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    Didn't guy garvey say that elbow are subbing Kendrick? Lorde will probably be between Ross and elbow
  2. By Election probably in Lecsiter East, as Claudia Webbe has lost her appeal and can now get a recall petition against her
  3. Hey, If the govt wants to use Labour Policies to make the country better, then ok. Its fairly clear since they voted against it last week why they did it, and whose idea it is.
  4. Maybe ( if he is doing it) they feel they need a larger stage for Jarvis?
  5. Seems to be the same. TBH i think the polling shows enough about how screwed the Tories are
  6. Nathan Fake is down as live. Also, some may be live sets i guess! havent heard of most of them
  7. Yuck, the women beater is indeed the headliner.
  8. Loads of tickets on twickets for stadium gigs just before the show nowadays. Thats my tactic going forward, last minute tickets for cheap
  9. Arsenal in the champs league after all?
  10. Yeah that's some.Bullshit by the MET
  11. Perfectly legal gathering according to the police.
  12. Ambushed by a large table of drinks.
  13. Heres an interesting article from 2017... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5052291/Tory-whip-Chris-Pincher-QUITS.html
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