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  1. Stand outs for me so far this year have been Ants From Up There (BCNR) and Classic Objects (Jenny Hval). In the next tier are: Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You (Big Thief), caroline (caroline), Topical Dancer (Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupil), our hope (Hitsujibungaku), Once Twice Melody (Beach House), Unspoken Words (Max Cooper), Giving The World Away (Hatchie), Pompeii (Cate Le Bon), Return (deathcrash), Ghost Song (Cecile Mclorin Salvant), You Belong There (Daniel Rosen), Marchita (Silvana Estrada), Emotional Eternal (Melody’s Echo Chamber) and SIM SIM SIM (Bala Desejo).
  2. Complete speculation, likely a pipe dream.
  3. Yeah you are probably right. I agree that they are more of a Far Out type band. I was probably struggling for room when I did it. They did once have Fat White Family on the Mountain Stage which made me think it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.
  4. Not really. I think the only thing we know for certain is that they won’t clash with Kraftwerk, given that Kraftwerk are at APE on Saturday and Bicep are playing GM on Saturday (according to their website). The most likely scenario seems to be that they will headline the Far Out stage against Michael Kiwanuka or Beach House (I think Michael Kiwanuka makes the most sense).
  5. Thank you, very helpful. This is probably a very stupid question but it’s not camping is it? And the venues are all indoor? I guess people usually just stay in Utrecht somewhere?
  6. I really need to go to this festival. A couple of questions: - Does it sell out quite quickly? - Do we have a sense of whether this is most of the acts or will there be a lot more? Great things that stand out to me on first glance: Mabe Fratti, Wau Wau Collectif, Moor Mother/Billy Woods, dreamcrusher, Animal Collective, clipping., Upsammy, Low, Keely Forsyth, Habibi Funk DJ, The Staples Jr. Singers, Jeff Parker, Laurel Halo, Abdullah Ibrahim, Myriam Gendron and Marina Herlop.
  7. Love it! The Perfume Genius / Xenia Rubinos clash would be tough!
  8. Sorry 😞. I was just about ready to call them the best band on the planet and was hoping to love it. But came away disappointed. Maybe it’ll be a grower!
  9. I love Crack Cloud but I think I hate this
  10. Detectorists to get a new 75-minute special! Due “later this year”. https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/news/6853/new-detectorists-special/
  11. They’ve said that the stages are slightly further apart this year and that they’ve adjusted the stage times. Hopefully that should reduce the sound bleed issues.
  12. I don’t think we ever got to the bottom of what happened exactly but there was some speculation I think that they had a headliner to announce that fell through and then had to re-jig the line up slightly. Yo La Tengo ended up headlining the Friday night but were never announced as headliners initially unlike Four Tet and FJM. Someone may be able to offer more details…
  13. Recent GM day split announcement dates: 2021: 16 July 2019: 5 July 2018: 4 May 2017: 4 May
  14. No I don’t think so
  15. Big turn off for me personally is when the frontman has a lot of swagger. Not really sure why…I guess it comes off to me as arrogance rather than showmanship. Prime examples are Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher and more recently, Grian Chatter.
  16. Unconditional ii sounds like a Fever Ray song 🔥
  17. BM = Future EOTR and/or Green Man headliner and I cannot wait for it!
  18. Yeah I love it! One of my favourite records of the year for sure. I can see them headlining Walled Garden one evening but I would definitely prefer them to be an After Dark act as then any clashes are much less likely to be an issue.
  19. My money was on KEG before they confirmed they were on Sunday. Melyn Melin is a good shout. Could also see Umlauts, English Teacher or Papur Wal doing it. I think Unschooling are pretty good. NYE is excellent I think. Interested to hear your thoughts on them live. There was a French post-punk (sort of) band announced for the 2020 line up called Corridor that I really like and was disappointed not to see them added for this year - hopefully next year!
  20. John Kelly about to smash the Wainwrights record. That’s all 216 of the Lake District fells in Wainwrights’ books in one go. 500km and 35,000 metres of assent! I wonder if @Superscallyhelped him out on a leg!?
  21. Yes that is frustratingly complicated haha. My guess would be Far Out as well. Honeyglaze played Walled Garden last right? So I think they would be bumped up to Far Out, maybe first or second on? With Mandrake Handshake to follow.
  22. Ahh good intel, thanks! Do you know that Mandrake Handshake are on after Honeyglaze or just a guess?? Really looking forward to Mandrake Handshake. Listened to them a lot last year as they were at Wide Awake but think they must have clashed with someone as managed to miss them.
  23. Saw Cassandra Jenkins is Sunday. Don’t think this was on your lists already.
  24. Yes Friday is my favourite as well! But terrible clashes with Cate Le Bon, Kelly Forsyth and Beach House as well!! Obviously it’s going to look totally different but it’s still working me up! My guess is that Ezra is on the Sunday because they have a show in the US on the Wednesday before GM and a show in Scotland on the Tuesday following the festival. So i would think Sunday would be ideal. I believe Ezra played FO last time they were at GM so that’s why I put them on the main stage for this year. I think Alex G will be high up on the FO stage - either Saturday or Sunday.
  25. Dying for these day splits now. Been trying to work it out in my head based on the dates below and have managed to design huge clashes for myself everywhere: https://clashfinder.com/m/gm2022/? *** Thur: Metronomy, Yves Tumour, Honeyglaze Fri: Low, Mdou Moctar, Planningtorock, Modern Nature, Bess Atwell, Lucy Gooch, Keely Forsyth, Cassandra Jenkins Sat: Bicep, Arab Strap, Arooj Aftab, Torres, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Willie J Healey, Cola Sun: Ty Segall, Carwyn Ellis, Unschooling, KEG Not on these days based on other events on these days: Friday: Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul, Alex G Saturday: Orchestra Baobab, Murder Capital, Indigo De Souza, Viagra Boys Sunday: WITCH, Donny Benet
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