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  1. It doesn't help that the BBC try to turn everything into a talk show. Thank god for Euro Sport!
  2. I think everyone has added so many people to their 'ignore' lists that there is nothing left to comment on! 🤣
  3. How do you turn it off? on mine it can only be paused by up to 12 hours.
  4. I completely agree, I've scratched my head to work out where I may have been in contact with somebody for long enough but I cant understand it. The system is so full of holes its bonkers! But its the only one we have and it can help to prevent some infection. Its inconvenient and a pain in the ass, but in the grand scheme of things its not that bad.
  5. I've been double-jabbed but was pinged today for a contact 3 days ago so I have to isolate for 7 days. Have done a lateral test which is negative. But I will definitely isolate because it is the responsible thing to do for the medium to long term. The gov are relaxing restrictions in the blind hope that people will be responsible - but if the majority aren't, then there will definitely be need for more restrictions or even lockdowns in the future. I am lucky enough to be able to work at home without any issue, which I know is a problem for people who would otherwise lose income (disgraceful that the gov wont cover isolation pay), but for the majority there really is no excuse.
  6. Ah! after all these years the mystery is solved. Cheers for that. I'm afraid their reputation preceded them and the rumour was they were drunk somewhere on site.
  7. Also, Dizzie in 2013. Dishonourable mention for The View - who, if I've got my years right, missed their set at Williams Green in 2013 as they had gone AWOL somewhere on site.
  8. I happened upon Liam Gallagher in 2017 whilst on my way to Shame at Williams Green. My god LG was terrible, he's become a parody of himself.
  9. 365 days and 10 minutes until Paul McCartney 😊
  10. Very true. As time goes on, if they keep numbers very low internally then they will also benefit as the rest of the worlds population gets vaccinated. It should be also pointed out that our vaccination numbers would be significantly lower if we had kept the number of cases/deaths right down like they have down in Aus and NZ. I'm sure there will be a clever graph somewhere showing the relationship between hospitalisations/deaths and vaccination rates.
  11. Will it though? 27 deaths were recorded yesterday in the UK. New Zealand had had 26 in total. I accept I have just made a direct comparison there after previously stating that wasn't clever! But it does indicate the results of the vastly different approaches.
  12. Its very difficult and direct comparisons aren't particularly appropriatel due to the vastly different populations and geography. However, its a stark fact that both of those countries have experienced practically zero deaths and returned to normal far quicker and with much less disruption than we have. Short, targeted lockdowns are a very small price to pay.
  13. I corrected it for you 🤣
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