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  1. I hope they don't speed up the easing of restrictions too much, I haven't lost enough weight yet!
  2. Ouch. That’s more than a vaccine bounce.
  3. Yes you can and they are increasingly popular in the EU. We used to have freeports in the UK before the last big recession.
  4. Completely agree. No matter what excuses people make for them, to have made no material progress in the last 6 months is pathetic. I resigned my membership last November when it became abundantly clear that Starmer had no intention of sticking to his 10 election pledges.
  5. This is worrying. If they can’t make meaningful gains after the past 6 months, they never will.
  6. Seems to me that the surest way to mess up the vaccination program would be to start messing around with priority lists. We saw this last year with the almost constant tweaking of the rules - where would they draw line? It would create so many grey areas and opportunities for abuse of the system. Keep to age group bands, it keeps it simple and avoids and opportunity for confusion. Focus should be on vaccinating the most vulnerable and then speeding up production and delivery.
  7. I also think the image of a clearly deranged clown gesticulating wildly to an empty room about how he couldn't possibly have done any more to save 100,000 people will be, in itself, quite powerful.
  8. Id like to see that, but unfortunately Starmer see's her as a threat to his position so he wont afford her the opportunity.
  9. PMQ's today. I really hope Starmer goes on the attack - if 100,000 deaths at the hands of a negligent PM isn't enough for him to show some genuine outrage and fury, then it is lost. Make him try to defend the indefensible, as we know Johnson will, and then keep going and going.
  10. Two of our group are turning 40 during summer 2022 which will make it even more special to be back on the farm. Its going to be huge!
  11. My 90 year old Grandad has now had both of his doses of the vaccine. He lives in Halton in the northwest, which is currently just about the worst place to be in the country in terms of infection rate. Massive relief!
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jan/13/scary-covid-leaders-no-plan-to-control-pandemic-cycle This is an excellent article and quite succinctly, I think, summarises the majority of points people have been making in this thread for sometime. After 11 months, to still have no coherent plan is unforgiveable.
  13. I agree with Polly Toynbee in the Guardian. If the vaccine rollout goes broadly to plan and the country opens up for the summer, Johnson will trigger an election.
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