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  1. stuwilky

    2019 map

    yup - Im not sure which field it is though just yet!
  2. stuwilky

    2019 map

    Its Frontier apparently - they havnt actually said where it is - other than its "20 minutes walk to the drop off point" and that it is "in front of Lowther Castle"
  3. stuwilky

    Camp Fires

    You're being pretty generous with that score!
  4. Homo Now Home Owner At a guess?!
  5. No, I missed them, got distracted - watched Broken Bones Matilda and Jurassic 5, Yamaya (I think anyway!) and some of Flamingods! I really liked Broken Bones Matilda though, great duo!
  6. Its a great bar, seen some fine acts in there over the last few years as well. Wasnt that much movement of air in the new location though I thought
  7. the backstage one, 'twas the bridge that got me thinking about it. I think I met you a few years ago when I was absolutely hammered and vaguely recognised you! As long as Im not going (more) mad!
  8. Wasnt he the guy from Theatre and Circus? Ive seen him doing other bits Im sure - and in the West Holts Bar (incidentally - Im sure you were in there? is that possible?)
  9. they used to be a lot more involved - part of the licensing restrictions in the early 2000's. The trackway thing is more likely than not - a friend lost some work driving from Download to Glastonbury as his load was not available (he never knows what he is moving until he turns up!) There was also a lot less trackway down in 2016 both public and backstage.
  10. What Ian said - but without the passout - Worthy View has EPO wristbands now so they dont get a passout. @BoEsEpHcampervan fields process is exactly the same as you will do every day (as outlined by Ian above) - the issue is if you are in a campervan, rather than a car and caravan?
  11. stuwilky


    That was horrific.
  12. stuwilky


    oh fuck. There is a chance I might have to DO SOME WORK tomorrow!
  13. stuwilky


    The wristband exchange marquee at PGA has started to go up ?
  14. We were there as well. Great band.
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