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  1. I’m not sure to be honest. At the moment you would have to do 10 days quarantine if you came in so that’s not practical I expect. Hopefully things will have improved further by the end of August but with our Government you never know what they will come up with next. I’d leave your decision as late as you can. It’s a big festival so doesn’t often sell out but demand for other U.K. Festivals has been higher this year. Unfortunately we are beginning to see July Festivals being cancelled now. Unless you want to see someone specific 2022 might be a safer option. EDIT: Isn’
  2. Chic on the cards then I’d suggest.
  3. https://onlinestore.port.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/conference-and-lettings/conferences?fbclid=IwAR3w4BzseUu-fZes6mI3vicUjHjE5MvM2ifrHd06E0H8qLruU_ZKRd9ieZA Uni accommodation. Just passing on what I’ve been given. Own risk etc.
  4. I’ve checked with the Festival and details of the Uni accommodation will be released “soon”. It might coincide with the next ticket price tier but still provides decent accommodation although mainly single rooms at around 50/60 a night. Check the website regularly would be my advice.
  5. On the subject of ticket prices let’s not forget that as a result of a current Government concession VAT on ticket sales is only 5 pc rather than the normal 20 pc. This means for a £50 ticket the promoter is already £6 in pocket even before stinging the punters with a face value ticket price increase.
  6. Reading this again carefully I wonder if there is still scope for a BST event maybe in September. They say it won’t happen in July 2021 and with Pearl Jam presumably binning their whole tour and Duran Duran playing Isle of Wight it makes sense to move the whole lot of that weekend to next year. However it doesn’t explicitly say nothing will happen this year. Is it possible they could put something on in September possibly dove-tailing with the proposed September Glastonbury shows? Just a thought.
  7. Canned until next year.
  8. Think it depends on whether the Uni is doing it or not this year. It’s a bit of a gamble to wait the way some festivals are selling. If you are going on your own single rooms are a bit easier to find. Where the sites say contact hotel directly if you do they often have space. I booked a single room for £50 a night today quite close to the festival site. Think it’s a fairly basic hotel but realistically all I’m going to do is kip there.
  9. Lifted a ticket. Although I accept I’m of a certain age now this festival always seems good value for money to me.
  10. I’ll go Ashcroft. It’s the most like Ian Brown without being Ian Brown.
  11. Looks like one weekend of four shows rather than two weeks of three maybe? Clashes with Reading and Victorious I think?
  12. Don’t see why PJ couldn’t play September. Pixies play EOTR first weekend in September and Idles don’t seem to have anything lined up so that could be done. They were the only names announced IIRC
  13. Can anyone confirm the dates we *think* this will be happening? Need to start getting the planning hat on now a few announcements starting to come out.
  14. Lifted a “ten club” ticket for the Friday. Very happy. Does anyone have a map that shows you where this actually gets you? Just hoping it happens now. Who knows what position these Govt fuckwits will have us in then.
  15. More likely to be in tandem with Victorious Festival IMO. The Kooks day looks a banker to survive. I’m sure that will please everyone!
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