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  1. Mumford and sons as a possibility, one of the biggest bands in the world. Going through all their albums on social media at the moment so new album must be on its way!
  2. Add fuel to the Vampire Weekend rumor, posted on instagram ‘New Show Announcment Tomorrow’ 🙏🙏
  3. Other one I was thinking Young Fathers? Also first time this year, what’s the queue like to pick wristbands up on the Wednesday if anyone knows?
  4. Surely too big but could the L be LCD Soundsystem
  5. So annoying no London dates, surely he will announce some after cancelling
  6. Blank Expression


    I think the set list will heavily depend on what collaborators are at the festival
  7. Got mine for the roundhouse, going to be an amazing night
  8. Has anyone got pre sale details yet?
  9. £35 plus fees, got it from the roundhouse site, couldn't ask for a better venue to see Bon Iver
  10. Got the two extra tickets I needed, thank you very much Siblin and Cityboy absolute heroes!!
  11. Cheers, hopefully it will work
  12. Does anyone know if you can still register, just realised one of our lot isnt registered.
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