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  1. p.pete

    The Weather Thread 2019

    You're right, I've upvoted on your behalf
  2. p.pete

    Bros Q&A

    Sounds quite nice!
  3. p.pete

    The Cure

    Was thinking of watching the start before C&tQs, thinking again now...
  4. I'm not even sure there's a temple? If there isn't would they make use of the lough gates elsewhere...
  5. p.pete

    s(NO)w patrol

    Yes, go see IDLES instead, or take a walk.
  6. I have some marshmallows and dark chocolate currently dissolving in some vodka. Looks quite scummy but I'm sure it'll be alright. Might add in a bit of kahlua when it's done and mix down with coffee or milk on site.
  7. p.pete


    I'd assume that it'll be busy during Gojira too, and that it won't really quiet down. Reckon it's plenty of time too though. I'm trying to get up to Park after Snow Patrol (again, don't judge) I think - I might have to go the long way round to try to drop in from the back of the field, going to be tricky.
  8. And really not needed - when space is tight people start finding the tiniest of gaps and cooperating with each other in a managed way - security replonking things around slightly will have no affect other than wasting their own time, damaging peoples' stuff and pissing people off.
  9. p.pete

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I love the joy of being under a rain cloud - yay - it's not raining in Pilton!
  10. That sounds a nightmare - I hope it's not causing too much damage.
  11. If the results do get tallied - could someone please share on Liam's twitter or something? (or Noel's if he's someone you'd like to make smile...)
  12. p.pete


    They seemed to be allocating them fairly randomly, but I think we were there on the first night of it so there's a reasonable chance that they'll have changed things as they went along. Or rethought how to organise it between festivals. Good chance you might be able to ask if a certain car is free, and if it is they'd probably oblige... There were three of us, but our car was buried into the ground so nobody could have joined us. I think I've seen plenty of posts of people speaking with randomers in the cars so I'm guessing it's possible. Not something they can police as you have to be allowed to go to the bathroom and they're not checking that everyone goes back to the right cars!
  13. p.pete


    Still chucking it down in Devon, hopefully it's exhausting itself here
  14. That's a pretty awful hill to have to creep up.
  15. They know things are going to be improving soon - if they stay of the ground for a little while then they won't churn it up. If it was a lost cause I'm sure they'd be straight out and wallowing in the mud. Great sign!
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