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  1. 49.. Diana Riss, supergrass, Carl cox, Craig Charles. pink floyd & led zeppelin!
  2. med


    Not heard of them, will have to check them out, thanks.
  3. med


    Does anyone have a rough idea of what the set time might be for the Idles at Alexandra Palace on 7th, and whether there will be anyone supporting them please?
  4. med

    Campervan Question

    I’m going to try and get west too..
  5. med

    Campervan Question

    That does sound like a very good plan, another helpful person messaged me the same idea! Do you sleep at ashcombe park?
  6. med

    Campervan Question

    I will park at Taunton train station, get the coach from Taunton to the festival (where I will be given my ticket on the coach), and then I will travel back to Taunton to get my bongo. It does sound like a bit of a faff I know, but I think it would be worth it..
  7. med

    Campervan Question

    Excellent! Thank you! Does anyone happen to know if there would be shuttle buses going from the festival to Castle Cary train station on Thursday morning?
  8. After deciding to double my chances of getting a ticket for next year, I was lucky enough to get a coach package ticket from Taunton, which is actually on my way to Glastonbury, so will be driving my bongo campervan up to Taunton to get the coach, and obviously I would love to be able to sleep in my bongo at the festival, and I'm just trying to work out if that is possible. I'm thinking that I could get the train back to Taunton from Glastonbury and then drive to the festival, I know that I am not allowed to buy a campervan ticket as I have a coach package ticket, but my 16 year old son manage
  9. You will have to pay £50 deposit plus whatever the coach costs.
  10. I was really hoping for Slaves, Orbital, Bloc Party & Arctic Monkeys..
  11. Does anyone know if they are grass pitches at B&W to be able to put a tent next to your campervan please?
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