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  1. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant BFMV. Not a Courteeners fan but it seems at this stage, they're big enough
  2. There's certainly no way in hell they should be subbing the Reading main stage
  3. Will be a few more bigger acts. Wolf Alice will likely be as big as they get.
  4. The question is where can he go with his style of music? It will be tough to not simply fade away like the like of James Blunt. unless he can somehow shift it up, people will lose interest very quickly
  5. Lorde could probably headline could she not? Deffo co. Her and BMTH would’ve been an interesting combo
  6. Fuck no. it’s what killed V festival off and will kill Reading too as soon as there’s a switch in fashion. So many festivals that have relied solely on fashion have come and gone. Reading needs to retain its edge as an alternative music festival even in these times, where kids are much more genre agnostic. The likes of Bieber and Grande headlining would be the start of the end for a festival who’s popularity relies on its history as much as anything to shift the tickets it does. If it becomes just another festival solely pandering to what’s top of the charts it’s time is up
  7. Longer set than Migos? Think they only did about 3 'songs' last time they turned up, if you could call it turning up
  8. Indeed, classic internet hypocrisy I imagine a lot of the kids going off on one about rage, are loving the lineup and will be down the front going mad with AJ Tracey, while we all bitch about having to sit through a load of bands we wont have to sit through as they'll be other stuff to see elsewhere
  9. Very surprised they’re not there, esp considering they’re not anywhere else. Must be taking the whole year off
  10. Days before Twitter obv but I remember getting the train into work post announcement day and some college kids all banging on about how great it was RATM were there. A very small sample but I remember there was a real excitement around them playing and the festival as a whole back then, selling out in a an hour.
  11. Im in the US, so 11:18 UK time.
  12. She was relatively easily won over in the end!
  13. Hahaha of course, I was absolutely stuck for who it was. Never seen it written like that before, thought it was some rapper I’d never heard of!
  14. The beauty of a festival is that you don’t HAVE to see them and those who do can enjoy them while you enjoy someone else elsewhere
  15. They were truly horrific last time they were at Reading too. quite entertaining to be honest but not in the way I suspect most hoped
  16. Don't forget Wolf Alice too, she's HOWLLLLLLIN' to play, 3rd from top main stage. Her and her backing band are ready to go mental
  17. Based on the pricing, the first tier of tickets has already sold out for RATM but is still available for the other two days
  18. Not quite apples with apples but RATM day tickets at Boston calling in the US have old sold both Foo Fighter and RHCP tickets, their rarity is definitely a factor that will draw people to see them. History suggests this will be many's only chance so see them in at least 10 years and whatever people say bands are better when they're younger...
  19. I was amazed they had that slot, was way too ambitious
  20. AVA will get a much better response than those two, simply due to Tom DeLonge ATDI had one of the worst crowds I’ve ever seen that high up on the main stage. People literally sat down chatting about 3 rows from the barrier. Pretty much no one gave the slightest of fucks. I didn’t either once they started and were properly fucking awful! Haven’t bother with the distillers since about 2005, Id probably much prefer them now strangely. I reckon AVA could do about 4-5th from top
  21. Just spread the load at the bottom of everyone’s bags and you’ll get all of it through unless you’re very unlucky. maybe give the youngest looking a sacrificial 12 pack of Skol to throw them off the scent/ pay the tillerman
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