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    She can sing but this does nothing for me. Social media comments have left me feeling like I'm dead inside. I wish I got it but I just don't. Artist of my lifetime? No. No. No.
  2. stuie

    Efests rumour page ?

    Ah ok, thanks cf. good luck Neil.
  3. stuie

    Efests rumour page ?

    The main site all broken or do I need to clear my cache or something?
  4. I saw him at Lost Village in August and his set was amazing - compared to the Alexandra Palace light show night in 2019 where it didn't really get me going (or get going at all really). Have a good night!
  5. Now this is the kind of post that starts getting me excited! (couldn't really care less which mainstream female is warbling on the pointy stage)
  6. I think some people just aren’t as into mainstream pop as you are.
  7. stuie

    October Drift

    Oh no! I’ve just got tickets to see them on 5th Nov in my fave little local venue. I wonder if that will be ok?
  8. Couldn’t get on here for a while either! I thought Zuck might have bought Neil out!
  9. I only caught a bit of her Other stage performance as we passed through but it looked underwhelming. Someone on Facebook claiming she’s one of the biggest artists of the last 10 years. I’ve asked him by what metric but no reply. Surely she isn’t? With just one album. Have I missed something?
  10. stuie

    2022 Headliners

    Ah I see! Thanks both.
  11. stuie

    2022 Headliners

    Where did she self confirm with that photo? It’s not on her Twitter or insta now so maybe she was asked to remove?
  12. Oh sure, the festival as a whole. I meant in terms of fans of what is ‘hot’ right now. The reason it works is because there’s so much choice. If this was any other festival with ticket holders who aren’t fans of hers there would be refunds starting about now.
  13. Is Glastonbury representative of the nation as a whole? Especially a Glastonbury who purchased their tickets more than 2.5 years before the festival.
  14. Not missed one since my first in 2009, so I think that's 10? Edit: no, I think it's 9.
  15. It’s not a bad position tbf. I long for the day we don’t have a Tory government and Labour is the only way to achieve that.
  16. Exactly! We booked so many things over the last 18 months, cancelled, rolled over etc… it was bizarre actually being back at it at first! My mate is convinced we’ve fully tested our vaccines but I’m a bit less blasé 😂😂 But I went into them thinking fuck it, I’m not gonna be any different to the ‘old days’ and whatever happens does. You roll the dice I guess and after hugging friends old and new, sharing joints, drinks and getting properly involved it all worked out ok I guess. All I know is a month ago I felt jaded and downbeat and now I’ve got my chipper side back and love people again! 😍😂
  17. I managed to do Warm Up festival, Lost Village festival and a Kaiser Chiefs gig without catching the covid. I don’t know of anyone that did catch it at any of these events either. We all know there’s a risk and if we aren’t happy taking that risk then we shouldn’t go to events. I’ve isolated in between events and not seen my family and friends in between them either. I’m obviously glad I didn’t catch it but would take the risks again as it was bloody glorious to be back doing what we love!
  18. Perhaps you were more soberer this time? Maybe it was the same, but you didn’t notice before? 🤭
  19. This is one of my top reasons why working Glasto is better. Ok, not next to car but within 5 mins walk!
  20. That sounds like a shambles but comparing it to Fyre festival is a bit dramatic!
  21. Elrow London cancelled… nothing to do with covid though 🤷‍♂️
  22. I think contactless payments are so widely used now it renders this system obsolete before its even come of age. What’s the point in people adding funds to a payment device when they already have one in their pocket?
  23. (there's a new thread, so they might come back!) And Lost Village have just released their banquet menus. Whilst I have no interest in banquets while I'm at a festival, it's good to hear them making noises. I might actually get to go to a festival this year!
  24. Love a bit of psy but it’s er… an eclectic community!
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