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  1. Miley Cyrus at Glastonbury? It's a rock concert, not the bleedin' splish-splash show.
  2. Kevin manning the kettle and toaster.
  3. The Beatles: Get Back Live feat. the Ghost of Mal Evans.
  4. Adele secret set on The Park. Chris Martin, Lars Ulrich, Bradley Cooper and Lily Allen supergroup to play the Dalai Lama's Tiny Temple.
  5. AC/DC / Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin are all available and not ruled out.
  6. Dawn FM definitely sounding dope on the first play. My man is in imperial phase.
  7. Too big since she won the BBC Sound of 2022
  8. Surprised that overnight we've now landed on David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Marshmello as likely headliners. Doubt Emily can afford all this, but if they dip into the charity pot it'll be worth it.
  9. Plus he sounds like Jimmy Nail
  10. 3 episodes in and I'm enjoying it.....although definitely hoping it has a proper conclusion and isn't just a load of trippy shit for no rhyme nor reason.
  11. How about Kasabian 2.0, Bastille and Swedish House Mafia?
  12. If all of 2020's trio are out entirely then the combo of Billie, Guns'n'Roses and Dua Lipa wouldn't be the worst possible outcome. Heaps of fun to be had.
  13. If Pulp return I think they headline.
  14. Or Macca plays the Sunday. I'd say her tour ticket sales dont really detract from the fact thay shes a Glastonbury headliner in waiting and they'll absolutely go with her before revisiting acts like the Stones, Florence or Adele. Very little difference from Stormzy in 2019.
  15. They'll bump up Dua Lipa before they pick up the #stonephone
  16. Maybe Ye will return to top El Pointo.
  17. Not really surprised - 2022 Bruce has always felt like it was on a shoogly peg.
  18. I got over it by switching the shoes I wear to more trainer-like smart shoes with heel pad inserts. Took a few months to fade away but it has yet to reoccur
  19. The last known photo of Charlie Watts taking to the stage.
  20. It was Noddy that brought it up: https://www-mirror-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/slade-planning-reform-original-line-25786772.amp (probably after some very leading questioning, admittedly)
  21. Given that both would be rollover bookings and that the usual festival rules don't really apply to Glastonbury, which exerts its own gravitational pull, neither would really be that out of left-field.
  22. Only if Neil's info is wrong.
  23. The three headliners seem to have been locked in for a while.
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