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  1. It's too early to have any accuracy in a weather forecast for Sat/Sunday - especially with any real level of detail of timing or amount of precipitation. At the moment, it looks like we're going to have a lovely warm and dry Weds and Thurs. Fri might be a bit cooler with a little shower or two but nothing to worry about. Sat/Sun are still wide open - a hot one looks unlikely, some rain looks likely, but that's about as much as we can say right now.
  2. Always wear wellies in, trainers in your bag. Shorts in all weathers. Pack your waterproof just in case. You don't need to wait for the weather forecast to pack.
  3. There seem to be fewer supports across the board this year. Are there going to be less stages? Presumably some cost cutting after 2 years of no shows. They have not announced anything for Adele and those shows are just 2 weeks away!
  4. I saw both Burna Boy and Megan at Primavera and Saturday night at the Other Stage will definitely be a party. I'll be at Paul though.
  5. St. Vincent is definitely going to have a very small crowd. I struggled to pick between her and Sam Fender but the realisation that Sam Fender will be absolutely rammed and St. Vincent will be the opposite helped me to decide on Vincent. I've reached the age where I quite enjoy the extra space! Not sure Kacey Musgraves will be that big a draw against Elbow and the Park secret set. Roisin Murphy v Jessie Ware is such a bizarre choice especially when both are up against Paul McCartney. I think they'll both do OK, largely because there are people who will always pick those stages for the Saturday nights, but they definitely would have been busier if they weren't clashing with each other. I disagree with people who say Megan/Burna Boy will be quiet. I'd say they are a very sensible alternative to Paul McCartney for younger people and they'll both be absolutely fine. I think that run of Glass Animals- Olivia - Burna Boy - Megan will retain a lot of the same crowd on Other.
  6. And here's a list of everyone I saw. Weekend 1 Tame Impala, Charli XCX, Kacey Musgraves, Joey Bada$$, Fred Again, Otoboke Beaver, Black Midi, Faye Webster, Rombo, Caribo, Beach Bunny, Weyes Blood, Mariah The Scientist, Beck, The National, Caribou, Jamie XX, Enny, Les Amazones D'Afrique, Mavis Staples, Jorja Smith, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Gorillaz, Tyler The Creator Weekend 2 Dua Lipa, Bicep, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Working Men's Club, Big Thief, Jay Electronica, Squid, Dry Cleaning, Future Utopia, Alex Cameron, Agoraphobia, Marta Knight, CMAT, Sampa The Great, Brittany Howard, Lorde, The Strokes, Burna Boy, Remi Wolf, Genesis Owusu, Angel Bat Dawid, The Weather Station, Celeste, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mura Masa, Jessie Ware, Megan Thee Stallion Primavera a la Cituat Rina Sawayama, Teto Preto, Wet Leg, The Linda Lindas, Jamila Woods, Fenne Lily, Keiyaa, Mike, Ibraham Bouloum, Phoenix, Khruangbin, Ride, Magdalena Bay, Pom Pom Squad Top 5 1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 2. The National 3. Gorillaz 4. Fred Again.. 5. Lorde
  7. First timer here who went for both W1 & W2 and had a fabulous time. I won't go into too much detail as a lot of it has been covered but my thoughts generally Positives * None of the 'lad culture' or aggressive behaviour you get at UK festivals and gigs * A lot less pushing and shoving in and out of crowds. Generally, when you are in your spot, you can comfortably stay there for the show. In the UK, people will be pushing in and out throughout. Felt so much less on edge than I usually do. * Beautiful weather * Loved the location - the convenience of it being in the city centre and yet still being on the sea is something really special. The walk along the beach each day to get to the festival was so lovely. * Bars - first day was a shit show but after that I found them to be really great * Toilets - VIP area was nonsense but the general admission toilets were great. I know people had to queue for some of the toilets and so I speak only as a urinal user and I did not queue for the urinals even once - straight in every single time. And actual sinks and mirrors (although no handwash) * Lineup - Stacked. Even with all the dropouts and changes, I still managed to see so many great sets from so many different genres. * Entry - We arrived early and so it was obviously quieter but it was always a breeze getting in * Free water - Handing out free bottles/cans of water after the complaints of the first day was a great move. * People - the crowd were just generally really pleasant and easy-going. Negatives * VIP - Generally speaking I think VIP areas don't belong at festivals and wouldn't normally pay for them. The Primavera one seemed so good and so we decided to treat ourselves but it was not worth it. Based on the people in the area, I fully appreciate why they would not want them at the front of the stages as it could bring the atmosphere down. However, the change should have been communicated at the time of purchasing the tickets. The VIP area was so terrible - right at the back so could barely see unless you were at the front of it, bar and toilet queues in there were absolutely horrendous, sometimes it was quite difficult/scary to actually get Into it because they kept changing the entrance/exit and so many people crowded around it. It was an eyesore and I think made things more difficult for people in General Admission. We abandoned it most of the time and had a much better time in GA. * Sound - main stage sound was quite poor for some sets. Fortunately, crowds were decent enough that it wasn't too bad but a chattier crowd could definitely have drowned out some of the sets * Subdued crowd - whilst I appreciated having a crowd that wasn't unnecessarily rowdy, sometimes we were too far at the other end of the spectrum - no singing, no dancing, just a lot of people stood completely still watching in silence. * Lack of a sense of community - I think this is just the downside of non camping festivals, it didn't feel like a 'festival' where we were all in it together with wild abandon. * The chaos on Day 1 but I give them credit for fixing everything overnight. Overall, it was just a beautiful time. It doesn't top Glastonbury for me but I can certainly see myself trading other UK festivals for European ones in the future.
  8. Need to avoid all social media and news reports about airport issues because the anxiety is sky high right now.
  9. Nothing yet. I assumed it would just show up once the festival is open.
  10. That's from April in relation to her UK Tour. Her most recent Instagram post in May 14th says she is still planning on going ahead with Summer shows.
  11. Where have you seen this? I can't see anything on her socials and she's still scheduled for Primavera next weekend. I know she's cancelled most shows this year though so I was expecting it.
  12. There's definitely still hope for The Strokes. When acts have come down with Covid, I've found they have instantly confirmed which dates will be affected. In not cancelling Primavera yet that suggests that they think it's still technically possible to play. Fingers crossed.
  13. Those Girl In Red rescheduled dates have been added to her website but the June festival dates are still on there. Would they not remove those at the same time if they were cancelled? I wonder if she is still going to push through those big festival shows. Although she also says she is on complete vocal rest and meeting a speech therapist next week which would suggest no Primavera.
  14. Yeah this sucks. Can't decide which weekend to see Tyler on now. Plus the Gorillaz/Beach House overlap complicating things.
  15. I've been reading so many stories about people's hotels being cancelled at short notice for various reasons, it's ridiculous. Sorry to those it's happened to. I did mine through Booking.com and have been checking it almost daily out of fear. I emailed them to confirm I'll be attending and also made sure that the Credit Card on the account is active.
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