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  1. Buck is such a twat FFS.
  2. I don't think Sky Bet is owned by Sky anymore mate.
  3. Havertz wasn't a red for me. Chalobah was a definite pen though.
  4. Of course you won't find sensibility on football Twitter but anybody with half a brain should be able to see the bigger picture...
  5. You could make that argument yeah. Though all I'm saying is I have empathy on a human level for people who lose their jobs at a time when the cost of living is at crisis levels.
  6. Chelsea fans have been complicit in it for years as have the Premier League, the FA and the UK Gov. You can't revel in the glory and then cry over the current situation. The success of the club was built on Roman's money and it's the same money that has been used to support the invasion of Ukraine. No reason for there to be any sympathy for the fans at all. The only sympathy should be for staff who have apparently already been partially laid off according to Pat Nevin. That said, there are bigger fucking fish to fry.
  7. This is a particularly interesting take. I wonder if the gov would let it get to that stage? I have no idea and I don't think anyone else does really either.
  8. Liverpool City Council is fucking dog shit!!!
  9. Sorry mate I forgot to say, I managed to cop one off a friend! Buzzing for the gig.
  10. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    Not that deep either way. He's just doing that dumb thing people do where they talk loudly about something they know nothing about. I'm sure he knows that if you're gonna give it out you are gonna get it back. I reckon he can handle some memes and piss taking on Twitter too let's be real.
  11. It's also closing down next week.
  12. Goes under the radar bcos St Johns is rank.
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