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  1. I'm so, very gutted I missed this. Jessie J back in London last week. Just a Joy. Makes you smile.
  2. Apparently, some are happy with this. OMG NO! This sullies all that is good in the world. This manages to be worse than the original. BE WARNED! Avoid clicking play unless you are in a good place.
  3. bamber

    House Music

    There is always more. For 35 years now I love this.
  4. bamber

    Bowie at Glasto

    I have not read this thread, but here is my story. I have told this before here, a long time ago. I saw/heard the start. It was good. But this made me and my then girlfriend very horny. So we went back to the tent, and did the thing, with Bowie vaguely there in the background. That's the story.
  5. Yaks are big in Tibet. I heard that - I read Seven Years in Tibet. Never ate any part of a Yak. Reminds me a bit of this ... Sorta-in-reverse?
  6. Bit of highly controversial Cerrone. It should not be this way.
  7. You do find 'em bro. Happy New Year back at you. Exquisite.
  8. If you've not watched 'Don't look up" I suggest you do. This remarkable, improvised apparently, performance by Ariana Grande is quite something.
  9. I too went to see/hear Uriah Heep in the late sevs. Jah Shaka was louder, more bass loud though, I suspect this is slightly less damaging than mids and treble. Uriah Heap were very loud too though. My hearing is holding up surprisingly well, all things considered. I also have Surfer's Ear or Exostosis. I have had the op for this. Photographs of my inner ear appeared in the British Medical Journal thanks to my consultant Dr J.J. Philips who asked me if it was OK to submit them in a paper he wrote about Exostosis. Gigs are not as loud today for good reason. Some clubs and Raves were also exceedingly loud.I know people who have genuine long-term ear damage from clubbing.
  10. The loudest thing I ever heard was Jah Shaka at the Church on the Island in Brixton. The solar plexus was rumbling that night. Now, ear damage, is it worth it? ... is a valid, controversial, musical opinion.
  11. bamber

    The Joke Thread

    Last summer, I was living near the beach and went surfing most mornings, early. After my surf, on my walk home, I passed the beach shop not long after it opened for the day, and outside they had a basket with three inflatable dolphins in it, for sale, small medium and large. Daddy, Mummy and baby. First morning I walk past the beach shop and I hear the baby inflatable dolphin grumbling about how squashed he is at the bottom of the basket. Not a happy dolphin bunny. Hey Ho, it's only a baby inflatable dolphin eh? Next morning, same thing, baby inflatable dolphin grumbling about how squashed he is, but this time he lifts his little inflatable flipper up to the large Daddy inflatable dolphin, and he he finds the valve, and lets a little bit of air out. This means baby inflatable dolphin has a more comfortable day and sleeps better that night. Happier baby inflatable dolphin. Next day, as usual, I'm walking past the beach shop and hear the baby inflatable dolphin again grumbling, but this time I see him lifting his little inflatable flipper up to the medium mummy inflatable dolphin, and letting a little bit of air out, ensuring his spot at the bottom of the basket is a little more comfortable. Next day, same again, the baby inflatable dolphin again grumbling about his lot in life and how he is still squashed up most of the time. Then I see the baby inflatable dolphin get a glint in the eye, and a moment of self-revelation... He does not speak now, but he reaches down with his little inflatable flipper and opens his own valve and lets out a little bit of air. Instantly he is more comfortable and has the best sleep that night, better than he has had all summer. Following day though, I'm walking home past the inflatable dolphin basket, but this time it is all kicking off. Daddy dolphin is kicking off to be specific. Waving his big inflatable flipper at baby dolphin he is vigorously chastising him saying, Look son, you've let me down, you've let your mother down, but worst of all, you've let yourself down.
  12. Perhaps the most controversial opinion is that all musical controversy is utterly contrived.; There is, in the end, no accounting for taste. All the cool skater kids used to love Ted Nugent. I secretly hated it and actually loved Shalamar much, much more.
  13. Nobody likes this any-more, 'cept me and you all.
  14. Born to love Yes, Always have loved Yes, Always will LOVE Yes. Controversial opinions...
  15. This is Dylan, being all Christian. So many questions. LOVE this tune.
  16. There is a back story in the lead up yo these Hotel Cafe gigs. Jessie all Soul.
  17. I SO wish I was there for this.
  18. LOVE a bit fat chunk of this................
  19. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  20. None of this is particularly controversial is it? It is good, kinda. It is somewhat obscure, but not thus controversial? (Love you YOAS, much, much respect) A controversial music opinion would look something like this...... Bang Bang and then things got weird. Jessie J - The Hotel Cafe, all her fans in L.A. 4 nights in a row. This is lush, love this, Controversial?
  21. Robbie Shakespeare with Bob Dylan too....... and Tosh and Marley on Concrete Jungle. Consummate Genius.
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