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  1. Way to big for the pit surely and there is no other tent anymore 😭
  2. You may be right about the crossover people not being bothered to travel. There were loads of that type for Foo Fighters, RATM may be a little out of their comfort zone now. I do know a load personally who would lap both up, they don’t do Reading anymore. Relying too much on anecdotal evidence is a bad thing though. Reckon most of the kids would know Alright, they don’t play that anymore though!
  3. Reckon there’s load of crossover Rage are deffo a crossover band, they don’t just appeal to metal head types, who want a whole day of heavy music I happily listened to RATM and Supergrass back in 1997, as did many many other I know. If so however, how about Placebo, a little more aligned with Rage if we think they need something on the heavier side? This is more hypothetical than actually ever expecting it to happen. Lack the youth celebrity pull of Maneskin but would appeal to the oldies on the RATM day
  4. Maneskin are a hard slot to fill as they’re celebrity is bigger than their music. Reckon someone random could be a good fit. Supergrass or similar maybe…? One for the oldies there for RATM nah, very non Reading and Leeds
  5. Vaccines would be OK, they’ve not played in yonks
  6. They’re never that low. They’re much bigger than Run the Jewels still for the Reading Audience
  7. I’m hoping for someone boring as I don’t want a crawlers clash really, would much rather be in the small tent than watching someone in the mainstage
  8. sounds like a good roughly Maneskin sized shout Could do either slot as you say, would prefer him in the tent myself
  9. Muse OOS and BHAR were not al that far apart but probably equally popular amongst a different set of fans age wise. Theyre a little more niche though Personally as someone who was nearing 30 when AM’s first LP came out I enjoyed it at the time but it’s never really defined any moment of my life due to that. I stood outside the FR tent (or calling tent or whatever it was at the time) when they first played Reading, not able to get in. Since then I’ve seen them three times and have pretty much zero memory of any of the sets, other than we walked away in 2009 to see The Gossip instead
  10. aye. If you’ve tired yourself out during the day, you haven’t been going hard enough
  11. Aye don’t mind them at all but the days of acts repeating year after year have to end now there’s only 14 slots a day
  12. Limp Bizkit are around aren’t they, or did they cancel their tour? prob a little too low a slot for them, too high a fee for R&L
  13. They weren’t bad as such, just looked like they didn’t want to be there to be
  14. SOAD couldnt/ didnt headline in their pomp and took the piss last time they played. There is zero chance they'd headline modern Reading
  15. Good to hear, they’re on my list, may even start the rest for me
  16. Hahaha Think someone predicted this exact occurance way a while back! At least Carole’s daughter may not clash with BHTH now, HO999 ain’t really my bag though so stuck with AM, or an early night really #bringbackthemissingtents
  17. Foals aint MSEing anytime soon, could maybe swap with any of those on the MSW list
  18. Its a good question re- Rage, given the reception and the fact their day was the last to sell out says a fair bit too about their appeal to the current day audience. Im not sure RATM would've have been booked for Reading 2022, if they weren't delayed from 2020 and the hype around their comeback, when it also had a little more oomph with the whole Trump thing. I imagine theyre very surprised they've not sold out their Edinburgh date Re Tame though the fact is theyre a niche band who are not proving they can shift tickets to the mainstream... TBF its the same for all the APE lineup, theyre all pretty niche bands, who don't appeal to the mainstream, who have not shifted tickets quickly in a crowded market
  19. Just like no one gives a shit about your subjective opinion on what kind of music you find dull or not You’re right though It’s a very simple indicator of popularity, alongside streams etc. if Tame Impala can’t sell out a 45-50k show, Reading are hardly going to go, oh yeah let’s have them top the bill of our fest. And again if they sell 44/45k it’s very different than if they only sell 20k (which we don’t or at least won’t know until we hear from people who went, don’t think anyone off here is bothering though) I don’t mind Tame Impala at all, it’s abundantly clear they’re too niche to be a top of the bill ticket shifter for a very mainstream festival though They’re perfect MSW fodder. Popular, credible and have the show to do it, they’ll be a whole world of “Tame who? Announce Carti” Shouts on Instagram etc though if they were announced
  20. You’ll still be able to catch 15-20 mins, which will affirm you’ve made the right choice, when belting out some TGA tunes a little later
  21. It’s also on a Thursday. The fact is they’ve not shifted the tickets, while Fender, who no one is suggesting would MSE above, sold out similar capacity well in advance. Tane Impala are not a flagship festival selling band, they lack the mainstream appeal of Fender etc… Prob a decent MSW booking, nothing beyond that at Reading though
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