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  1. Unless they’ve been allowed more shows as a result of the cancelled years.
  2. I know not all tickets sold are adult but as an example. £ 210 ticket price 5pc VAT is £ 10 a ticket at 20 pc is £ 35 a ticket. Difference of £25 a ticket at 25000 capacity = £ 625 000 more in their pocket. It’s a no brainer to do it this way. Unfortunately I think we could see quite big price increases next year in all Festivals.
  3. Could be LCD Soundsystem although that would be pretty leftfield for this Festival
  4. VAT rate 5 pc until end of September. It then moves to 12.5 pc until 1 April 2022 when back to 20 pc. I’m surprised more festivals aren’t making a real effort to knock out tickets now. It’s a big difference if you multiply it by the number of tickets sold.
  5. Wow they have bumped up haven’t they. Must admit due to age and lack of fitness I’ve gone for premium last couple of years. That would now cost £275 up from £236.50 this year including the very high booking fees. Unfortunately unless the line up is massively up my street I’ll be swerving it now and just do a couple of days at London festivals instead.
  6. In the olden days V Festival used to test out potential bands for the following year by playing them over the tannoy. I might be reading something into nothing but I heard Muse over the speakers at least two or three times over the course of the weekend. I agree they would be a big booking but perhaps their stock has fallen slightly in recent years and Victorious is a big festival after all. Think they would shift a lot of tickets.
  7. Friday - James Saturday - Gorillaz Sunday - Muse
  8. Well done to those who guessed The Manics. Not really a fan of The Streets so happy with that. Possibly even a bit of an upgrade.
  9. James play a big London show on Friday and Beautiful Days on Saturday. I’m hoping we’re waiting for those shows to pass and then they’ll be announced. That would be a major result for me. Can only think other shows is the reason for the replacement not being announced yet.
  10. My tickets haven’t come yet 😞. Are they emailed to you or do you have to log in to your account to download them please?
  11. A shame but not a great surprise. The line-up was way weaker than the great event I went to in 2017.
  12. The Charlatans were scheduled to play Beyond The Tracks Festival on the Saturday but that Festival has just been cancelled. Puts them back in the mix as a possible.
  13. Still hoping for James. They are about but free that day and would be the right size and a good fit to replace Ashcroft. Edit. Although they are playing the IoW Festival. Don’t know if that rules them out. Double Edit. Manics are also around and would seem to fit.
  14. I hope he turns up as I will be going to see him but if not they’d need something similar. James are about aren’t they?
  15. Cheers for that. Sunday definitely the best day for me. Wonder what happens to Ashcroft if as seems possible they ask for vaccine/test proof.
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