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  1. eastynh

    2020 headliners

    I was really looking forward to them mate. Would not say I was disappointed but they were very flat. The crowd were appreciative rather than rawkus. An early evening set, sat in the sun with a few beers would have been perfect. Not really what I am after as a main stage Saturday night headliner. Their music is timeless and influence will continue for the forseeable. As a live act though, its just not very exciting.
  2. eastynh

    2020 headliners

    I have been a Kraftwerk fan along time. Got to see them at Bluedot this year, for the first time. They were exceptionally dull and would die on their arses if they headlined the Pyramid. Yes their legacy and influence is unmatched but as a live act, they were boring. Hot Chip and New Order were far, far, far better than Kraftwerk were.
  3. eastynh

    2020 headliners

    They are boring as fcuk live.
  4. Lets agree to disagree. City had more of the ball and created more chances. In a game like that when 2 good teams match up, it is the small margins that allow a team to come out on top. Liverpool were clinical, I did not think they were very good though.
  5. Could they headline West Holts? They were huge when I was in my teens. No Idea on their appeal these days. Would not mind watching them though, for old times sakes.
  6. Regardless of dodgy decisions, City still should have taken something from the game. They only have themselves to look at in that regard. You can't blame the ref when you have missed chances.
  7. The rules of football have never ever been that if you attenpt to block the ball with your feet, then it deflects off your feet and accidentaly hits your hand, then its a penalty.
  8. TAA arm was in an unnatural position. Every single pundit on Sky said it was a penalty. Every single one on Bein said it was a penalty.
  9. Bollocks, it was clearly and obviously hand ball on Sunday where as the Richards one was never hand ball in a million years. Both decisions went in Liverpools favour. Thats not the reason we lost the match anyway. We lost the match due to not taking our chances. We had more than enough of the chances to take something from the game. We played well and looked a good team who play good football.
  10. Neil it was a clear hand ball. Do you honestly think that would not have been given if it was the other way round? Its been and gone now, we just have to lick our wounds. I still think City will win the league, we just need to hang onto Liverpools coat tails till all our players get back from injury.
  11. Well if the ref played advantage then it should have been a penalty for City. it was clearly hand ball.
  12. Sorry for the late reply fellas. Had some bad news last Wednesday and it shook me up a little. In regards to the match I thought City played well. City did not take their chances and Liverpool were ruthless with theirs. Its fine margins at the top level and it is critical you take your chances. In regards to the none penalty, it should have been a free kick to Liverpool. Liverpools goal should have been disallowed and it taken back for an accidental handball against Bernardo. We had a goal ruled out for far less of a handball when it glanced off Laportes hand against Spuds. At the end of the day, City played well and fought till the end. What more can you ask for really? @eFestivals City have always got the the semis of the champions league.
  13. Can't afford it mate unfortunately. I am planning to go over the following year for the Ashes (Bucket list thing). Whisper it quietly but I am all New Ordered out at present. Went to Berlin a few weeks ago to watch them and thought this is just getting ridiculous now. I am going the Dam to watch Hot Chip in a few weeks. I have decided that 2020 will be a year without any New Order, Depeche Mode or Hot Chip. Been listening to lots of newish electro pop and would like to show some of those acts a little love next year. Little Boots will be my guilty pleasure hopefully. Shes only doing one UK gig in London this year and I can't get to it 😢
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