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  1. Think kasabian are a good shout for one night. They’ve shared a headliner with neighbourhood before
  2. Worried now that I’ve just read what @JBarbour said and put 2 and 2 together then come out with 5 😂
  3. Seen someone on Twitter saying that the first tictok was 4 albums and the second 1 was 3 cats, so it looks like she’s counting down to something. We’ll have to see today if she puts something up with 2 of something. Definitely feels like something she’d do!
  4. This is off the website: “Before your tickets are sent out we will need you to provide the contact details of your booking party.” I think I read somewhere that they are emailing us at some point to get the details and once that’s done we can print out tickets but I can’t find that now. They’ve just tweeted it’s been sent out tomorrow so hopefully be able to print them off tomorrow 😊
  5. 😂😂😂 don’t really know who they can get at such short notice! Although I guess there’ll be a lot of bands big enough dying to play so hopefully they might pull it out the bag!
  6. It was 1989 for me too, I can remember really falling in love with it! I was always an indie kid so it was a bit of a departure from what I was used to! Went to watch her at Hyde park in 2015 and she was brilliant! I always argue with people that 1989 is the best pop album of all time 😂 I was absolutely gutted when she was announced for Glastonbury and I didn’t manage to get a ticket! Then got a volunteering place on my own to see her, and the rest is history 😩 It was my 30th the other day and everyone at work put in and they got me a Taylor swift cardboard cutout 😂 think I may go on about her too much to be honest 😂
  7. Cheers man, with the cases going up as they are I don’t think they’ll get it unfortunately to be honest. Although I guess with tramlines it’s a good tester with it been non camping but also a lot more risky! Can’t see the locals been to happy with the public transport been full with drunken festival goers either in current times 😂 (I know they probably hate it every year 😂)
  8. Any more news @JBarbour think I’m going to go latitude if this is definitely off but worrying about it selling out before we hear anything 😂
  9. The streets Sunday? There doing Birmingham in the Saturday
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