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  1. City to win the league.
  2. eastynh

    Nine Inch Nails

    Not the biggest NIN fan, but I really enjoyed last night. Great venue for a gig.
  3. eastynh

    2023 Headliners

    Liam to headline the Pyramid
  4. eastynh

    Car Park

    Thank you to the pair of you. My plan is to park up, then go and meet my friends in the camper van field. I am staying in a trailer tent with them. Following day, I wl get sorted then drive home (I only life a couple of miles away from the festival) and got more stuff. I plan to go home every couple of days to get more beer, clothes and have a bath.
  5. eastynh

    Car Park

    Anyone know what day and time they open?
  6. I would have given it Vieira.
  7. How did Klopp win Premier League manager of the year? He did not once win a manager of the month award, his team finished 2nd and failed to beat any of the other top 4. Not quite sure how that works.
  8. RIP Fletch, the glue that stuck the band together. More than any other artist, they are the band that have accompanied me through my life, from being a 12/13 year old boy. They are not just the band from my youth, but one who have lived with me through what seems like my entire life. It would be weird for them to carry on now. 60 is absolutely no age at all.
  9. I think Leeds will be the team to go.
  10. No one should ever want a United win. I shall be watching the match in a pub in Somerset. Should be interesting.
  11. It's been bent towards United and Liverpool for years. It was worse years ago, than it is now.
  12. He's always been decidedly average, just hyped up because he plays for United. He's a modern day Darren Huckerby, a speedboat without a driver.
  13. Tevez, De Jong, Barry and Bellamy would have you easily fighting for Europe.
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