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  1. Same. This thread is turning me bipolar.
  2. i genuinely have no idea how to read this thread. ill be wearing the same outfits ive planned no matter what, with a waterproof jacket on standby (THIS THREAD IS STILL STRESSING ME OUT THOUGH)
  3. I’m arriving by national express, will I have to walk through the long walk to the tipi area or can I go through the worthy view entrance? also do we get a ticket for the tipi village? My boyfriend booked it for all of us I have no idea if I’m meant to take a voucher or anything like that?
  4. Supernova.

    2019 map

    Wow I really missed it, haha thank you!!
  5. Supernova.

    2019 map

    I can’t see a thread where people are discussing it. As a novice to Glastonbury, is there anything new on it that hasn’t been announced already?
  6. I’d be hyped for this.... nostalgia!
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