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  1. For me, oddly that wouldn't be that bad. Might mean some of their less vocal orientated songs get played (which I do tend to prefer)
  2. It'll also be interesting to see if anyone leaves after IDLES.
  3. Hoping to go to this day (first time travelling up north for a festival). Any idea what the prices will be per ticket and how quickly day tickets will sell out. I'm hoping to pick one up on Friday!!!
  4. That's what I was thinking with Dry Cleaning. As much as I love them a) they're nowhere near the size of Black Midi and b) BC, NR are surely the better known name of the two?
  5. Same here, absolute nightmare but I think for me BC,NR are the one's I'd like to see more (just about). I'm dreading if Black Midi pull out and instead someone like Sleaford Mods or Fontaines takes their spot. Maybe they could move BCNR up and then fill the slot they were gonna play with Working Mans Club instead.
  6. I finally got it sorted but it was not easy. Literally been trying to contact them for the past 5 minutes, shamed them on facebook and even contacted another festival going on that weekend (which actually seemed to be the thing that gave them a kick up the ass). I've only recently gotten all my disability evidence which means I'm quite new to the world of companion tickets etc and Wide Awake were by far the worst people I've had to deal with.
  7. My day is looking like: IDLES - Porridge Radio - Squid - Mandrake Handshake - Scalping - Lynks - BCNR - The Murder Capital - Black Midi - Shame
  8. 100% recommend Lynks and Porridge Radio, both great!
  9. Seems Tropical F**k Storm have pulled out of this. A shame.
  10. If I was you I'd listen to Nonagon Infinity; Flying Microtonal Banana; Murder Of The Universe and Paper Maiche Dream. That would cover most of the styles they explore.
  11. For me that's a plus as well, bar the first Thursday which for me has a disgustingly strong undercard I should be able to see everyone I want by just seeing the headliners on the second weekend.
  12. When will we be able to start looking at the Mid-Week shows. Really hoping to go to that Charli XCX night and the KKB gig as well.
  13. What a line up!!! I'm deffo going to upgrade to both weekends. I've wanted to see Dua Lipa for ages but she's so expensive in the UK. I'm glad Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing as well, I saw them when they subbed LCD in Victoria Park and didn't have a clue who they are, they still might have out done LCD that day 😛 I'm also glad I'll get to see Nick Cave, does anyone know if he plays much Murder Ballads; Dig Lazarus Dig or Let Love In?
  14. Been trying to contact the fest RE access needs to no avail. I filled out the required form but haven't heard anything in over a month. Tried contacting them on Insta and nothing. Any ideas?
  15. Will it be the same line up ala Coachella or two totally different line ups? I'm really hoping so as I can't be affording to stay in Spain for much longer but am certain there'll be someone announced (Radiohead, Lana, NIN, Bjork) who I just can't miss.
  16. From what I recall my friend paid around £30-35 for her ticket? Is this the whole line up or can we expect anymore drops? I'm still hoping for Squid
  17. I was happy with the prospect of getting to see Black Midi and Boy Harsher tbh, I didn't expect to finally get to see IDLES and BCNR! (Who are currently nailed on for my album of the year). Honestly the value for money on this fest is near unparalleled on the British circuit in my opinion.
  18. In all honesty my dream would be that they cherry pick the best of the 20/21 line up and then replace some of the less relevant names with artists releasing albums from now till June(ish) 2022. St Vincent, NIN, Lana Del Rey added and I'll be chuffed. Fiona Apple would be a dream but I appreciate the chances of that happening are next to nil.
  19. A Lorde, Haim day would be great! But will Lorde have her new album out by then? She's taking forever with it aha
  20. That Thursday is horrendously stacked, I basically want to see half of the acts playing that day... me and my partner are already working out who plays England a lot and is cheap since realistically there's no chance of us seeing everyone we want.
  21. Mavis Staples and Massive Attack back on the line up make me very happy
  22. This new line up is actually gorgeous. I am so excited for next June now!!!!
  23. I think Mitski has said no more touring in general for her. St Vincent on the other hand, I pray!
  24. Oh that confirms them then!!! 😂 Honestly I'd love a Pulp reunion, seeing them would make my year. But I think as long as he's pushing Jarv Is (ugh) it aint happening.
  25. I know Pulp's Twitter had a smidge of activity a while back. It's a bit weird they're choosing the 26th anniversary of Different Class to reform.
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