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  1. It’s funny that the years when you get a ticket, you have a few days of post-success buzz and then let it drift towards the back of your mind until the new year when the rumours really start developing... however this year when I don’t have one, I can’t stop thinking about the bloody place! So I’ve registered with Oxfam and entered the ballot and pre-ordered the book and am keeping everything crossed to be lucky in early November. If not (most probably!) then a long winter awaits and we wait for the spring and the next chances...
  2. mario man

    Back-Up Plans

    Bloody hell you're right of course, how could I forget
  3. Heh me too, I can’t have been far from you! Not an enjoyable couple of hours. And compounded by this mornings failure. I suggested to the kids we watch a Star Wars film this avo to end the weekend more enjoyably... then they go & stick on episode 1. Time for an early night I think 🤨
  4. mario man

    Back-Up Plans

    I’ll be waiting for some of the line ups to start filtering out, but on the list of potentials will be Bearded Theory and End of the Road which I’ve been to before, also Green Man and Boomtown which I’ve never been to (because I’m usually away!)
  5. Checking in for the very first time. I look forward to your company and camaraderie through the dark winter months. Chin up everyone, all is not lost!
  6. No luck this year. I’ve had an incredible run - first time I’ve not been successful since I first started going in 97. I am totally gutted but also made up when reading on hear about people who have had no luck the last few years but have managed to get tickets today. That elation must feel wonderful! And also anyone bagging tickets for the first time - what a journey you are about to embark on... I’m not done yet, I will enter every competition, ballot & re-sale going and won’t give up until the festival is over! But if it’s not to be... it’s been a hell of a ride
  7. mario man

    Good Luck ALL !

    Good luck all eFesters!! See you on the other side...
  8. I had the same - must be because not enough left at that time
  9. What a wonderful festival EOTR is. My first trip back since 2007, & I took my 8 1/2 year old daughter this time - we love the place & also went to Larmer Tree Fest last year. It was my first year of seeing the Woods Stage - a great setting & the topography helps with viewing but you cannot beat the Garden Stage, one of my favourite stages on the festival circuit! Get past the chairs and down the front and the atmosphere is magical! As I had a young one our forays to the front of any stages were limited, but we got down there for some of the earlier acts. Over the weekend her favourites were Bodega, Courtney Barnett & Metronomy - my favourites were Deerhunter and BC Camplight - managed to catch half of each of their sets - along with Stella Donnelly, BCUC, Cate le Bon & Sam Evian (despite the sound problems!) I had to sacrifice a few things - Friday night we arrived at Parquet Courts as they were playing Freebird II & it looked utterly amazing down the front - however we were at the back where the atmosphere was not so great so we moved on after a few tracks - would have loved to been in the mix! Also listened to the Sleaford Mods & Beak sets from the comfort of my tent & again would have loved to be in the Big Top for those! I will be back - what I really loved was observing like-minded people do what I do at festivals - head down and powering through to catch that next act - EOTR seems the natural environment for people like me to immerse yourself in music for 3 days, however on a completely different scale to Glasto, which seems to be my yardstick these last few years. Can’t wait to return! ps - is the temperature like that every year? I seemed to be the only one feeling the cold in the evenings! Frickin freezing!
  10. Well it took a hell of a lot longer than I expected to get over Glasto this year, but I’m there now & cannot wait for Friday morning to set off for my second EOTR. A slightly late arrival as I’ll have my oldest daughter in tow - 8 & a half and a veteran of a couple of Camp Bestivals, & Larmer Tree Fest last year with the rest of the kids, but I think now ready for a weekend with just me & her to experience a ‘proper’ festival. Who knows how long she’ll last each day but given her bedtime routine during these school hols I’m fairly sure she will make it to the headliners each night. I’ll let her lead us most of the time but there’s a few acts I will not miss which I hope she will like - Cate Le Bon, Bodega, Stella Donnelly, Pom Poko, Courtney Barnett & Parquet Courts, & a couple of others. I made her a playlist a month or so ago so she should recognise a few songs. Hope to bump into some of you down there - my memory from my last EOTR in 07 was a wonderful, chilled out festival where I discovered loads of acts I’d never heard of but still love now (Midlake, Lambchop) and was small enough for me to meet Gruff after SFAs headline set for a HOT CIDER at the cider bus. Have a great weekend everyone! 😎
  11. Deerhunter v BC Camplight I’ve never seen Deerhunter, despite having tickets for their Roundhouse show a few years back when they cancelled the tour. Seen BC Camplight once but almost a year ago & missed them at Glasto - such a great band who I’m sure are brilliant at festivals. Thinking at present is to be at Deerhunter - who knows on the day though, will see how it goes! No other clashes otherwise, all came out rosey!
  12. Think I’ll be arriving Friday morning, unless i can get out of work early on Thursday and get down before dark. Cant wait - my first time back to EOTR in 12 years! Although I did come down to Larmer Tree Festival with my kids last year. There was loads of space to camp then & that’s what I remember from my first visit back in 07 - although it looks like it’s got a bit bigger since then.
  13. I’ve come back this year feeling like I missed a lot. I saw a good 5-6 bands on all days but didn’t cover half the distance that I walked in 2017 & my planning went out the window practically from the word go. There were a number of factors involved, firstly down to the heat & as a direct consequence of that I suffered with a major nosebleed on the Saturday which pretty much wrote the day off. Second I was with friends almost the whole festival whereas 2017 I was on my own, and thirdly I drank A LOT more than I intended so the hangovers each day were brutal! Thats the bit I regret the most, going so hard on 3 of the 5 days of the festival - previous one I paced my drinking throughout the weekend and I was fresher as a result. Will try again next year! However I had some great nights - and Thursday night was an absolute epic, right up there as one of the most fun, random nights I’ve ever had at Glasto
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