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  1. p.pete

    Bagpipes and opening gates

    I was within earshot of bagpipes - but also at gate C, so can't add much. I think there was rumours of gates opening at 7am - then the bag-pipes started playing and we all thought we were in for sure. Then nothing... then we put our bags down again, false alarm. I think there may have been a second round or bagpipes nearer 7:30 then, and things started to flow. It definitely added to our excitement
  2. p.pete

    Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    I've grumbled about gate B a lot in the past - not had the joy in the last two years. I think my grumbles have been outweighed by volume of grumbles for gate D (as suggested, more people use it). Problems I've experienced at B have often been largely due to late-arrivals joining the queue at different points, and things can spiral out of control with (almost certain) lack of supervision. It can flip things from you arriving at whatever time and being in an established queue, to that queue grinding to a halt as other newer sections of arrivals get preference at pinch points or whatever. Nothing sinister or logical, just people aiming for what they can see. Most of the festival site's parking seems to be on the West, so I can imagine most people experiencing problems are over there, not complicated. Without great knowledge of the area around D I can see that there are way more potential spots (in comparison to B ) where you could get stuck in one queue that suddenly becomes defunct due to later arrivals doing their own thing, arriving from different directions due to new parking fields opening maybe. I can see addition of a second 'alton-towers' style queue, complained about above, may actually help alleviate the issue I'm describing, but presumably adds other issues as suggested by @fewcloudy Gate C is obviously different - probably one of the most used entrances but there's only really one way of marching through the campervan fields, so everyone's likely to end up in the same ordered queue - and a huge population of people coming from campervans who a ) don't need (/want) to bring in a massive load of stuff and b ) can look out their window and decide bugger that, I'll sit outside with a beer for a bit. As for lack of services after getting through the gate - most people don't spend much time there. You could probably make a killing on Wednesday morning, but not exactly a spot I can see vendors lining up for. Once people are done getting their stuff through the gate I can't imagine there's much foot-fall at all. If there's more services going to be put there then the festival would probably need to offer a pretty decent contract.
  3. p.pete

    Glastonbury Toe

    I have a sore right big toe - skin flared up around the nail and was very painful, first noticed thursday evening walking back to tent after carmageddon. This thread has reminded me to look it up - as while it's not as painful it's still there. Day 2 and I was wearing runners, so not welly-related - shows you still need to look after your feet though. And eat less cake. I've diagnosed myself with acute paronychia - guess I should book a gp appointment...
  4. p.pete

    Food offer 2017

    Eat the Farm, burger place on strip from WH to L'field. I'd not eaten there before but definitely my food highlight, I don't even go for burgers that often. Wed morning I was in the area and hungry - they had a breakfast burger on and it was fantastic. I made a point of going back for a day-time menu burger just before justice last night - and the burger won highlight of the evening I think , close call though
  5. p.pete

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Avalanches started on time, so my guess is yes, I arrived without realising there'd been no toots
  6. p.pete

    On site observations

    Re the vendors, I've heard some of the smaller ones went bust following last year, sinking huge money (10/15k ?) to get a pitch here but then nobody was buying anything. And the people like Yeo pullled out rather than not being invited. Not sure how true that is, given growler-guy seemed to want to be here and isn't
  7. p.pete

    On site observations

    Any ideas of new piano bar location?
  8. p.pete


    Cheers! Thanks for the confirm
  9. p.pete

    Weather 2017

    Stewards now handing out bottles of water - outstanding (in pp)
  10. p.pete

    Weather 2017

    I think pilton palais is hottest place on site - though maybe the actual saunas are similar?
  11. p.pete

    On site observations

    No, it's 'fairly' similar to last year, think the book shop may be in the park now, but bar and cafe seem similar to last year
  12. p.pete

    On site observations

    I hope not - has it ever been initially blocked to reopen later? Layout diff WH side, Goan is more in line with walkway to WH bar
  13. p.pete

    What to do tonight (Wednesday)

    Glasto Latino has a salsa type band on 9pm I think - sounds fun. Not sure how long it'll be on for, so will mayb do a bit of that before fires and fireworks - not sure how alive I'll be after that. Gin & brothers.
  14. p.pete

    On site observations

    Link from WH to Avalon seems to be no more - that's annoying
  15. p.pete

    Gate B Status thread 2017

    Is this within areas of car park 1? Sounds like they're organising it for once, which is great if true