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  1. Someone was moaning after Spirtualized at the Bridgwater Hall the other month that Jason never said a word and how poor the interaction was etc etc. it may have even have been a "Critics" review As my mate said. "I have seen them 15 plus times and probably heard him say Hello and thanks maybe twice.... go and watch Gary Fucking Barlow" Have to agree. on the next level., Jeff Goldblum on the West Holts was absolutely brilliant. Its horses for courses
  2. I appreciate this may be really obvious and possibly patronising to some and I really don't mean it to be. My advice is open a Monzo account or similar as a slush fund for Glastonbury. I plan to cut back a couple of pub trips each month (maybe 70 quid) and pay into Glastonbury Piggy Bank and be really disciplined about it. The account can be locked so you can't blow on other stuff I've done it for a few years and it is such a relief to check the balance in May and see several hundred quid sat there. You can even set up little saving pots in Monzo for Glastonbury, and other stuff. Again I understand some may not have the wriggle room but if you do have some spare cash to do this or can make sacrifices its a good vehicle to help with that.
  3. Right Said Fred > ELO
  4. It's head scratching rather than offence. Just had half a dozen IPAs down a chilled pub with the dog and am now ALL IN for a Pulp tour! Let's be honest. Jarvis a prince amongst men. There will deffo be new material. Let's do it!!!
  5. Has anyone been to one of these festivals which are all cover bands playing hits of their idols? They seem popular in the North West. Really next level baffling
  6. Lol. Yes, much to the chagrin of said bucket hats
  7. I think i am swinging my barometer towards JOMO rather than FOMO gig wise 🤣 Next Glastonbury will be spent in a Yurt in the Healing Fields listening to comet static.
  8. Which is a good point. A lot of the lads i grew up with with head to Castlefield to see James et al in a bucket hat and a pocket full of coke trying to capture something you just cant but if i mention i'm off to Yes to see Audiobooks if anyone fancies it?.... Tumbleweed. Cant disagree with you Deano
  9. Its complex and I appreciate it may come across as cutting ones nose off to spite ones face. I cant remember going to see a band that has been around as long as me that has lived up to my previous experience of seeing them in their pomp which is even weirder given that some of the heyday performances were not the best quality wise. eg. Stone Roses at Spike Island. Happy Mondays, New Order, ACR at GMEX in 88. The only caveat is I was fortunate enough to get tickets for New Order a couple of years ago at Granada Studios doing this which was very emotional https://mif.co.uk/news/how-we-made-new-order-and-liam-gillicks-so-it-goes/ I know its rose tinted specs etc and probably sounding a bit middle aged but i do get bored with hearing older material and seem to spend more of my time at smaller stages at Glastonbury for similar reasons. I was fortunate enough to see most of the half decent indie bands around Manchester in the late eighties in places like The Boardwalk and the Hacienda and the Ritz before it sold its soul to the man. Noting comes close the visceral feel of those experience and i have tried and tried to be there for many of the second (and third) springs of many of these bands. It also comes down to the cost of "stuff" and bands charging a small fortune to see them. I just try and support up and coming bands rather than go and watch stuff i have seen a stack of times. I am not being deliberately contrary around Pulp either. Sorry as some of this is quite tangental to Pulp And, if they release a fantastic new album... see you there 🙂
  10. This should possibly in the controversial opinions thread but have to say I have zero desire to see them if they do tour and say that as a liker of their music. It's moved on. The festival. Life. Everything. And I went to see Jar-Vis on the Park Stage and loved it. Just done with nostalgia and trying to recapture a moment. Away from the festival season i spend 10 or 15 quid going to see bands I have never heard off in small venues. It's years since I spent over 50 quid on a gig ticket chasing rainbows. Probably Stone Roses comeback tour in 2012.
  11. Whore or wire? It's important. God work again..cap doffed mate
  12. Let me just say that i don't actively disklike either of these bands but I massively don't understand the idolatry of Radiohead and Muse. Forgive me for I have tried.
  13. Yep, I'm in the "surely not" camp.. proper don't get the hype at all. Saw him at Beatherder about ten years ago and still consider it an hour wasted. Sorry fans. Opinions n that...
  14. Nice one! My Garmin came off in a mosh pit in Prague watching Fontaine's DC. I was on my knees (shiters) and somehow spotted it. They need to sort some festival / beer proof couplings out
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