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  1. I find the Dogtooth stage so horribly booked. They could really stretch it out and give all the bands more time and let the headliner of that stage clash with the main stage headliner, offer an actual alternative rather than main stage or go home. Instead, they sandwich all the bands into 25 minute slots and then give the headliner 40/45 minutes, then the stage is done by like 8:45/9pm.
  2. Thats fair. I think both could actually headline but I’d not be against Korn headlining outright and Deftones getting 75/80 minutes underneath.
  3. Korn/Deftones co-headline?
  4. Saw Feeder last night in London. I’d take them as an avalanche headliner next year. It’ll be twenty years since they headlined the main stage too.
  5. POD said they’re back over in June onstage tonight at Wembley…reckon they’ll be at download then!
  6. I’m not a sleep token fan but even I can admit Download would be missing a trick not getting Sleep Token to headline in 2025. Its their time NOW.
  7. Looking odds on favourites now.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/C3A5Q3WPJxV/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=4c264b33-a446-48bd-8cb8-4b1b94da2ea0&ig_mid=50B9EE69-8BA2-4C12-A0A4-E36AB419C07F
  9. Was certainly more excitable thinking than logical thinking 😂
  10. Feel if Knotfest UK was to get announced, it would’ve been by now, so feeling arena dates is the way forward
  11. I’ve got a mate who has a mate who works at the 02 Arena. They’ve said December 20th 2024 (I think) for the London date. Obviously take it with a pinch of salt, could be total bollocks…but she seems pretty certain.
  12. Second stage headliner. Let’s go!!!
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