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  1. Looks good. I’m thinking: Dave / Doja Cat Royal Blood / Kasabian RATM / Twenty One Pilots
  2. What’s your favourite power violence band? I joke 😂
  3. I keep telling myself that they’re saving Fuck for their hometown show on Friday which I’m going to just to make myself feel better.
  4. You’d be happy not to see Kingslayer? Are you alright? 😂 I’m very happy with all of those new songs being played. If I never hear Sleepwalking and, particularly, Antivist live again, it’ll be too soon. Antivist is bum.
  5. I think that Alexisonfire and Beartooth will be the Jäger Stage headliners.
  6. OMFG. I am BUZZZZZING! Rancid!? Alexisonfire!? TWY!? MCS!? I am genuinely so, so excited right now.
  7. So not only do festival lineups have to exclusively have bands you like playing, they now have to play exactly what songs you want to hear too to make you part with your cash!? How very particular!
  8. He doesn’t ever like any lineups and doesn’t go to anything for the weekend, we know this.
  9. It’s obviously Sum 41. As for the other headliner, if they have a second one, I’m going YMAS.
  10. Thanks, Mr Live Nation. They should both be headlining the next time they play, without question. Anyone who says they shouldn’t must actively want Download to die a death within the next decade. It’s utterly ridiculous that people are still trying to discredit bands like those two as being ready to step up and headline. Ridiculous.
  11. Ghost have to headline the next time they play. Forget all of this having to sub ‘x’ amount of times bollocks some people seem to expect of future headliners. Strike whilst the iron is hot and the Ghost machine starting back up again is going to generate a whole load of buzz. Big US arena tour announced already, big UK arena tour in 2022 (I should think) and then headlining Download 2023 is what needs to happen.
  12. AB/AP is absolute arse. COME ON. Turgid stuff.
  13. Andre91


    I watched that the other day. Definitely a hard watch. If you haven’t already, check out Jake on Joe Rogan. He mentions some of it there and it’s shocking but there’s also plenty of funny moments over the couple of hours. He’s a real interesting character and I was gripped the whole time.
  14. I’ll bat for Folie until the end of time. It’s got some serious bangers on! Disloyal Order of Water-Buffaloes (which is one of the very best songs they’ve ever made) My Winona America’s Suitehearts The (Shipped) Gold Standard (Coffee’s For Closers) What A Catch Donnie I think it’s a really overlooked FOB album. Is it as solid gold as the first three? No, but it’s still a strong album with some great songs on. Screw it: 1. Infinity On High 2. From Under The Cork Tree 3. Take This To Your Grave 4. Folie á Deux
  15. I remember absolutely hating DOAB at the time and writing it off. It’s only been the last 2/3 years that I’ve grown to love it; it’s got some of the best pop bangers on of the last decade. If FOB had never came back and had just released their first four albums, they would have a serious, serious shout at being my favourite band ever. That initial four album run was incredible.
  16. Panic are better at making pop music than they were rock music - just look at Death of a Bachelor. Fall Out Boy, on the other hand… ugh. Things couldn’t be more reversed.
  17. They were never on it. Also, this is for 2023; there’s nobody on the bill 😂
  18. Good fucking riddance. Opening schools for that one day will forever make my piss boil. Cock eyed twat.
  19. Have you seen IOW’s lineups over the last few years? No chance they can pull someone in the size of Metallica these days. R&L 2022 for Metallica, followed by DL2023 doesn’t seem a bad shout.
  20. Ahh crap, I forgot about MCR. I’d put money on MCR headlining DL 2023. Bin off A7X from my above comment.
  21. DL 2023 will be: Slipknot, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold You watch. Investing in the future as ever.
  22. BMTH got the Gallows push as soon as they cleared off. Gallows would have been the band.
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