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  1. Jay Pee


    Thank god for that. Oxygen thieves
  2. Jay Pee

    50 @ 50

    Yes, also my 50th year on this planet. deffo will be getting refreshed at some point. As long as the volunteer place comes through.
  3. Jay Pee


    Fuzzy.. This is what my 5 month old Ridgeback thinks
  4. Jay Pee


    And here’s me just writing them all off as trolling w*nkers when all along they are just thick c**ts
  5. Jay Pee

    Flag idea

    Is that second picture of the Pyramid stage the legendary David Koresh and the Branch Davidian’s set circa 1992 / 93? looks a hoot..
  6. Jay Pee

    2019 New Music

    Quite enjoying Working Men’s Club at the moment and going to see them at YES in Manchester in a few weeks. hoping the may make the John Peel undercard for 2020
  7. I’m fine with the PSBs I hasten to add. The rest of the line up is alarmingly shite.
  8. That is an Arnie line up and a half that..
  9. See if you can find a 13 year old to help you. Once he/she has finished tuning your TV box and sorting Itunes out on your phone.
  10. Being Male, i assume you threw the instructions away as soon as you opened it up from the shop? 😀
  11. This year, I got the train to Temple Meads on the Monday and the bus to Glastonbury Town from just outside the station and it was a joy. Beer all the way and lovely views down through the country. Shuttle back to BTM the following Monday. At the risk of shooting my own travel costs in the foot, did you know that on the trainline.com site you can put a journey in from point A to point B on the intended dates of travel and they email you when the cheapest advanced fares come on sale? If you then dive on the Split ticketing app and work the chicanery on there, you can get a result. I paid 40 return last year from Chester to Bristol and then the a few quid to Glastonbury on the bus. I cant remember what I paid to get from the site back to Bristol on the Monday morning as I was fucked out of my mind and cant remember taking my tent down. Proper festival beer scooter scenes...
  12. You can try my Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy for size on her first “slightly dischuffed” visit to the pet shop for harness fitting.
  13. Jay Pee

    Pilton Party 2019

    I blame the beak. It makes dull people think they are interesting and entertaining.
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