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  1. Mrs SW met FT last night and he confirmed he was playing "a couple of times" at Glastonbury,
  2. Easy Pass Out I think. It means you dont need a pass out/ticket/wristband etc
  3. stuwilky

    How many?

    The better half has been to way more Glastonbury's than me - and way more festivals. I was married and having kids with my ex wife while she was disappearing off to festivals up and down the country for a decade! Our first festival together was Bearded Theory 2012. We havnt missed one of those, or a Glastonbury, since. Along with many other festivals besides.
  4. My tips - dont be a dick. Cancel your application for volunteering.
  5. This is correct. All this stuff about tickets being posted to lead bookers or individually is not correct unless there have been massive changes. Delivery addresses etc are sorted when you pay the balance of your tickets. You can pay for up to 6 tickets in one balance payment - they do not need to be from the same original order. For each balance payment there is one postage charge and the tickets will be posted to an address determined then. chill guys.
  6. Yup - and then further sales after that as people cancel upto 3rd May deadline.
  7. stuwilky

    Going off site

    Oh God. Why didnt I think of that?!
  8. stuwilky

    Going off site

    I have an oven in my camper. Ive always wanted to do a baked camembert at a festival (for no logical reason I can think of!) I also have some lovely port. This sounds like a lovely idea!!!
  9. The poster isn't arriving until the Thursday - Id agree entirely if it was Wednesday morning!
  10. Worthy View has, to my knowledge, always opened at the same time as the festival. Never seen anyt Tuesday night camping there before. The Worthy View part of the Website explicity states Wednesday to Sunday so there is certainly no Tuesday "check in" available. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/worthy-view-pre-erected-camping/
  11. Whats the view like from West? Assume its like from the Park? Viewing Sign bit? Don't think I've even seen a pic - can you walk around/outside? I didn't think there was pedestrian access into West except through the festival (never been in West so absolutely no idea!).
  12. This is relatively new system. 2016 - they did not do any checks (presumably because of the mud and the 20 hour que!) 2017 - they did it a bit - we got checked, but no one else in our group did. 2019 - who knows
  13. If the last few years is anything to go buy loads will be on sale via seetickets throughout April and May.
  14. The Viewing Area - anytime Fri-Sun, 2am-5am (technically Sat-Mon probably....) - I always have a few hours up there, when its busy at the stone circle, and the Glastonbury sign on either side the serenity of this area always strikes me as out of place. For me there is nothing better than sitting on the grass, watching the madness unfold below and taking in the beautiful view across the valley. It always takes my breath away. Also, I have been known to do forward rolls all the way down the hill.
  15. There will be CV sales after the resale as others cancel them - there was bloody loads in 2017
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