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  1. Emily Eavis walked past me after elbow, really wish I’d said hello but it all happened so quick
  2. I’m still hoping that Macca brings her out Saturday night like he said he wanted to in 2020. Think that’s probably the most likely thing to happen. Although a secret set would be incredible
  3. Sorry to be cheeky and I know it’s unlikely but if anyone has gets a previous bookers code that they don’t want/ need then could you send it me? I’ll buy you a pint at Glastonbury for a trade ☺️
  4. I messaged Gary from the libs on insta and he says that it’s happening ☺️
  5. Keep an eye on bear tree records twitter. They sometimes put last minute tickets on a couple of days before! Hope you get some
  6. Just came back on to say the same thing! Buzzing! Haven’t got to rely on the resale now ☺️
  7. By the time I put my bank details in it had sold out. Gutted 😞
  8. They are on Ezra day so can’t see it been blossoms
  9. Yeah just seen that! Ahh well! I don’t mind it as it is to be honest, anything else is just a bonus
  10. Sure I seen somebody on the broadmasters page saying jamie t was playing, maybe why they are all announcing round the same time? Maybe too big to slot in anywhere I guess
  11. Think kasabian are a good shout for one night. They’ve shared a headliner with neighbourhood before
  12. Worried now that I’ve just read what @JBarbour said and put 2 and 2 together then come out with 5 😂
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