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  1. Damn, forgot about this last month. At the last minute, April votes: 1. 'New Long Leg' - Dry Cleaning 2. 'Actual Life (April 14 - December 17 2020)' - Fred again... 3. 'Flu Game' - AJ Tracey
  2. His website has him listed for Saturday. It's a "duo show" rather than solo or full band. Wonder if that means a Quarry slot instead?
  3. Found some bits of info on days from artists websites: Friday Stereophonics Manic Street Preachers The Lathums Sorry Saturday The Levellers King No One Sunday James Sleaford Mods Kelis Gabrielle The Hara Cucamaras
  4. Very jealous of this, have a great time! Understandably you might be nervous after little socialising over the last year or so. Would be keen to hear how quick entry is & just generally if people act any differently to how they would in the before times.
  5. Ah this is reassuring to hear, cheers. I was starting to get the impression that, whilst they have been unlucky with the weather, they aren't really very prepared for it or it doesn't take much to cancel bands. Really hoping this can go ahead. Have been thinking about going for years and 2000 Trees being cancelled has encouraged me to give this one a go.
  6. Staggered entrance tends to happen naturally with most music events anyway. There's always a split between those who are there for doors opening, those who wait 20-30 mins after doors and those who rock up at the end of the support. The ventilation thing is key - if this is going to be a condition of opening (which has made sense to me for a long time), venues need to be working on this now to be ready for 21st June.
  7. You can't. But the article, apparently based on the early version of the report, appears to have drawn that conclusion and arguably that's what matters for the gov. Despite what they say about data and not dates, I suspect they will be looking to interpret the data to fit what they want to happen.
  8. As a first timer, the weather is my main concern. I'm absolutely fine at carrying on in the rain & mud so that doesn't bother me, it's more that this festival appears to have a habit of calling things off when the weather turns. Would hate to make the effort to travel there to have the festival axed halfway through or bands abandoned. Looks like that's been issue 3 years on the bounce. Have they been over-reacting or is it a micro climate issue at the location?
  9. Not really interested in seeing them live but they have been serving up bangers this year. You've Done Enough is so good.
  10. Sleaford Mods tweeted that they are headlining the Quarry on Sunday. Manics and The Lathums are both playing Friday. King No One Saturday. Cucamaras Sunday (2.30pm, Quarry.)
  11. I bought tickets for the first time after my other 2 July festivals got binned off. I'm super happy with it to be honest - there's more I want to see than I'll actually get around to seeing.
  12. Yeah, I hadn't heard Nation of Language before the lineup dropped but have been really enjoying them since. Shame that Girl in Red is likely to clash with LG or QOTSA.
  13. Yeah I think @dentalplanpicked up on this. Surprised they've not made a bigger deal out of it given the criticism they usually get. They'll get accusations of it being performative, of course, but it probably is so may as well highlight it.
  14. I'm so desperate for live music that I'd follow almost any kind of restrictions. Of course, I'd love to go back to how things were & hope that can be done soon but if it's masks or no gigs then I'll stick a mask on.
  15. I understand that some of the bigger ones might not be available but just seems mad to not have people like Tia Carys, Dreya Mac, Rebecca Garton, Ms Banks, Bree Runway, Ray BLK, Mnelia, Shaybo, Enny, Moonchild Sannelly, Moyann etc. lower down the bill to give some balance.
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