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  1. I personally think three years in a row would be too much but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a big slot next year. I think she is likely to headline in the future for sure.
  2. Not seeing much love for Cavalcade in these lists, although I might just be reading the wrong lists. No mentions of Anna B Savage or Magdalena Bay as far as I can see 😞
  3. Ooo 100 Club. Will get a ticket for that! New song is very much my sort of thing. Definitely their best I think!
  4. Think it can only be done on the website rather than via the app
  5. MICHAEL KIWANUKA LITTLE SIMZ SUPER FURRY ANIMALS BEACH HOUSE Arlo Parks Bikini Kill Godspeed You! Black Emperor Parquet Courts Phoebe Bridgers Low Ty Segall & Freedom Band Sons of Kemet Agnes Obel Japanese Breakfast Daniel Avery (live) (Sandy) Alex G KOKOROKO! Sudan Archives BadBadNotGood Les Savy Fav Lankum Jane Weaver Snail Mail Jenny Hval Viagra Boys Giant Swan Caroline Polachek Melt-Banana Gazelle Twin Alasdair Roberts Arooj Aftab Lucy Dacus Hailu Mergia The Beths Otoboke Beaver Cassandra Jenkins 9Bach The Lovely Eggs Ryley Walker Corridor Gwennifer Raymond Yasmin Williams Los Bitchos Deathcrash Mandy, Indiana Legss Butch Kassidy Psy Melyn
  6. Desperate to run but seem to have picked up an injury in my left knee following the Ultra. Hopefully a few more weeks of rest is enough to put it to bed and it’s nothing too serious. Looking at races for next year. Really like the look of Ultra Trail Snowdonia - think I may have a go at the 50k as the other long two look way to difficult!
  7. Bit random but made me laugh… Good to see them out and about and enjoying live music.
  8. Wow thanks for letting me know! All her albums are absolutely fantastic
  9. Toss up between Anna B Savage and Magdalena Bay for me. Lots of others I have enjoyed a lot but not to the level of those two.
  10. Also hoping this means Caroline Polachek will be at GM. You might recall she was on one of the posters that appeared for GM 2020 although not the official one. So at the time I was thinking she would be added subsequently even though it didn’t end up happening.
  11. Definitely very solid in terms of stature of headliners. Undercard mostly very good but nothing particularly unusual.
  12. Definitely think Sudan Archives will be there as she was on the 2020 line up. Wouldn’t be surprised if the whole of the Nick Cave undercard was at Green Man. Everyone on The National day is quite likely as well I would have thought (excluding The National, FF and King Gizzard).
  13. Nick Cave, Bauhaus, Einstürzende Neubauten, Parquet Courts, Bikini Kill, Sharon Van Etten, Dry Cleaning, Gilla Band, Wu-Lu, Mandy Indiana.
  14. Spoke to “Lammo” at The Windmill in Brixton a few weeks back. He recommended a few bands that I listened to later that were s**t, meanwhile saying Crack Cloud and KEG weren’t that great. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
  15. Isn’t that the point of an early bird ticket? You buy a cheaper ticket without seeing the line up? It’s a risk. Only with APE you get the option of choosing which day you go to so there’s less of a risk than normal events which would be one day. Maybe I’m missing something…
  16. I like Underworld but I just don’t see them at Green Man. They seem to be a bit too “laddy” for want of a better word. Not sure if that’s totally off base…
  17. So Beach House and First Aid Kit are possible headliners (given they’re around at the right time). Ditto Nick Cave (but seems too big) and Mac D (hopefully not). SFA perhaps given the anniversary. Outside bets: Animal collective? Anyone else? Think Parquet Courts will be one of the FO headliners. All my fingers crossed for Bikini Kill as well.
  18. Would be very surprised to see them back so soon. I could see them headlining Wide Awake (which is 28 May).
  19. If controversial means likely to cause public disagreement, then I’d suggest most opinions on music will in fact be controversial given how passionate music fans can be. That said, Oasis are indisputably the worst band of all time 😉
  20. Thank you for your kind comments! Yeah I’m based in London so it can be difficult to get the required training in for hilly events but those are the events I seem to enjoy more than the flat stuff. Hilly typically goes hand in hand with scenic in my opinion! I was really intrigued by the looped aspect. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t get bored with it. The loop itself is beautiful and very varied. If it had been a loop around a track/field, then that’s an entirely different thing! Last two loops were in the dark so that felt completely different than the first three loops. The looped aspect also had its benefits. Firstly, it meant you didn’t have to carry as much stuff as you could have access to your drop bag at the end of every loop. Secondly, it was easier to compartmentalise - first two loops = very easy, third loop = we’re halfway, fourth and fifth loops = try and race. I’m also obsessed with the Barkley Marathons so I also had that narrative going on in my head about wow you made it to the 5th loop - keep going (a bit sad I know!).
  21. No problem! How did your race go?? Sorry for the detail… I was really pleased with how it went mentally. It was mostly mental highs!! I think it helped that it was my first one, as I just felt so excited and motivated to be there. I didn’t have any mental lows at all or doubts that I would finish. Energy wise I felt great. Took it incredibly easy to start with and managed to finish strong (was around 120th in the first half and finished 82nd). I tried to eat 300 calories every hour as a guide. Ate cliff bars, tribe bars, peanut butter and jam sandwiches with bananas, sweets, salty crips and nuts. Hydration wise I had two 500ml softflasks on me with my pack. One was filled with water, the other filled with either Tailwind or Coke. Drank to thirst - due to the time of year, I didn’t need to drink too much but was conscious of keep electrolytes up. I filled these up every two hours or so. Didn’t seem to have any hydration issues at all so think that worked fine. Physically speaking, the race was more of a mixed bag. About halfway through, I started getting pretty severe left knee pain when going down steep downhills (of which there were a lot - the course was very up and down!). I had to essentially limp down any steep sections which was annoying (particularly as I felt good energy wise and wanted to run fast) - the pain would immediately go away when I was on flat or uphill sections. The pain seemed to be caused when my left leg was straight on impact and slightly in front of me so when going downhill I tried to leave my left leg trailing behind me as much as possible - this helped with the pain! However, some sections were so steep that this was pretty much impossible so I was reduced to a very slow and painful limp at some points. I had done a lot of uphill training so felt completely fine on the hills which were probably my favourite parts. The course is a 10-mile loop which you do five times. At the end of each loop is a style. Every time I went over this style at the end of the loop I would get horrific cramp in my hamstrings which stopped me in my tracks for about 30 seconds - a very odd sensation!! Overall - a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to do another. I have my eye on the UTS 50k in Snowdonia next year which looks amazing.
  22. Stereolab absolutely rocked it at The Roundhouse this evening. Incredible stuff! Finished main set with Super-Electric into La Boob Oscillator, which are my two favourites! Saw Scalping and Girl Band as well who played before them. I was a bit disappointed with both to be honest as I’m fans of both and didn’t enjoy either that much.
  23. Will be amazed if anyone’s heard a better song this year than Hard Drive
  24. Anyone watched The Let Down? Aussie programme about Motherhood and parenting. Very easy watching but very funny. Often emotional as well. Binged all of the seasons very quickly over the last few weeks.
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