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  1. Wilko888

    2019 map

    Does anyone know if they open the emperors field arena entrance on a Thursday now? Last time I went we had to go through the main entrance.
  2. Wilko888

    2019 map

    Looks like calling out is now where the glow tent used to be from my memory of it in 2015?
  3. Wilko888

    2019 map

    Think capacity was around 20,000 last time I went what has it increased to this year?
  4. Wilko888

    2019 map

    Any sign of a map yet? I’ve not been to the festival since 2015 and I’m interested to see how it’s changed?
  5. Just got this chair today £17.99 from Grasshopper Leisure
  6. Not been since 2015 but it used to be at the woodlands stage
  7. Have you not received a press release?
  8. Bit disappointed if that’s the lineup might give Kendal calling a go.
  9. Does anyone know if the lineup normally gets leaked early?
  10. Probably eBay or one of the resale sites now but you will pay over the odds I’m afraid.
  11. Apart from the jamiroquai set everything went very well I thought.
  12. I thought the festival was much better this year. We stayed in vip camping and yes there was some queues for the toilets but I’ve seen bigger queues at Kendal calling. All in all the festival seemed much more organised to me, I saw loads of security and plenty of police. I had to show wristband twice every time I went in to vip camping. The arena was much better but I preferred the quarry tent size last year. Main stage was bigger and better just a shame about the strong winds not had any luck with the weather last 2 years. Obviously there are still improvements what can be made but for me was a 100 times better than last year. Ps. Not ynot’s fault that jay kay is a little diva
  13. Might be a little late to get a replacement for the levellers now. Maybe just move some bands around. Peace on the main stage would be ok with me.
  14. Anyone got tickets yet?
  15. Anyone know when the app will be launched?
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