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  1. Rollover. I do think there will be a lot who will return their tickets outside of this forum though. People who just wanted to go once, people who wanted to go for the 50th, people whose lives will change massively since October 2019 (with or without the current situation).
  2. Day 1 for me and loving it. I've wanted to do it for a while. Getting a lot more done but also able to listen to music at the same time.
  3. All horse racing suspended until the end of April. It's not over yet!
  4. Patrick Vallance's responses today are quite reassuring. Forecasting reducing the peak by 50% within 2-3 weeks & hoping to keep deaths below 20k. Of course, still horrendous, but far better than what we were looking at before.
  5. The Subways + Art Brut this week has been postponed, new date tbc. Avril Lavigne @ Brixton - still not clear if cancelled or postponed. No news yet on Goldfrapp or Ritual Union Festival next week but I'm expecting both to be canned.
  6. I'm not quite at 100%, I'm afraid, but more power to those of you who are! I'm optimistic for now though - it's not cancelled yet!
  7. It's not over until it's over, guys. We're in an unprecedented situation right now and we're all speculating. I genuinely believe there are good arguments on either side but, ultimately, we don't have any clear guidance from the government about Summer events yet. I'm preparing myself for the worst but simultaneously allowing myself to believe.
  8. Haim are the sort of band that could do with a boost into the Pyramid sub spot so I'd be happy with that. Swift - Haim - The Specials - Diana Ross Elbow are presumably a possibility as well.
  9. Gutted if this does get cancelled. Rumours are definitely picking up speed though. One thing this pandemic has taught me is to not be so eager at booking flights & accommodation in advance when it's so difficult to get refunds now!
  10. FakeEmpire

    2020 Must Sees

    Honestly, so many. *Can't Imagine Missing For Anything* Paul M Taylor Diana *Really Really Hope To See* Kendrick Big Thief Sinead O'Connor The Specials TLC *Clashes Permitting, Fingers Crossed* Brittany Howard Burna Boy FKA Twigs Groove Armada Kacey Musgraves Kelis Lana Nadine Shah Noel G Phoebe Bridgers Robyn Sampa The Great Skunk Anansie
  11. It's all pissing in the wind, isn't it? I'm inclined to believe the science. I am typically very anti-tory but, in their defence, they have stood back and let the scientists speak. Every decision made has been backed up with a well-reasoned scientific argument. Who am I to say if the science is right or not but all we can do at this point is trust in the Chief Medical Officer, wash our hands, take extra care with contact, keep an eye on our older loved ones. Use some common sense, self isolate if you show symptoms or are at risk. Re Glastonbury, I do still feel slightly positive this morning. The government do seem focused on trying to keep the economy moving and maintain that banning gatherings above an arbitrary number of attendees isn't as worthwhile as some people believe.
  12. I'm still expecting Alicia Keys in that slot. I know she's not hip hop but Mary J & Lauryn Hill have been in that slot recently.
  13. FakeEmpire

    The poster 2020

    As ever, I'm crazy happy with this. It's only the 'big' stuff and it's just full of so much stuff I want to see. Long live Glastonbury.
  14. FakeEmpire


    Subbing Other would really work. If anyone saw her Ally Pally show last year, you'll know that it's absolutely perfect for festivals. There was a moment where I was losing my shit to Love Is Free where I thought 'this is PERFECT for Glastonbury'.
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