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  1. It was longer than your spell as champions.
  2. On a night where your own team has crashed out of Europe and your own fans have reaffirmed why they are the most despised in world football, why you having a pop at other teams?
  3. He should have gone on loan ☺️
  4. There are a few categories where I would like to have you heading the list 😄 Edit - I thought you were Neil 🤦‍♂️
  5. Not on it at all yesterday. Not sure what's up with Raheem. Seems a shadow of the player who we have seen over the last few years. Fair play to Leeds. I like a team who grinds out a result when down to 10 men.
  6. Do you not think the slaves have enough on their mind, without worrying that there might be new slaves after their jobs?
  7. Make the slaves work harder then.
  8. I would rather we played PSG.
  9. No pride in City getting that decision. It was poor from Ederson and he got extremely lucky. Ref was abysmal.
  10. You were posting tables with United at the top 3 months ago.
  11. I'll call it now, I think City will win the league.
  12. What time do the adults take the devices off you?
  13. Maybe not, but the majority of his career there was.
  14. City definitely wanted Silva and Kompany to stay another year, both chose to leave. No idea what has gone on with Sergio. There were reports City had offered Sergio a deal, but could not promise playing time as a new striker is coming in. Pep then said in his press conference yesterday that we can not afford a new striker. Whether he is playing games, I do not know. I get the impression that Pep is least worried about replacing Sergio, in comparison to the other two.
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