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  1. I hope Arsenal finish 4th but Chelsea win Europa and United win CL. Would be funny.
  2. Europa is our best bet but we are not out of it in the league. Desperately need to improve though.
  3. Kante signed a new record deal in Nov. PSG moved for him in the summer but he wasn't interested. We're still capable of qualifying for CL too. Shit today tho and a pretty shit season in general.
  4. @Xeph1995 you don't have to explain yourself mate. Perfectly entitled to your opinions and anyone who hounds you with name-calling or whatever is weird. We all love Glasto, just seems some people cannot accept anything that isn't a fluffy pink comment full of positivity and rainbows. Very weird. Being disappointed is okay. I'm sure there will be some more stuff for you in the next announcement though.
  5. jyoung

    The National

    Turtleneck proper gets in my tits tbh.
  6. jyoung

    Other Stage

    Was easier to work out last year wasn't it? If I remember correctly the headliners were and subs were grouped in threes on the poster?
  7. jyoung

    Other Stage

    Desperate to know where The Streets will be playing now.
  8. jyoung

    Miley Cyrus

    This is gonna bang so fucking hard.
  9. jyoung

    Must see's and Maybe's

    Must sees: Miley Cyrus, Jorja Smith, Billie Eilish, Wu-Tang Clan, Anne-Marie and The Streets Maybes: Kylie, Chemical Brothers, Vampire Weekend, Sigrid, Friendly Fires, Tame Impala
  10. Just touched down in Tampa. What we saying? 8am UK time poster drop?
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