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  1. Yes, just use a tissue to dry off the seat and sit down. Was really responding to the idea you need to use anti-bacterial wet wipes that then go in a separate bin.
  2. If worried about bacteria just put some hand gel on a tissue and wipe it. Job done. No need for rings of bog roll, wet wipes, hovering or squatting over the seat. People are so weird.
  3. I think the point is, why do you need to sit on bog roll, what's wrong with the plastic toilet seat? Do you do this with all public toilets or just glastonbury?
  4. Been with O2 for years, but they majorly messed me about getting a replacement for a stolen phone before Glastonbury and I said I was considering leaving, think Glasto experience has made up my mind. Plus EE are the only mobile operator to have a signal at my Mum's too (she's in SW).
  5. I think it looks great but I just can't see that many people wanting to spend their time watching a 'normal' movie at Glastonbury tbh I guess we just thought it was films, didn't realise there was a bar and food etc, so maybe we should have explored it more but prob does need to be a bit more info on what's up there
  6. I do think it's a bit pointless, could have something else up there more food/toilets, silent disco or just reinstate the camping
  7. this is not a progressive take. 'the proles can work it' ffs
  8. perhaps they realised the blue brethren's hatred of all tinges of red and were trying to blue up the beans for you........ joking aside, you waited an hour for beans on toast? why?
  9. Not a hack but we always send postcards to family but add one for ourselves. Nice surprise when you get home to get a postcard from your past self.
  10. Haha fair dos, that is 95% true for me. Still a little niggle when I have to pay £8-10 for a 330ml can
  11. I kinda resent paying through the nose for a can though. I would always rather draft, cans feel like you're being stiffed.
  12. Yeah, said before the festival that being subcontracted isn't an excuse to hide behind. Glastonbury let the contracts and security represent them to the punter so they need to ensure they set the tone/expectation on security and address any issues like this.
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