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  1. Jay Pee

    The poster 2020

    Must admit, and I say this as someone who followed the Mondays in late eighties, them and the Lightning Seeds was a WTF Moment? Nostalgia can be a magic or an absolute F***** millstone.
  2. Jay Pee

    The poster 2020

    My problem is I don't really know what I want anymore ... Lol. I love seeing bands that are striving to make it and Never happier than in a railway arch venue paying a tenner to watch the next young hopefulls. But was also secretly hoping for some sort of face melting RATM madness and equivalent at Glastonbury this year. Also, being a 50 something hacienda head, the festival is just as much about dancing like a father in some far flung mystery Glastonbury venue to Graham Park or similar. I think the hype / expectation in the media dragged me me in and when the poster launched it just felt a bit of a shoulder shrug moment. As I have said to colleagues who don't really get festivals, if there is a festival where the line up can sometimes seem a distraction, then Glastonbury is it. It will be mint as I said earlier. I suppose I was after Fontaines DC undercard to Idles headline. Which was a completely unrealistic expectation!
  3. Hi Mate, I cant offer any advice but will send you support and Karma. This is unreal what we are experiencing globally. Just focus on the Cider Bus on 25 June 2020. I will get the apples in and some sort of mindfuck chasers..
  4. Jay Pee

    The poster 2020

    Mulled it around for a couple of days, read it, read it and read it again. Its not a great line up for me (at the moment). That said, equally comfortable with Park, Williams Green, West Holt's and Kepler static in a yurt somewhere so as always, it will be ace. Expected more for the 50th. Which is probably trending on social media
  5. Jay Pee

    Food Stalls 2020

    Anyone know if the Pyramid Subs are any good?
  6. Jay Pee

    Volunteering 2020

    PM me if you want to have some warts and all insight into the WA experience. I am not big on social media and am wary of posting loads on here as my gripes may not be a true reflection of the WA organization. It may be to do with the fact that I got in at 4 am and was staring at a long drop wearing marigolds at 6:30 am feeling like Capt Willard. As sir Jonny has mentioned, we had a blast and actually worked really closely. We shared a container of assorted cleaning products.... heady heady days.. I loved it to be honest. There are things that could have been done better but isn't there always? Camping in Toms Field is so ace. As I said further up this thread, go into everything with an open mind and commit to it. Its a life mantra. There are people who get pad a pittance to clean toilets all day and every day. There are people globally who would consider themselves extremely fortunate to have a functioning toilet on their doorstep. A Glastonbury long drop would be considered luxury. It does a relatively entitled westerner some good to connect with the shitty end of the stick every now and then.
  7. Jay Pee

    Volunteering 2020

    Deffo agree with that. Volunteer because you believe in the organisation and are happy to promote the charity to people queuing to get in / for a shit /for some water
  8. Thanks. In what seems like a dim and distant life ago, i did this for a living. Unfortunately, it usually resulted in weaponry being dropped on people's heads a short time later..
  9. What do you reckon this is / these are? Reckon it is where the oil drum bins rest when the festival isn't on?
  10. Either option would involve some sort of self loathing / onanism
  11. They are hard work and the ship has sailed. Would rather watch Mik Artistic in a compost loo
  12. The only other tune that captures the mood IMHO of all of that madness / joy is Paul Oakenfold's remix of Wrote For Luck. Loaded and WFL give me a neck Mohican from start to end. I wanna be adored possibly in same esteem. My Manchester roots and LSD Dabbling 85-90 may have skewed things.
  13. Amen Supernintedo. Loaded is fuckin loaded. Anthem
  14. It's pretty screwed out there isn't it? So much pissing rain and wind.
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