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  1. How about a Good Friday announcement? Elvana have teased some announcement for tomorrow and I am hoping they will be there as I have yet to experience the Elvis fronted Nirvana and it looks amazing. Probs be tour dates for them but heres hoping we get more soon - getting greedy after the lull for the last couple of days!
  2. Northtim


    Foggy morning but another side going on the Pyramid, and activity in Arcadia field!
  3. Northtim


    Sort of looks like something marked out in the field about where Arcadia would be? Unless it is just a flock of birds that has flown away on next pic!
  4. Apparently Stormzy wasn't on site when his manager was searched. I know he has a valid point to make but pulling out of a festival he was headlining means his fans miss out. Seems a bit of a dick move when security have gone rogue. Why not do the gig and make the point on stage? Based on his tweet last year with that NG quote he will have been booked to headline Glastonbury when his profile was sky high after the Brits appearance. Seems to have done little since but guess he is confident in his new stuff and will drop something before Glastonbury. He's not up against the strongest other headliner in Tame Impala so guess he will get a decent crowd.
  5. Pulled out of Snowbombing as manager was searched for a weapon.. https://www.nme.com/news/music/stormzy-pulls-out-of-snowbombing-after-being-left-unhappy-with-the-manner-security-carried-out-weapons-search-on-manager-2475425 shouldn’t he have an album out by now if he is going to fill his headlining slot?
  6. Chems for me, seen Killers a few times inc JP last time and I’m sure they will be a great headliner, but never seem Chems pretty sure that will be amazing.
  7. Northtim

    day and stage

    Likewise - very happy with this. Saw Killers in JP in 2017 and on their tour so not too bothered about missing that. Haven't seen Chems before and not seen Cure for 25 years so was dreading that as a clash. Great News!!!
  8. Northtim

    Clashes 2019

    Similar - Cure vs Chems. simple answer is put chems on saturday
  9. Hope it isn't like Emile Sande last time for JJ. Wandered past an almost empty Other Stage n 2017 as Emile belted out her read all about it hit to a tragically small crowd.
  10. I'm calling Wolf Alice for a TBA/Surprise set somewhere. Based on absolutely nothing but a feeling after the Mercury award and them announcing a few summer dates when they were rumored to be taking time out for a while. Would love to see them there.
  11. Northtim

    2019 Headliners

    Please, please, please let them be Friday Other Stage headliners
  12. Nah, I think the poster is usually out before balance payment date. Jeez - if only there was some sort of thingy we could check these things!
  13. Northtim

    Flaming lips

    Heading back to UK (Not Glastonbury unfortunately - although they should be a fixture like Fatboy Slim, my highlight of 2017 at The Park. Definately in my top 3 gigs of all time) Just had an alert they are playing Manchester Academy 6 Sept - playing Soft Bulletin album.
  14. Aren't R&L exclusives sort of exclusive at the point they make the announcement but highly likely to be non-exclusive after that? Sure many R&L "exclusives" actually go on and play elsewhere as well. I'm sure Liam G was supposedly R&L exclusive in 2017, and there have been others. Take it with a pinch of salt...
  15. Anyone any reviews of this F&B pop up with a small porch? F&B PopUp Need to find a tent for son who is joining us as a first timer this year. Thought this looked ideal?
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