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  1. jyoung

    Football 19/20

    Feel sorry for you lads.
  2. The Daughter, Twilight Sad and Manchester Orchestra tracks are totally and utterly moving.
  3. jyoung

    Bon Iver 2020

    Actually, I think it was only fans of The National who were bewildered by the run of unreleased material. Those who didn't know anything (and there were many) knew better. In fact I've heard many neutrals say they thoroughly enjoyed the set.
  4. jyoung

    Miley Cyrus

    Yep. I knew she was talented and I was already a fan but she exceeded all expectations tbh. I was surprised at just how good she was.
  5. jyoung

    2020 headliners

    Not many bigger than Taylor Swift that haven't already done it. Fact. Any talk of a decline is wide of the mark as well. It's rare for an artist to be on a constant upward trajectory of five star reviews, highest-grossing tours and record breaking sales throughout their career but I think she's doing pretty fine. No need to think she would be begging at the feet of Eavis as if her life depended on it. But she'd smash it out the park, by the way. You know it would be 2 hours of wall to wall bangers? Obv it's down to preference (and mine is that Taylor Swift is the fucking GOAT) but if you think that she isn't a capable headliner, you've clearly never watched one of her live shows.
  6. jyoung

    2019 New Music

    Just listened to Tiny Changes. Daughter's cover of Poke really punches home. As do the Manchester Orchestra and The Twilight Sad tracks. Not sure what to say about it tbh. Emotional listen.
  7. jyoung

    The National

    Apartment Story was exquisite.
  8. jyoung

    Bon Iver 2020

    Make. It. Happen.
  9. jyoung

    The National

    Where I was stood (centre back) it was a constant stream of people pushing their way out before coming back ten mins later with another pint and pushing their way back to the front. Literally nonstop. Throughout the whole gig. Love a pint and appreciate that everyone has a right to enjoy the gig in their own way but many seemed to have little interest in what was onstage and more interest in what was at the bar. The National were fantastic as you'd expect but the vibe in the crowd did make it difficult to really tune in and get lost in the moment. I had a few talkers around me but no more than usual. As mentioned earlier, this does seem to be more common in recent times. Incredible band but not one for the history books.
  10. jyoung

    The National

    Can't wait for tonight. I'd imagine it will be packed to the rafters with new stuff which is by no means a bad thing at all.
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