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  1. Fair play to Rock Werchter, most of the major festivals are going the other way with more rap/pop/urban music. Werchter going old school. 😎
  2. Why would they announce all those dates(including festivals) and not announce Werchter?
  3. Good point, especially for the brits. Great weather 7 day festival, which is unheard of in the UK Alternative to Glastonbury, with all the other stuff going on festival holiday Must admit it is always my 1st choice every summer, I am the sort which some will hate as I am not bothered on the lineup. My faves are usually the ones I have never heard of once the line up has been announced.
  4. Would not take much notice of awards like that myself.
  5. Do people choose Sziget for the lineup? I would imagine it's for the Sziget experience more than anything. Day tickets yeah, but not the 5/7 day tickets.
  6. Sziget suffers because of the lack of competition in my view. For example Glastonbury, Roskilde and werchter are around the same time. So they can pick up bands from the other festival quite easily.
  7. Pep off? Doesn't seem to be the type for a rebuild over a few years.
  8. United were always going to keep Ole. 😀
  9. I was pretty confident united would have a good week, fantastic stuff.
  10. They've never played in Belgium, I dont see a reason why they suddenly have any standing in Belgium to headline a huge festival like werchter.
  11. Liverpool could of taken the youth team and won the world club cup, I bet klopps just glad of the warm weather training.
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 After 25 years of festivals, I cant think of many lineups being praised. For me it's a pretty dated set of headliners, certainly nothing to get the juices going.
  13. Have editors been counted out for a headliner spot, or they not as big in Belgium anymore?
  14. Apart from one more big hitter, those headers seem a sziget lineup.
  15. Stroke have never played in Belguim, so cant see them at werchter.
  16. Some of the venues like Belgium are small, then Copenhagen is 16k capacity. I would presume if he played, its aimed at the UK audience and that's why he could headline.
  17. Stone wall headliner. Also can not see Stormzy missing the festival scene with those dates. Perhaps that's 2 of the headliners?
  18. Billie eilish and Tampa impala are headliners now, if they play they will headline. It's the advantage of having a long festival, headliners who wouldnt necessarily be headliners at other places.
  19. Don't think Sziget really do exclusives do they, certainly not European wide ones. You would imagine it would not be to much different from reading/lowlands headliners, except with a dance dj or 2.
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