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  1. Has anyone got any new electro pop for my to listen to?
  2. I don't find you dull at all mate. You are wasted on the lower tables 🙂
  3. Burnley to be bought out https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11708/12117733/burnley-on-verge-of-200m-takeover-by-egyptian-businessman-mohamed-el-kashashy
  4. I have just gone back, doing a masters in renewable energy. It is fair to say I am a little concerned at present. I may just take one unit in the second semester, then I will only have one exam to do next summer. The way my luck has gone over the last few years, I should put money on any exam being the Friday of Glasto. I suppose Loughborough is on the way from Manchester to Glastonbury.
  5. Is anyone in favour of this super league shite?
  6. That would financially cripple them. After United, they have the biggest financial liabilities in the country, at over 1 billion. No European football for them and then a reduced TV deal for the Premier League would see them screwed. The Premier League would end up the poor cousin. The top teams would be playing their 2nd teams in the Premier League and saving their best players for this super league.
  7. I reckon City are up to their necks in this one. By all accounts City are quite close to FIFA and Infantino. There were rumours a while back that City were more interested in FIFA'S world league plans than they were with UEFA'S plans. Wonder if this will have UEFA backing? Reports are suggesting that only 5 of the big 6 will be going into it. Which team is to miss out?
  8. Thats very uncharacteristic behaviour from Liverpool fans, I am shocked.
  9. Has anyone paid for, or know of anyone who has paid to one watch one of these matches yet?
  10. It was a bad tackle and Pickford was very lucky to stay on the pitch. But it was just a mistimed tackle, he did not go out to purposely hurt Van Dijk. The ref and VAR decided it did not warrant further action. You can't go back and re-ref every decision. Where do you stop? Van Dijk performed a tackle equally as bad on Insigne in the Champions League and he has never penalised. I don't remember Liverpool fans being up in arms because Van Dijk was not sent off then. It was a bad tackle though and imo Pickford should have been off. Edit - the VVD tackle was on Mertens
  11. City lose Laporte for all last season. Losing your key defender makes a massive difference to the team. You would say KDB is Citys best player, yet City broke all records the season he was injured. Not replacing Kompany was a massive mistake as all it took was the injury to Laporte, then we were goosed. I reckon Liverpool will have similar problems to what we had last season. Those one nil wins will become 2-1 defeats.
  12. Bury and Macclesfield maybe? Oh I forgot FFP saved them.
  13. Its not gonna make Citys owners any richer at the expense of anyone else. Soriano was asked in an interview about it. He comes from Spain where such a system is used. He is therfore in favour of something like that. He did not spend 3 years coming up with a plan, then dropped it on the country by trying to bribe the lower leagues in their time of need, during a global pandemic. Absolute world of difference between bith situations. One was looking at how to improve reserve level football, the other was taking advantage of a global pandemic just to line their pockets and to solidify their p
  14. Not conveniently forgot. There is a world of difference between wanting to put b teams in the lower leagues in comparison to fucking over the whole structure, just to further your own selfish ambitions. Feel sorry for VVD as you don't want to see any player suffer a serious injury. You want to see the best players on the pitch. Be interesting to see how Liverpool get on now without him. In all truthfulness, Liverpool have been pretty poor for a while. Last few weeks before lockdown, they were not great. VVD was a big reason Liverpool scraped victories out of matches where they were not gr
  15. At least Everton did not try to fuck over every other club in the premier league like your lot did this week.
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