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  1. eastynh

    The Rock Slot

    I am not really a rock fan. I got into NIN via a friend and after watching them at Mad Cool. They have obvious similarities to the synth bands I love. I would love them to be on at the G as they blew me away when I seen them.
  2. All roads in this City lead back to Kraftwerk. Top tune though Yog, one of my all time faves.
  3. I don't know. It is a pound deposit for each cup as well apparently.
  4. I assume you can load on the band while there? I don't want to put money on for t shirts and then they all end up being crap.
  5. Is the merch stall also cashless?
  6. I did not think you were pressurising me to drink mate. I managed to get through Glastonbury without relenting to peer pressure so I will be fine anyway. Not been to Bluedot before but I went to a few of the Transmission gigs at JB. The last New Order gig there is one of my fave ever gigs. I am really looking forward to it now.
  7. eastynh

    The Rock Slot

    I would rather have Nine Inch Nails. No way should MM be allowed to play Personal Jesus on the Pyramid before Depeche Mode get the opportunity.
  8. I had no choice as the lad I work with was booking tickets for the euro's. Can only have one of us off at the same time. Hes not going to an euro matches while Glastonbury is on now even if he wanted to. Whether I am at Glastonbury or not is another matter 🤷‍♂️
  9. eastynh

    The Rock Slot

    Rammstein active in Uk around Glasto.
  10. More appealing to me that normal. Need to go Aphex Twin just to overcome my phobia of him 🙈😂 Underworld is a deffo though. Would go the Hacienda one but it will be rammed with pond life. 99% of the people in attendance will have no idea who A Certain Ratio are.
  11. Thank you so much. No alcohol for me on the first 2 days at all. Unfortunately my body just can't take it any more. Looking forward to seeing things clearly this time. Will have a few beers on the Sunday. Got a lot of pals coming for New Order so will indulge a little then.
  12. How far away is the weeekend camping car park from the site? There is no way I can camp any more due to health issues. With me living in Manchester, I have decided to drive on the Friday & Saturday and not have a drink those days. I plan to drive home after Hot Chip and Kraftwerk. I have paid for weekend parking. Will they pull their faces at me leaving the car park and coming back the next day? On the Sunday I am going to have a drink so have paid for a coach from Manchester.
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