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  1. "Post Malone didn't headline that day" "I saw him headline that day..."
  2. The year is 2038. We've been back at Reading for several years now. The Wombats have just finished their set, 3rd from the top of main stage on their 20th consecutive year at Reading Festival. Next up Liam Fray from the Courteeners comes on stage, as they've alternated with Bastille on whose turn it is to play the festival every year since 2011. "Every single one a yas!" he exclaims. "You all excited for Post Malone tonight?"
  3. yup. the whole idea could work if they actually communicated about it and booked the right acts to bed it in, but they've completely shat the bed. reeeeeally lazy.
  4. anyone had a go at a clashfinder yet? or are we waiting on confirmation that this major festival actually has more than two stages?
  5. Edwin Starr died around 6 streets away from my house.
  6. Dua Lipa was tasked with headlining Glastonbury’s Other Stage opposite a literal Beatle this year. There’s no chance she’s gonna appear below Catfish and the shitting Bottlemen in any lineup.
  7. wro_lap


    If Taylor's in the country that'd be brilliant. Aren't there whispers that she isn't touring next year too? Would be a good way for her to pay tribute, especially as she was so into the spirit of things already.
  8. Anyone else fill out that survey and never get asked for any contact details....? wish me luck with that competition....
  9. I listen to Blood & Mud religiously. Shame not many others can nail that tone quite so brilliantly
  10. Yeah, I’d imagine it’s coming in the next couple of days with the news about Tramlines & Truck
  11. Oh wow, that’s unusual. I’d have said they’re the biggest act on that JP playlist.
  12. Seems fair. Think Angel Olsen subbing would be great, but that’s probably a fair call. I can definitely see them putting Glass Animals 3rd from top, but them subbing would be great. Jesus & Mary Chain 4th down was semi inspired by Low’s spot last year. It’s a very strong JP lineup this year (and even stronger Park lineup). Was very difficult to place!
  13. Here’s what I’ve thrown together for three of the big five. There’s a couple of acts who I may have judged harshly as I don’t know them that well. Thoughts welcomed! Pyramid: Kendrick Lamar Lana Del Rey TLC Kacey Musgraves Dizzee Rascal Sinead O’Connor Happy Mondays Paul McCartney Noel Gallagher Aerosmith Crowded House Sam Fender Suzanne Vega Skunk Anansie Taylor Swift ? Elbow Diana Ross The Specials Imelda May The Lightning Seeds John Peel: Editors
  14. Having now actually read what Coachella put, I think you’re right. Weirdly relieved about that.
  15. Any idea what this one means? Maybe RATM dropping out and Macca taking their place? Arguably the strongest reserve in history...
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