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  1. One person with a ticket needs to book it.
  2. Oh I’m certainly not an influencer at all, nor do I want to be, I’m just basically responding to the previous poster who mentioned there were “influencers” that didn’t mix etc with other people in the tipi area, and with it only being a small area it felt like he/she may have been referring to my friends and I. We tried to go as “extra” as possible so may have given that vibe. I don’t know why you’ve taken so much offence by my post because I was not rude or obnoxious by what I said. Also by “mixing with other campers” I meant the people in the tipi area. I wasn’t referring to “the great unwashed” as you so eloquently put it. Anyway - I enjoyed the area a lot. As I enjoyed the positive vibe of the whole festival. Will probably try and do worthy view next year though. Good day 💕
  3. I really enjoyed my stay in one of the tipis. I used the showers twice. The hot water didn’t work at times, so just swerved it on the last few days. Cafe was great although it did get busy. All the staff were really friendly. It was first time ever doing a festival of any type so I can’t compare it to any other accommodation type but the location was pretty amazing. There was a pretty mixed crowd staying in the area. I guess me and my friends probably fall in to the “influencer” crowd based on the way we look as a previous poster mentioned, although we did mix with other campers. The reception charging your phone was a blessing and I adored the little camp fire at night to chill with people.
  4. Same. This thread is turning me bipolar.
  5. i genuinely have no idea how to read this thread. ill be wearing the same outfits ive planned no matter what, with a waterproof jacket on standby (THIS THREAD IS STILL STRESSING ME OUT THOUGH)
  6. I’m arriving by national express, will I have to walk through the long walk to the tipi area or can I go through the worthy view entrance? also do we get a ticket for the tipi village? My boyfriend booked it for all of us I have no idea if I’m meant to take a voucher or anything like that?
  7. Supernova.

    2019 map

    Wow I really missed it, haha thank you!!
  8. Supernova.

    2019 map

    I can’t see a thread where people are discussing it. As a novice to Glastonbury, is there anything new on it that hasn’t been announced already?
  9. I’d be hyped for this.... nostalgia!
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