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  1. jyoung

    2020 New Music

    Give the people what they want, maaaaaaan.
  2. jyoung

    2020 New Music

    That new Jessie Ware record is an absolute banger! What a dark horse. Certainly wasn't expecting the disco vibes. It felt like a Robyn record at times. One of my faves so far this year. New Kanye track slaps as well. Dying to hear it in the context of a record. Hope he works some more with Dre and we get a decent LP asap.
  3. I completely agree, there is a refusal to even acknowledge it let alone celebrate its success and quite frankly that is a bias rooted in prejudice. I am with you on this.
  4. Of course it would. Can't blame him tbf. If You're Reading This It's Too Late is up there with the best stuff he's put out imo and you're only ever gonna get one or two from that as well.
  5. If Drake rocks up and plays Take Care in full I'm there losing my shit. Ps. Suggesting he would sub or play third from the top is wildly ignorant to the point of choice but we can point that out without making certain accusations.
  6. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    It was a clear pen. Mane goes down like a sack of potatoes every week for far less.
  7. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    My thoughts are he's getting more game time and he's more than proving himself, 100%. Hadn't seen enough of him before but on current form the kid looks like a real talent no doubt about it. If the Euros were next month, for me he's on the plane.
  8. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    Keep the faith @WestCountryGirl!!!
  9. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    You mean... It's coming home?
  10. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    I am backing an Atlético Madrid / Wolves double in the CL / Europa.
  11. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    I do worry about United now as I don't expect us to beat Liverpool and it's also likely that we will drop more points somewhere else as well. I'm just hoping United's good form grinds to a halt, though their fixtures are favourable.
  12. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    Bad result for Chelsea last night, should have been capitalising on Leiciester dropping points. Only two points above United now and with Liverpool and Wolves in our final two fixtures we will need Leicester to keep dropping points at this rate.
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