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  1. Interesting Prima just announced revised dates for the end of August whereas APE cancelled. Maybe they couldn’t get the site for the dates, didn’t want to compete with Reading/Victorious the same weekend or perhaps they thought cancelling was a better financial option...
  2. Drums fingers. I suppose they can wait longer than most as it’s a festival with mostly smaller UK bands. When the inevitable arrives hope it’s a postponement rather than a cancellation, it’s the only festival I’ve bought a ticket to so far this summer (although really hoping for something in late August/September now)
  3. I imagine this is why the delay. There looks to be little doubt it won’t happen in May it’s just a question of whether it’s a postponement or a cancellation.
  4. Really hoping the Festival takes place...
  5. Duran Duran, Stefani and Chic looks good if you are into that sort of thing. Not sure I’d be overly impressed if I was a “Durannie” who had paid out plenty to see them on IoW to now find them playing a London Day Festival
  6. You have been able to upgrade either via the App or at the Box Office before. Whether or not it’s worth it is another matter...
  7. My complete guess will be The Wombats for this slot.
  8. Haim are at Latitude so won’t be here. if you believe there will be a female headliner LDR is still most likely IMO. We know she is about as she is doing Prima. Since Emily Eavis’ comment that Glastonbury would be her only UK Fest LDR has cancelled an entire UK tour which opens the door to APE I think.
  9. Not a fan of BBC personally but the rest of the line up looks decent enough. If they price it similarly to the Kooks/Wombats day it will probably do quite well. Overall it looks like they’ve decided to scale it down this year in terms of the bands booked. ATM I’m unlikely to go to any of the days so far although I might try and pick a ticket up for Kraftwerk nearer the time. If this is to survive beyond this year I think they need to reduce the GA price on all days to something like The Kooks day and then not offer any freebies under any circumstances. A day at a gig/festival is pretty expensive these days (£6.50 a pint of San Miguel at Kentish Town last night!) It’s not a surprise that people are desperately hunting around for better value.
  10. Not worth it IMO. At APE you can generally find somewhere to sit down and queues for bar/food/bogs are not excessive unless you go at absolutely peak times. It’s easy enough to get to the front if need be but I suppose if you are Uber paranoid it will give you a comfort blanket.
  11. Playing Kenwood House in June so won’t be playing this.
  12. I think you can add The Stereophonics to that list. A number of summer dates but none in the South of England yet. O2 gig on 6 March hence no announcement yet. If you chucked in the likes of Editors and Suede I think you’d sell some tickets.
  13. Does “show” include festival appearances though? Not saying it doesn’t but sometimes these things are deviously worded.
  14. Think they are only available the first weekend but could still play I reckon
  15. According to fine website Efestivals The Kooks have already been announced for This is Tomorrow, Kendal Calling, Tramlines, Truck, Boardmasters and Victorious. They are headlining one (Truck) The Wombats have already been announced for Neighbourhood Festival, which they are not headlining. It’s astonishing they could not come up with something better/different to this
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