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  1. I put both of them on the survey so that would be great for me. I’m not sure there would be too many cheapies floating about if AF played.
  2. Great first day. Weather was ace. Loved Doves and The Specials but Fleetingwood Mac should probably give it up. Food options disappointing. This festival does remind me of the old V festivals in the late 90s except everyone is 20 years older. Looks like being another lovely day today.
  3. Will defo be using the clash finder. Many thanks for putting it together 👍
  4. From those who went how easy (or otherwise) was it to get a tram back into town afterwards please?
  5. Could it be Doves. Sure they’ve tweeted about this and yet never been announced. Secret set due to Global commitments?
  6. How can something billing itself as a family festival only allow you to take an A4 sized bag in. That will surely be a disaster at the gates.
  7. Flo going for 45 quid a pop on Stubhub. You have to buy 2 though...
  8. I went a couple of years ago. It is very family friendly and as long as you are sensible you should be able to get stuff in. Depending on what the T&Cs said at the time you booked you may be able to insist on a refund if you really want one as it’s a pretty major change to what you would have likely agreed to.
  9. Another festival that has stitched punters up by announcing it is going cashless for 2019 only a couple of months before the event. This late announcing is clearly a deliberate policy as they know it will upset punters. They have tried to justify the move by saying they had a large sum of cash stolen last year but I’ve been to this place and with a high proportion of families and absolutely zero WiFi available it’s sure to end in disaster. its beginning to look like my Festival day’s are numbered 😢
  10. I think this is another Festival that’s gone down the cashless payment system snooping route like Bluedot just so people are aware.
  11. It also costs £1 to get your money out. From reading the T&Cs it appears that if you top up £100 and get a “free” £10 as they say, if you have a balance left at the end that “free” tenner will not be refunded.
  12. So they can snoop on every single person’s spending habits so they can use your data to maximise revenue going forwards. There is no need for these systems now contactless exists. I must admit one of the reasons I chose Victorious over Rock En Seine this year is that RES operates a similar system.
  13. Easily the busiest day I’ve been to other than The Strokes. Three ladies so far on the North Stage. Ry X up next
  14. Found my way into the Jagerhouse for the first time ever yesterday. Saw Talkshow and Squid in there who were both excellent. Elsewhere I saw the last 25 minutes of Idles, Nothing but Thieves and Run The Jewels all of whom were decent enough. Didn’t hang around for BMTH but pleased those that did enjoyed them. Overall I enjoyed the day and despite some bizarre early issues at the gate yesterday I do think APE is a very well run festival. They understand that they will sell more beer if they can manage the Qs. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Clearly there’s a balance between Headliner expenditure and ticket pricing and sales. They probably got that balance wrong this year. I think the headliners will probably be slightly “bigger” next year.
  15. They’ve tried to build the weekends around a big Saturday name but failed. The Champions League tomorrow has hammered them this weekend. If they had priced the weaker events better (say £40) they would have done better overall. This years line up is much weaker than last year and better headliners is the lesson I think they will learn. PS Squid are much better than Idles
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