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  1. I think they're just playing PR spin games. They'll try to drop it after 8pm.
  2. The usual shouty lies from Johnson. I don't think he's even convincing himself with this act anymore. The two big things for me were Johnson clearly distancing himself from the Chancellor when he said he didn't sign off the £4bn write-off and he also walked into Starmer's trap when he acknowledged that he would have to resign if he is found to have broken the ministerial code.
  3. I would love to see JRM play prop for Cas, what a day that would be!
  4. They have to take the current opportunity with two hands, who knows if they’ll get another. Throw the kitchen sink at forcing him out and then back themselves to beat either Truss or Sunak. I don’t think either of them are particularly standout politicians, and neither would be popular in the way Johnson was. Throw the kitchen sink at winning the red wall back and some seats in Scotland.
  5. His people will try to put him front and centre of the international response though, however laughable it would be. It could be fun watching a 90 year old Biden put him in his place though!
  6. Is anybody else regularly checking in on the BBC webcam? I suspect we'll know things are kicking off at pace when they switch it live again.
  7. But if he culls Civil servants he'll create even more sources and the leaks will never stop... He'll try to lean on Gray to ensure the report does not say he broke the law and Reynolds will be the fall guy, no doubt paid handsomely for his troubles. His behaviour in PMQs yesterday suggests to me he's already confident of getting away with it.
  8. Didn't Kelis play that day as well or have I mixed up my days?
  9. No worries! Just donated and I'm sure many more people will now its posted in here. Thanks again, fantastic gesture.
  10. Only just aware of the funding page. Great work by all the organisers. Thanks for everything @Neil, hope we can get you to the farm.
  11. David Davis just used his question to tell Johnson to go. Highest profile Tory yet to demand his resignation?
  12. Agreed. Winning back just a handful of seats again in Scotland could make a big difference.
  13. Always a risk, but I don't see the 'red wall' staying blue now. I think there was a specific attraction to Johnson from these areas and once he's gone and they realise that they are poorer for the experience, the majority will be back to Labour. However, it's clear that those seats must now be classed as 'floating' and Labour will have to work hard to get and keep them. A massive focus on the Midlands and north needed from Labour now.
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