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  1. So I know Download never allows the entry on alcohol into the arena, but this time feels different. There’s surely no need to have a gate check for the arena like they usually do, so possibly can take your own drink in.
  2. So bloody close!! The hype is unreal.
  3. Absolutely. It wouldn’t shock me if people did that. I won’t lie, I have considered it if I did test positive (I’ve tested negative today) but I couldn’t do it. Would be too selfish. The PCR tests too, they are sent back right? So we do one before, then one when we’re back?
  4. Had an email from royal mail today regarding the Covid tests being sent out. I’m getting mine today, so hopefully we all will get them today/tomorrow.
  5. 19-20 is decent. I can handle that weather comfortably. Lovely stuff.
  6. I’ve not camped at download for many years, but I don’t remember any hills or anything when I did camp. With this being a scaled down version, I think it’ll be all flat.
  7. Ahhh. Was hoping a mate would get a ticket. Ah well. We reckon anymore will go up on sale? I can’t remember if any did for the other pilot events in Liverpool?
  8. I’ve no idea yet. Probably blue or green. I can’t think off the top of my head right now, but I think those are the two closest when you come in?
  9. Big hype for Higher Power too. Great band.
  10. Ahhh beautiful story regarding Shikari! Ill go with… A (I bloody love them) While She Sleeps And I think I’ll go with…fuck it, Lonely the Brave. I’ve not seen them with the new singer yet.
  11. Top 3 bands everyone is looking forward to? They’re not in my top 3, but I think Bullet will really attempt to pull out the stops. While it’s not regular Download, the fact they’re finally headlining it in some capacity is going to be massive for them, so I reckon they’ll be the most motivated they’ve been in years to put on a proper top quality show.
  12. I think it’s not sold out due to getting time off for work (I’m lucky, I got the Monday off ASAP and I finish at 12pm Friday, so I don’t even need that off), I think possibly cost (£120 is a good price, but for a last minute expense, might be too much for some people), new variants, some people might not feel comfortable around a large group of people after spending over a year in more isolated situations…probably the lineup too isn’t for everyone’s tastes. Whatever the reason, that’s fine. I can’t wait to go, I’m so excited. It’ll be pretty emotional to be honest! I bet it bloody pisses
  13. Just thrown these on. Really impressed.
  14. The hype is real. Cannot wait!
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