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  1. brendan84

    The Verve 2008

    Was a great gig, is it on the iplayer coverage?
  2. Booked for ally pally, good to get a gig booked 3 times at glasto last year!
  3. brendan84

    The Strokes?

    No luck for me at 10am and 1pm 😞
  4. Might pop along if nothing else takes my fancy. saw him 2004 so already seen him headline it, depends if anyone decent I like on elsewhere
  5. Been to every glastonbury since 2004 apart from 2016 2 good mates came 2007 with me, never went back! Never stopped raining, one of the worst I've been at for weather.
  6. Cheap tickets...worth the moth club for the indie disco anyway!!
  7. brendan84

    Kate Tempest

    Was a great gig, in my top 5 of weekend, booked tickets to hammersmith Apollo since. Sorry not got a recording, don't know how to do it....
  8. A remember a strange tony from years ago, northener wearing a high viz jacket?
  9. The cure, went thinking I'd be bored as fuck, but wanted to see with most of our gang as one of those never see at glasto again, never pay again big band. In the end amazing great performance great band , sound so clear and amazing.
  10. Chemical brothers The cure Fontaines dc Jon hopkins, kate tempest as well
  11. 3 times Park friday, leftfield and rabbit hole Sunday night 3am Last act and great way to end the festival. Definitely the band of the weekend. Surprised they weren't on John Peel to begin with but a great replacement Met the lead singer in John Peel in the crowd watching Goat Girl before their gig with the singer from Shame!
  12. brendan84

    Flops 2019

    Billy eilish one for me, just dull and sound was really low. Left halfway in to see vampire weekend.
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