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  1. Has anyone got a map as the one on the app doesn't show up properly for me!
  2. Yikes I was not expecting it to be that strict. Same goes for spirits ect? Usually at a festival I'd decant rum/vodka into an old plastic bottle as you can't take glass in, you think they'd check/take those away too? How much luck has anyone had taking drink into the arena, I only recently tried the old 'sealed' water bottle trick and it worked a charm, think I'd get away with it at truck?
  3. Definitely shorts weather today, they're using the X stage for a screen showing the football later, people are watching rugby there now. Also the staves are exactly what I need after Bring Me the Horizon last night.
  4. whats the point in causing hassle when you're giving tickets out for free? Bizzare, just noticed they do have names on the Vodaphone ones... wonder if these will be checked.
  5. Why is it invalid? All the tickets we're going up on today are competition winners ones...
  6. Everyone in my group of about 8 (bar 1) is going for Bring Me, I definitely think they'll have the biggest crowd. Theres nothing else on and I can't see too many people leaving early, could be wrong though.
  7. Water bottles are £2.50 but you can bring in sealed water bottles. I have a few 'water' bottles I'm bringing tomorrow. They also have filling points for water so I just asked for a cup last weekend. Food you won't get a decent feed for less than £8/9. Beer is about £6.
  8. Great news, wonder where they'll play it, there wasn't really a big screen anywhere was there?
  9. What are the prices like? proper steak sound brilliant!
  10. StubHub has them for around £10 each if you get desperate, saw some other people get their competition tickets on the day though so keep emailing and tweeting. I'm waiting on a response from some friends still but might have a couple spare if they can't come.
  11. I've bought all of mine from re-sellers and not had any checked yet.
  12. There's plenty in Haacht which aren't too far a walk from the festival site, we went almost every day as the tents were way too hot to sleep in the morning, cheap beer too from the Lidl/Aldi. If you want to stop on the way I would pick a town a little way away as they do cordon off a few roads, we didn't as we got there around 10 on Wednesday. Also you have to pay the £20 parking every time you leave and reenter the car park, not recommended!
  13. Are we still assuming Sam Fender and FAK are going to get a replacement or will the lineup just get a reshuffle so there's no big gap?
  14. I did the drive from Dover to Dunkirk then to the fest, my first time driving in Europe and it was a real simple drive, straight road around Brussels then the fest is signposted well once you get off the motorway. Google maps is the way to go though, especially as it tells you where speed cameras are. Also remember you need breathalyzers and a warning triangle ect for driving in France/Belgium.
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