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  1. I’ve come back this year feeling like I missed a lot. I saw a good 5-6 bands on all days but didn’t cover half the distance that I walked in 2017 & my planning went out the window practically from the word go. There were a number of factors involved, firstly down to the heat & as a direct consequence of that I suffered with a major nosebleed on the Saturday which pretty much wrote the day off. Second I was with friends almost the whole festival whereas 2017 I was on my own, and thirdly I drank A LOT more than I intended so the hangovers each day were brutal! Thats the bit I regret the most, going so hard on 3 of the 5 days of the festival - previous one I paced my drinking throughout the weekend and I was fresher as a result. Will try again next year! However I had some great nights - and Thursday night was an absolute epic, right up there as one of the most fun, random nights I’ve ever had at Glasto
  2. I watched Tame Impala from far right hand side and it wasn’t great. I was sure the wind was blowing away from us which didn’t help. The next night I had a better spot for the Chems, fairly central, and was a bit better - however being at The Cure for the Sunday really noticed an incredible difference, amazing quality.
  3. Yep I had a bad nosebleed midway through The Proclaimers - it wouldn’t stop so we had to go up to the medical tent & I missed 500 miles! Met a nice chap on the way up there who gave me some advice and it stopped within about minute with his help, but after I had left him - so if you are reading this very many thanks!
  4. Until 9:30 last night my top 3 were 1. Mavis 2. IDLES (Park) 3. Fontaines (JP) but then The Cure played the set of the weekend so went top of the list and booted Fontaines into 4th spot
  5. mario man


    Anyone else balling their eyes out during that? Bloody hell! I’m 43 for fucks sake
  6. mario man


    That’s the redesigned Cave I think, and it looks absolutely incredible! In there last night for about an hour
  7. Brothers area is not good, worst I’ve seen so far this year. But most areas look pretty good
  8. Walked past the Taphouse last night & it looked like a good selection - already had a fresh beer in my hand otherwise would have tested some out! It’s just back from West Holts field
  9. Thanks to all who’ve contributed to this thread, brilliant stuff! Just arriving at Victoria now for midday coach - see you all at the farm later!! 😎
  10. Another early morning riser reporting in, Ive been listening to the rain here (Surrey) for the past two hours trying to sleep & wondering what’s occurring on site. seems I’m not the only one! Thanks for the live through the night updates, total dedication!
  11. mario man


    If you can’t get up to the fireworks because of the crowds where’s the next best spot to watch them - Park? Other side of the valley?
  12. 97 was my first, 98 my second. There’s a few others here who also endured that baptism. Thank god the sun finally came out in 99 ☀️ third time lucky
  13. mario man

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    And there will be crowds & they will be big. Most likely there will be at least one moment when you realise there are so many people around you in a bottleneck that there is no ‘quick’ way out. In this situation the key is to stay calm, do not freak out, the pressure will ease eventually and everyone will be on their way. And in this situation it’s really important to look out for everyone around you and in particular anyone who looks distressed - a few soothing words always do the trick.
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