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  1. How will this start to affect the festival industry, I'm sure Big Weekend will be the first of many, especially the Early Fests. I think the long term damage on the Entertainment and Transport/Holiday industries could be huge.
  2. I know its a very different act but when Mumford did that stupid thing where they were all singing around one Mic I couldn't hear a thing. Was pretty far back and not that interested in hearing it though in fairness. Hope its not a load of chatters waiting for Karma Police and shouting for him to play Creep but I think its more than likely. Will still be a good day and I'm happy to play full price for it, Massive Attack are always great and a different kind of stripped back Thom Yorke set will be nice.
  3. Thinking this could sell out pretty easily now I think theres a decent crossover of fanbase and Thom doing a different solo show to what he's been touring will convince enough people to buy. Time to stop holding out on cheap/freebies? I'd be gutted to miss this
  4. In every day they booked in fairness last year I think Architects for example, there was a lot more hype around them than the actual headliner (BMTH).
  5. When will we be getting the undercard for this? I'm sure if its as well curated as the rest of their days its going to be a great lineup. (Also pretty pleased to have suggested the right act for once 😅)
  6. Could Frank Carter headline? Don't think it'll be Enter Shikari as someone linked Kerrang before where they said they wouldn't be doing fests this year, still hoping for Architects. I'd like PUP, Fontaines DC, Microwave, Mom Jeans, Basement, KennyHoopla, ROLE MODEL and Cavetown. Not sure if any are even remotely likely...
  7. As did PJ, Gang Of Youths, Jorja Smith, Emma Bale, The Last Internationale and Dermot Kennedy. Don't think repeating acts is a massive concern for Werchter, personally they were one of the most boring bands for me last year (though it is nice to hear seaside and naive on a sunny afternoon) I hope that's more of a reason not to book them.
  8. Is it too early for Twin Atlantic or Enter Shikari to return, both have new albums coming pre festival season. Would be pleased with one of those two and Architects as the next two headliners.
  9. Any chance of Thom Yorke? Not sure where he'd be on the lineup in fairness, if he'd be headline worthy?
  10. Has anyone got a map as the one on the app doesn't show up properly for me!
  11. Yikes I was not expecting it to be that strict. Same goes for spirits ect? Usually at a festival I'd decant rum/vodka into an old plastic bottle as you can't take glass in, you think they'd check/take those away too? How much luck has anyone had taking drink into the arena, I only recently tried the old 'sealed' water bottle trick and it worked a charm, think I'd get away with it at truck?
  12. Definitely shorts weather today, they're using the X stage for a screen showing the football later, people are watching rugby there now. Also the staves are exactly what I need after Bring Me the Horizon last night.
  13. whats the point in causing hassle when you're giving tickets out for free? Bizzare, just noticed they do have names on the Vodaphone ones... wonder if these will be checked.
  14. Why is it invalid? All the tickets we're going up on today are competition winners ones...
  15. Everyone in my group of about 8 (bar 1) is going for Bring Me, I definitely think they'll have the biggest crowd. Theres nothing else on and I can't see too many people leaving early, could be wrong though.
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