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  1. Given that he put on Download Pilot and Latitude as "test events", his involvement and government contacts definitely help the festival prepare for going ahead even under restrictions.
  2. My fear is Glastonbury make so many decisions/announcements during the period when everything will start to look very dicey again (Nov-Mar). 50%
  3. If you've got a cough, you need a PCR test. LFTs aren't appropriate if you have symptoms. One in my group has an awful cost but PCR has come back as negative today. Easy to get festival flu, especially with how cold it was at night this year.
  4. Some general thoughts on the weekend: * Really miss the R1/NME Tent. We got lucky with the weather at least as this set up would be a disaster in rainy conditions. * 2 Stage set up would work better with longer between sets e.g. 15 mins. 5 mins is just about enough time to get from one side to another if you don't need the toilet or bar and one stage does not over-run. So many bands lose any sense of occasion as they play to a half empty field for 2-3 songs and then everyone is checking their watch to see when they need to clear out to get over to the other stage. * Bar queues were horrendous on Friday. Improved over the weekend but if we've only got 5 mins between acts, queues need to be smaller. * My 9th Reading and I've never seen it so filthy. Toilets in the arena were horrendous, hardly cleaned all weekend, hand sanitiser and soap not topped up, no litter pickers wandering around, they didn't even manage to clear up Saturday's rubbish before letting us in on Sunday. * Too many pointless crowd control tactics e.g. stopping people entering the front pits despite being half empty, moving you from one cattle grid to another when opening up in the morning despite being 45 mins late. *SOUND! MSW in particular was horrendous for almost everything, what the hell was going on there? * Didn't really notice the unpleasant behaviour that has been mentioned elsewhere in the thread. Most people seemed alright to me and if anything quite tame in comparison to other years. We did hang back a lot more though in an attempt to avoid minimise Covid risk.
  5. God, it was great to be back at a festival wasn't it? Some organisational issues threatened to put a downer on things but so many of the acts were great. Friday Stormzy - Brilliant. Crazy to think that's the first show he's played in 18 months. The reaction when Dave came out, has to be a headliner next year. Catfish - What *is* going on with them? Definitely felt like the rumours were true, completely uninterested throughout. Ghetts - Played an incredible set to an embarrassingly small crowd due to the AJ Tracey clash. Sam Fender - One of the biggest MSW crowds, good atmosphere, great tunes, a Friday highlight. Mabel - Loved it. Have seen her twice before and was dodgy both times. Much better with a full band now & far more confident than before. Aitch - Surprisingly brilliant. Massive crowd and delivered a proper arena show. Wargasm - Dodgy sound again, drums very loud and everything else too quiet, but still a good show and an improvement on Download Pilot. Shaybo - Clashing with Mostack on MSE meant she had to perform to a smaller crowd than expected. They kept delaying her arrival presumably for that reason. Sports Team - absolutely smashed it, a perfect festival set. Had that been in the R1/NME Tent, it would have been a proper moment. Tia Carys - This was incredibly awkward. Crowd turned on her when she made some antivax comments and the entire tent were chanting "WHO ARE YA?" for the rest of the show. She's clearly very talented but this was not a good moment for her. The Snuts - Bang average indie band but enjoyable enough at that time of the day. Maisie Peters - Secret set on BBC Introducing. Dodgy sound competing with soundbleed from everywhere else but good atmosphere. Nothing But Thieves - The sound issues! MSW was far too quiet for most of the weekend but it absolutely killed any sense of occasion from this set. Chants of "TURN IT UP!" were taken by the band to just be some sort of "kid lingo". Saturday Post Malone - Biggest crowd of the weekend but really not good. Just a nice enough bloke singing over a backing track to generic pop music. Just seems so lazy as a headline performance to me. Disclosure - No idea how much they were actually doing live but had a brilliant time. Clearly influenced by Chemical Brothers' festival shows, this was a great party vibe. Two Door Cinema Club - Enormous crowd and difficult to get a decent spot after rushing over from The Wombats who overran. Seemed decent enough and the crowd around us were into it. The Wombats - Standard Wombats performance really just with some difficulties caused by MSW sound issues and people piling out 20 mins before the end to get to TDCC. Good fun. Slowthai - Loved it. His live shows are hit and miss but he was on good form aside from a handful of slightly inappropriate comments. Very Tyron-heavy, great energy especially for the Mura Masa/Gorillaz collabs. Sigrid - This was excellent. Really making her pitch as an arena artist. Such a shame she suffered from a small crowd due to Becky Hill's enormous crowd at the other end of the site. Such