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  1. They’ve always done this, and gradually have opened up more and more of the festival site for settlers to accommodate those that rock up on the gate. There really isn’t any reason they wouldn’t let people do this, it’s 25% more on each ticket with barely any additional cost - a tremendous money spinner
  2. It doesn’t fill me with confidence about their financial stability to be honest. I’m sure they’d be able to grab some sponsorship money if they really need to but it wouldn’t inspire much investor confidence would it!
  3. They also have asked this in every questionnaire for the last seven or eight years and haven’t become a corporate nightmare, I wouldn’t lose too much sleep!
  4. Having done 10 green mans (men?) I would say this was easily the worst year for food and loos. Several good quality regular food stands weren’t there this year (not sure why - maybe due to late confirmation they had already taken pitches elsewhere and couldn’t do it), and there was definitely an overall reduction in number of food stands. As a green man devotee I’ll keep the faith on this front and assume that they’ll be significantly improved next year. The loos was first year of a switchover from portaloos to compost and there were clearly some teething issues as they really weren’t great and definitely needed better maintenance. Probably a year where people were just happy to be there it was a good time to do it. In addition I can’t believe how long it took them to sort out the lack of screen on the urinals by the main stage entrance. There were a few examples of things I thought were a bit rough around the edges, whereas Green Man is usually extremely professionally run and well drilled. I’m assuming all or most of this is was due to the lack of certainty they’ve had to deal with, and overall it was still an amazing week and very well organised (in my view).
  5. They have said that Chai Wallahs will release a lineup in advance
  6. Last year, before the world ended, they planned to ban gazebos... after many years of increasingly ridiculous rented villages springing up and meaning people arriving Friday couldn’t squeeze a one man tent in. This year they’ve just asked to limit to a single gazebo per campsite. Eg don’t put up 15 gazebos tied together for a camp of 6 people and think that’s ok the walk from Orange car park is about 5-10 minutes so nothing like Glastonbury on a bad day
  7. Thanks, and glad it helped someone! Funny enough I finally got through to them today and the reply was that they’d already sent them but would cancel them and send some new ones to the new address… no more than 20 minutes later my redirected tickets arrived - literally the first recorded post that the Royal Mail redirecting service has worked for! Still at least I have some comfort that they will arrive in the next few days now!
  8. Can anyone help? I’m having a nightmare with Ticketline. I got tickets in the original 2020 sale and rolled over - I’ve moved house though and emailed Ticketline to change the mailing address, but they haven’t responded. In the meantime I’ve been locked out of my account and it isn’t letting me back in, and the phone line is permanently just engaged. Does anyone have any ideas? Starting to panic!
  9. Absolutely!! I’m not sure whether I am getting concerned yet that we haven’t heard a triumphant ‘we’re on’ from them
  10. Personally I thought the announcement today was going to be the final nail in the coffin but let’s see… fingers crossed!
  11. Maybe they were testing the building page?
  12. In my view the British government will be essentially outlining what the plan is for England today; the Welsh government will have to move within 2 weeks I would think. I’m feeling at this point as if there’s a huge chance it could be on… and also a huge risk it could be called off about 3 days before a positive announcement, which you’d have thought they’ll be trying really hard to avoid
  13. Well she says in the article that they were offered to be a test event but with no guarantees so I assume on that basis that the requirements were too onerous without the benefit of knowing it would actually be able to happen
  14. This may play out to be the case, hopefully… but I think it’s understandable given the new variant that people are worried and that there’s an entirely justifiable discussion to be had about a bit more caution. If it wasn’t for the new variant, I don’t think that we’d be nearly as concerned by what we’ve seen so far would we? I do share the concern that we’re heading to a position where these curtailments are seen as an acceptable new normal and I really think that needs to be avoided, but I think it’s certainly justifiable to be trying to, as they say, make sure this time it’s irreversible.
  15. They always said, all along, that the June 21st date was the EARLIEST date, and that it would depend on a number of key factors, one of which was the emergence of new variants. They are doing literally exactly what they said they would do - the goalposts aren’t moving at all, the situation is. Lots of what they’ve done through this pandemic has been a shambles but I’m really struggling to see how they can be accused of changing the narrative on this one.
  16. Not many other viruses are killing millions of people in a year and sprouting new variants several times a year that are increasingly more infective
  17. Yes, exactly... this is as fast as they were falling in the last few weeks. I’d certainly consider myself already pretty nervous about the trend that’s developing in the last few days
  18. With the restricted nature of what they can book this year, I’ll take some green man old favourites even if they played quite recently!
  19. Wife and I are going on holiday second week of June; a little bit of a Green Man 2021 playlist to get stuck into would be ideal - what do we think the chances are?
  20. I thought they were great; they’re probably just not the kind of band the casual festival goer bumps into and immediately gets into are they, so quite a lot of the main stage crowd didn’t stick around all the way through in the same way they did for say, Hot Chip
  21. If they’re getting LUMP again and they’re very restricted on overseas acts wouldn’t it make complete sense to get Laura Marling to headline in replacement of one of the two overseas headliners that were lined up before?
  22. Of course 😀 ... probably the fastest dwindling main stage headline crowd I’ve seen at GM, but fantastic all the same
  23. I was at The Bees in the tent while Mogwai were on in 2012... a band I absolutely adored, and seem to have played less than a handful of gigs since; I’ve not really understood why they disappeared but they were a great live show
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