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  1. How hard is it to buy weed at the fest? Been unable to score anything while in London...never been to a country (from NY) where it’s this hard to find...
  2. gearbm95

    Staying Cool

    Does Lost Horizons sauna have a cold plunge pool?
  3. NY (not the city, about 90mins south of Toronto)...it’s been so cold and rainy this summer, seems to be pretty similar to the UK right now.
  4. Anyone else flying over from the states for Glasto? We leave tomorrow, spending time in Berlin to get weird before heading to Glasto. It’s our first year and we’re beyond pumped. It was so hard watching all my friends go to Bonnaroo last week, but I knew Glasto would be here soon enough!
  5. Tame fucking Impala... Kill me with those laserssssss!
  6. Yeah, me too. We’re leaving from the O2, I was really hoping to be there by 8pm...
  7. Coming over from NY and bringing no camping gear so we’ll need to buy in London. Does anyone know of a chain of stores similar to Target or a sporting goods/outdoors store near the O2 arena where we can buy gear? We only need a small 2 person tent, sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat. Trying to go very light as we’ll have to fly home with everything we bought.
  8. Coming from the US and almost all of our MDMA is in powder form, very few pills over here. LSD has become the drug of choice at a lot of fests over here...is it easy to find acid paper at glasto? Not sure I want to risk traveling abroad with it.
  9. First timer here...am I ignorant to think that there will be room for a 2 person tent in Pennard or Park Home when we arrive via coach at 8pm Wed evening?
  10. gearbm95

    Miley Cyrus

    I’d expect her to bring out Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang since he’s on her new EP. Also, I wouldn’t be shocked if Wayne Coyne joined her as well.
  11. For being such a massive fest, this app sucks. Compared to the Bonnaroo and Coachella apps this provides zero info. This is my first Glasto (or Euro fest in general) so it normal for it to be so barren and lacking info? Also surprised there's not an option to explore the vendors, food, or bars and what they're offering
  12. Not sure if it’s caught on in Europe but the Radiate app is big with North Americans fests... you can kind of meet up with other people at certain sets, find campground parties, share info during the fest... Seems to be a small group of people in the Glastonbury group so far on there. Some of the American fests, read their groups, animals I tell ya haha.
  13. Tame Impala Chemical Bros Janelle Monaé ...my first Glasto and not seeing a main stage headliner, am I doing this right?
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