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  1. Benj

    2019 festival

    Decent that
  2. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    I thought htey were excellent too, despite having zero expectations before hand. We nearly left beforehand and indeed planned to leave after a couple of songs if they were shit and next thing you know they were finishing up. One of the best bands of the weekend for me, which I would never have guessed before I go there. They also have a very big crowd, at least where I was, in the middle but behind the sound tower thing, it was pretty much swaying room only. Other highlights, Wolf Alice, BMTH, Dua Lipa, NERD, Yungblood, Don Broco Just goes to show how subjective it all is, as an older member of the crowd, none of those above (bar The Cure maybe) would appeal to me in the slightest. There were acts there for the oldies, this year, obv just not for you (or me really). I'd much rather see a new band, with an energetic crowd than some old fookers just cashing in, with loads of oldies stroking beards and crossing arms At the drive in last year, had the most pitiful crowd I think I've seen on the reading main stage. People sat cross legged litteraly 4 rows from the front barrier waiting for the next act.
  3. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    No. For a ‘mud bath’ you’d need hours of pretty heavy rain. Save the weight
  4. The Traditional Weather Thread. Bought to you by our weather experts. Reading looks nice and warm UNTIL the Friday and is then FUCKING FREEZING Leeds looks like there may be rain Thursday but then dry and also COLD Normally changes about 10 times between now and Thursday
  5. Benj

    Friday Headliner

  6. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Reading has pretty much sold out all but a couple of weekends since 2008 hasn't it?
  7. Post as and when you have your tickets in hand and where you ordered from-
  8. Don’t worry they will turn up They say to give them a bell if you’ve not got them 5 days before the event though. Id say this is Friday if you’re planning on going Wednesday but imagine they’ll say it’s Monday
  9. Benj

    Reading or Leeds ??

    Again I’m sure it depends on the individual and what you’re after. Im always more than ready to head to bed after a full day in the arena. I’m MUCH older than you though! I think half the fun of festivals should just be chilling with your mates talking bollocks, if you need 24/7 action, you’re not necessarily there with the right people. Don’t forget that the arena is pretty much open 12 hours and you will want some sleep! No idea re the best camp for you, I only know Reading and would likely not want to camp where you’d have the most fun!
  10. Benj

    Reading or Leeds ??

    It will completely depend on preference, specific year, bands, weather, mates, Neighbours etc etc, so Id ignore all that guff and not pick off the fact someone of the Internet suggests the atmosphere is better at one, as you’ll just as quick find someone else saying different For me the liklihood of having better weather at reading would be the only differentiator if you otherwise have no preference and not sure what you’d like better Obviously otherwise Reading is obviously easier to access if coming by train and has all the amenities of town so you don’t have to cart everything with you. More of a pain of coming by car though Leeds is more of a ‘festival’ of being out of town with the pros and cons of that The ‘town’ is a unique aspect in itself for reading, not really available at other fests, it’s cool walking around a town completely taken over by scruffs in wellies! I’d go to both if I were you, so you can work out which one suits you best, as some of us have been going for 15+ years so it may not be a one off!
  11. Mine arrived today. Bought via Frontgate tickets/ Ticketmaster
  12. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    They've said they're fulfilling commitments without the offender. This just goes to show that no publicity is bad publicity as I'd never heard of them until this was all mentioned on here! He'll probably even quietly rejoin the band on the next touring cycle, assuming he's not actually done anything illegal
  13. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    It is always the way. This year is light at the very top though. If youre not into Kendrick there’s no ‘BIG’ show to look forward too, FOB and KOL offer nothing new. Luckilly for me I LOVE Wolf Alice so my Friday night is sorted, otherwise the very top of the evenings are damp squibs for me which will be a bit of a downer.
  14. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    It is always the way. This year is light at the very top though. If youre not into Kendrick there’s no ‘BIG’ show to look forward too, FOB and KOL offer nothing new. Luckilly for me I LOVE Wolf Alice so my Friday night is sorted, otherwise the very top of the evenings are damp squibs for me which will be a bit of a downer.
  15. Benj

    Reading and Leeds Festival Research

    Completed it, not sure what it’s actually going to tell you and the audience here is very different to that you’ll get at the festival itself (now and in previous years) as someone whos been to the last 20 Readings, I’ve seen the music rotate around with trends over the years, by far the biggest change to the festival in that time has been due to festivals in general becoming far more mainstream. When I first went in 97, festivals were still very much alternative things, these days it’s not alternative if you don’t go to one. The lineups will obviously be affected by this. Reading has always aimed at what’s cool with kids and now the mainstream go to a festival, the cooler end of the mainstream will now be represented as opposed to the alternative niche which it once targeteD ir would be interesting to compare the lineups with radio 1 playlists over the years and see what correlation there is
  16. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Why would you lie about anything at all? (one of us is on the ball)
  17. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Another log Another logo change
  18. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Wonder Years headlining the Lamar day would be perfect for me
  19. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Downvote for twice using the word cockwomble
  20. Benj

    Lineup 2018

    Anyone have any thoughts of whether the Wonder Years could play? Supposedly making a new record at the mo, would a European Summer tour be an option or are they more likely to stick to the states?
  21. Benj


    Noticed loads of armed police outside on the Friday night bag checks seem to be a fair bit stricter too
  22. Benj

    2017 festival

    Supposedly the Tears played to pretty much a line of people on the barrier in 2005, didnt actually see it though (like pretty much everyone else it seems!)
  23. This years traditional weather thread Reading Looked like a chance of rain earlier in the week but now seems to be settled to be pretty much perfect festival weather, not too hot and just enough sun to not get you burnt! - https://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/reading/rg1-2/daily-weather-forecast/330396 Leeds Also looking good bar perhaps the Sunday, although a little rain on Weds adding to a load on Tuesday may make it a small trial for early birders- https://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/leeds/ls1-6/daily-weather-forecast/712327
  24. Benj

    2017 Weather thread

    Looks like it is indeed a bit muddy for those arriving early at Leeds http://ift.tt/2vo6wo4 hipefully will be nice and dry by friday AM
  25. Benj

    Hotel accomodation

    You may want to offer a bit of discount if you want to sell, you can get the two nights at the Penta Hotel (a nicer hotel) in central reading, so easily walkable from the site for the same price