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  1. p.pete

    Volunteering 2020

    Couldn't hurt to try
  2. I like it. I'm sure there's plenty of technical reasons why it couldn't work, but people seem pretty clever these days. If you could limit it down to one person trying for each group of tickets, on one device - lots of stress for that one person! - you might end up closer to an equal opportunity. f5 skills aside.
  3. Just re-register every year. Yes, a bit odd to have a 3-year conveyor with everyone dropping off it at the same point. Want to buy tickets? Step 1 register / reactivate your registration. We'd all forget if it was every 3 years.
  4. p.pete

    Volunteering 2020

    My one experience of Oxfam was working with a different festival. My thoughts are that maybe you could have some control over where you get put, but only after you've volunteered for quite a few years.
  5. p.pete

    Jonathan Pie

    I'm starting to become weary of comedy I nod along with, which appears to poke fun at the opposite side of the political spectrum, but which seems to be liked equally by those who base themselves on the opposite side of the political spectrum.
  6. Sure, why not. You can double your chances now by getting one extra person to try for you.
  7. You're probably right, just trying to consider how a ballot might work. If part of the ticket allocation went via ballot then those not wishing to divulge this information could abstain and their registration would still be valid for non-ballot tickets. In terms of GDPR I'm sure it wouldn't be as simple as saying to people: this is the information we need; this is why we need it; tick here to indicate you're happy with that; and then say thank you, we will store it appropriately. So maybe other clever ideas not involving passports (just a suggestion) could be thought of. Largely I'm happy with the system as is. I don't have full trust that people can't game it, and why could we trust any future system either? The idea at the moment is that it's luck and everyone has an equal chance - although each person can try with multiple devices or have a team of relatives (or paid people) trying for them - but it feels like tweaking around the edges isn't going to improve the current system too much.
  8. Maybe require registrations to be linked to a unique passport before they're valid for entry into future ballots? I've never gotten into the London Marathon (latest rejection today) but I feel the ballot part of their system is fair - though maybe I'm being naive and everyone else is entering with multiple addresses. Definitely that would happen for something more valuable like glastonbury, but if entries could be validated (e.g. against a passport) then this could work in the future...
  9. JP tent moved a few years ago, pick it up again and drop it in the middle of where SH is now. Maybe keep BBC there too. Everything else move to Woods / where JP is now. Would there be more scope for the existing venues to fit into that area in a more interesting way and hopefully no longer so much sound bleed? Lots to be thought trough in terms of placing backstages and rejig of camping areas.
  10. Didn't go this year, but I'm guessing they've maybe not moved it at all (due to the tunnels being concrete) but have maybe a different route to access it? Though is that actually possible... There's a bit of a lake above where the normal route is / dragon area seemed properly fenced off. Ah well, may try going 7/8am some time as suggested - only previously been as part of late night previously and wasn't bothering (capable?) with late nights this year 😛
  11. 1. Idles 2. Kate Tempest 3. This is the Kit
  12. So many people tipping their old water on the ground though - before getting a refill. It was great there were so many places to get water from, I only queued once and that was bottom of pyramid and that moved quickly, but people dumping water so they could have 'fresh' stuff seemed a bit off to me.
  13. p.pete

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Tuesday night as we got near to the site it was raining heavily from a303 until we got to the top of the hill that's about 2 miles before car parks. At the top of the hill roads seemed dry as if it'd not hit at all
  14. p.pete

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Got out from E last night, I tried to use brown route but only got so far and there was an unmanned gate which was closed. I wonder if its still shut given how crap it sounds you have it
  15. Haha, exactly that thanks efests for the info though
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