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  1. eastynh

    Blue Dot Festival

    Day tickets are not on sale yet mate, but there should be some on sale soon. I am not staying on site and will be getting a coach from Manchester in and out every day.
  2. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    I thought they were a couple of leagues below. Are they not in the same league as FC United. It is only a minority share Scholes has and he has no input into the running of the club. I think if there was a conflict, he would sell his shares in Salford City. Even throughout his United playing days, he has never hid his love of Latics. I think that would trump his token investment in Salford City.
  3. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    I thought he had 3 full caps but did not play in a competitive match??
  4. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    What do our Irish posters make of Declan Rice's decision to play for England? Now the lad is English and it is a far better career decision ro play for England rather than ROI. Yet it does not sit right with me that you can play at all youth levels and then senior level for one country, then change your mind and choose to play for another nation. Yes Rice is English, but the way the rules are, he was able to play for ROI. He made his bed, he should have to lay in it imo.
  5. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    City should have had a lot more than 8 last season.
  6. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    No chance is that happening mate. If Salah or Young dive it will be Sterling that gets the blame for it.
  7. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    Spurs took their chances last night and fair play to them as they usually fluff their lines. Not sure I would call Dortmund an elite team as I would fancy City, Liverpool, United and Spurs to beat them quite easily over 2 legs.
  8. eastynh

    2019 Headliners

  9. eastynh

    Other Stage

  10. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    So will United play their best available team against Liverpool next week, or will they rest their better players in the hope that they can turn it round against PSG?
  11. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    Feel dirty here but I hope United stuff Liverpool.
  12. Bluedot looks fantastic.
  13. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    Maybe mate but it was still far better than places like Goodison. At least you could see the pitch. The actual stands at Maine Road were actually fine. It just looked like a patch work quilt and was not very pleasing on the eye
  14. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    Where was you sat mate. I usually sit in the upper Bullens. This time I was in the middle bit. Never ever again. Even if I wanted a pie, it was impossible to get to the concourse or the loo due to the mass of peoole. The whole stadium is a shithole.
  15. eastynh

    Football 18/19

    I would not swap the Etihad to go back to Maine Rd regardless of its character.