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  1. ^^^ This. Because it was the exact same for me.
  2. mario man

    BBC Glastonbury

    Arcade Fire for me tonight, that was such a great set Looking forward to watching Blur over the weekend - might leave it until Sunday night... Think it’ll be The Cure tmrw, that was just the best way to end last year
  3. Prodigy 1997. Flippin awesome, even though they had sound problems and had to go off a couple of times
  4. I didn’t see much of it but watched Superstylin’ from the railway line and it kicked off big time, flares everywhere
  5. Another shout out for the 99 SFA set - that moment with the van has now become stuff of legend I was also there when they headlined in 03, whilst Radiohead were on Pyramid, don’t regret it one bit they were superb & TMDGAF was insane that night 🤘
  6. Sad news. It was inevitable, but doesn’t make it any easier when it’s confirmed. I’ll definitely be rolling over for next year, and wish the festival well during what is going to be a tough few months. This is a real gem of a festival & I can’t wait to be there again next year!
  7. She was in session for Marc Riley towards the end of last year - I had one of those moments where you stop what you’re doing when she played One by One, absolutely magical. Can’t wait to see her at EOTR, one of my must sees
  8. Got a ticket, yay! So Warmduscher must be a shoe-in for one of the late night Big Top shows, no?! 🤠 I’m not bringing any children this year so looking forward to actually being in the tent rather than listening enviously across the fields, ala Sleafords & Beak last year
  9. Today’s announcement just adds to an already impressive line up - it’s now at the point where I’ve no idea how I’ll fit seeing them all in one day. However as others have said there’s a strong EOTR crossover and I’ve got ticket for that as well so can take it at a relaxed pace. Hell of a good line up for the first year though, can’t wait
  10. I’m seeing him on Tues eve as part of IVW at Guildford Boiler Room - hoping to hear a few tracks off the new album
  11. New album announcement I think
  12. It’s funny that the years when you get a ticket, you have a few days of post-success buzz and then let it drift towards the back of your mind until the new year when the rumours really start developing... however this year when I don’t have one, I can’t stop thinking about the bloody place! So I’ve registered with Oxfam and entered the ballot and pre-ordered the book and am keeping everything crossed to be lucky in early November. If not (most probably!) then a long winter awaits and we wait for the spring and the next chances...
  13. mario man

    Back-Up Plans

    Bloody hell you're right of course, how could I forget
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