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  1. Nothing to see here... https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/glastonbury-festival-organisers-respond-rumours-3843020 Is there any truth in the rumour? Those who were in favour of the proposal will be disappointed to hear it is just a rumour and nothing more. Glastonbury Festival told Bristol Live there are 'no plans' for an all-female lineup on the Pyramid Stage. A spokesperson said: "Although the two acts we’ve announced for Sunday so far are obviously female - Taylor Swift and Diana Ross - there are no plans for Sunday’s Pyramid line-up to be entirely made up of female acts."
  2. Fair chance most of those support acts will be there, although Courteeners again on other will be getting a bit too predictable.
  3. Northtim

    Queue Times

    Gate A entry for non-coach was a clusterfuck in 2019. Arrived just before 8am wanting to head to gate D & were told by stewards we could not join that queue as it was rammed and Gate A would be better. Gate A queue was huge and hardly moving as those on coach side got priority - we eventually got in about 1pm, and later found out others had been walking straight in at Gate D from 10.30!
  4. Northtim

    The National

    Only second time I have seen them live (1st was 2017 Pyramid, and hadn’t listened to them much at that point). Tonight in Leeds was flippin’ fantastic. Absolutely loved it. Got a bit of dust in my eye when they played Pink Rabbits - what a treat!!!
  5. Northtim

    The National

    As one of the few who thought they were excellent in 2017 (hardly listened to them before so made no odds to me they played new songs as I’d never heard much they’d done - only caught them by chance!) and they’ve been in my top 2 most listened on Spotify since - I am really looking forwards to seeing them at Leeds tomorrow!
  6. At least one bar, I think it was the Greenpeace Stage one, had a plastic jug by the beer taps so when I went there with the metal cup they filled their plastic jug and tipped that into the metal one. Saved wasting a paper cup at least. Most of the bars have those machines that fill a load of paper cups up at a time so won't work everywhere though.
  7. I loved the Steel Cups but agree with others it was frustrating they had to be filled by pouring from a paper pint cup. On other ideas - I'd like to see Other Stage get the big screens that were used at Reading this year
  8. Does that answer it? T&C's say the entrant is the 1st named registration on the entry. It is not really clear but the way I read that is two registrations could enter as alternatively lead and guest on two ballot entries. May be wrong though! EDIT - seems I am wrong as the comments on that tweet seem to have people that have tried that and had the second entry rejected!!
  9. Bring back Flaming Lips somewhere please. Their Park headline in 2017 was pure joy.
  10. Northtim

    Rum club

    Dark rum is great, I prefer the light brown ones so not too dark. Mount Gay Black Barrel is absolutely lovely but a bit pricey. As Baltic says, great mixer with most things, and Appleton Estate a decent cheaper brand. not convinced by spiced rum myself but you could give that a try
  11. There are the "bucket list" types, although I do hope some will actually get Glastonbury and then want to come back year after year. Also if you look at the people like Hugh Jass who list their festival attendances in their signature, it is noticeable for many that there are relatively few Readings, Leeds and others, yet Glastonbury is there every year they can grab tickets. I have done Reading and Leeds in the past but wouldn't entertain it now, I'm nearly 50 and would feel like a Granddad. Glastonbury I feel average aged, can wander and chat to anyone, and be constantly blown away by the vibe and happiness. So is it that once you have done Glastonbury you have found the best Festival and will always want to try and go again. All/most of the other festivals don't hold a candle to it.
  12. I have little idea how things work on the techie side but a few have mentioned on here that if your first connection is to an overloaded server which is not able to process and issue the holding screen you seem to keep getting that and are pretty much stuffed - or thats my interpretation. My experience sort of supports that. My only other explanation is I had a lucky computer, but it was different to last times lucky computer! Thurs Coach Sale: I was at work trying for others. Easily got straight on to the holding page but got no further. I can live with that - its busy and seeing the screen you enter registrations is always going to be difficult but I did at least feel like I was in the game. Sunday General Sale: 3 machines trying, each with 2 browsers - Chrome on auto refresh and Firefox on manual refresh Home PC linked to fast broadband - never got a connection to the holding page. Constant sever crash/time out errors Laptop linked to mobile 4G - never got a connection to the holding page. Constant sever crash/time out errors VPN to same work PC I used in Thurs sale - Straight through to holding page on both browsers. Chrome went onto Enter Registrations after 10 mins and I manged to fill in those and the card payment details with each stage proceeding smoothly and got booking confirmation screen. Even got through a second time just gone half past but it sold out before I completed. Second browser on manual refresh constantly reached holding page but never got beyond that. Of course it could all be random but seems to me that if 2 out of 3 machines can't connect at all and one can easily get the holding page every attempt (and beyond rarely) then something isn't right. Somehow everyone needs to be able to have an equal chance of getting the holding page or a time out error and currently it seems to just be constantly one or the other, and if you are getting the time out you are stuffed. We had 12 people trying and most never even saw the holding page. I'll be trying for others on my lucky PC in April!
  13. This - any if you don’t get lucky tomorrow try and be positive and creative. Look at alternatives - you can still be in the fields as a volunteer.
  14. Good luck - no one in our group is trying in Coach sale and I can hang around at work and try for someone off here if they like. If you want me to help PM your details and where you want coach from (and what day) & a mobile no
  15. Northtim

    Pilton Party 2019

    So does this make Wolf Alice v likely for 2020?
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