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  1. 1. Foxing - Friday afternoon Sunrise Arena. I guess it's emo-ish post rock, they have some tunes though and imagine good live, 2. Jonathan Wilson - Friday afternoon BBC sounds. West coast folk rock.
  2. I (with a weekend ticket wristband) may need to leave the site with my car from the Weekend Camping car park around 7am Saturday morning and return about 1-2pm to be dropped off with a mate who is a day ticket holder who may need to camp in the day ticket camping. Will this cause any issues? i.e. can we both head to the separate campsites from the drop off point without any issue? thanks
  3. I'm sure I saw them at Glastonbury 99 (my first there),but memory is very vague from that weekend. With day tickets for Saturday now sold out, I wonder just how big the crowd will be for Underworld or whether a large number will go after Stereophonics. After Underworld, to keep the vibe I see there is either Joy Orbison or Rave Karaoke... Hmmmm.
  4. Thanks Nicky, they are pretty much the main reason for me going as I can’t see them touring much more given their age. I was hoping they would be on for longer than an hour. But what an hour it will hopefully be. 😀
  5. Bit underwhelming imo. I would have thought they'd have kept a bigger act till last to push the tickets. Anyone know how the sales are doing?
  6. The map is now available on the Latitude app if anyone doesn’t know. Ive only got a day ticket and starting to get FOMO, could get weekend ticket but would mostly be on my own, anyone else in same position?
  7. Cannedm

    A4 bag rule

    Are they very strict with searches even if you don't have a bag?
  8. Anyone know what time Underworld are playing at Latitude on Saturday 20th July? It’s billed as a special closing performance so assuming after Stereophonics but the latter are apparently headlining? Haven’t been to Latitude since 2008 so don’t know if this is a regular thing on the bill?
  9. Hello all, I used to be a member of this site some years ago, around 99/2000 I think. Vaguely remember people like William of Walworth - is he still around? I used to love festivals, went to Glastonbury 99/2000/2003, as well as Reading/Latitude and various European ones. After seeing the coverage of Glastonbury this year, I’ve vowed to try to get there again, I gather much has changed in the meantime, not least you actually need a ticket these days...Reading this forum again has brought it all back..the excitement about it before, the moans about crowds etc, seems like every year the same! Anyway, hope to meet some of you next year at the meet.
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