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  1. Gingerfish79

    The Rock Slot

    Green Day, Ozzy, Def Leopard, Pumpkins. All would be great. Anybody for some Steel Panther??? Also (and a crossover to the headliners thread), Slipknot would absolutely own the Pyramid. I didnt consider myself a fan but I thought they were incredible at Download.
  2. Surely it cant be that difficult to enforce a rule that no chairs or blankets are allowed beyond a line say 2/3's up the field, using markers or some other system to show the line. The number of times I nearly trod on somebody sat on a blanket close up to the stage was ridiculous.
  3. 1) Killers 2) Idles (Park) 3) Fontaines DC (John Peel)
  4. My app says that Fontains DC are picking up Sam Fenders slot at Peel tomorrow? This is excellent news!
  5. So I made it to Chippenham! But unfortunately this will be where the cycle adventure ends. With about 20 miles to go by rear brake calliper let go, jamming the break on and nearly throwing me into a wall! Only option was to take the brake off and finish the day tentatively on just the front brake! There are some fast downhill sections tomorrow so I’m not going to risk it.
  6. Completed day 1 of my bike ride from Nottingham. I’m now within 120 miles of the Farm!
  7. The app says it’s a 35 min acoustic set at 1.45 in the am. I wonder if they could also be a Thursday WG band?
  8. Having just survived 4 days at Download, my legs are toned from tramping through the mud and my feet are welly-hardened. Preparation is key! Also, despite the biblical rain in the week proceeding, and the downpours during, the ground at Download actually held up pretty well, and by Sunday had started to recover.
  9. Finally my order has updated!! I can relax a little and go roll around in the mud at Download!!
  10. Gingerfish79

    Resale Club 2019

    Not sure why my checkpage is still working, I thought it was only valid until the end of May. Do I need to unsubscribe?
  11. Everybody in my group now has their tickets except for me and my better half. At what point should I go round to see tickets with the pitch fork?!
  12. My order hasn’t even made it that far yet!
  13. I've now started monitoring my Junk mailbox just in case! Come on See!
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