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  1. I genuinely think a band like CHVRCHES would get a decent reaction at DL but it’s the slot they would get. They’re a pretty big band who regularly sell out academy tours so they would probs need to be a logo act. And if they got low balled, why would they accept it? I think they just need to get Ghostemane. There’s a performance on YouTube from something like Lolapalooza Paris (don't quote that) and he’s insane. Download would eat that shit up.
  2. If DL had the balls we could hopefully get a day like this: The Cure / Deftones / Placebo / IDLES / Ministry / Deafheaven / Helmet / Nova Twins* * just whacked them in because it’s inevitable like Wargasm (they are much better though).
  3. Which is madness. Imagine a Placebo greatest hits set closing out the second stage. Similar to Weezer, really. How on Earth that band hasn’t played 70mins of bangers to a crowd in the setting sun is mental. Sonisphere got them.
  4. NBT are whack, bro. I’m playing Devil’s advocate here but if they subbed before Architects, Shikari etc. I’d understand the backlash 😂
  5. I’m going to predict that we will get a left of centre second stage headliner. My vote is Don Broco. The fact that they’re considered left of centre is pathetic because they’re a massive arena band but that’s the world DL lives in. If they do get booked, they will be the biggest party of the weekend.
  6. Too big for that and that would absolutely play up to the shit DL habit of putting exciting acts on small stages. IDLES could easily headline second or play third down Main.
  7. IDLES would be a fantastic booking for Download.
  8. That's both awesome and insane about Turnstile subbing Metallica. So unbelievably cool to hear. If I was booking DL, I'd be going all in on Turnstile and giving them a third down Main Stage slot.
  9. I was also told the same info, that Parkway were booked to play the Sunday and they weren’t sure if they were headlining or subbing. That comes from the first source before I got told GNR by someone else (who also had Metallica x2 and BMTH).
  10. Download should book Run The Jewels in a high position for sure. Acts like Denzel Curry, 100 gecs and Ghostemane in particular would go down well too, I’m sure. Ghostemane is one of the most exciting and experimental artist they could book. I saw him headline the Pit tent at leeds a couple years ago and it was as wild as any hardcore/metal act you can name. I watched Dana Dentata this year on the Dogtooth and the tent was busy. Granted, a large contingent looked a bit confused but plenty more were loving it. It sounds simplistic af but it proves to me that the genre doesn’t matter; if the music makes you want to move and the vocals are confrontational/aggressive, people will enjoy it. Ghostemane, Denzel Curry, 100 gecs, $uicideboy$, City Morgue, Ho99o9, Scarlxrd would all go down a storm at Download.
  11. Download hasn’t been at capacity since 2010. One of the admins on the official DL forums who is involved with the festival said that it averages between 70-90k most years (I’m sure that was the number stated). It hasn’t reached 100k and over in a long, long time and never has consistently.
  12. BMTH are in no way a weak headliner.
  13. All of the above is correct. The GNR source is a mate who gets info quite regularly who also corroborated the Metallica x2 & BMTH news. I’m not as confident on GNR ad those two because they’ve been stated by two separate sources. I’ve seen a lot of GNR clips on TikTok the last week or so and he sounds atrocious.
  14. I just got round to listening to the new Vein.fm album for the first time last night and it’s bloody excellent. Currently on my fourth listen whilst on a free period at work. It’s GOOD.
  15. It's not a vast minority who use the bars, for goodness sake. Plenty of people use the bars, there's always queues. Because you don't, you likely won't see them. I'm the same as above though; when I was younger, I maybe bought 2/3 pints at the bars but now I'm older, I can afford it so I make many visits throughout the day. Teenagers naturally won't visit the bar much because they can't afford it; it's always been that way. But there are still thousands upon thousands of people at R&L in their 20s and 30s who will queue up for a cold beer.
  16. Vinnie is also deceased. Also, I don't think they're being serious with that lineup.
  17. Metallica are almost certainly doing two nights. It’s Linkin Park’s fault. The old guard could accept band like KoRn, Slipknot and Deftones but then LP came along with Hybrid Theory and that crowd went ‘Nah, that’s enough for us’ because they looked in no way like a ‘traditional metal band’ and sounded way more poppy than anything before on their scale. It’s no coincidence that a band like Maiden, who were in the gutter in the 90s got a massive resurgence in the early 00s once LP broke. Also bands like Megadeth and Slayer, who weren’t in a good place, got a massive boost again because they all dug their denim and leather out and dug their heels into the ground about what was ‘traditional’ and what wasn’t. For all the new, young fans LP brought in (myself included), they alienated just as many.
  18. More people at DL like BMTH and the Quo. That’s a fact.
  19. Coheed and Cambria, AFI & The Gaslight Anthem. The Mars Volta to headline ATG.
  20. YUNGBLUD played the main stage for the first time in 2019 with 2 EPs and an album under his belt. Aitch did the same last year with 3 albums and a load of mixtapes & EPs out. Arctic Monkeys sub headlined with one album out. The Darkness and The Strokes both headlined with one album apiece. It’s not like R&L hasn’t got history with striking with massively popular acts whilst the iron is hot. They’ve always done it.
  21. I adore Machine Head more than most bands but hey’re not. They should be, though, because they should have given them the call in 2008 when they were on The Blackening and they needed headliners to replace the dropouts.
  22. Fucking Hawkwind. They couldn't headline a carpark these days.
  23. There is definitely enough room to have two side-by-side Main Stages at Download.
  24. Priest would make a fantastic Second Stage headliner.
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