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  1. Sorry to be that guy, but if anyone is interested I have 3 tickets for Maiden Voyage available for massively massively under current asking price - a load of my friends have dropped out and keen for them to go to a good home 🙂 Proper good line up this, very excited.
  2. Sorry to be that guy - but I have 3 tickets for Wide Awake available at well under current asking price, and happy for them to go to the right home for under face value also (originally £35), if anyone is interested 🙂 Would just like them to go to a good home! Last minute decided to go to EOTR instead - absolutely gutted to me missing this though, line up of the summer!
  3. Pre-sale link including 6 for 5 group tickets (only 58 quid a tkt) - thought would share the love after eFests has helped me out so much before! https://www.festicket.com/eventgenius/all-points-east/2021/shop/25352/ (I actually worked this out from the user that posted the Foals pre-sale link last week - I thought the "25355" part of that URL looked like the unique shop code - so tried different numbers to find this one!)
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