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  1. TBH think less likely now unfortunately as Portmeirion appears available to book rooms for that w/e 😢
  2. 3/6 Sept 2020 appears in quite high demand locally...
  3. First tweet in just under a year. Could this festival be back? I really hope so, it’s the best festival I’ve ever been to.
  4. Just had an email asking me if I want to buy a “Ticket to Ride” for next year’s event. I wonder if that’s a not too subtle clue that Ride will be there? They are the right sort of band and right sort of size to headline this event?
  5. Working much much better now. Thanks for fixing.
  6. Bit surprised by the reaction here to be honest. Looks like a strong something for everyone line up to me. People need to remember Latitude isn’t some niche boutique offering these days. They have 40k tickets to shift and I think they will with this.
  7. Still finding it takes ages for the forum pages to load making it almost unusable - sorry.
  8. So it’s £85 to be nowhere near the front or £110 to get to the front. Holy shit.
  9. Bit lost on this thread. Could someone recap on who we think are “confirmed” for this ATM? Is it Little Mix, Pearl Jam, Kendrick, Post Malone and Taylor Swift? Edit: Just looked up Post Malone. Seems he’s sold a few records.
  10. Been to the last two Rockaway Beaches but can’t make this year unfortunately. I think it’s brilliant. There are no band clashes so you can see everyone if you want. Afternoon and early evening are in the smaller Reds venue and the evening and night is in the bigger place. if you want a break from music there’s always the sports bar or you can have a stroll along the front. There’s a another bar where they do album playbacks which is pretty good too. Mid Jan is not an ideal time for many cash wise so I guess that’s why it struggles to sell out although it must be cheaper to get the venue at that time of year. I did go to Shiine On in Minehead a couple of years ago which I also enjoyed but it is much much busier and more of a lads lads lads experience.
  11. Vampire Weekend and Foals among the names doing Beni the same weekend. Could see either or both of them as headliners?
  12. Wow! Saw Moby at V Festival in 2000!! It was epic. Certainly be one I’d be interested in going to.
  13. I’ve no info but surely Tame Impala are in the frame for this? It just seems like the right festival at the right time for them?
  14. I put both of them on the survey so that would be great for me. I’m not sure there would be too many cheapies floating about if AF played.
  15. Great first day. Weather was ace. Loved Doves and The Specials but Fleetingwood Mac should probably give it up. Food options disappointing. This festival does remind me of the old V festivals in the late 90s except everyone is 20 years older. Looks like being another lovely day today.
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