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  1. One silver lining, no stupid Guardian competition!
  2. Guess I'll be resale club 2021......hey ho, something to look forward to 😀
  3. Levitz

    Online Festival?

    Might be posted elsewhere (if so please delete) but maybe they could be a mini online festival, The Dropkick Murphy's did a great job streaming for St Patrick's day last night and 130,000 people were watching Shipping Up to Boston at the end. Was quite life affirming. Just a thought.
  4. Levitz

    Resale help

    Missed out again. Only 2 of us but grateful for any help so we don’t have to watch the fun on TV like 2019 ?
  5. Think there is an argument for only allowing you to buy one set of 6 tix (or reduce to 4) and then locking you out, but prob difficult to do with incognito browsers etc...
  6. Liverpool do do this for member's sales of PL home games, the time waiting is in minutes up to 30 mins I think, then under 45 mins, under an hour and over an hour. Believe me it's just as frustrating if you get anything other than the specific minutes and most members hate the way it works.
  7. Levitz

    Volunteering 2020

    just registered for oxfam
  8. That's not how Liverpool did it for CL final ballot. You already have a smaller pool due to pre-qualfication criteria of previous attendance of that comp that season. You then had to be successful in the ballot to purchase (so if you were buying for 6 all 6 had to have been successful in the ballot)
  9. 50th anniversary and maybe instead of last year's terrible glasto/co-op comp
  10. Levitz

    Resale Club 2019

    glad it worked out, no glasto comp for you!
  11. Levitz

    Resale Club 2019

    Nope, nada, nothing. Resale and random hopeless competitions that are ultimately futile for me again......any of the resalers of 2019 who were lucky today want to help that would be much appreciated!
  12. Hello darkness my old friend.......
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