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  1. Secret glasto tweet, confirming George ezra pretty much!
  2. Hi @Neil @eFestivals Would it be possible to change my name to 'curiouscat' please or something similar Thanks!
  3. Costco have their camping sale on if anyone's a member. Seen a coolbox and bag, sleeping bags etc
  4. curiouscat


    The sign is up!! 😁
  5. Have dropped the cat at the cattery Gone for breakfast Probably about now grabbing the last few bits from the supermarket, then back to make some food bits to take to eat on the Tuesday and for breakfasts Then pack everything into the trailer tent
  6. Another possibility. Find See Tickets on LinkedIn, and give one of the higher up people a message on there
  7. I've never used twitter Is there a way to get updates/notifications from these accounts straight to your phone?
  8. Thank you. I was actually looking at these yesterday!
  9. Any good websites to buy good walking socks from?
  10. I was looking for another really helpful footwear thread but couldn't find it Does anyone have any suggestions for walking socks to go with boots? I'm quite prone to blisters, and last time, I did 2 layers (one thick and one really thin) off the recommendation of someone on here I think. Still a good idea?
  11. The RAC do campervan & motor home specific cover. RAC Arrival I think it's called
  12. I'm in a trailer tent, so kind of relevant to this thread 😂 Ours has a nice built in double burner gas kitchen Got a big coolbox (Igloo) were going to prep before, to keep everything nice and cool. Going to prep some food that can be warmed up, for when we're not in the festival - Tuesday and mornings. As it's got 2 double beds, we use one for sleeping and the other one is for clothes and stuff. The previous owner does have a foldable wardrobe too, unsure if this will be needed though. Have a Jackery 240 for power, along with a solar panel. Love my trailer tent, packs up nice and small, easy to tow and is nice and big when pitched!
  13. As a metal fan myself, I'm a bit gutted there is a clear gap there. I'm not specifically going for the metal music, and do love the festival as a whole. But there does seem a huge gap. Bit of a shame
  14. I remember American Adventure!! No one else i speak to remembers it 😂😂 Went there plenty of times as a child as wasn't far from it.
  15. curiouscat


    I reached out to them on Instagram, and they said all I need is the PayPal confirmation
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