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  1. Anyone got the Olivia Rodrigo set? Seems to have gone off iplayer just as I belatedly get round to grabbing some on get iplayer
  2. Northtim

    The Strokes?

    The Strokes at Lytham were brilliant. Crowds were well up for it and I wonder if that helped avoid some of the erratic performances they are reported to have done elsewhere. Great support too - Wet Leg and Fontaines were both really good. Lounge Society on very early and poor sound so didn't do much for me. The Strokes played for about 1hr 20 mins which sounds like is as much as they do. No encore, but JC asked the crowd if they wanted them to go off and come back as they would have had to drop a song and crowd response was just keep playing. Short set and chances of a poor performance make it a risky Glasto headliner, and I'd say their time has passed for that on Pyramid but if they turned up i the right mood it would be good. Lytham Festival a strange one. Half the front of the stage is a seperate VIP area, plus there is a raised up marquee pooposite the stage with sofas and waiter service. We got well in the crowd on the plebs side not too far back after a bit of moshing and it was much better than I expected - really top night. Might have been less impressive further back, it is a strange very wide arena.
  3. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Not what I’d listen to or where I would be but Kendrick looks to be putting on a good headliner show from the iPlayer surfing. PSB been on 30 mins and it’s good but where is Chris, getting annoying now.
  4. Delete - wrong thread
  5. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Signed it at 19 and this albums last one of the contract so he’s celebrating
  6. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Think he’s over medicated the stage fright tonight
  7. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I love Jamie T but he’s taking a while to get going. Should finish strong.
  8. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Still not good enough🤬
  9. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Suppose that makes sense but no reason it has to be on BBC1! Messes with my plan for an hours of Macca then Jamie T and rest of Macca later. Filling gap with Girl In Red from yesterday which seems pretty good.
  10. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    It’s not leaving many options for the next hour!
  11. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Yeah, seen that just now too. Why - very poor if he’s not letting it all be shown live.
  12. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    The live Pyramid stream channel on iPlayer should start at 9.30. Only the main Glasto iPlayer that mirrors bbc tv will be 10.30
  13. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Other Stage May just lose its indie wasteland tag with this Metronomy - Glass Animals - O Rod run. Looks a lot of fun there & I hear the repeaters have really improved the sound.
  14. Northtim

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Looks like a perfect sunny afternoon band. Really good.
  15. The answer is REM, that’s it!!
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