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  1. eastynh

    Mad Cool 2018

    Anyone had any issues activating their wrist band? One of the ladies in our group is having some issues and it does not seem to be working.
  2. eastynh

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Well I am off to Turin at the weekend to see New Order.
  3. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    Viva Ronaldo
  4. eastynh

    2018 New Music

    Shadow Party https://youtu.be/UbUP8U_WPRA
  5. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    Just seen a video. It is absolutely disgusting and I can no longer take the moral high ground.
  6. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    Opposing team coach?
  7. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    The world is 3çfull of idiots. Bit different though considering the Wigan fans ran on the pitch then started throwing things at the City fans first. That is a world away from a planned and pre-meditated assault. I was sooooooo disappointed after the match on Wednesday that I had no interest in tomorrows game. No it is upon us, the juices are starting to flow. Shame I will be in work for it but nothing I can do about that.
  8. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    The Scousers did exactly the same in 2014. This is nothing new them behaving like thugs. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/premier-league/10764428/Manchester-City-fans-shocked-and-shaken-after-alleged-attack-by-Liverpool-supporters.html
  9. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    Well you don't love winning trophies anyone, it would be cruel of me to begrudge you a day in the sun.
  10. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    Maine Road was very nasty and an intimidating place. Thankfully Manchester City and most of the footballing world has moved on since then.
  11. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    It would have been a shot on target but the linesman wrongly gave it as offside. It was also a nailed on penalty when Raheem got brought down. That's 3 wrong decisions, not one and if just one of them was correctly given then it gives an entirely different complexion to the tie. Love Scousers telling us not to blame the officials. Bit ironic considering the fuckers did not shut up about Mane's red card for 6 months, even though it was the correct decision. Roll on Tuesday. City have come back from far worse positions than this. Liverpool are bottlers, let's hope they slip again.
  12. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    Its not ovet yet.
  13. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    They can fuck off as well. They all knew exactly what was going to happen. Its their competition, they are ultimately responsible. Liverpool even had a prepared statement that they released immediately after it. The reason we lost was due to a combination of us bottling it, poor tactics from pep and Liverpool blitzing us. Then there is the officials whos incompetence has really cost us. We rightly deserved to lose yesterday but not by 3 to nothing. As for the fans, it is no shock that they are hated by everyone.
  14. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    What I said is a valid point. Liverpool fans more than any other set of fans should know that behaviour like last night is unacceptable considering everything they have been through. It is not a difficult thing to comprehend. That could have very easily got out of hand yesterday. 2 coppers are already injured. You can call me low all you like, but I have never booted a wall down and killed opposition fans, I have never supported a racist and racism and I have never smashed a coach window by throwing bottles at it or injured a copper in the process. Guess what? Liverpool fans have. If I am low then what are Liverpool fans? I think vile is a fair assessment.
  15. eastynh

    Football 17/18

    No one mentioned Hillsborough in a derogatory, antagonistic or offensive way. Liverpool fans have seen first hand what happens when things go wrong at football matches. You would think the fuckers would behave, but no, they just can't help themselves.