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  1. Last Angel and Airwaves album is v good. Would happily have them somewhere on the lineup. Again perhaps a loss due to no more Big Tent
  2. Yeah, that is properly shite!
  3. Although to be fair Tyler and the weekend would be much bigger than Tyler and the Killers basically there’s 3 big pop acts on the list and one more out there choice
  4. I don’t think Tyler and the weekend will have much crossover at all. One massively mainstream, full of pop hits, the other big but pretty niche Reckon if you did a Venn Diagram you’d find a much bigger Killers - Weekend cross over than Weekend - Tyler
  5. I randomly watched him at Lolapalooza last year, having never heard of him and not being a rap fan in general, and thought he was ace. He has loads of good tunes and it’s all pretty easy listening stuff as rap goes, so reckon he’ll be huge after a little more exposure in the U.K.
  6. They’re paying for 45 or so less acts over the weekend now. Probably saving as much in additional costs as any artist fees. …And on paper the lineup looks stronger, even though we all know ultimately it is not. The main loss of the R1 and the second smaller tent, is the loss of so many bands that otherwise simply have no appropriate spot on the lineup. Plus of course also the atmosphere was better in there for smaller acts than plodding them on the main stage at 12pm
  7. I’m not saying it won’t shift tickets. On paper it definitely looks stronger and to be fair to the casual fan it may well be what they’re after. Ultimately though a lessening of choice is never a good thing, I’m not a huge Arctic Monkeys fan and would like a choice of who else to see instead, if I’m not feeling it. In this case the ‘Quality’ for most is ‘meh’ for me and the beauty of a Festival, as opposed to just a big live gig, is that it should offer choices for all. My choices at Modern Reading have been cut by 2/3rds, which is not a good thing. …and will be the same for the kids with zero internet in RATM
  8. I disagree on the lack of quantity thing. Obv you want quality, you don’t just want 10 big acts and no alternative elsewhere I think it was pretty much perfect before the change to the second main stage, I can’t think of many occasions in the last 10-15 years where there was not a single act I wasn’t interesting in seeing on one of the 4 stages, geared towards me. Theres now basically 12-15 less acts a day to choose from, more so when you consider the 2 main stages offer no actual alternative choice at all, so if you’d don’t like what’s on on the main stage, while you previously had 3 other options, you now have one…it’s shit. There needs to be a place for new bands to play. I don’t want to see just established acts, it’s not what I go to Reading for
  9. On what basis? They don’t even fill the single dance stage with dance acts anymore. It’s a quasi FR at times now…. I think they should bring back 3 days of the FR, which can genre hop a fair bit itself and as there is so much ‘urban’ music now, represented elsewhere on the lineup, rebrand the 1extra tent as a second alternative stage that features new/ more niche urban stuff alongside heavier/ punk guitar music. …or as Foolee above says just bin off the Alternative stage as I’m not interested in it 😝
  10. Would be decent programming vs RATM
  11. Would seem a little foolish to pull out of a festival due to someone with opposing views was playing, allowing them to preach to your fans while not trying to convert there’s. RATM should be trying to play Trump rallies really
  12. QOTSA aren't MSE sized. The Sunday would look incredibly weak with them topping the bill
  13. Indeed. I wasn’t a huge fan but it’s one of the best headline sets I’ve seen at Reading and I’ve seen 60+
  14. To be the exception that proves your rule, I don’t give a fuck about Arctic Monkeys but am looking forward to RATM
  15. COVID has had a big impact, resulting in the quick sell out last year, creating some nice FOMO for FR. As someone said last year, sellouts breed sellouts. The two main stages is a bit of a master stroke too, making the bill look much stronger than it actually is. Once more we’ll actually be 40 off acts down on 2019, having to sit through some guff that gets airplay in Radio One, instead of checking out something new.
  16. Yup. Even for the kids then it was all about Rage. 14 years is a long time…
  17. Looking at the lineup it’s a very strange day to sell As someone who you’d assume is core RATM fodder (40 something heavy music fan), there is nothing else programmed on that day that I’m slightly interested in at the mo. Well that’s an exaggeration, I’m interested in seeing Halsey but imagine your average RATM ‘fan’ has never heard of her, or indeed Maneskin or quite probably Run the Jewels, which is very different stuff, even if there is a crossover in younger fans. They’ll make a much smaller number. Theyre clearly trying to appeal to many camps, while not blowing a sub le one out fo the water, so I imagine they’ll be slow steady sales as the lineup fills out
  18. It’s equally easy to get any ticket until they sell out!
  19. 15,000 (18%) less tickets to sell kind of helps
  20. Fair point, obv don’t know for ‘sure’ but do you really think he’s going to be able to command what he did before, knowing that a large percentage of potential audience will be turned off? to be fair there may well be high demand for the first few shows back, after that, I suspect he will never recover to the same level, given what many now think about him. and that’s before the whole consideration of a fashion/ culture change in the meantime, there will obv be a swing away from that sound at some point…
  21. He won’t cost as much as he used to that’s for sure, whether he manages to get out of the law suits or not, actively encouraging people to break into a festival to the point it’s over capacity and a deadly crush then occurs, is not a good look. I for one certainly won’t be watching him if he plays
  22. Possibly and the play numbers on their most recent record are decent to be fair, suggesting they’re still very much putting out new output people are interested in. They just seem perfect MSW headliners to me though, at this point anyway.
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