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  1. Do you think Pep will refuse to play a tune for him?
  2. Chelsea and United serve up a load of dross.
  3. Its the mythical United way that holds United back. There is no such thing, its the Alex Ferguson way. Problem is, that way is 20 years past its sell by date.
  4. City are so good. It's beautiful to watch.
  5. It's done by hacking into City's systems.
  6. I have no idea how old you are mate, so do not know whether you have ever stood on the terraces. But, I had some of the best days of my life stood on the Kippax. The atmosphere is far better stood up. At 42, I want to sit down and watch the match now. If I was in my teens, 20's or 30's, I would have no hesitation in standing up.
  7. I enjoyed it on the Kippax as a kid. I hate going to away games now and you have no choice but to stand. I don't want to stand all game anymore, but have no reservations regarding others wanting to. The current situation of people standing in seated areas is not safe. Thankfully common sense will allow those who want to stand, to stand.
  8. United will get deperate and offer stupid money for Rice.
  9. Should have got something from the match, even down to 10 men. Laporte horror show though.
  10. Not much to say about City's defeat. Laporte had a nightmare but City played well and were still the better team with ten men. Shit happens 🤷‍♂️
  11. Thats fair enough. But, it is a stretch to suggest Manchester City are complicit in any of this. It stinks of opportunitism. I would want Bennell beat within an inch of his life, every single day if his life. I would be trying to leech money out of a footba club.
  12. I don't know enough about the case. As far as I am aware, justice has been served and the dirty bastard has been locked up. Now it seens the victims are trying to screw some cash out if a football club.
  13. By settling, are you not accepting some kind of guilt. City should fight it all the way, if they have not done anything wrong.
  14. What? The Manc team that wins most of the trophies, breaks all the records and plays the best football. You mean the Manc team that will be spoken about as being one of the greatest ever English teams, in decades to come? You mean that Manc team?? For reference, the is only one Manc team.
  15. What Bennell did was absolutely dusgusting. But, I am not sure why City should be held liable for what he did. Bennell was not employed by City in any capacity when the boys were abused. Its different owners and totally different staff from top to bottom.
  16. You were crap, got bailed out by Salah and should have been down to 10 men. You did not deserve anything out of that match. For all the hullabaloo regarding Liverpool at the minute, when they came up against City and Chelsea, they looked decidedly 2nd best and that was at home. Come the end of the season, I would expect Liverpool to be below both City and Chelsea.
  17. I don't know about that. Liverpool scored first against us and did not win. We played Liverpool off the park and they were flukey as fuck.
  18. It will be nothing like yesterday against City. You will play 10 men behind the ball, boot it down the channels and hope your speedboats can get on the ball. I expect a tough game against United.
  19. I watched a bit of La Liga, not as much as I would like, but still enough to see him make copious mistakes. He had 2 stinkers against City. He was uttetly terrible in 2 matches. Madrid did not let him go because they are in dire financial trouble at all. They just offered over 150 million Mbappe. You don't let world class centre backs go for 35 million, when they are 28 years of age. They let him go because hes not actually been any good and was surplus to requirements.
  20. Have you actually seen Varane play well recently? I seen him be absolutely useless against City in 2 matches. He was as embarrassing as Maguire currently is. If he was any good Madrid would not have let him go. Pogba is also a world cup winner, he is also crap.
  21. They're nowhere near as great as you think they are.
  22. Ole getting lots of stick as he is clearly not up to the job. He never has been and never will be. What is not helping him though is how over rated the United players are. They have 4 players who have actually achieved anything in their career. Now Ronaldo will score goals anywhere, but his presence is to the detriment of the team, he actually hinders United. Varane had been finished for ages and had been terrible for Madrid. Pogba is just terrible, the biggest waste of money in Premier League history. Fair play to De Gea, he actually looks to have some confidence back, although he still has magnets in his boots. The rest of them have never achieved anything worthy of the ridiculous fees that were paid for them. Bruno is a flat track bully. Yet again yesterday he did nothing apart from meandering round the pitch, with a face like a slapped arse. Apparently Uniteds squad is apparently really good on paper. It is just a shame football is played on grass.
  23. Ashley is gone, Bruce has gone. Why on earth are the Newcastle fans still moaning?
  24. Would the Newcastle fans wecome Solskjaer as manager?
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