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  1. Hola Long Drop Amigo I think It depends on the OS and the software you use. The ripper I used on Linux gives an Audio and a Video tab. I downloaded the audio version of the sets I wanted for MP3 and then the video version for watching with a large single malt in the comfort of the sofa.. Edit: it comes through as one audio file (stating the obvious)
  2. Jay Pee


    LOL, That was me administering the First Aid. One of the most comical moments of the week If I am honest. He wouldn't take any Savlon off me in case it prevented further substance ingestion :-) Made even more amusing by the fact that they were full on Scouse rum lads and I'm from Manchester. His mate kept hugging me whilst I was trying to deal with the narcs casualty. Still makes me laugh typing this now. Yes, I can honestly say, having been on Military Operations all over the world in very hot and terrifying places, I have seen worse toilets on combat ops. The 6am Saturday morning shift is pretty hellish as nobody has been into clean the toilets since maybe 23:00 the night before. would be nice to unsee some of that but overall, it was not that much of an ordeal.
  3. Jay Pee

    First KC

    I intervened with some lads (young men) swinging on a tree limb a few years ago between a couple of the stages. they were proper dicks. Just trying to snap it. 8 or maybe 10 of them decided to step up and come at me (on my own) to try and get some fists flying. Unreal. I didn’t back off but was aware any fight would likely involve all being ejected. As they came towards me, 6 absolutely massive Glaswegians came behind me and basically told them if they didn’t fuck off, they would be watching the remaining bands with their heads up their arses. had quite a laugh a minute or two later. The Mancunian - Glaswegian Tree Alliance etc. Kendal has its fair share of boys who think they are the biggest fish in a small pond and sometimes need telling they ain’t. Plenty of ex servicemen ex football hooligans there when you need them😉
  4. You ain't wrong Brother. Watching them on the Park Stage the other week was exhilarating. Watching them on iPlayer the other day was fuckin hilarious
  5. Its a good take on life 🙂
  6. The Doves set at Bearded Theory this year seemed very pedestrian. The band are parked with the rest of my eighties and nineties Mancunian nostalgia. Each to their own.
  7. Jay Pee

    Glastonbury Tattoos

    Does anything you type have any origin of truth? I am amazed at your capacity for it all.
  8. Idles. So incendiary live. Seen them about 6 or 7 times now from sweatbox Student Union venues to the Glastonbury "home comings". My only fear is if too many Idlescurious folk don't get on the rollercoaster during the KC set . They feed off the crowd massively. Doves are decent but Idles live are level ten insanity.
  9. In the interests of balance, he did get bummed in the Gents Toilets in Shrewsbury by the Head Boy of the public school he was attending at the time. Not consenting. Just to further muddy the muddy waters.
  10. Well, isn't this nice. Idles Audio and Video done... Next !
  11. What OS are you running?
  12. Linux Geeks. This seems to work a treat. Download and then copy URL and click the button.
  13. Just downloading now. Where there is a will Thanks
  14. Struggling to get anything on Linux (Ubuntu). Any tips would be apprciated. Ta
  15. Jay Pee

    Festival Loves :)

    Are you ever not a complete tit?
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