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  1. Lots of stuff in Williams Green and always 2 TBC acts in the evening - keep an eye out here as they are usually known by the day. Lots on elsewhere on the smaller stages on a Thursday night, right across the site. 2019 we had the best night of the whole weekend on the Thursday on a massive wander across the site - started late afternoon and went into the early hours - Williams Green, Avalon Cafe, Croissant Neuf, the Glade, Glasto Latino, Sensation Seekers, Icon, the Cave, the Temple, god knows where else. One of my best ever nights at Glasto!
  2. I saw them at Kingston last week & after not listening to their stuff for a while I’d forgotten about No Reptiles - once again a real moment when they played it at the end of their set. New album sounding decent after a couple of listens
  3. I saw them headline the Garden Stage at Larmer Tree festival a few years ago - one of my all time favourite gigs, a wonderful night
  4. You don’t have to be in Somerset for the Brothers competition! But I’m starting to think proximity to source may help… Anyhoo, head for the big Tesco or Morrisons stores - they should have some bottles with competition codes. Good luck!
  5. I have a vague recollection of them sitting on a sofa for the acoustic section that year - or maybe 2003
  6. Just back from Everything Everything at Banquet Records gig in Kingston - first time I’ve been there since they’ve moved from the old venue and it was great, a short set but the crowd were really up for it. Looking forward to checking out the new album tomorrow (today)
  7. If me & my cousin were at Glasto this year, Supergrass would be our no.1 must see. Absolutely love them and I’ve seen them at venues and festivals all over the country over the last 25 years. My last gig before lockdown was the first of their Ally Pally gigs & they were on superb form. It was almost 10 years since we saw their last UK gig before they split. I fully expected them to get a Park headline set like SFA in 2015 but it seems they will be elsewhere - I suspect Other, either the Friday opener or a sub-headliner. Hope they get a decent crowd.
  8. @crazyfool1 I’m only looking for one ticket (Assuming I can get my 11yrold daughter in on my own ticket) so am happy to double up with someone else as all comps seem to be for a pair thanks so much, there’s so many amazing people on these boards! I can offer thanks with cider if I get lucky and make it to the farm
  9. I was the claimant - once again many thanks! However I only realised after entering that they have now switched the prize to tickets for 2023 - at least I have an early attempt at the next one!
  10. Yeah I saw that. I’ve been checking back to that page for the last week or so in hope more than expectation, but I think that’s that.
  11. This is why I focused on the bottles as I thought increased chances - perhaps if you buy online, and a case at that, guarantees a minor prize…
  12. I haven’t so far but I’m going to give it a go based on that success rate!
  13. From my searching, it’s only the big Tesco superstores that have the competition bottles. I also found a couple in Morrisons last weekend as well. Current success is zero from around 20 entries! I’m now hooked on Rhubarb & Custard though!
  14. I saw them at the Troxy last year, one of the first gigs after lockdown where I got fully involved down the front of the crowd, but you just had to as they were relentless and brilliant. I’ve seen them a few times now & they always start up pretty quick - JD usually just ambles onto stage with a bag & a beer and then gets going. They are one of the best live bands there is to see live!
  15. This is what I’m here for 👊
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