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  1. I am no fan of Pickford as keeper. Need to be realistic though, hes not getting dropped.
  2. I am trying to think of occasions where the most natural leader in the team did not get rhe captaincy. Maybe Shane Warne in cricket? Generally your best leader is your captain and the best captains do make a difference. 2 biggest I can think of at City are Andy Morrison and Vincent Kompany. Both made a massive difference to the club when given the captaincy.
  3. Not sure that's right really. The whole squad took on a whole new dimension after Tevez started being a knob and Vincent got the armband. It gave him a lot more gravitas, not just on the field, but off it as well. It was the making of him.
  4. I think it does make a difference. The loss of Kompany has been astronomical for City. Although not important like in cricket, a good captain and leader still counts for a lot of the football field. You felt safe with Kompany leading the team out.
  5. England have had a lot better teams. You only have to go back 20/25 YEARS, Steve Bruce never got a cap and Le Tissier only got 8. Le Tissier was easily better than any player in this England squad and Bruce was head and shoulders above any cb we currently have. I don't think the standard of International football is that great at the minute. Not sure whether it is still the case, but Belgium were the NO 1 ranked team in the world. They would be fighting for Europa League if they were a Premier League team imo.
  6. If United do it then England need to do the total opposite.
  7. It is ridiculous to think he is only 20. He is absolutely rapid as well, people don't appreciate how fast he is. @eFestivals Neil where do you stand on Foden now? How do you assess his current situation in regards to playing time at City and the England squad/team? He is still not a regular for City (he should be now imo as he has looked City's most dynamic player this season) Also what do people think England's attack and midfield should be? 5 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders is a joke. With the amount of attacking talent England have, it is absolutely shambolic England
  8. Phil Foden is class. Been saying it for years and it's nice to see him do it for the full England team. He has got skills no other England player possesses. Southgate needs to find a way of getting Grealish and Foden in the same team.
  9. Ferran Torres looks an absolute steal at 20 million.
  10. Yes mate, I have a card and a radar key. The card is useless as establishments often refuse. It is good for using the disabled loos at gigs though.
  11. I can't leave home without a loo roll due to my Crohns and have had to become one with nature plenty of times.
  12. Tony Coton never got a full England cap and he was light year ahead of Pickford.
  13. Last night we had a rb and cm playing in a back 3. We then had 2 defensive midfielders. That is 7 defensively minded players on the pitch, with a number of those playing out of position. Then we had Kane and Grealish trying to take on Belgium on their own. Mason Mount offers absolutely nothing. With for formation we played, we were just inviting pressure onto us. Belgium played that match in 5th gear. We have absolutely zero creativity in the middle of the park. There was no one to gather the ball, turn and then play a defence splitting ball. The only way we were ever going t
  14. I love James, but the Mondays will blow them off the stage every night. Mondays will come out and play all the bangers while James will play the B side off Hymn From a Village.
  15. Some teams blast their way to the title. It did not matter if they conceded 2 goals at home to stoke as they had scored 7 in reply. It did not matter that they lost a 2 goal half time lead to United, and ultimately lost 3-2. I don't think instances like that will be acceptable this season. I know there has been a few freak results so far this season, but once injuries and fatigue set in, it is going to turn into a grind. Imo it will be a case of consistently beating the lower teams, there can be no slip up. Then do not allow the top teams to get away from you. Things seem to be a lot clos
  16. No, not a season ticket holder. I do 4 on/4 off at work so it is pointless as I would miss half the matches. I just go home or away if I am off work. If its a big match or a good away tip, I will book the time off. I get to between 20-30 matches a season. My brother in law and nephew are season ticket holders. He got reimbursed about £250 for last season and they have not started taking payments for this season at all yet.
  17. The lack of crowds does not bother me, I am a City fan remember 😉🤣
  18. I don't think it will be a 90+ points tally to win the lague this seasoon, I reckon more like 85. Defence is key this year and not letting your competitors get away. Think there will ne more draws between the top 6 this year. Both City and Liverpool seemed to settle for the draw with 15 minutes to go. There will be no blowing the league awaythis year. Consistency and defence will be the key facets. Mot losing to your rivals will be so important this year.
  19. I'll have you a bet that City finish above them, to the charity of your choice.
  20. They must have some redeeming qualities??
  21. Can you test positive for diving?
  22. What happened to Ireland? Thats the first time I have seen England beat ROI. Now I know they have not played that often, even so ROI used to challenge most teams at international level, never mind England. They were light years behind Englands b team last night and it was sad to see.
  23. Stick to your human rights crusade, your knowledge about football is not really up to scratch.
  24. I said before the match that I fancied a draw. Liverpools defence is weaker but Citys attack is less potent. Liverpools attack has improved but Citys defence is a lot stronger, so I thought they would cancel each other out. Liverpool huffed and puffed for 20 minutes. Citys defence looked like they had everything under control though. Could not argue with the penalty even though Mane made the most of it. City got to grips with Liverpools formation by moving Gundogan deeper. Liverpool were doubling up on Rodrigo and stopping him distributing the ball. Moving Gundogan deeper gave
  25. It was utterly ridiculous. That was never offside.
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