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  1. Baby On A Stick

    What's everyone think then?

    The headliners are usually Sub Glasto headliner/ Other Stage headliners caliber, which I don't think this is. A very similar line up to Y Not (as usual) which is £30 cheaper. Looking at who's doing festivals this year, it's quite underwhelming. Similar price would get you to Blue Dot which is a very good line up. Always good to have a wonder away from the main stage and find stuff you've not heard though.
  2. Baby On A Stick

    Live In Vehicle Waiting List 2018

    Finally got a reply. Here's the waiting list link https://form.jotformeu.com/72192140500341
  3. Baby On A Stick

    Live In Vehicle Waiting List 2018

    Hi, my mate missed out on a Live In ticket. Any idea of where to sign up for the waiting list. Cheers
  4. Baby On A Stick

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    I was there for the weekend and when we got there, the first thing I said was 'This isn't what I excepted". We were there about half one on Saturday (after a 45 minute queue, which in this day isn't big a deal with heighten security) and they were already 90 minutes behind schedule.(The security was far from sighted and I've had more checks going into a pub ten that.) We left about half two to book in to our hotel and when we got back 45 minutes later (via re-entry so no waiting) they were two hours behind. By that point it was getting full and bar queues were an hour. That didn't really surprise me as these pop up/ urban festivals never get the bars correct. Some complained about waiting an hour for the port a loos, but none of our group waited more then 20 minutes, but we walked to the furthest loos. There were urinals, but weren't signposted so only found out about them by word of mouth. There was a bottle neck between two sandstone posts (3 yards apart) that separated the two halves of the site. That was early on a nightmare & an incident waiting to happen. They sorted that by putting in some barriers, which worked to some extent. There was talk of over crowding but we were half way done the hill on the Main Stage which was ok. Some punters must have stayed at the top when there was room further down. At no point am I defending the organisers but it was bearable, except for the way they managed the stage times. (There were also tech issues on stage early on which seems daft considering there were dealing with international artists.) What has really showed them up is their response. The tweet that "following the unfair and vitriolic comments" some decided to not carry on is unbelievable. The rambling Facebook posts & tweets that continued (including the petty, silly comment to Tim Booth) was staggering. The icing was their statement today about riders going missing and a pint of milk made you think this was a botched GCSE project that got out of hand. It was such a good line up and had potential, but as Neil has suggested, some seem to think that a festival is easy money to make. It is not! I don't except to see any money back.
  5. Baby On A Stick

    Who would you like to headline in 2018

    Yep, Duran is a good shout. The heritage headliner act. That'd do me nicely!
  6. Baby On A Stick

    Who would you like to headline in 2018

    The thing to remember is anyone that could/ has headlined the Pyramid/ BST/ IoW are probably out of KC's price bracket. The general form is Sub Pyramid or Other Stage headliners. Or 'friends' of the festive i.e. returning acts (thinking Charlatans & James). Pulp is a good shout, but not sure when they last toured/ still are? I keep banging on about Chic & Nile Rogers. That is one great night!!!
  7. Baby On A Stick

    Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Likewise, didn't seen any armed Dibble at Glasto but they have been at lots of big concerts & festivals since. Seen at Carlisle races a few week back, a first. They'll be there as to be expected to be the norm now. As said above, if you'll a nut job, KC would be an easy target as off the beaten track & little infrastructure for miles (hospitals, police, etc.) Thats why it's good to have the armed guys there as a deterrent! Show them some respect (even if it's just putting out your 'smoke' whilst walking by!)
  8. Baby On A Stick

    2017 Weather thread

    Ma Mate's been on site tonight & ground's holding up. But obviously yet to have thousands walking on it. As we say in these parts... 'I'll Be Reet!'
  9. Baby On A Stick

    2017 Weather thread

    I remember the worst bit being the track from the main arena entrance & next to the Village Green. Rest of the site holds up pretty well. Nothing like Glastonbury!!!
  10. Baby On A Stick

    2017 Camp Site Map

    Yep, it's there. They've expanded the bit on the far side of the site (opposite side to the entrance). Cinema's still there, helter skelter moved that side with Kraken & Jam tent (plus Jäger)
  11. Baby On A Stick

    Bilbao BBK

    Cheers all, much appreciated!!!
  12. Baby On A Stick

    Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Dogs have been the norm for a while there. There's always a big debate about drug v narcotic dogs; are they the same? Regardless, there will be explosive dogs there & armed police. There for our protection so all good. (I did laugh one year when there was a (drugs) dog and 5 yards after that an amnesty bin. Yer, you get past the dog and then throw away your stash )
  13. Baby On A Stick

    Bilbao BBK

    Fellow Glastoanans, we're thinking about next year's fallow June and fancied some sun. Benicàssim has always been on the bucket list but we thought about Bilbao instead. Seems a bit cheaper and the recent line ups were a bit better (in our humble opinion). Anyone got any experience/ recommendations for BBK? What's the city like pre/ after the festival for a nice hol? Not excepting anything like Glasto but how's the festival site? (We did Summercase in Barcelona ten years ago & loved that). Is it mainly Spanish, or a mix of nations? What sort of crowd, young or a goood mix? Thanks in advance x
  14. Baby On A Stick

    Day Splits

    Beatlemania is showing closing the Woodlands both Friday & Sunday. The Sunday lists as the Sgt Pepper thing & Friday also has the Gospel Choir doing Glacelands. Guess the Friday Beatlmamia is a typo? Gutted as wanted Glacelands for the Sunday.
  15. Baby On A Stick

    2017 Weather thread

    Bit too early yet, especially as Cumbria weather likes to do what ever it wants. I honestly don't remember 2014 being that bad. Don't get me wrong, the worst in the four I've done, but still bearable. Maybe it's a mixture of being Cumbrian & quite a few muddy Glastonbury's that I just get on with it.... and drink a bit more.