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  1. My plan is Fontaines to Katy B but now you've made me think that might be ambitious.
  2. Going to hop in here. Does anyone have recommendations for wireless portable chargers for Android phones? Most of them seem to be designed for iphones. Dodgy charging port and so I'm looking for a wireless one for when on the go.
  3. FakeEmpire

    Cyndi Lauper

    I've seen her before, in 2009ish, and she's just a brilliant live act. Great energy, crowd interaction and tunes. She'll smash it.
  4. FakeEmpire

    New Map

    Hoping it's just an error that the, already not enough, toilets at the back of West Holts have gone?
  5. I think someone had info they were 4th down Sat a while ago.
  6. I saw The Deep Blue at All Points East in 2022 and they were not very good, didn't sound much like the recordings. Early days though so may have improved since then. Kingfishr, on the other hand, I thought were naff on record but really enjoyable live at Barn on the Farm. It's a bit sub-Mumford/Bear's Den but they do it well.
  7. Her first solo gig is next month at Jazz Cafe. She's then got Mighty Hoopla and a gig with Sugababes & Melanie C before Glasto so we'll know what her setlists are looking like then. New single with Shola Ama & General Levy is a banger though.
  8. Other evil Thatcherites, I suppose.
  9. Well we've just had the rumour that the evil Lulu is playing there so you're out of luck.
  10. Yeah S Club in Avalon is asking for trouble. I note they were originally playing the IOW tent and have now been switched to the Main Stage.
  11. Someone on the other site had 'info' that Busted were opening Pyramid on one of the days, I think. But I'm not sure how credible that info was.
  12. they're literally on the poster for West Holts so aren't we 100% sure they are there?
  13. Paid. Already looking forward to the social media complaints next week from people who missed the deadline.
  14. Overmono album was one of my favourites from last year. Was really hoping to see them booked.
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