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  1. Yes please! I was concerned when, like Lana, she wasn't re-booked for Primavera.
  2. FakeEmpire


    Got Louisiana tix followed by Cardiff Arena a fortnight later! Will be brilliant to see them in 2 completely different environments.
  3. Re furlough vs dole, it's also about people spending. Those on more modest incomes keep the economy afloat. When 'normal' people have a few extra quid, they spend it, which benefits everyone. When the rich have extra money, they save it. Ensuring people continue to have an income means they keep spending and putting money back into the economy when we need it. It's a worthwhile investment in terms of economic recovery - much more so than, say, giving people £5 off a burger. If people don't have spare cash, they stop spending, which means more redundancies, more people no longer sp
  4. Also, if your Location is correct, then you are London-based where there's generally a lot more to do. Those of us outside of major cities don't actually have any of those socially-distanced kind of events to go to. We still have significantly reduced public transport as well.
  5. Jazz Cafe have offered a refund but I'm so desperate for live music I think I'll stick with it anyway. I love Orlando Weeks' solo record, one of the albums of the year for me. Have tickets to see him next year so wouldn't have purchased just for him but I'll take it. What I know of Bill's stuff is OK. They've added Jack Penate now too which is alright.
  6. I know this has got some stick but I went to both Libertines shows and the Maximo Park one and really enjoyed myself. Granted, it's not how I want gigs to be, but I'll take anything I can get right now and these were so well organised. It just felt so great to be in a field with a pint listening to live music again. Big thumbs up to everyone involved in arranging these.
  7. I did a few eerie ones in the buildup to the lockdown. Georgia @ Bristol Thekla 11th March - Full but definitely aware of people being more thorough with the handwashing (so common for guys to just walk straight out without even looking at a sink) So Solid Crew @ Kentish Town Forum 13th March - This one was very quiet, lots of talk about the virus and very serious handwashing going on Louise Redknapp @ Cardiff Tramshed 16th March - This was a very odd experience. Apparently it has not sold particularly well anyway, lots of cheap Groupon offers, but a high % of those with tix had
  8. Yes, they've just added that because I emailed them. They said he was never playing and the original listings must have been a mistake. Very odd and quite frustrating for those of us who booked tickets for that reason.
  9. Has Baxter Dury pulled out of this? Still listed on the ents 24 page but no longer on the list when you go through to Ticketweb or on the official Jazz Cafe events page. I know it's for a good cause and all but I've bought tix primarily for him and now it's not clear if he's actually playing or not?
  10. FakeEmpire


    London shows rescheduled to April 2021.
  11. FakeEmpire


    It's understandable that there's no Bristol date or nearby as they've outgrown those sized venues now. This is why Bristol desperately needs an arena or at least something bigger than the Academy/FKA Colston Hall. Acts reach a certain size, having moved up the various small to mid-sized venues in the city, and then have nowhere else to play. Anyway, Cardiff's not far and it's pretty intimate as far as arenas go. Had some decent nights there last year with Pixies, Liam Gallagher & Marina.
  12. Cheers for the response. I wasn't sure if they just allocate your 'pod' as you arrive and so, in arriving earlier, you might get a better spot. But sounds as if that might be allocated before arrival then?
  13. How much attention was being paid to the arrival time? If you arrived earlier than your arrival time, do you think it would be a problem?
  14. Rollover. I do think there will be a lot who will return their tickets outside of this forum though. People who just wanted to go once, people who wanted to go for the 50th, people whose lives will change massively since October 2019 (with or without the current situation).
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