don't get banned? £20 to charity? City have not said anything, hence the accusation of being uncooperative 🤷‍♂️
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52685442 Exciting. Shame there is no public viewing.
  12. Did the Fall, Happy Mondays and James really get banned from playing again? Did Depeche Mode really turn down the chance to headline because they did not think the rest of the line up was their thing. Did the Stone Roses turn down the opportunity to play, as part of their comeback, due to the money not being worth getting out of bed for?
  13. 8 years ago to the day. Watch it, drink it in 😊
  14. eastynh

    Legend Slot 2021

    I would take Morrissey doing Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, in the rain, with the way things are going.
  15. I hope City would after the way Liverpool have behaved towards them. I had no issue with Liverpool being awarded the league, they have been the best team. Seeing as though Liverpool joined in with the other 7 clubs writing to CAS in trying to maintain the European ban and after the shite they pulled with the furlough, they can fuck right off now. They have not won anything. If Liverpool get awarded the league, do City get awarded the champions league and FA Cup, seeing as we are favourites to win both of them competitions?
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