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  1. Thing is though, despite both being 'pop' they're very different musically - diametric opposites in fact. In the upbeat anthems vs moody goth pop stakes they're about as similar as The Killers and The Cure.
  2. A list of the 4 acts least likely to appear?
  3. Can't think of any potential downsides to getting someone like Jeff Bezos involved.
  4. I prefer it to Mezzanine, which seems to have (recently-ish?) taken pole position as The One Massive Attack Album You Need To Owm
  5. Even Safe From Harm does nothing for you?
  6. Would The Weeknd want too much moolah - or could he be on the list?
  7. We Don't Talk About Bruno jam of the year so far.
  8. It goes pretty fucking hard, aye. Genuine yikes.
  9. Headliner-sized crowd to be fair. (If not bigger than your average headliner)
  10. Who knows right? But if Macca and / or Kendrick are goners then I'd definitely consider her a front-runner from the subs bench.
  11. lmaooo It's Postie o'clock.
  12. A version of Arcade Fire that doesn't play Arcade Fire's hits will definitely get the doubters telt.
  13. Maybe in ideal circumstances when people can play that sort of poker. But these aren't the usual circumstances.
  14. If Macca and his band are doing Glastonbury as a one off as a "friends of the festival' type deal - why wouldn't they switch nights to help the organisers settle the line up?
  15. Only being able to perform on the Saturday night isn't, as far as I can see, a blocker.
  16. It'd be a big deal for her as artist regardless i.e. if they ask I can't see her preferring to bide her time and say no.
  17. Anyway. Someone care to give some reasons why - if Macca or Kendrick have bailed - they won't just pick up the discophone to Dula Peep?
  18. So that these dont wind up in the TV Binge or the Good News!! 😀😀👍 thread. Anyway, RIP R Dean Taylor: There are now two ghosts in his house.
  19. Possibly with the exception of Ms. Lauryn Hill.
  20. The entirety of the 2019 line up are friends of the festival and available with nothing to rule them out. Merits at least a Strong Rumour.
  21. No need to take the piss.
  22. Uncontroversial to say that when he played in Block 9 it was way too quiet.
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