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  1. I think he’ll be fourth down on AM’s stage.
  2. It really looks like my GCSE art folder.
  3. If I lived stateside, I would have zero hesitations in paying that price.
  4. I genuinely can’t believe this isn’t a fake lineup. It looks like the best time ever.
  5. Their cover of Hammer by nothing, nowhere. absolutely bangs. Their early stuff is the best IMO but the Brand New Vision album has some tunes on.
  6. Happy with that. Point North is going to go off.
  7. Picture evidence of Johnson in No.10 on the eve of Phil’s funeral doing lines off of a framed photo of the guy.
  8. I’d rather Metallica didn’t play a set celebrating their weakest record.
  9. That’s my thought too. It’s inevitable. I still think Blink would go down well these days at R&L.
  10. The US Navy and Government confirmed that the Air Force footage Tom was pushing is indeed an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and they don’t know where it came from. Tom DeLonge has genuinely done more for disclosure that pretty much anyone else in history. He’s legit.
  11. As soon as Tom returns, they’ll return.
  12. Metallica in 2023 wouldn’t shock me at all. I think they’re just as decent a shout as any other massive band at this stage.
  13. Gorillaz at R&L ain't happening. If people are saying Paramore couldn't headline MSE because they don't have the fans at R&L anymore, Gorillaz have even less. I'm sure they'll do APE or something one year where you can go and see them with an appreciative crowd.
  14. Kasabian have bangers galore. As do Paramore. Both fanbases are obviously going to pull for their preferred act. Kasabian would definitely be more popular overall but people shouldn't be thinking that Paramore are some small-fry band that no longer have fans at R&L. They are a generational band that are important to a lot of people.
  15. They’ll be subs because they’ve got other logo bands below them.
  16. Is Chad888 Gazza’s alternative account?
  17. Yeah, they become available closer to the festival 🙂
  18. And the bands not playing the setlists he wants specifically.
  19. Yeah but nobody outside of us internet dorks care about that.
  20. They’d fall so flat there. If anyone gets them to reunite, it’ll 100% be Riot Fest.
  21. Enter Shikari aren’t fourth down, by the way. They’re (at present) subbing Main Stage West. It isn’t the same as fourth down, just as Main Stage West isn’t the same stage as the Radio 1 Stage. Your average punter these days sees two big, fuck off stages which are identical and concludes ‘that’s two Main Stages’ and doesn’t think about the size of the acts in logo slots. Besides, everyone announced for a logo a lot this year is absolutely big enough to do so.
  22. He’s definitely not a one hit wonder. He’s absolutely massive with teenagers. I couldn’t name you a song by him but then again he’s not aimed at me so my opinion isn’t informed enough. He’ll no doubt justify his slot by pulling a monster crowd.
  23. Not true. Any time Eminem gets announced, it’s heaving. AM aside, I do think Dave will pull the biggest crowd of the weekend.
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