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  1. Shame. I thought maybe Billie Eilish could pull some people away and make it *slightly* less dangerous
  2. Saturday at Reading/Sunday at Leeds has a huuuuuuuuge gap in the Pit. Could get someone to play an hour and 15 on that. ....Biffy?
  3. wro_lap

    2020 headliners

    McCartney is more or less the biggest musical name in the planet's history. I know that's the definition of "legend", but there's no chance you could have him not headlining. They could probably get away with having Ringo play the legends slot, but I sadly don't think that'll happen
  4. Can't really find any evidence that they're touring so this one's quite speculative, but I recall Run DMC were supposed to play at Kendal Calling last year. Anyone know what their situation is? Is it a bit of a stretch to question whether they could appear at the farm?
  5. Genuinely can’t tell if this guy is trolling us... edit: this is where they’ll announce a new festival which is called Broadmasters
  6. His official social media. His fan Facebook group is going crazy - apparently he’s playing somewhere near Reading on the Friday then in Leeds on the Saturday. Someone commented saying they asked Frank if he’s playing Leeds Festival and he said no.
  7. wro_lap


    Sadly can’t find it on Pornhub either.
  8. wro_lap


    All of the singles from Part 1 (and Black Bull) sound absolutely mega live. Seen them a few times this summer and their setlist has been immaculate. Foals have rapidly risen to become my dream Glasto headliner. Just imagine the Pyramid field bouncing to all 6 of Providence’s outros.
  9. wro_lap


    This guy’s favourite album is Holy Fire
  10. wro_lap


    Yannis and Jack said in their Glasto interview that Black Bull isn't the lead single, it's just being released first as a kind of statement of intent. Jack said the lead single and the one after are possibly their two biggest songs ever. I know they're supposed to say stuff like that, but I'm buzzed for this record.
  11. wro_lap


    To quote Jack Bevan. Fucking bangsman.
  12. I tried 2016 general, 2016 resale, 2016 general, 2017 resale, 2019 general, 2019 coach resale, then finally, for the first time, succeeded in the 2019 resale. Safe to say my ticket-buying technique was slightly more up to scratch after the first couple of years of failure.
  13. Foals definitely won’t do it. If they don’t headline at Glasto, they could definitely manage TRNSMT or IoW, or even R/L. Doing Tramlines after Truck/Y Not/Boardmasters would feel like something of a downgrade.
  14. I’d quite fancy Franz Ferdinand to open the OS. They’ve done the rounds of smaller festivals lately, and have been around Europe a bit - think it’d make sense for them to return. Appeal to a similar audience to the likes of The Vaccines, Kaiser Chiefs etc who’ve done that slot in past.
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