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  1. Keep me posted mate. We will deffo be having a few in Manchester pre gig on the Saturday. I know all the best dives.
  2. To be honest Zigster, that is kind of my approach to a pint in the town i live. I think its the reason i like the dog i have as they are quite aloof as a breed. Don't get me wrong, i love company and getting on it with mates but managing to hold off on the pub temptation at the moment due to a family member about to go in for chemo and i need to be physically and mentally on point for that.
  3. Did you cop for cock watching duties? 😉
  4. Hi mate, With the ticket I flogged you.. 🙂 How's tricks? We are going to Manchester on the Saturday and will crash at a mates as getting back to the Wirral is nothing short of a ball ache post Manchester gig. My feeling with this band is they can be a bit static on stage and not THAT engaging with the crowd so being into the tunes beforehand deffo helps. In comparison to say Idles who (in my humble opinion) do have some duff tracks but.... fok me.... they are so visceral and incendiary live I could watch them reading the shipping forecast and be riveted.
  5. I had a proper cry during the Proclaimer's. Absolutely smashed my senses. Sunshine on Leith..sublime I'm not Scottish either.
  6. See you in 2021. First one to complain about sore feet gets the wets in at the Cider Bus 😀
  7. Jay Pee

    BBC Glastonbury

    Likewise any Linux (Ubuntu) weirdos out there. Download the Video Downloader prog. Corner of attached image. You just copy the URL from iPlayer and copy into the program and download the Audio and Video files. Best Res available etc. Really easy.
  8. You mean like Noel Gallagher? Or Lauryn Hill?
  9. Solo for me. All day (week) long. Then again, I am fifty and have seen and done enough battiness in life to be completely comfortable with my own company and more importantly my own agenda for the week. I cant tolerate stragglers which obviously is a trait from the days in the Armed Forces. Also, last year, I clocked up 150 miles Monday to Monday on about 3-4 hours kip a night. The youngsters couldn't keep up with that regime. Age and Treachery > Youth and Skill... All day long :-)
  10. Hey MetaKate, Why not find a large corporation retailer nearby where you could "purchase" a gaming PC and VR Headset to use for the duration of the festival and the. Return for refund in a week or so?
  11. Best use of available real estate there mate. Well done.
  12. That made me laugh Yoghurt. Thanks. Mushrooms are so unpredictable aren't they.. My evening has been ok thanks.. cider and brandy. Got a nice buzz.
  13. My sack of juice is really engorged.. I'm blaming the heat. Anyone else experiencing Tumescence?
  14. Just found this one from 2016. I think it was Sunday and suffice to say, everywhere was a bit mucky..
  15. 2019: I did a 6 hour shift on the Saturday morning from 6 am cleaning long drops after 3 hours sleep and then got straight on it through to 3 am the Sunday morning including the face melting Fontaines DC set in Williams Green. It was a proper tough regime and was as hot as Kandahar in 2009, but a bit less terrifying. This feels the same today. Fuckin redders
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