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  1. Unlucky for some(one) 😜
  2. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    I am SO up for this!!!!!! Seeing Taylor and Aaron in THAT studio is incredible.
  3. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CH5xCv_DAbL/?igshid=ua5t9hoshk78 We all know what that means!
  4. Ah. Another classic example of another ignorant somebody thinking that the world has gone mad, all because they don't have the compassion and or brain compacity to wake up and realise that there's a whole world of rich differences outside of their own dominant culture.
  5. Dier gets a rough time but I've got a soft spot for him. Fond memories of the free kick vs Russia in 2016 and the shoot out Vs Columbia in 2018... Not much else going for him though I don't think!
  6. This and Grealish's flick the other night 🔥
  7. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    These rerecordings are gonna slap so hard. Nobody does reinvention like Taylor.
  8. The Mason Mount slander 🤦‍♂️
  9. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    I'm now imaging a Taylor Swift gig on the line up for Meltdown at Southbank Centre or an in the round performance at Roundhouse. Maybe a Castlefield Bowl set in summer for good measure. Scenes.
  10. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    Oooh I missed setlist season. Is it too late to have a go?
  11. There's a musical diversity on most of the stages at Glasto and that includes what you'd call manufactured pop. I've seen it on the Pyramid, Other, John Peel, Park and so on. Have never once thought it was out of place anywhere or ruining the festival. I don't listen to heavy stuff but I don't whine when it turns up somewhere on the line up. There's literally a place for everything, everywhere. When people start policing who should and shouldn't play and where they are and aren't welcome it becomes a bit, grim. Just because something is manufactured doesn't make it inherently bad or evil eithe
  12. I thought that was it when the equaliser went in but fair play the lads stuck at it and the 'keeper came up with a massive save in the shoot out. Nice to see the reaction afterwards too. The game at Wembley will be great. Here's hoping the fans make it. Fingers crossed! Would love to try and get to Wembley for one of those games if possible.
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