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  1. Wednesday Johnny Lloyd 8 Thursday Tensheds 6 Will Varley 8 The Big Moon 7 Pale Waves 7 Rum Buffalo 7 Denzel Curry 8 Friday Pip Blom 8 Mahalia 7 Sheryl Crow 9 King Princess 6 Rosalia 8 Jorja Smith 8 Stormzy 9 Saturday The Proclaimers 5 Sports Team 8 Gerry Cinnamon 6 Snapped Ankles 9 Slowthai 5 Janet Jackson 5 Sharon Van Etten 10 Courteeners 5 The Killers 9 Sunday Eyre Llew 9 Alma 8 Koffee 7 Kylie 10 Miley Cyrus 8 Vampire Weekend 9 Janelle Monae 10
  2. FakeEmpire

    Flops 2019

    Together Again, Doesn't Really Matter & What's It Gonna Be? would definitely have given the set a bit of a boost as those are all well known in the UK. You could feel the vibe list when she played the snippet of the (dreadful) The Best Things In Life Are Free and All For You as they were more recognisable to the casuals.
  3. This seems to be a common problem for them - they could do with some assistance, I think. One of the downsides of being in a smaller band without the cash to spend on roadies. I saw them in Bristol last year and they had to stop the show so many times due to equipment problems. Lots of messing around with the equipment and, at one point, it looked like the show just wasn't going to happen.
  4. FakeEmpire


    Some of the kiosks were actually turning these off while they were manned and back on again when the kiosks were unmanned.
  5. FakeEmpire

    Janelle Monae

    This was absolutely brilliant. Great crowd, lots of people knew all the words. It started very good and just got better and better and better until THAT ending.
  6. Yep. I expected to see her there and resisted the drunken desire to belt out some of her Greatest Hits to her.
  7. I actually meant to put Janelle Monae as I wasn't actually at Lizzo! Looks like he spent a good chunk of the day there.
  8. Wednesday - mainly wandering around, trying to see as much of the site as possible before things went crazy. Also saw Johnny Lloyd at Greenpeace. Thursday - Tensheds (Greenpeace) - Beans on Toast (Greenpeace) - Will Varley (Greenpeace) - Ultimate Power (WG) - The Big Moon (WG) - Pale Waves (WG) - Rum Buffalo (Truth) - Denzel Curry (Truth) - Shangri La/Iicon Friday - Pip Blom (JP) - Mahalia (JP) - Sheryl Crow (Py) - King Princess (Park) - Rosalia (JP) - Jorja Smith (WH) - Stormzy (Py) Saturday - Proclaimers (Py) - Sports Team (WG) - Gerry Cinnamon (JP) - Snapped Ankles (WG) - Slowthai (WH) - Janet Jackson (Py) - Sharon Van Etten (JP) - Courteeners (O) - The Killers (Py) - Riz Ahmed (Blues/Gully) Sunday - Eyre Llew (JP) - Alma (JP) - Koffee (Park) - Kylie (Py) - Miley Cyrus (Py) - Vampire Weekend (Py) - Janelle Monae (WH) - Buttoned Down Disco (WG)
  9. 1. Sharon Van Etten 2. Janelle Monae 3. Kylie Minogue
  10. Billie Piper @ Greenpeace for Johnny Lloyd's set Phil Jupitus @ West Holts for Janelle Monae Rupert Grint a few times mainly at the Pyramid Anne-Marie having a dance in The Blues/Gully around 1am I think it's best to just leave the celebs alone to have a good time.
  11. I'm a Janet fan and enjoyed the set but agree that it wasn't well suited to the festival. It was an arena show put onto the Pyramid. Where the big acts tend to do well on the Pyramid is if, despite the scale of the place, they can make it feel a bit intimate - Adele and Kylie are great examples of this, they 'got' the festival. Janet's show wasn't one where she had that interaction with the audience and it was more polished to what we're used to seeing. The setlist wasn't great for the festival either - obvious UK hits like Together Again, Got 'Til It's Gone & Doesn't Really Matter kicked out in favour of album tracks from not particularly successful albums. I still enjoyed it and it was refreshing to get the chance to see something like that at Glastonbury but I can totally see why it fell flat.
  12. FakeEmpire

    Sound issues

    I thought the sound was pretty great in most places - especially in comparison to the issues I had at All Points East this year! Any conversations in the crowd were drowned out by the music which is how it should be.
  13. The crowd overall were just fantastic this year. I came across very few dickheads and just found the majority of people to be brilliant, music-loving, thoughtful folk. Very few pushing in and out of sets or talking all over everything, lots of people being kind to each other. The best crowd in years, maybe of all the years I've been going. I'm not sure if that's down to the weather stopping people from getting too fucked up but, whatever the reason, it made 2019 a vintage year for me. Sure, the temperature was a little too hot for my personal tastes on Fri/Sat and made things a bit more tiring than normal but you can't have everything!
  14. Haha, no Twixes sadly. It was my 9th Glastonbury and nothing like that has happened before so we just put it down to a rare incident. I think my gf might feel a little uneasy at first this year but we made a very quick decision that day to not let one or two evil bastards ruin a beautiful festival for us.
  15. This is exactly what happened to me in 2017. I've always slept with valuables in my sleeping bag and considered myself to be a light sleeper. A combination of earplugs, heavy drinking and a long day meant that someone was able to come into my tent and have a good rifle around without waking either me or my partner up. They made off with both wallets taking all our cash, cards and ID. They also took all the alcohol and cigarettes they could find. I woke up after 3 hours sleep to the tent doors open and realised immediately what had happened. Lockups for me this year.
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