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  1. Hope you’re all ok friends. I’m so sorry for those of you that haven’t found your way. Next year will be the one! Stay cool and thank you to everyone on the thread for trying so hard for each other ❤️ x
  2. Hi friends 👋 Sorry not posted on the thread for a while but I’ve been checking in to see how you’re all getting on. I’m so so so sorry for those of you still without tickets. I really thought with the effort everyone has made we’d all be there. A positive to take away is the invaluable friendship we all have. Seeing everyone sharing codes, votes and helping each other out is the true Glasto spirit. It’s heartbreaking….f**king soul destroying you all can’t be there but we’ve made friends for life in this thread and one fine day we’ll all toast a drink on the farm. Sending love, hugs and positive vibes to you all….f**k it I’ll go as far to say I love you all and thank you for always having each others backs. Stay cool everyone and one fine day we’ll all be on the farm xxxx
  3. OMG Fred Again!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍
  4. It’s looking good 😎☀️ Very dusty on site and gets chilly in the night but perfect weather we’re having
  5. Been absolutely beautiful on site today! Sunny warm and dry 😎☀️There was some mud around the busy traffic areas but it’s dried up today. Think we’re through the worst of the weather last week 🥳
  6. BillieBobs


    It’s wood chip. They were putting it out today
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/C76yWbNi13q/?igsh=anQ2eHk4ZmRnbTln Just seen this in the volunteering thread. Not sure if it’s suitable for any of you lot 🤞🍀
  8. Awww guys I’m so sorry. I really thought at least one of you would be clipper winners 💔😔 Onto the Radio Competitions next! I was listening to Gregg James this morning and I’m almost sure he said Monday is the Glastonbury competition. Our lovely Lucy won on the radio a few years ago so it’s not out of reach. Keeping everything crossed for you all 🍀🤞
  9. I don’t think it was me that gave the code for the tea I couldn’t find it anywhere 😂🙈 I had a few brothers codes so you might be thinking of that. There’s been so many codes for things flying around 😂 BEST OF LUCK! Hope to see some winners today 🍀🥳🤞
  10. Keeping everything crossed that today is the lucky day 🥳🤞🍀
  11. Indeed I am! Actual dream come true 😍🎨 Happy to send you guys regular updates. Might help you with your packing list 😂 I’m holding out hope for a warm sunny festival but I’ve been realistic and packed some wet weather stuff too. Muddy or sunshine we’re in for a treat! Can’t wait to see you all there real soon 🥳
  12. Not seen anything on any socials or groups. Clipper seem to have gone radio silent with comments and messages so hopefully they will draw soooooon 🤞
  13. Brilliant news 🥳 See you on the farm
  14. Agreed! I don’t think there’ll be as many entries as the other competitions. It was really hard to find and not advertised much. Got high hopes for a Efests win 🍀🤞
  15. I tried to message them on Instagram but I’m not entirely sure the message has sent 🙈
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