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  1. Few weeks ago I fancied giving Kepa a chance this season. Completely over that idea now. There's a decent 'keeper in there but his confidence is shot. Definitely cannot handle the pressure.
  2. And will be benched by a 20m goalkeeper in one weeks time.
  3. Good to see Klopp get his pocket money back. Smaller clubs must be dumbfounded when they hear him say Liverpool can't spend money...
  4. It will be fascinating to see Bale back in the Prem under Mourinho 😂
  5. @Hugh Jass Ivanovic to WBA is such a Football Manager signing...
  6. MOTM Reece James had a great game last night. Can't help but think when Chilwell and Thiago Silva are fit we will be much stronger at the back. If Chilwell is a starter it looks like it will be Azpi vs Reece for the RB spot. If he carries on like that he'll see plenty of game time. Kepa still looked shaky. Werner was rapid and hopefully Havertz can get a bit more into the game that the weekend and announce his arrival against an elite team.
  7. Neymar racially abused🤦‍♂️
  8. Liverpool will need to tighten up their back line, that's for sure.
  9. Word is Chelsea want him as a CB which is where he played in the youth team.
  10. Wait and see mate. Tammy, Reece and Mount will get plenty of game time imo. Some of the lads will probably raise their game playing with the new boys.
  11. Yeah that injury was a shame and there's no real time scale for return atm. I don't think any of the new signings will have much of an impact on whether he will play. The only player we've signed who could play CM is Havertz but he is unlikely to play in the same position as Billy. I think Frank likes Billy a lot and he showed that when he started him against Liverpool in the cup and Everton in the PL. I reckon he trusts him more than Jorginho. After a very good start he put in some inconsistent performances (to be expected from a young kid) and I imagine Frank will want to get him b
  12. Some movement on loans at Chelsea but we really need to sell some of the deadwood. Disappointed to see that Tomori is going out on loan to Everton but hopefully he sees plenty of game time. He impressed in the first half of the season but fell out of favour / suffered from injuries during the second half (when none of the other CBs were delivering). Hopefully he'll perform well on Merseyside and come back next year ready to play in the first team again. Connor Gallagher was lined up for Palace but they've chosen to loan Batshuayi instead so @Hugh Jass it looks like your lot might be
  13. On second thoughts, Netherlands vs Italy may be a better watch.
  14. 0-0 then, right?! I'm actually intrigued by that, might have a watch!
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