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  1. When Leon Bridges walks on about half way into this... Ķhruangbin are uniquely awesome. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0c80p1r/glastonbury-khruangbin Superb festival generally. Litter and abandoned tents way down too. Well pleased me 🙂
  2. Nina Conti. Very, very funny at a packed out Cabaret stage.
  3. I saw Tom Tom Club feat.Tina Weymouth at he Wag Club in Soho. London circa 1989. Still probably the best gig of my life, and I have been to loads of gigs.
  4. Again, this thread is only about Mariah Carey really* Specifically her singing. Madison Square Garden. * And Tina Weymouth
  5. So, much joy imparted,
  6. Soul Stirring Moments. free form Soul Stirring Moments. Jessie J.
  7. Where did Level 42 come from?
  8. 😚 Tool are metal. Kiss are Metal All dead ends. Kiss
  9. I've been over-exposing myself over in the Metal thread. I feel safer here. Few venture here, * * Glastonbury talk around the 12 min mark I was there.
  10. This one warms my soul. It does. I'm not imploring anyone to do anything. But this one warms the soul.
  11. I never claimed to have never listened to Metal beyond the 80s. I have. It is a dead end. It is also just my opinion.
  12. I own most of the Rush albums on vinyl. (True) Alex Lifeson on Trailer Park Boys is my favourite celebrity appearance ever. Rush are class,
  13. "Luv & Piece" Eater. This I like.
  14. I love Prog, if that is any consolation? Sorry to interject in this thread, I should not have done that. Peace and Love.
  15. I'm hot here to hate, There is too much of that already. Metal is not for me but freedom to choose is implicit. I enjoyed that Samson gig I went to at age 16. It is not about agreeing on beauty, just acknowledging beauty exists. B. X.
  16. Like I said, I was in-to Metal in my tenes. I 'grew' out of it though 'Bring your daughter to the slaughter' Iron Maiden and tunes like 'I wish I was the saddle of a schoolgirls bike' by Samson put me off TBH You get that yes?
  17. So true. I'm not here to pick fights. All music joy is subjective. Glastonbury has it all.
  18. Apologies for not reading the thread. Surely has to be a simple aluminium screw top bottle. So none of the above.
  19. bamber


    Those repeaters in the Pyramid field fascinate me. So many decisions. We are not talking about a liner field here. No 'right' choices.
  20. Exquisite, exceptional and utterly unique . Here is another.
  21. bamber

    Silver Hayes

    Thursday Around 9:15pm at Lonely Hearts Club stage, only 1/2 an hour. (The do not have many tunes yet) A half hour you can spare. Exceptional.
  22. Better times. The Smiths Glastonbury 1984. I was there. It has all gone so wrong.
  23. bamber


    My attempt at Rhapsody. It falls short I feel. An attempt at Rhapsody is better than abject dereliction of duty regarding Rhapsody though.
  24. Is it Punk? Nah. Cul-de-sac music I'm never listening to that again. This is what happens, Causes you start off agreeing with get hijacked (in this case quite literally ) by C*nts Oh well. Rotten is now something of a Royalist. Morrissey is a Brexit nut-job #EverythingIsFucked
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