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  1. Does anyone know the reason why they haven't update the app with this year's lineup yet?
  2. Tash Sultana has a concert in Budapest at the end of august, and Aurora is performing at another festival in Hungary in july so I think both of them can be ruled out too.
  3. Florence's schedule is too busy around sziget right? Cause she could be a possibility for the water too
  4. I've got an email saying that the festival will be 6 days long next year held between 10-15 august, and you get another extra 50€ credit on top of the previous one.
  5. Honestly I don't think that the chances of those happening are that big. The official ban on events is effective until the 15th of august (it's not the 31st like in other countries because they're hoping that the national holiday celebrations on the 20th of august could be held), but you have to be very naive to think that just 3 days after the ban lifted (if it's not prolonged) a festival with tens of thousands of people can be held. In my opinion at first only gatherings and events with a few hundred people will be allowed.
  6. Those are two different and separate festivals but they're on the same venue (this is where Balaton sound is held too) because these festivals are not that big like Sziget or Balaton sound they can half the place and one part is Strand festival the other is B my lake but you can't go to both with the same ticket or something like that.
  7. Unpopular opinion but I'd be so much happier seeing a more relevant rap/hip-hop headliner instead of Eminem like Tyler, the creator or Travis Scott etc.
  8. I don't think that day tickets will sell out quickly I don't know exact date but it also depends on the artists. In my opinion you don't have to be really fast to get them for that price. The headliners usually play from 21:30 to 23:00 If you want to get barrier then you should go there early. I think the area front of the main stage will be opened at 2pm every day. But if you don't want to get barrier just close to them then it's enough to go there a few hours early. I think Khalid will be the subheadliner of that day.
  9. Also as far as I can remember one of the leakers said that Khalid will be playing before Shawn Mendes but seeing these day splits that's definitely not happening
  10. Is there a chance for any of these artists: Girl in red, Beabadoobee, Oh wonder, Wolf Alice, Rex orange county, The japanese house?
  11. Will Glass Animals and Denzel Curry perform on the same day?
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