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  1. Northtim

    Pilton Party 2019

    So does this make Wolf Alice v likely for 2020?
  2. Did a night in the Silent Disco & enjoyed that a lot. Nothing else held any attraction - it does seem to be an odd mix of tents/stages
  3. Northtim


    It was quite windy most of the festival. i don’t think that changed much though - it would never have worked with them swinging the crane around like they were. The moon would have been flying all over the place. If the moon is back in future they will have to fix it in place properly, not swing it on the wire.
  4. No regrets. I suppose I could look back now and think I should maybe have done A rather than B, but I had a great time so why worry. I think Glastonbury is the one place where there is something amazing around every corner so it is very hard to make a wrong decision. If I ever find myself not really enjoying something I can wander off somewhere else, but that never happened this year.
  5. Northtim


    Yeah - maybe it will help with the planning application if they make it look like a big tree!
  6. Northtim


    Now been painted - if this pic is real? Guess they ran out of time pre fest
  7. THANK YOU!!! Its not perfect but easy enough to watch them doing this - was driving me mad!
  8. Anyone use Plex to play these to TV? Its driving me feckin nuts - for some reason it has indexed 4 sets all together as Sheryl Crow (which none of them are), so when I want to watch on TV I select Crow and get The Cure, and can't get the other three episodes at all. Doing my head in. Maybe someone can suggest something else to use for streaming that lets you manually edit titles?
  9. Northtim


    Site looks like a dust bowl now
  10. Northtim

    Lessons learned

    Think this is right. We arrived about 7.30am and were told we had to go to Gate A as Gate D was rammed. Gate A queue moved Ok for about 45 mins then slowed right down which must have been because loads of Coaches arrived. Coach people reported queues but only of up to an hour. We gone through the gates about 12.30, but then heard others had been walking through Gate D since about 9.30. Not a happy time!
  11. Northtim

    Lessons learned

    Good: Self inflating mattress thingys are comfy as Drink as much water as alcohol when its hot and you'll be fine Greenpeace stage is great Steel cups are perfect for mixing rum & coke Bad: Shouldn't listen to the guys telling me to join q at gate A as D was busy. 5 hrs queuing at gate A only to find gate D queues had vanished and people had been walking through for 3 hours
  12. Not getting very far with this! Start with bar I guess - is it Hop & Liquor on main drag between Other & Pyramid, or one in Silver Hayes - Liquid? or somewhere else entirely??
  13. Needs something - the wind must have had an effect on the sound and other stage seemed to suffer most.
  14. Think Pangea played Firestarter as last or one of last tracks
  15. Northtim


    Vampire Weekend seem to have got this globe hanging thing sussed.
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