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  1. Aren't international performers exempt from the quarantine regs anyway? Not that I expect those to still be in place by August, probably just a case of testing on each side. If it does end up being British only, I don't see that being a problem. I'm sure plenty of acts would jump at the chance to do some shows and even if they end up being weaker headliners, we'll all still have a blast. Switching Post Malone for Dua Lipa and QOTSA for Bring Me The Horizon would be fine, I'd say.
  2. FakeEmpire

    First gig back

    July/August are typically quiet months for gigs because everyone is doing the festival circuit. I am hopeful that the April-June shows left to be rescheduled can move into those months rather than delay until much later in the year.
  3. FakeEmpire

    First gig back

    I've still got lots before 21st June which need to be rescheduled: The Magic Gang, Goldfrapp, Biffy Clyro, Tribes, Sports Team, Fontaines DC, Pillow Queens, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Foals, Pa Salieu, Idles x 2, Billy Nomates, Arlo Parks, The Killers, Brockhampton, Another Sky, Keane, Haim. Some socially distanced ones still hanging over from last year to be rescheduled - Bear's Den, Lianne La Havas, Mystery Jets & Berwyn. My first show in the diary after 21/6 is Brian Wilson. I'm not entirely convinced that will go ahead though. Tour starts on 20th June so could just scrap that one
  4. Agree It seems to strike a relatively sensible balance between cautious (allowing 5 week gaps to monitor each steps rather than opening everything at once) and us actually getting our lives back. So happy to see an end in sight.
  5. I don't believe restrictions are definitely going to happen, but I believe they are likely based on what we've been told. We've surpassed "worst case scenario" at almost every other point during this. Anyway, it's probably true that my feelings stem from emotion rather than logic right now. I have everything crossed for good times ahead.
  6. I think it's quite possible, yes. I really hope I am wrong - and I'm certainly feeling very pessimistic generally at the moment - but I do have concerns. At the moment, we're talking about social distancing restrictions into the Autumn. We've already been told to then expect increased restrictions over Winter. That takes us into Jan-March next year when Glastonbury make their final decisions and start the build. The state of the NHS during that winter period will probably dictate to what extent restrictions are released in Spring/Summer 2022.
  7. Haha, I am actually referring to 2022. Concerned that we will still be in winter restrictions when the decision is made for next year. Hope I am wrong but so hard to be optimistic at the moment.
  8. 5% June is looking optimistic at the moment. They will need all social distancing restrictions removed by March to start the build and it's just hard to see that right now.
  9. Yeah but with 2m distancing etc which was pretty difficult to stick to (I imagine anyone who had people round just ignored that part). It's why we didn't bother although I regret that now.
  10. See, I genuinely didn't do his stuff and I absolutely regret it now because I'm going out of my mind. We're a childless couple with no entitlement to support bubbles, who avoided things like "eat out to help out" because they didn't seem like sensible ideas and I think we're both almost at the limit of what either of us can cope with. I'll hold out for the road map but if household mixing is banned for several more months, we'll have to regrettably break the rules as we have to see *someone*.
  11. Thanks for that! I wasn't doubting you just trying to be extra careful before I share things with people.
  12. Have you got a link to this please?
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