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  1. Its too late, damage is done. 1. Looks like Lockdown is over, sun is out and the roads are heaving round here (North Yorkshire). 2. They have treated us like idiots, and it won't be forgotten (and will add to all the other stuff they got wrong with Covid - lack of PPE, lockdown too late, the bizarre initial idea of saying don't go to pub/restaurant/theatre but we aren't closing them).
  2. None of them denied it - it clearly happened. The second visit to Durham looks a bit more doubtful. Still hoping for the killer blow in tonight’s papers. I reckon they have something more 🤞
  3. No doubt remains about who the puppet master is for this shambles of a government.
  4. If he’s not gone this afternoon, I still think Mirror/Guardian are holding something back for a final killer blow tomorrow. My money is on witnesses or CCTV of a stop at a service station on the way up to Durham. Grant Shapps was pretty elusive on that when asked on Marr this morning.
  5. That’s quite likely. We’ve followed the lockdown vary carefully but spoke to my mum earlier who I haven’t seen since Feb and she is keen on meeting up to see grandkids and walk dogs next week. We would keep 2m apart and all of us are healthy . Her quote was If Cummings can do that what the hell. If we were in N Ireland or Scotland as I understand it small groups are allowed to get together like this so why not I guess. So fuming about Cummings I’m not feeling like sticking to the less sensible rules now. Must be many others thinking the same.
  6. Crazy that anyone thinks this is ok. If any journo at the daily updates, or member of public on a phone in with an mp (including Raab, Gove & Sunak despite what they say now), had 6/7 weeks ago asked “If I think I have Covid-19 is it ok to drive 250 miles to my relatives in case they need to look after my child?“, the answer would have been an unequivocal no - stay home, stay safe. I am absolutely 100% sure of this. It was against the guidelines, and the tories defending it is shameful. Cummings should be gone.
  7. Hopefully it’s the end for both of them
  8. Is The Blur 09 set available anywhere? I know odd songs are on You Tube but would love the full set to watch
  9. If you can follow that help me with this one. i had plenty of symptoms from last weds - sore throat, aches, cough, fever. Very bad Weds/Thurs/Fri then mild Sat/Sun just cough & headache and feel fine today so was going back to work Weds. Have really carefully self isolated in my bedroom with wife in spare room and kept away from kids as one daughter has asthma. None of them showing any symptoms. I wasn’t tested as they are not testing. Now, am I still ok to go back to work on Weds? And do family all have to self isolate for another week when they have been at school today & last week and show no signs of virus.
  10. Flaming Lips, Park headliner 2017. My first Glastonbury (At 46 yo). Watched first 15m of Radiohead and we decided to try something else. Flaming Lips was the most uplifting and magical gig of my life!
  11. I wouldn't be surprised once we are through this for the death rate to be below 1% - there has been a lot of talk of cases with very mild symptoms and the published numbers being an understatement. At the moment UK death rate should be low as the NHS still has capacity to deal with the low numbers of severe or complex cases. Unfortunately we know that is likely to change.
  12. Could be far higher than that I think. They estimated 5-10k in the press conference on Thursday and it looks like doubling every 3-4 days so likely 10-20k by tomorrow.
  13. We have all been thrown into a real life disaster movie - it’s horrible. I’ve been isolating since Weds. started with sore throat Tues then temperature and aches Weds. At that point was told it couldn’t be Covid as I haven’t travelled and don’t know anyone that had tested positive (or even had symptoms). Asked if I could be tested but no way was that going to be offered. Work insisted I call 111 Despite the advice being not to and when I got through they just went through the spiel and said couldn’t be Covid because I had not been exposed, and suggested I go to pharmacy for assessment. I had 2/3 days of fever and aches and a hellish sort throat, and last couple of days just headache & cough remains. Can’t be sure it is Covid but seems So close to the symptoms I read about from others that have tested positive that I think it probably is. Initially I was not fully isolated from rest of family so worried about them coming down with it now. Especially my daughter who has asthma but she is keeping up with her inhaler so should be ok. Im fine and nearly over it. In my case it really was only rough for a couple of days and I slept most of that time. my tip to prepare is get some ibuprofen, strepsils and antiseptic throat spray like difflam. Sore throat and fever/aches is the worst bit. Hate watching the news, am trying to limit it. This will be a mental struggle for so many with huge concern about friends and family, especially the more vulnerable. stay strong & look after each other x
  14. Put me down for 27th if still accepting entries.
  15. Nothing to see here... https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/glastonbury-festival-organisers-respond-rumours-3843020 Is there any truth in the rumour? Those who were in favour of the proposal will be disappointed to hear it is just a rumour and nothing more. Glastonbury Festival told Bristol Live there are 'no plans' for an all-female lineup on the Pyramid Stage. A spokesperson said: "Although the two acts we’ve announced for Sunday so far are obviously female - Taylor Swift and Diana Ross - there are no plans for Sunday’s Pyramid line-up to be entirely made up of female acts."
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