an enjoyable artist to watch. Brave to do anything slow or piano based at Reading but she pulled it off. Becky Hill - One of the moments of the weekend, for sure. Huge crowd, felt a bit like watching a massive pop star on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. Could not fault this. Jazmin Bean - Small crowd and some sound issues. Less theatrical than I'd hoped but a promising set. Alfie Templeman - Generic indie with an awkward Smells Like Teen Spirit cover (that caused hundreds of kids to run into the tent and go nuts as if Nirvana had turned up?) Kennyhoopla - A terrific set from a future superstar. The Academic - Worst vocal performance of the weekend? Voice gave in after about 3 songs and never recoered. Noisy - More sound problems in the Dance Tent. If you're not in the centre, it was really naff sounding. They were great though. Sunday Liam Gallagher - Loved it, classic festival set. Odd solo choices - would have switched Halo for Now That I've Found You and Paper Crown for For What It's Worth - but cannot complain about all the Oasis offerings. Biffy Clyro - Incredible. Sound, production, setlist, performance. I've seen all 3 of their Reading headline sets and they absolutely smash it every time. Just feel bad for them with the tiny crowd caused by the 2 stage set up. Also had to duck out 2 songs early to make it over to LG via the bar and felt like most people did the same. Gerry Cinnamon - He absolutely smashed this and put an end to any doubts about whether or not his slot was justified. Absolutely brilliant. Yungblud - Crowd much smaller than I'd expected. Felt a bit like watching Busted or McFly for this generation but decent enough pop star and we had fun. Wolf Alice - Set of the weekend for me. A shame they couldn't play for longer but what they did do was perfect. Blossoms - The best I've seen them, definitely stepped up in terms of production and performance. Nice nod to Charlie Watts which seemed to go over most heads. Baby Queen - Cannot believe that was only her 2nd gig. So tight and well-rehearsed, main stage ready. Had to deal with a lot of bucket hats pouring in for the Jake Bugg secret set but suspect she managed to convert many of them into fans. L Devine - Had the misfortune of playing while KSI was on so an empty dance tent. Still turned in a great performance & much better than what was going on at the other end of the site I'm sure. Bad Boy Chiller Crew - A shame they focused more on newer material but great vibes in a packed tent. Niko B - Objectively terrible but enormous crowd and good to see people having such a great time. Kam-Bu - Unfamiliar with him before the festival but definitely one to watch. Clashed with Russ Millions so a very small crowd in 1Xtra but that meant no "whomph! there is it" chanting and we got to see what he could do. Very good. Hot Milk - Both really need some vocal training before they do more of these bigger stages. Frontwoman gave it everything performance wise but their vocal issues really show up on big stages. Decent enough pop punk but needs work.
  6. Has anyone managed to find anything similar for Reading?
  7. Members of Creeper have tweeted within the past few mins and have not mentioned pulling out. They are still on the app as well. Maybe just an error on the website?
  8. The point of the shows is to sell albums for a higher charting position. For the bundles to qualify for the charts, they have to demonstrate that there was the option to buy tickets on their own as well. Naturally, they want to limit the number of people who actually opt for the ticket only option as it defeats the point of them doing the gigs (hence the 1 per address restrictions, satisfies the criteria for the charts without denting the album purchases.)
  9. Might be different this year but every other year that's how it's worked. Queue up at the Alternative Tent and are handed headphones on the way in. One year, there were a couple of late night live sets in there that were silent discos as well! I assume they don't have a license for amplified music after 12 because of it being a residential area.
  10. They are DJ sets but usually as silent discos in the Alternative Tent. Finishing around 3-4am in previous years I think.
  11. Reading Stormzy, Sam Fender, Tia Carys Kennyhoopla, Jazmin Bean, Becky Hill Liam Gallagher, Wolf Alice, Baby Queen
  12. Nothing But Thieves > The Snuts > Bad Nerves > Tia Carys > Shaybo > Wargasm > Dana Dentata > Mabel > Sam Fender > Ghetts > Catfish and the Bottlemen > Stormzy Noisy > The Academic > Kennyhoopla > Alfie Templeman > Jazmin Bean > Becky Hill > Sigrid > Slowthai > The Kid Laroi > The Wombats > Two Door Cinema Club > Disclosure > Post Malone Hot Milk > Kam-Blu > Niko B > Bad Boy Chiller Crew > L Devine > Baby Queen > Secret Set? > Blossoms > Wolf Alice > Yungblud > Gerry Cinnamon > Biffy Clyro > Liam Gallagher Happy with that.
  13. Looks like the app's not updating for Androis users. Those in my group with iphones have times on their app but us Android users don't.
  14. seems odd they'd bother to update the poster with TBC if they're planning on announcing the replacement today.
  15. I saw this on Twitter earlier. Apparently from The S*n.
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