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  1. Has anyone seen cheap tickets for this yet? Can’t remember when they at started giving them away last year.
  2. Agree with this, great night! The heat did make it a bit of a challenge
  3. I have seen the live twice outside of Glasto and had the exact same problem, think they may just not be great live.
  4. Last year they only had the mini tonic cans at the coop, don’t remember them having any bottles
  5. 1. Macca 2. Noel g 3. Sam Fender 4. bicep 5. Fontaines dc 6. idles 7. Lorde 8. HAIM 9. Michael Kiwanuka 10. Peggy gou 11. goat girl 12. Kendrick lamar 13. Olivia rodrigo 14. Paul weller 15. The specials 16. Metronomy 17. crowded house 18. DMAS 19. The staves 20. Wolf Alice
  6. Wolf Alice jus finishing 3 nights in London seems like a good time for n announcement
  7. Thanks to the BBC for featuring a photo of me in the post 🙈 Tough way for my family to find out about my use!
  8. Prize draw on DICE as well, reckon they will give a shed load away tomorrow.
  9. Cheaper through AXS at the moment around £78 per ticket.
  10. Tickets up to £84 on DICE now, they dont tell you until checkout which is very very suspect.
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