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  1. Oh really? I thought it would be Amon Amarth. where’s the machine head info come from?
  2. I saw Ithaca last night in Nottingham. I imagine they’ll be at download in some capacity. To be honest, I love the new album, but thought the singer’s clean vocals were rather patchy live. Far too quiet, hardly any power. Perhaps it was a bad day (they didn’t get a soundcheck).
  3. Hey guys. Bit last minute, I’ve got a spare Friday ticket. If you, or someone you know is interested, drop me a DM and we can discuss it. If not, no problem.
  4. I went Jera on Air this weekend, saw Vein there and they were so intense. Got them on Wednesday too in Camden.
  5. Feeder. Not performance wise, they were really good, but it was a bit of outrage that they were headlining. performance wise was SOAD in 2017. Hadn’t seen them since 2005, absolute con job of a show. Biffy smashed them to pieces that weekend, regardless of crowd size.
  6. I’ll argue that first Tenacious D album is genuinely great and it still makes me smile now. I went to their first London show and it was grand. The joke wore very thin, very quickly though.
  7. This is a fact. Was unbelievable.
  8. Oooooh yes!! Sick of it All, or Refused as potential headliners on that stage too.
  9. Hatebreed for Dogtooth stage headliner? Comeback Kid sub?
  10. Fair points. Maybe they’d take a second stage headline set. I think that’s a good shout overall. All depends on Rob Flynn’s ego.
  11. They should’ve headlined in 2012, but I’m going to throw a curveball in there with Machine Head to headline. They’ve not played Download in a long time, they always go down well, always draw a huge crowd, and if they headlined the Thursday (if it’s not Metallica doing two nights), then I’d think they could pull it off. Especially if it’s a smaller day overall.
  12. Deaf Havana have a few shows the week after Trees. Starting July 15th I believe. Absolutely worth a shout. Still think Hundred Reasons are worth a shout too.
  13. Great shouts on Devildriver and Cradle of Filth. I believe God Forbid and Shadows Fall are doing (or have done) a few one off shows in the States, think they’d be shouts to play that stage if they end up going overseas. Bleeding Through would be an option too to play high up on Dogtooth. Ill Nino too maybe? They bloody need to move that stage to where NXT used to be though, because its bloody shite where it is right now.
  14. Would genuinely love it if Hundred Reasons headlined the Dogtooth stage in 23. A random choice, but was hoping they’d headline it this year, twenty years after they headlined the second stage at Ozzfest. Not that it would happen, but a run of InMe, earthtone9, A, hell is for heroes and H*R on one day on the Dogtooth stage would be bloody grand!
  15. Yeah. They’ve probably gone full pelt to get ‘Tallica this time round.
  16. I’ve been told Metallica are possibly locked in to headline, and Gojira and Killswitch Engage are both possibly at Bloodstock next year. Got a mate whose pretty well connected in the industry, that’s what he’s heard.
  17. Download 2022. I had a great time overall. Saw some great stuff. The Ghost Inside on Friday were absolutely monstrous. Skindred nailed it too. Just utterly unstoppable live. Had a huge crowd. Will Haven were incredible on Saturday. As were bleed from within. Deftones were brilliant. Sepultura were a blast too. Sunday, Alestorm…I don’t get it 😂I know it’s all fun and games, it’s just not for me. Baroness were really bloody good. I’m sure people will rave about them, and I think Eternal Blue is a brilliant album, but I didn’t think much of Spiritbox live. That’s just one person’s opinion though. Fire From the Gods were a fun time, and I loved Biffy. Thought they smashed it, again. Bring on the November tour. Overall, I had a lot of fun. Next year’s download, four days…big time step up. I’d genuinely not be shocked by a double main stage too.
  18. Announcement to be made June 20th. Was on the screens. I’m guessing U.K. tour
  19. If they have, they need to go the whole hog and do two main stages side to side, as people have commented on earlier in this thread.
  20. Proper infuriates me that they’ve not actually put anyone up against maiden. I like them, but I’ve seen them countless times. An option of FFAF or Sepultura while maiden were on would’ve sufficed nicely.
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