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  1. Please can anyone advise on the best place to park, which isn't too far to walk to the Taunton coach pick up point at Tangier way? I was wondering about the railway station but I can't get through to the car park company to ask if there's a height restriction, and I have a Mazda Bongo.
  2. Ah right, thanks for that. I just can't decide now whether to leave it at the festival Wednesday night, then get the train back down to Exeter, and get a lift up to Taunton Thursday morning for the bus, or drive it up to Taunton to get the bus Thursday morning leave it there, and then hope to get a train from Castle Cary to Taunton to collect it.. Decisions! Just so grateful to be going! Thanks for the advice everyone, and hope you all have the best time ever.
  3. I think I have seen that thread actually, thank you, that's where I will hopefully meet him. My son can't drive unfortunately, he was learning last year and then broke his ankle!
  4. Yeah I'm going to be parking it in the campervan fields, my son who will be arriving earlier than me will be camping with me and the campervan tickets in his name, so he'll come and meet me when I get near the campervan field.
  5. Yes that would make sense 🙂 thank you. I'm not sure if they would allow me to park in the official glastonbury festival car parks if I didn't yet have my admission ticket though.
  6. Please can anyone advise on where would be a good place to leave my vehicle overnight Wednesday night, either close to the festival or close to Castle Cary train station would be ideal. I've seen that the car park at the train station will be closed. I have a coach ticket & will be getting the coach from Taunton on Thursday.
  7. That sounds hopeful then 🙂
  8. Does anyone know if there will be some trains running to Castle Cary on the 23rd, or will they all definitely be cancelled? Or are we still waiting for them to decide? Sorry if this has already been asked..
  9. I definitely do over worry 🙂 , thanks for your help, I'm feeling more confident about it all now.
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice, will it be about a 20 minute walk from gate c to the exit of camper van field do you think?
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