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  1. Agreed. It’s not really the festival for a band like Turnstile anymore. I know they got the Pit/Lock Up still, but I could imagine that crowd being very small.
  2. I could see Hundred Reasons and/or Hell is for Heroes there next year. H*R as Key club stage headliners maybe?
  3. Excellent day today. The parking getting in was absolutely atrocious. However, some superb sets. Comeback Kid, A, While She Sleeps, Funeral for a Friend, Skindred, Frank Turner…all awesome today.
  4. Going Leeds tomorrow ☺️ excited for it! Anyone going here, feel free to message me on here and can organise a drink and a chat x
  5. Gutted its not Killswitch as second stage headliner on the Saturday now. Hopefully they might end up under ADTR, or maybe they’ll do Knotfest U.K. if that gets announced for next year.
  6. I remember that in 2012. I think after Sonisphere battered download in 11 with that ridiculous lineup, DL came back swinging the year after. No way Sonisphere could compete with that.
  7. Would love a Sonisphere return, although I know it’s a damaged brand. Loved the layout of the festival, and always felt the lineup was really varied.
  8. Most probably. Especially after missing out last year. The U.K. are due a Knotfest, and can see them stacking the lineup to make up for it.
  9. That’s fair enough, I just think that they’d go see them, even out of curiosity. I don’t know, I just think they’d go down really well…or maybe I’m just being really optimistic 😂
  10. I fancy Slipknot as a long shot…especially if Knotfest U.K. doesn’t happen. Slippy would sell day tickets on them alone, plus I think they’d actually crossover with the current Reading generation.
  11. Apparently Architects were getting booed?! Am I right in reading that?
  12. Best act: Biffy Clyro. exceeded: Wolf Alice. I only saw four acts or so, so I’ll go with them. best new act: I’ll say…Bloxx. Really good. best musical moment: The end of “Bubbles” by El Biff. Always a classic bit. Although ending on “Machines” was gorgeous.
  13. I actually thought the crowd at Reading was fine yesterday, really alright…but obviously that’s one day. I reckon a whole weekend would’ve done me in.
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