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  1. If I go, I'll probably be on my own this year so Im currently undecided..heard some great things about the place though..
  2. Why was it the worst? Everything I've read about Noisily elsewhere has been very complimentary.
  3. Anyone else going to Noisily 2021? I was supposed to be going with 2 others but looks like they have dropped out and not sure if I really want to go on my own.. it's supposed to be a great friendly small-scale festival but don't want to be the one person there on my own...
  4. Anyone going to Nosiily Festival 2020? Location looks great and the lineup was released this week. Including Hidden Empire, Ace Ventura, Goldie, Gregor Tresher, Layo & Bushwacka and more... https://noisilyfestival.com/line-up/
  5. Thanks all for responses. I am in the ballot for tickets to Glastonbury and have bought the book from Waterstones so am hopefully in the competition as well..but after researching into Boomtown, I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to this crazy place anyway. Been to Glastonbury 3 times already in late 90s/early 00s so not too worried if I miss out. I am out of my 30s next year so have some concerns that I’m going to feel slightly too old for the demographic but sod it, I can still stay up all night and consume pretty much what i used to so sure it will be great. The next query I have is whether to splurge on Boomtown Springs/Skylark or not..given we will be arriving on the Thursday, it may be an option...anyone done this before...is it worth it? Thanks again
  6. After missing out on Glastonbury tickets, Boomtown was my backup plan. I’ve heard good things about the general craziness and atmosphere of the place and bad things about the security and elements of the crowd. I’m going to give it a go even though I’m probably 20 years over the average age group. What are your favourite memories of Boomtown? Be it a band/DJ experience or just some aspect of the festival.
  7. i reckon Tool would go down well at Glastonbury (again). Almost prog metal, probably too big tor afternoon slot nowadays and maybe too expensive as well. I’d love to see them again. Last saw them on the Lateralus tour, it was like the band had twice the number of members given the sounds they were putting out, the drumming was probably the best I have ever seen live,
  8. As I haven’t got tickets, Coldplay on Friday night, Chris Martin and Mumford & Sons play a Beatles tribute set on the Saturday and Muse on Sunday with guest appearance of Chris Martin. If by some miracle I do get tickets somehow, Led Zep on Friday night, Daft Punk or AC/DC on Saturday and Fleetwood Mac on Sunday,
  9. The Bloodhound Gang on the Other Stage in 2000 I think. Music hasn't really held up to be fair but I enjoyed it then. They were taking the piss out of the Pet Shop Boys and generally faffing around. Tommy Lee was onstage as well (was he in the band?) showed his cock off as well. Hole in 1999. Courtney encouraged a Pyramid stage invasion. Also watching Keanu Reeves get pelted with missiles when his band Dogstar played on the Other stage I think. Flaming lips in 2003. First time I'd experienced the whole spectacle of their live show.
  10. 1999 - REM 2000 - Nine Inch Nails 2003 - Radiohead/2 many djs
  11. I seem to remember watching Nine Inch Nails headline the Other Stage. Think it was 2000.
  12. Ahh so that's what all of the millions of us who didn't get tickets were missing... Patience and persistence... Wondered why we missed out despite trying solidly as soon as they were released to when they sold our.. Thanks.
  13. Sod it, I’m not bothering. Been to Glastonbury 3 times before, back in the days when you could walk into a record shop and casually pick the tickets up the month before if you wished. A group of 4 of us tried both Thursday and Sunday to no avail. Furthest we got was holding page. I’ll watch Glastonbury on the TV. Boomtown will be a worthy replacement if you’ll pardon the pun.
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