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  1. If you Google image search ‘Glastonbury 2022 line up’ that’s the fifth / seventh image which comes up. Fk knows why they’d pick the clearly fake one, maybe just thought it was the biggest looking line up.
  2. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    Same here - I've barely listened to anything else since it was released! Not sure what his stage production will be like, but I would guess it will be along the lines of what he had in Vegas in terms of dancers, choreography and big lights: (there's no official footage of this so apologies for linking phone footage) As there are tap dancers featured throughout the MM&TBS album, I can see there being some kind of tap dancing motif at some point as well - and maybe an intro video based on themes from the new album (think he did something like that on the DAMN tour). In terms of previous albums, check out Good Kid Maad City, To Pimp A Butterfly and DAMN as he almost definitely will play songs from all of these albums, as well as a decent portion from the new album. Section 80 is also a very decent album of his worth checking out once you've listened to those three, but I'm doubtful any songs from it will make the cut for the Glasto set - although I hope I'm wrong on that. As others have said, he usually plays with a live band so I'd say that's one thing we can expect from the set. The rest is guesswork!
  3. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    Would be cool as fuck if he took these dudes on tour
  4. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    After listening to the album more times than I care to admit today, I think United in Grief would be an unreal opening song to the set.
  5. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    Looks like N95 will the the lead single, music vid incoming:
  6. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm loving the album, although it's very much still marinating so it's too early for me to rank it against his others. Both TPAB and Damn didn't hit me fully on first listen and they are among my favourite albums now. Loved GKMC from my first listen but still today I still find things I didn't acknowledge or understand on the album (thank you Dissect et al). The production on MM&TBS is exceptional and hugely creative at times, and there are layers upon layers of substance in the lyrics - which I suppose is what we've come to expect from Kendrick these days. It hasn't been out long enough for Genius / YouTube to help me out with some of them, and I'm sure many of the sub-themes and lyrical somersaults are likely going over my head at this early point - but I look forward to delving further. There's definitely some correlation towards the difficult subjects and experiences he reveals about himself on the album and the controversial inclusion of Kodak throughout, but I need a few more listens to draw a proper conclusion on that. I found the tap dancing motif throughout really sinister but so relevant. Auntie Diaries is very powerful. Using that slur was incredibly bold, and personally I do think the shock and discomfort of hearing it (repeatedly) hugely helps get the point across which he sums up in the final bars. For obvious reasons though, it's not up to me to decide whether it's 'right' for him to use it in art form. Favourite songs for me on the first few listens are United In Grief, Father Time, Count Me Out, Savior, Mr Morale and Mother I Sober, but enjoying all of them to some extent. I didn't really know what to expect from him with this one, but it's fair to say there aren't any other major hip hop artists making projects of this much depth and complexity at the moment.
  7. She's closing Sunday night at San Remo I think, not sure about Silver Hayes and other sets.
  8. Sounds like Glade is coming Thursday: https://twitter.com/nubient/status/1523809561274208261
  9. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    Hugely intrigued by this
  10. This is a really useful thread. I went on a long solo mission on the Saturday in 2019 on the hunt for a shower - free or paid, only to find out they'd all been turned off. I can live without it, but a proper shower at a festival is a game changer in my opinion and the old bottle over the head job at the campsite doesn't cut it for me. Definitely interested in knowing all of the options as I don't think it was clear from the map / guide lanyard - but this is maybe more a reflection of my mind state on day four of the festival. Would happily pay a tenner or so for a decent hot shower there if you can also rent towels etc and there's not a ridiculous queue. Will look into getting one of the campsite shower products people are posting as they look like a great shout when it's hot.
  11. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    Was listening to a few of these yesterday - Kendrick's version of 16 sounds so good, even if it's just a reference track. Friends and label mates (or family members in this case) helping each other out with writing is common in the industry so Kendrick being involved in a large part of Keem's work and being uncredited for it doesn't surprise me too much, but definitely is interesting nevertheless. Despite that though, Kendrick writing Jay Rock's verse on Money Trees is pretty crazy if true seeing as how highly regarded that feature is.
  12. sildante

    Kendrick Lamar

    Video is back
  13. May have been posted elsewhere, but Jelani Blackman has confirmed he’s playing Rum Shack on the Friday via Insta.
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