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    Edge vs. Orton was one of the worst WrestleMania matches I’ve ever seen.
  2. If we’re talking American hip hop artists, I would really love to see Princess Nokia on the lineup.
  3. Andre91


    The Boneyard Match was utterly ridiculous and I loved it. I had so much fun watching it. I marked out like hell when I heard the motorcycle approaching. I think the Metallica theme is great for this version of Taker. The Deadman character was put to bed last night and I’m fully behind it. I think we could definitely see Taker vs. Sting shot in that style.
  4. I’m happy with that. The only glaring omissions are Your Demise an Motion City Soundtrack but other than that, everyone else I wanted to see is still there.
  5. Enter Shikari has done an arena tour the year before they headline Slam Dunk, and would go on another later on that same year.
  6. Parkway Drive are an arena band now and not relevant to this conversation. Rise Against were not a strong booking headlining the Zippo that year, lots of people saw it as a weak booking. If you look at previous SD headliners in recent years such as All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Enter Shikari and evening Don Broco, Rise Against are smaller than all of those and wouldn’t play above any of them. I think they’d be just fine subbing.
  7. Slam Dunk could get away with having Rise Against play in a non-headlining position. They could sub one of the two main stages, I’m sure.
  8. I really don’t think any festivals will go ahead this summer, not even in September.
  9. Two nights at Victoria Warehouse is around 8000 people. Is that 'small time' to you?
  10. @thewayiam Have you seen the venues that Neck Deep are playing on their next tour? If they play the Main Stage, they aren't playing below 4th.
  11. Assuming this year goes ahead (which I don’t think it will): Kasabian / Wolf Alice / The Vaccines / Brockhampton / DMA’s DaBaby Dua Lipa / Dave / Nothing But Thieves / Mahalia / Young T & Bugsey Architects My Chemical Romance / Halsey / Don Broco / Neck Deep / The Amazons Blossoms
  12. Absolutely on brand for R&L these days fwiw, Dua bangs.
  13. I don’t think any festivals will be happening this summer. I certainly don’t think schools will be fully reopened until September either.
  14. 11/10 lineup. Excellent work!
  15. In terms of recent tickets sales, Panic are bigger than most R&L headliners. All Time Low’s new stuff bangs but they are in the right slot.
  16. Four day Download to make up for this year’s unfortunate situation. Five Finger Death Punch, Iron Maiden, System Of A Down & Metallica
  17. They’re easily fillable. As has already been said, out of RATM and RTJ and the other headliners and third downs, they’re certainly the pairing least appealing to the R&L core audience. If they drop out the fest will be fine (if it goes ahead at all).
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