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  1. United are pretty much paying for our purchase of Ferran Torres, due to the 15% sell on clause we have on Sanchez. In respect to Greenwood, he looks far more naturally talented than either Rashford or Martial. That capability of left foot or right foot, makes him unpredictable. Plus he strikes the ball beautifully. I can see Greenwood being the no 9 predominantly. They will all be rotated and get plenty of game time between them. United look well set in the forward positions but the defence and goalkeeper need adressing. Seeing as they have just had to borrow another 140 million, that is not lioking likely this window, unless they sell.
  2. Regardless of piracy issues or human rights abuses, if the Saudis wanted to buy United, then the deal would have sailed through without any issues. United and Liverpool get preferential treatment. They were the only clubs that got to vet the new Premier League chairman. That should have alarm bells ringing. This time last year there was also a Premier League FFP rule change. Teams could only increase the amount they paid players in accordance to how much they increased comnercial income. In order to buy players last pre season, this rule was conveniently scrapped, to benefit United, as they would have failed. United take money from a plethora of dubious regimes, Liverpool take it from money launderers, yet this is ok and acceptable. It has been enlightening watching the penny drop with the Newcastle fans. The ironic thing is that these clubs who have blocked the Newcastle takeover are not bothered about Newcastle being a threat on the pitch, they are arsed about them possibly infringing on their profit margins. They would happily let Newcastle win the league every year, as long as it did not diminish their returns.
  3. United have been taking Saudi money for years. This is just one agreement https://www.manutd.com/en/partners/media/stc#
  4. From the outside looking in, Moyes seems to have done ok since he returned. For all sound bytes that get spoken about Howe, I have not actually seen anything to suggest that he is a better manager than Moyes.
  5. You tell me what City have done wrong.
  6. City have not got any fans.
  7. I feel for the fans. Ashley is a horrible bastard and no one deserves having him at the helm. Yet, I had to laugh. Newcastle joined up with 8 other Premier League clubs, to write to CAS, to try and persuade CAS not to delay our Champions League ban till our hearing was heard. All the time, some of the clubs Newcastle were conspiring with, were going behind their back, to screw them over. As for it being bent, I have been saying that for ages. I am all for Newcastle getting taken over by rich investors. It increases competition. Unfortunately for Newcastle, they will find there is a cartel of clubs who will try and cut them off at knee, at every stage. Then you have the joke that is FFP, which is designed to keep everyone in their place. I think there are a few Newcastle fans who have had their eyes opened recently.
  8. The consensus is that Stones and Otamendi are on their way, with Ake and hopefully Koulibaly coming in. Not sure Ake will be first choice really, although he can cover left back.
  9. I have seen as many relegation battles as top 4 finishes, this has been a good season. We have played stunningly beautiful football. There is more to football than winning trophies.
  10. How have the City players held the club back this season? 2nd in the league and scoring hundred goals, league cup winners, FA cup semi finalists and still in the Champions League. Thats a pretty successful season from where I am looking.
  11. But the owner of Etihad was not Citys owner. The sad part about this Neil is that due to your hatred of either City or its owners, you are looking for technicalities that do not exist, to try and validate your position. You totally ignore that a newspaper has doctored illegaly obtained emails to try and damage an English football club. For one of the time barred barred accusations, UEFA tried to use an email that was sent 2 years before FFP even existed, but had the date redacted by Der Spiegel. Now with Sheikh Mansour providing a written statement, UEFA had the chance to challenge at CAS. When they were asked directly by the adjudicators whether they believed Sheikh Mansour was lying in his statement, they said no. CAS also said that if City had given the evidence that they supplied to CAS, to UEFA, that they would have been found not guilty in the first place. UEFA had absolutely no evidence to back up their charges and CAS explicitly mention this at least 12 times. Now at the end of the day you are not going to change your tune. City did not get off on any technicality and UEFA are looking a joke operation this morning. City will play in next years champions league and no one will hold us back now.
  12. CAS sides with City. I read the full 93 pages last night. City took full audited accounts, a written statement from Sheikh Mansour, personel appearances from 2 high ranking company executives. UEFA had screenshots of 7 stolen emails, with a number of them altered and one from before FFP even existed. That is all they had, they did not even have the original emails. No wonder Der Spiegel refused to give them to UEFA as they had messed with them. In relation to FFP breaches, City were totally exonerated. Shall we draw a line under it now? You are never going to change your tune even though you have continually shown to be wrong. I suppose when you have a dug a hole that big, it is easier to keep on digging, rather than try to climb out
  13. I wiĺ say this. All UEFA had were 7 emails. One of them was from 2 years before FFP even existed and had the date removed from Der Spiegel. One of the emails was actually 2 merged together and some of others had been doctored. UEFA's whole case was brought on the basis stolen and doctored emails. That is clear to see from the report. Yes CAS do say that UEFA had the right to bring charges after what appeared in Der Spiegel. They also say that if City had given the original emails to UEFA, then City would have been found not guilty. UEFA tried to ruin a football club on the basis of news reports from a newspaper that had already admitted making things up. Now we find out they had doctored the emails. The CAS report also states that the HH in the emails is not Sheikh Mansour, which I had already told you. Sheikh Mansour provided evidence to CAS. When asked directly at the hearing if they were calling Sheikh Mansour a liar, UEFA said no, someone might have paid the money out of his bank account without him knowing. That is how utterly ridiculous it all is. Neil you are not going to change your mind. You like a lot of idiots had decided City were guilty and you are determined to find them guilty no matter what. The CAS report is damning in resoect to City not co-operating. Yet it totally clears City of any financial impropriety. The report makes UEFA look like idiots.
  14. The Cas report is out. City did not disguise equity as as sponsorship from Etihad and Etihad fully complied with the conditions of their contract. Not read the full report and skinmed over the Etisalat accusation being time barred. CAS just threw it out inmediately and did nit even ask City to defend themselves. Now seeing City have been vindicated in the main Etihad accusation, the Etisalat one is probably a load of bollocks as well. We will never know as UEFA could not even be arsed following their own rules. Quite ironic that UEFA accused City of breaking the rules, when ut was in fact themselves who did not follow them. You can save you apology Neil, you have made yourself look a big enough fool as it is over the last 7 months. I will shut up about it now and look forward to Champions League football.
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