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  1. Is there a way of getting this to work if your account is suspended?
  2. Gorillaz didn't play dare. That's criminal
  3. Overall this festival was shite yesterday!
  4. when's it gonna end robbie! pissed off about simz bailing on the poble espanyol
  5. looks like power bars are returning and the app is released on the 6th june: https://ee.co.uk/why-ee/glastonbury
  6. that's really shit if they have stopped doing that. it was so handy last time
  7. third date added in london. got mine after missing out this morning! £188 for 2 standing tickets
  8. have shame disappeared from the ciutat gigs or is it just me?
  9. My girlfriend got mine and hers this evening! This will be my 6th consecutive festival and 3 of those times I've had to get tickets in the sodding resale. It's an immense feeling after 2.5 years! It took a fair bit of trying every single destination and seeing what was available and thankfully she got lucky. We wanted London but we ended up with Southampton (if anyone has got the coach from here can you let me know where it's from and what time it was?), But I couldn't care less where we're going from. We're going and on the Wednesday! Need 2 more on Sunday for those in my group that weren't successful Congratulations to everyone who got them tonight, you lot deserve it!
  10. Everyone else is irrelevant
  11. Thank you! Would you remind removing the please please? Lol
  12. Can you change mine to Tony Zografos please?
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