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  1. It’s a £100 ticket though - what do people expect. You wouldn’t get a lot of change out of that just to see two bands like The Specials and New Order at their own shows.
  2. If you look at the line up poster and compare Saturday with Sunday it suggests a headliner, one name alongside Clean Bandit and one name alongside The Vaccines to come on Sunday? Maybe someone like Editors or Suede could fit in there?
  3. I’d be happy with New Order. Looks like there’s a few acts at the top end to be announced for the Sunday?
  4. Would be delighted with that
  5. Does anyone know what they’ve done to sort out the travel carnage of last year. I’d quite fancy this if it was Vampire Weekend but am put off by last year’s problems.
  6. Last year I went to three APE shows. This year I’ve only booked The Strokes. Not sure how well it’ll do this year TBH.
  7. Taken the plunge and bought my ticket. Can’t see it being Jarvis. He’s down the bill at APE with a lower capacity.
  8. Are we expecting The Specials then? Hopefully they’ll be a bit more exciting than Tel’s DJ Set!
  9. David Byrne another possibility. That would be great.
  10. Good shout Bryan Ferry. Don Henley could also fit the bill?
  11. Could it be Morrissey? Reckon he’s probably about the right size for this?
  12. This might be a possibility for me this year. Is it ok for people from the UK and if so any hotel recommendations at all?
  13. 65 k is pretty major isn’t it? Not many bigger in the UK now.
  14. Could The Cure play this? Playing Rock en Seine on the Friday so they are around?
  15. Could anyone please tell me the best hotels to be based in to be able to be nearish the stuff in the City after the festival itself closes?
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