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  1. Is the Primavera Bits lineup announced with the general lineup reveal, or is it announced later? Form what they have announced, it doesn’t seem they have enough acts for the Bits stages.
  2. Ok, new guy here! I'm officially joining the resale club. I went to Glasto for the first time last year and had the time of my life, I really want to go back again this year. Travelling from the US for Glasto it can be a lot to put together. I have a paid of Primavera Barcelona tickets, so even if I strike out on Glasto I'll be going to a fest either way. Really hope October brings me some luck!
  3. As an international attendee (USA), has anyone had any experience volunteering and working Glastonbury? I lucked out and was able to get tickets back in 2019 and had the time of my life, tried for tickets in 2020 but was unsuccessful. I'm desperate to find a way to make it back in 2021 but it doesn't look like many tickets will be going back on sale. I did some research on volunteering this year, before the fest was cancelled, and couldn't find any organizations that would accept Americans. Anyone know of any volunteer opps for international attendees? Thanks!
  4. This is going to be my first Primavera, any tips or things I should be aware of? I’ve been to Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Glastonbury so I am interested in seeing how I will enjoy a city festival. Is the festival overly crowded? Good distribution is people between stages? Glasto was a much older crowd than what I’m used to here in the states, is this also the case at PS?
  5. Booked a flight from NY to Barcelona for next June without a ticket. I signed up on the waiting list for a VIP ticket, but I also saw that they had tickets available through Stubhub. Stubhub has a 100% event guarentee, anyone ever purchased a PS ticket through them? Are PS tickets like Glasto where your name is printed on them? If so, do they really check? At Glasto last year they didn’t even look at my ticket beyond a quick glance.
  6. How hard is it to buy weed at the fest? Been unable to score anything while in London...never been to a country (from NY) where it’s this hard to find...
  7. gearbm95

    Staying Cool

    Does Lost Horizons sauna have a cold plunge pool?
  8. NY (not the city, about 90mins south of Toronto)...it’s been so cold and rainy this summer, seems to be pretty similar to the UK right now.
  9. Anyone else flying over from the states for Glasto? We leave tomorrow, spending time in Berlin to get weird before heading to Glasto. It’s our first year and we’re beyond pumped. It was so hard watching all my friends go to Bonnaroo last week, but I knew Glasto would be here soon enough!
  10. Tame fucking Impala... Kill me with those laserssssss!
  11. Yeah, me too. We’re leaving from the O2, I was really hoping to be there by 8pm...
  12. Coming over from NY and bringing no camping gear so we’ll need to buy in London. Does anyone know of a chain of stores similar to Target or a sporting goods/outdoors store near the O2 arena where we can buy gear? We only need a small 2 person tent, sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat. Trying to go very light as we’ll have to fly home with everything we bought.
  13. Coming from the US and almost all of our MDMA is in powder form, very few pills over here. LSD has become the drug of choice at a lot of fests over here...is it easy to find acid paper at glasto? Not sure I want to risk traveling abroad with it.
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