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  1. So why do the Glazers get so much abuse? United spend more money than practically anyone else and they don't meddle in the football side of things. Yet they seem to be a target for constant abuse.
  2. I was talking about the irony of United breaking the world record fee for a defender by buying Maguire, when they originally had Johnny Evans, who is arguably the better player. It had nothing to do with City or Pep what so ever. If we are getting onto spending, no one in world football has spent as much money as United since Ferguson retired. In that time they have 0 titles. United fans should look a little closer to home before criticising anyone elses spending as they spunk more cash than anyone else.
  3. What has Peps spending got to do with anything I posted?
  4. Since when did the table after 15 games matter? Chelsea and Arsenal will both finish higher than their current positions. United were top of their Champions League group half way through it, remind me how that one worked out? Brown, Fletcher and O'Shea were better than what they have in their first team now. So is Johnny Evans. Quite ironic how he has ended up at Leicester while United spent a world record fee on his defensive partner
  5. I would rather contribute your cash to efests, saves me buying more cups.
  6. Lets see where we are at the the end of the season. You fancy a friendly little wager on who finishes higher out of City and United? £20 to e fests funds?
  7. They had quality players under Ferguson, some real quality. How many of the current squad would get in their first team? They had Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo, with Ferdinand and Vidic centre half.
  8. Chelsea, Arsenal, drawn against Liverpool when we really should have beat them, drawn against you lot when we really should have beaten you (we have since played you off the park in another big game where you crumbled). We got beat against Leicester after playing them off the pitch with no fit centre backs or forwards, we got Mourihnoed off Spurs in another game we should have won. We have lost 2 games in all co.ps this season and come the end of it you will be well below us. Enjoy your few days at the top. Its funny to see you morphing into Southampton.
  9. You only have to watch them play to see they will not be contenders. Can't beat the big teams, got an awful defence, play terrible football, relying on deflected goals and penalties to win matches. They have all the big teams away in 2nd half of season and have to balance that with Europa League. Every time it comes to the crunch they get beat. They were high fiving themselves for being top of their Champions League group half way through, how did that work out for them?
  10. There are 23 games to go. Southampton were buzzing when they were top of the league a few weeks ago, is that now United's level?
  11. How can you moan about easy draws when you have got United?
  12. Neil can you define what in your opinion actually nesessitates good and attractive football?
  13. Did I actually miss something @thetime? Did United do something for Colin Bell?
  14. @thetime why would you down vote that comment? Do you want some kind of award for your players standing round a centre circle and keeping their mouths shut? Do you remember the 50th anniversary of munich? You were playing City and for 2 weeks prior to the match, all City got was abuse from the media, ex players and the manager of your club about how we would misbehave and show no respect. We got dogs abuse and had not done a thing wrong. Come the day of the match is was United fans who could not behave and could not take defeat. For the minutes silence, the City fans were impeccable.
  15. So they should, it's common human decency.
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