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  1. The sooner stadiums are full the better. Knockout football in particular is crying out for a crowd.
  2. Yeah this really wouldn't sit well with me if my team went out on away goals against a Portuguese team with both games played in Spain... Luckily we don't need to worry about that though. Semi finalists!
  3. Unfortunately you would imagine it will be too little too late, that's assuming the good run of form even continues (sorry to be dreary!). That said... Newcastle's next fixtures are West Ham, Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester and Man City. So there's every chance they will need to get results in their last two games, coincidentally against Sheffield United and Fulham. I think Newcastle will just about scrape staying up but it will go to the wire. WBA do look much more expansive in their last two games though.
  4. We still have to play City, Liverpool still have to play United. Let's see what happens. Fixture congestion shouldn't be an excuse if we don't make it.. One FA Cup semi (against City so no guarantees) and if we win the final is at the end of the season. Obv there's the CL as well but our squad is big so we shouldn't be using fixture congestion as an excuse.
  5. Spurs have the biggest debt in world football apparently. A higher amount than Barcelona. I know Levy is hard work but he sold Modric, Bale and Eriksen (eventually) when they wanted to leave. A club like PSG can pay anything. I wouldn't rule out City either, regardless of what Pep says. Apparently he likes Kane. I get your point about Haaland but Kane is almost risk free. In his prime and guaranteed goals.
  6. Rumours going round that Kane will ask to leave if they don't make top four... Pretty obvious they aren't making top four. I wonder where he'll end up. I can see PSG.
  7. You're right, I won't say it haha. If we see out the tie against Porto then it would be a great throwback to go against Liverpool in the semis but my nerves would be shot. Tbh, I thought Madrid looked good the other night, so they would be a tough game also. We aren't scoring many, which is the only concern - particularly if we go up against a strong back line. When it gets to the semis, any team is capable of winning the trophy imo.
  8. For me it's not so clear cut. Both PSG and City are going to win the CL at some point, it's just a case of when.
  9. I'm sure. On paper (mad when they have Mbappe and Neymar) they are a much easier prospect than Bayern who have proven themselves in Europe. I think it is a more interesting match up than City vs Bayern but I seem to be in the minority there.
  10. Interesting to see PSG ahead in their tie. I know a lot of people had their eyes on City Bayern in the semis but I did quite fancy watching the likes of Mbappe and Neymar taking on City. I'm sure Bayern will come back strong next week. In PSG's second leg against Barcelona they were crap do they'll certainly need to improve on that. Checked the odds this morning and Bayern have slipped from second favourites behind City to 8/1 behind Chelsea,PSG and Madrid. I wouldn't bet against them!
  11. Everyone's favourite footballer Mason Mount balling in Europe.
  12. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    Fucking hell. Bit of a tune this one! How's your heart after breakin' mine? 🎶
  13. Maybe he'll be moved into midfield at some point.
  14. Disasterclass the first half but more efficient in the final third in the second. Not enough for me though. The whole thing has been a joke. The media will just jump on anything and push it. I've seen clubs and fans whine and moan about their players being called up for internationals and then the second their player doesn't, everyone acts as if a crime has been committed. Thinking about the teams England would face in the Euros, for me Trent isn't the player I want at RB against the likes of Mbappe. I think he's got a lot to offer going forward but defensively I don't think he shou
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