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  1. Okay, I didn’t know about this. Did they do US shows? Fair point - though I still can’t see it happening. Especially if they weren’t MC’s first choice headliners.
  2. They did, but they still aren’t active this summer. That was their only 2020 date - there’s no way they’d randomly play Mad Cool and nowhere else. I’d love for it to be them, and think they’re a great shout to headline MC (if it’s still running) whenever they next tour, but they’re sadly not gigging.
  3. I think we’re reading too much into the dot thing. The first one will be Liam Gallagher and the second could be a name of any length. I think it’ll most likely be a Spanish band for the sake of balance.
  4. Yeah, this is a bit of a kick in the teeth. They also can’t shuffle around an act like Foals (Bennicassim headliners) to headline the other day.
  5. No two headliners will please everyone. At any festival.
  6. wro_lap

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Well, JJ’s done us in guys. That teaches us to mock him.
  7. Yeah Biffy aren’t a major headliner in Spain but given their desperate thrust for headliners they could get in someone who’s a massive booking in the U.K. that would be backed up by the travelling ticket buyers. maybe balance it out with a big Spanish act headlining the same day so everyone’s happy. biggest question is whether Biffy are actually about around that time.
  8. I always want to call them High Frying Birds because of that.
  9. Yep. He’s very good at it. As I say, he’s never once broken character.
  10. wro_lap

    Self Confirmed 2020

    That’s just classic Tom.
  11. Put me down for March 11th please x
  12. In fairness 2/3 were pretty realistic.
  13. If it’s possible for that many people to go through the whole ticket buying process in one second, that explains a lot about my bad luck on Glastonbury t-day.
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