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  1. https://israelpalestinenews.org/minn-cops-trained-by-israeli-police-who-often-use-knee-on-neck-restraint/ Obviously forced to correct, but is there any truth to it? Also, the article was fairly wide ranging, seems like a whim he was happy enough to enact to me.
  2. Sounds like a decent first PMQ by Starmer. I expect the press to be fawning - they seem to be turning the knife into the way Boris has things set up at the moment Edit: From gu's snap verdict - not quite fawning...
  3. Whatever it normally is, thinking on it further it could be reasonable to expect the time to grow and grow, assuming more arrive than are processed (or whatever happens) on an ongoing basis at the moment.
  4. That's definitely not helpful. The guy seems to have genuinely curried favour with a broad section of the party and needs to be given time to have a go at running the party effectively. The Momentum types might hold a grudge that Corbyn wasn't given his fair chance - but attacking Starmer is going to fix nothing. I'm delighted that the report has been leaked, it ties together and encapsulates so much of what has happened over the last five years - constant hammering from historically left leaning press ( https://theguardian.fivefilters.org/ ), combined with now-detailed constant internal hammering (to sit alongside the credibly more public 'I'll do one small action each day to bring down Corbyn' Mandelson) - but attacking the person now trying to do the job is counter-productive. If Momentum wanted to actually win the election it was their job to front a more credible candidate.
  5. Maybe. McDonnell describes Ken's side of things as 'complete fiction'. These things are rarely transparent sadly.
  6. That would be superb. I'm happy to endorse over-planning at this point in time - we can point fingers, and yes it is all political, but there's a need to focus on what's actually helpful at this point in time. More 'holding to account' is needed, to ensure people are doing their jobs, but after that we're all in it together for the moment.
  7. Also from that article: So blame on lots of sides there. Ken probably had done enough to be kicked out of politics long before Corbyn, and wasn't. Corbyn shouldn't have given him any posts or let him touch anything. And now we know Labour intentionally acted slowly regarding Ken to add to the antisemitism image that was being drummed up.
  8. I know, but how long does a body stay in a mortuary? And this is over and above existing capacity. I guess the answer to my own question is probably a lot longer than normal.
  9. And to bet on it - even if you don't think you're going to win.
  10. Holy crap! I something earlier how New York have hired in lots of freezer trucks for temporary storage of bodies - 30,000 though, sounds crazy!
  11. Revisiting old Guardian Editorials ( https://theguardian.fivefilters.org/ ) - is August 2015 when Labour became an antisemitic party?
  12. I love this idea, we should do it for everything!
  13. I love the football metaphor. Most of use pick a football team to support when we are children, based usually on not much more than whimsy. We then spend the rest of our lives think the other team is The Nasty Team. On that metaphor, AAV (I'm sure you're a fan 😛 I'll paraphrase and spare you the full histrionics!) did a nice comparison recently with if a football team that had several players intentionally trying to lose a match. Everyone else in the team works really hard and still nearly manages to secure a draw. The players trying to lose bet against their own team and the communications around the collusion containing racist or homophobic language. Maybe some of us pick our political parties similar to how football fans pick their teams - but we expect a higher standard from our footballers than our MPs.
  14. Also Neil, when I mockingly suggest Corbyn is an indefensible human being: Apologies, you should have said you didn't want to share faux-ridicule. Defending how good or bad Corbyn was, I don't see as particularly helpful at this point. He's had (been denied?) his chance to lead the party. if the party itself is rotten however, that's worth pondering before stumbling blindly onwards.
  15. Sounds like a broad church isn't worth aiming for? I appreciate the disconnect you're pointing to, what MPs want verses what members want and the tensions that brings. Also before Corbyn the party was stagnating, dwindling membership and finances. On finances, should Labour be seeking a strong membership, or pursuing Israeli lobbyists? I'm not sure where the happy medium is, but the leaked report includes derisory comments towards other candidates that first ran against Corbyn, and towards the previous party leader. How far do you go to make these people happy?
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